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Last Updated April 19th 2024
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Dash Overview

Dash (DASH) remains one of the top cryptos in the market, but in a rapidly changing market, is it still worth investing in? What is Dash expected to reach? Before we dive into our Dash price predictions, let’s take a closer look at the history and features of this cryptocurrency. 


One of the first things any Dash investor will notice is that DASH struggled to beat its all-time high in the 2021 bull run while many other top cryptos reached higher highs. Despite this, many pundits are optimistic about DASH. So, how much could Dash be worth?


DASH — Literally Digital Money

As you may be able to guess from its portmanteau, Dash is a cryptocurrency with one clear focus: digital cash. Although almost all cryptos aim to facilitate online payments, many of the big names (including Bitcoin (BTC)) aren’t suitable for everyday transactions.

Dash has a maximum supply of 18,900,000 coins and can be broken down into ‘duff’. 1 Dash = 100,000,000 duff.

Dash price prediction

Some of Dash’s rivals include:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ripple XRP (XRP)
  • Ethereum (ETH)

What’s The Point Of Dash?

From high processing fees and slow transaction times to a lack of anonymity, numerous issues suggest that many cryptocurrencies are not optimised for simple purchases. Dash seeks to solve these problems.

Some of Dash’s benefits include:

  • Dash can process transactions very quickly, even offering an InstaSend feature that enables users to send currency in as little as 1.5 seconds. The platform’s average transaction time is 2.5 seconds — around four times faster than Bitcoin. 
  • The platform has a decentralised funding system that allows users to apply for funding to create their own Dash projects.
  • Dash is fully anonymous. One of Bitcoin’s key features is its transparency, and although this is often considered an important benefit, it can be off-putting for people who don’t want others to be able to see exactly how much they have spent and on what. This is particularly true in countries with strict governments that could exploit the system to monitor their citizen’s payments.

Who Is Behind Dash?

The prominent crypto figure Evan Duffield first launched Dash as XCoin in 2014. It was originally a hard fork of Litecoin and was quickly rebranded under the name Darkcoin.

This name didn’t last long either — and, in March 2015, Duffield chose the name DASH to reflect the currency’s focus on digital cash payments. (‘Dash’ is the name of the platform and ‘DASH’ is its native currency.)

Today, Dash is largely developed by the Dash Core Group.

What Is Dash Used For?

Dash was built using the same codebase as Bitcoin. So, what makes it so special? Like most second and third-generation cryptocurrencies, Dash has had the benefit of hindsight. Evan Duffield and the developers of the asset made several key changes to the Bitcoin codebase to make their currency more efficient.

Because Dash’s infrastructure is based on Bitcoin’s, there are several similarities, the most obvious being that Dash uses a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. This means that Dash can be mined.

To improve upon Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism, Dash uses a custom hashing algorithm called ‘X11’, which team Dash claim is safer and more sophisticated. Dash also has a second-tier which is called ‘proof-of-service’ which uses masternodes who oversee the entire network and keep it secure.

Who Uses Dash?

Thanks to its features, Dash has become increasingly popular around the world. In Venezuela, for example, more than 2,400 businesses accept DASH payments. This is because Dash has emerged as a much more stable alternative to the country’s crashing currency, the Venezuelan bolívar. 

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean start-up KuvaCash, which gained funds on Dash’s decentralised funding system, is also using DASH to offer an alternative to its country’s national currency.

In the USA, the platform has also funded Alt Thirty Six, a platform that facilitates payments for the US cannabis industry. We’re even seeing Dash ATMs start to appear in London shopping centres — so it’s clear that this cryptocurrency is transforming the global market. 

Technical Analysis Of Dash’s (DASH) Price Movements

Launched in 2014, Dash was around before ICOs (initial coin offerings) so there is little information about Dash’s earliest price.

CoinMarketCap first started tracking the price of Dash on the 15th of February 2015 where it traded at $0.3149 per coin. Interestingly, CoinMarketCap also records Dash’s all-time low as $0.2139 — a day before. Dash reached its highest-ever price of $1,642.22 on the 20th of December 2017.

In 2021, Dash started the year at $88.24 and ended the year at $134.01. Dash has a 52-week high of $476.85 and a 52-week low of $77.87. In 2022, Dash started the year at $142.24 and ended the year at $41.98. 

Dash Price Chart

Dash price chart

DASH/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Expert’s Take On Dash Price Predictions

Dash price predictions are positive, but there are some huge disparities between them.

“According to our forecasts, the Dash price is going to increase. Now the Dash price is $88.880, but by the end of 2023, the average Dash price is expected to be $113.478”.

Trading Beasts

“These five years would bring a significant increase: DASH price would move from $146.93 to $306.87, which is up 109%. DASH will start 2024 at $146.93, then soar to $166.97 within the first six months of the year and finish 2024 at $192.02. That means +118% from today”.

Coin Price Forecast

“The price of 1 Dash (DASH) can roughly be [up to] $123.31 USD in 1 [years’] time a 2X nearly from the current Dash price”.


“Dash price equal to 89.361 USD at 2023-09-28. If you buy Dash for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 1.119 DASH. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2027-02-20 is 333.236 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +272.91%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $372.91 in 2027”.


“The price of 1 Dash is expected to reach [a] minimum level of $382.03 in 2025. The DASH price can reach a maximum level of $464.36 with the average price of $392.95 throughout 2025”.

Price Prediction

“Our Forecast System predicts that Dash could possibly increase in value in the short term by +4% to $93.59 from $89.70. The system forecasts a +20% move from $89.70 to $107.66 over the next month, Dash has a price prediction of $91.84 in over a [years’] time”.


“The price of DigitalCash (DASH) after 5 years (from today) will be around $1,102.0036”.


“Future price of the Dash asset is predicted at $279.25029367425 (217.146% ) after a year according to our prediction system.
This means that if you invested $100 now in Dash, your current investment may be worth $317.146 on 2023 February 28, Tuesday”.

Gov Capital

“The price of Dash is expected to reach [a] minimum value of $1,773.29 in 2030 . The Dash price could reach a maximum value of $2,125.02 with the average trading price of $1,836.48 throughout 2030”.


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Dash (DASH) Price Predictions

According to the forecast, Dash coin is predicted to increase over the coming years. The data prediction forecast that DASH is expected to rise to $252 by the end of 2023, $510 in 2024, $650 in 2025, $1240 in 2026, $1376 in 2027, $1850 in 2028, and $1935 in 2029. Dash price prediction for 2030 is expected to reach $2762.

Dash price prediction

Our Dash price predictions for the rest of the decade take several key factors into account. Here are some of them.

Firstly, the price of Dash or any cryptocurrency is completely dependent on the relationship between supply and demand. If more investors want to buy DASH than sell it, this means that the demand will be greater than the supply and the price will increase.

If the opposite is true, then the supply will be greater than the demand — meaning the price will start to fall. This relationship itself is heavily influenced by the other factors below.

Secondly, as we mentioned at the start of this article, the Dash platform funds and powers a range of decentralised apps. The popularity of these apps, such as KuvaCash in Zimbabwe, is a key factor in driving up the demand for DASH and consequently causing its price to increase. As interest in dApps increases, this could lead to further interest in Dash in the future.

Thirdly, Dash is special amongst cryptocurrencies in that it facilitates everyday payments. The fact that it’s emerged as a viable asset in countries where the native currency has started to collapse is a strong testament to its usability — as is the fact that DASH ATMs have appeared in London.

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream and our reliance on contactless payments increases, we could well see the demand for solutions such as Dash rise around the world.

The following predictions will help you understand how the price prediction of DASH will move in the future and help you determine whether it is a good buy for now or in the future. 

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2023

The 19 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Dash crypto asset have a median target of $250, with a high estimate of $350 and a low estimate of $150. The average estimate represents a 150% increase from the current price. 

In June 2023, Dash will go through its next halvening which will reduce the flow of newly minted DASH coins, creating scarcity. Surging to an average price of $200 midway through 2023, Dash is estimated to hit a high of $316, a low of $72 and end the year at $258, according to our Dash price forecast model for 2023.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, we believe that Dash must have established itself in the payment space. We expect that Dash will grow in a slow and steady manner to reach $600. This may not be the maximum price of DASH for the year but should be really close to the average. 

2024 will be a big year as another Bitcoin halvening will take the entire crypto market, including Dash, to higher highs. Our Dash price prediction forecast anticipates that the asset will secure an average of $704 in 2024, rally to a high of $956 and can hit a low of $572. The estimated end of year price for Dash is $920.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2025

An increasing number of merchants will begin to accept payments in DASH by 2025, becoming more popular than Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. According to the latest DASH price prediction 2025, The coin may trade for $1,328 per token. our Dash price forecast indicates that the coin will trade at an average price of $1,239 for much of the year and reach a low of $954. The maximum price would be an increase of 178.4943% from DASH’s 2021 high.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2026

By 2026, after dominating the developing world, Dash will grow in popularity in the developed world too — specifically North America, Europe, and Asia. Foreseeing Dash touch $1,567 at the highest, Dash will then wrap up 2026 at an acceptable $1,470, according to our Dash price prediction algorithm. The lowest Dash price forecast is $1,009 and the average is $1,377.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2027

Have you ever wondered what the price of the DASH coin will be in the next five years? An explosion in the number of decentralised apps using DASH to make payments will take Dash to new heights in 2027. and that the price of the DASH token will start rising at an improved rate. If this is the case, then the coin may be priced as high as $1,980 in 2027. Our price prediction has also determined that Dash will trade at an average of $1,850 by the end of 2027.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2028

Technical improvements to Dash in 2028 will see it become faster, cleaner, and easier to use, boosting adoption. In 2028, Dash will accomplish an incredible $2,121 at the highest and an average of $1,935 for the year, as surmised by our Dash price prediction. It also calculates that a low of $1,788 is possible as is an end of year price of $2,000.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2029

2029 will finally see institutional money flow into Dash as top-level investors begin to buy up copious quantities of DASH. Dash price prediction data reveals a median target of $2,400 is expected by 2029, a top price of $2,791 and a yearly low of $2,099. Dash is then expected to end 2029 at $2,647, as per our Dash price forecast.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2030

By 2030, Dash will be propelled to new levels of popularity and could rival Bitcoin in terms of use. Based on our long-term Dash price forecast, a significant increase is expected by 2030, taking the Dash asset to an all-time high of $3,111. The predicted 2030 low is $2,455 and the median price is predicted to be $2,762, which represents a 68.187% increase on top of Dash’s current all-time high of $1,642.22.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: What Could Dash Be Worth?

Dash price forecast

Despite the super positive picture for the next several years, there are still some issues that investors should be aware of.

Regulation is going to remain an unknown factor for the years to come. It could easily help or hinder the development of cryptocurrencies and their adoption. Unfortunately, at this point, it is still too soon to tell what way regulation will go.

A semi-related issue is Dash’s proof-of-work consensus mechanism. As the world focuses more on proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, which are cleaner and less energy-intensive (and therefore cheaper), we could see people divest from Dash and regulators may impose different regulations on such cryptos.

But Dash’s proof-of-work consensus mechanism is not the only reason investors could lose interest. More recently, the crypto world has gone bananas for DeFi (decentralised finance) projects which is something Dash will struggle to offer. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Happen To The Price Of Dash (DASH) In 2023?

In 2023, the price of Dash will continue to appreciate, crossing the $200 barrier and accomplishing an average of $258. Dash will not reach the same highs as it did in 2021 nor will it retest its current all-time high.

Will The Price Of Dash (DASH) Go Up In 2023?

Yes, the price of Dash will go up in 2023 and it is expected to reach a yearly high of $316 as per our Dash price prediction. While Dash is not expected to crash in 2023, it could see lows of $72 per coin.

What Will Happen To The Price Of Dash (DASH) In 2025?

In 2025, we will see the price of Dash smash past $1,000 for the first time since 2018 and reach prices twice as high as it reached in 2021. Our Dash price forecast expects an average price of $1,239 in 2025 and a low of $954.

Will The Price Of Dash (DASH) Go Up In 2025?

Dash will go up in 2025 and rally up to a high of $1,328 — $314.22 off its 2018 all-time high of $1,642.22. No one expects the price of Dash to fall in 2025.

Will Dash (DASH) Hit $1,000?

Yes, Dash will hit $1,000 per coin again by 2025 at the soonest according to our price forecast system. Dash will then hit a new all-time high by 2026 as it continues to climb and reach above $3,000 by 2030 at the highest.

Will Dash (DASH) Reach $10,000?

No, unfortunately, no Dash price predictions currently see Dash reaching $10,000 at this point in time — however, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible (it’s just out of scope for most price forecasters).

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Other Crypto Price Predictions

FAQs Dash Price Prediction

Is Dash Better Than Bitcoin?

When it comes to transaction speed and fees, Dash is certainly better than Bitcoin. Its platform’s average transaction time is just 2.5 seconds, four times faster than that of Bitcoin. But in terms of investments, it is widely believed that Bitcoin has more potential.

How Many Dash Coins Are There?

Dash has a maximum supply of 18,900,000, of which approximately half are in circulation. At current rates, the cryptocurrency is expected to reach its total supply around the year 2030.

Does Dash Crypto Have A Future?

Yes, Dash does have a future. Though it may lack some of the functionalities of other smart contract platforms, Dash is highly practical for making transactions and is growing in popularity in the developing world.

Is Dash A Good Investment?

As one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market, Dash has proven time and time again that it is a good investment. Dash currently has an ROI of 41,111.1% and is up 41,110.79% since its all-time low of $0.2139 on the 14th of February 2014.

Will Dash Rise?

Our Dash price prediction informs us that Dash will rise for the rest of the 2020s. By 2026 at the earliest, it will beat its 2018 all-time high of $1,642.22 and could almost double it by 2030 where it is expected to reach a record price of $3,111.

When Will Dash Take Off?

Our Dash price prediction prognosis indicates that Dash will take off by 2026. Growing in popularity, Dash is expected to achieve a new all-time high of $1,567.

What Price Could Dash Reach?

Based on our forecasts, Dash can expect a long-term increase. The 2030 Dash price prognosis suggests that it can reach $3,111. Such an increase would equate to a 3,402.984% increase in eight years.

What Is Dash’s Price Prediction For The Next Bull Run?

By far, the most likely factor to start the next bull run will be Bitcoin’s 2024 halvening, which we have estimated could take Dash to $956 per coin.

How High Will Dash Go?

$4,361.70 is the highest Dash price forecast we have seen, as estimated by Price Prediction by 2031.

Dash Price Prediction 2040

Our Dash price prediction formula calculates that the price of DASH will hit a target of $6,000 per coin by 2040.

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