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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated March 21st 2022
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Fetch.ai is an ambitious blockchain project that aims to provide a platform for the development of autonomous AI and machine learning networks that claims to represent the future of digitised data marketplaces. 


As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and branch out into new territories, investors are on the hunt for the projects that can lead the way and potentially corner new markets. We have already seen this happen with DeFi and NFTs, but attention is now turning to the projects that can support the ever-expanding functions of cryptocurrency and blockchain - projects like Fetch.ai.

Most readers will probably have some idea of how artificial intelligence is being used to revolutionise everything from the legal industry to how we drive vehicles, so the potential of a decentralised AI economy such as Fetch.ai provides might be fairly obvious. The question for investors will be whether or not the technology behind the project can deliver the goods. 

Needless to say, Fetch.ai is a highly complex project with some very innovative features, including a unique Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism and a three-part technology stack. All of this is underpinned by its native cryptocurrency, FET. 

So is Fetch.ai a good option for investors, or is the project simply too ambitious to be viable? In the following Fetch.ai price prediction for 2025 and 2030, we’ll take a closer look at the platform, its realistic use-cases and what analysts are saying about its future potential. 

A Quick History Of Fetch.ai

Fetch.ai was officially launched in 2019 via the Binance Launchpad. However, it has its origins some two years earlier when two firms, Itzme AI and uVue joined forces to create a UK-based startup. This entity was then picked up by the Binance accelerator, which led to the ICO that raised an estimated $10 million in just 10 seconds. 

Initially, Fetch was touted as being part of the fourth industrial revolution and a project that could decentralise the AI that powered popular systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa. 

Fetch.ai - An Overview

To say that Fetch.ai is an ambitious project is something of an understatement. Put simply, what the project aims to do is provide a platform that can automate numerous markets and processes that currently require a large amount of manual work. 

The network is made up of various autonomous agents which can represent organisations, individuals, or devices and services, and be tasked with various functions. These agents are able to leverage machine learning to work independently and provide ever-more complex services. 

It is hoped that, as the Fetch.ai ecosystem grows, developers from major corporations will build and deploy more of these agents on the network. Over time, these agents will be able to communicate with one another to exchange, value, information or provide services to one another.

As such, Fetch.ai aims to create a completely decentralised AI economy. 

The Technology Behind Fetch.ai

It will probably come as little surprise that the workings of Fetch.ai are hugely complex and far beyond the scope of this article. However, we shall try to elucidate some of the key fundamentals. 

Fetch.ai is made up of three distinct parts: Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA), Open Economic Framework (OEF) and the Fetch Smart Ledgers. Of course, powering the ecosystem is the FET token.

Autonomous Economic Agents 

These are the AI, bots and algorithms that are created to act on behalf of organisations, individuals and services. They can be connected to everything from real-world hardware, data sources or software, allowing them to fulfil their roles as required. The AERs are also built with machine learning, so they can learn from mistakes and improve as time goes on. 

The Open Economic Framework

The Open Economic Framework uses artificial intelligence to optimize the supply and use of information to support the AEAs. The AEAs can access data generated by the OEF via node operators. These node operators are rewarded with FET for providing reliable information. 

Fetch Smart Ledgers 

The Fetch Smart Ledgers are part of a complicated structure that uses something called directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology. The FSL are responsible for managing trust and intelligence to ensure the Fetch ecosystem remains secure and functions as it should. This layer uses AI and machine learning to discover how different markets interact. 

Of course, these descriptions are extremely basic and serve only to give potential investors an idea of how Fetch.ai works. An important point to take away is that machine learning and artificial intelligence are incorporated into all three levels of the infrastructure.  

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Fetch Consensus Model

Fetch.ai relies on an innovative consensus protocol. New blocks are created in a similar way to those on regular Proof-of-Stake platforms, but uses a decentralised random beacon to assign responsibilities to nodes. The team behind the platform say that with this mechanism, they have made a more scalable and energy efficient alternative to the standard consensus protocols. 

In theory, anyone can participate in the Fetch.ai consensus model by purchasing a stake. A sharded blockchain means that even at higher throughput, the average user will still be able to participate in staking from their desktop. 

The FET Token

FET is an ERC-20 token that drives the Fetch.ai system. It is used by developers looking to deploy their agents on the network, as well as to pay fees for using services and agents deployed by others. FET is also, of course, used as part of the staking mechanism that keeps the Fetch.AI system running. 

Of course, FET can also be bought and sold on the open market, much like any other token. The supply of FET is capped at 1.1 billion, with an estimated circulating supply of 688,117,804 at the time of writing. 

Looking at FET’s Price History

Since it was first listed in March 2019, Fetch.ai has seen some pretty interesting price movement. Initially, the token commanded a trading price of around $0.40, but after the initial hype died down,  its value dropped. In May 2019, FET was trading at $0.09. By the end of the year, it had dropped to $0.04.

The first few months of 2020 didn’t yield much for Fetch.ai either. By the end of the first quarter, the token was trading at just $0.01. However, across the summer it gradually began to creep up and in August, its trading price spiked to $0.15. Unfortunately, this price hike proved to be short-lived and by December FET had dropped to $0.05.

Suffice to say, Fetch.ai’s first 18 months had been somewhat lacklustre, with the token failing to gain any real traction. However, this was all to change in 2021 - a year in which FET saw several major upswings. In February, it had reached a trading price of $0.29, before a bull in the opening days of March sent the token to over $0.80, marking a growth of over 1500% for the year. 

Unfortunately, FET was unable to hold its newfound value for long and by June it had dropped back to $0.20. After a few weeks of volatility, the FET was on the up again. It had reached $0.61 by the end of August and continued to soar into September, reaching its all-time high of $1.17 after the first week.

Another period of significant price fluctuations followed, but FET rallied again in December, this time peaking at around $0.90. Once again, the token failed to hold its gains and went into a steep decline in December, before a general market downturn in the opening weeks of 2022 hammered the price of FET down to $0.27 by March.

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Fetch.ai Price Predictions For 2025

Having looked at what Fetch.ai brings to the table from a technical sense and reviewed its previous price movement, you may have started to develop an idea of how FET may slot into your existing cryptocurrency portfolio. But what can we expect from the project in the coming years? To answer this, we looked at a few Fetch.ai price predictions for 2025. 

It seems that DigitalCoinPrice is predicting steady if uneven growth. According to its technical analysis, the Fetch.ai token will be at an average trading price of $0.45 for 2022. It is then expected to creep up to $0.51 in 2023. The platform then sees some volatility looming in 2024. It suggests the token’s ATP will decline to $0.50, but it will have a maximum trading price of up to $0.57, compared to $0.55 in 2023. By 2025, the Fetch.ai token is expected to have risen to an average price of $0.69

Meanwhile, WalletInvestor sees FET reaching an average trading price of $0.61 before 2022 is over. According to its Fetch.ai price prediction for 2025, the token will continue to grow in value and by the end of 2023, it could reach a potential high of $1.20 - which would be a record high. Then, by the end of 2025, the platform believes that Fetch.ai will have reached an average trading price of over $1.40, with a potential high of $1.68.

The final Fetch.ai price prediction for 2025 that we looked at came from TradingBeasts. Known for its more conservative forecasts, the platform sees Fetch.ai struggling to gain sustained momentum over much of 2023, but FET is expected to start 2025 at around $0.57. By the end of that year, Fetch.ai is predicted to be worth a potential high of $0.64 per token.

Fetch.ai Price Predictions For 2030

Most cryptocurrency investors will be aware of just how quickly the market can change. This makes long-term forecasts highly unreliable, as they can only go by current data. That being said, it is still worth checking out a few Fetch.ai price predictions for 2030, as they can at least tell us what analysts believe the project's prospects are, as things stand at the moment.

DigitalCoinPrice has made its Fetch.ai price prediction for 2030 and clearly sees some potential in the project, as it believes FET could reach a new all-time high in 2028, with a potential upper trading price of $1.20. The token is then expected to grow year on year, hitting up to $1.45 by the end of 2029. Across 2030, DigitalCoinPrice suggests that Fetch.ai could be worth as much as $1.63.

We found another Fetch.ai price prediction for 2030 over on PricePrediction.net. It appears the platform is remarkably bullish on FET, believing it will reach a trading price of over $2.00 as early as 2026. By the end of 2027, that price is predicted to climb to $2.97. The following year could see FET hit $4.95 and by the time 2030 arrives, the token is predicted to be worth up to $10.95 - which would be growth of over 3100%.

We should again point out that these predictions are highly speculative. Indeed, PricePrediction.net is known for its highly optimistic forecasts and, whilst, Fetch.ai is certainly capable of significant price growth, we would advise investors to err on the side of caution and not rely on these figures to inform their strategy. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should You Invest In Fetch.ai?

If you’ve read this far, then you have probably realised that Fetch.ai is a highly advanced project with huge amounts of potential. The advantages of a complete ecosystem of AI and machine learning are hard to overstate. Fetch.ai also has the potential to revolutionise the way data is processed by organisations - which in itself is a major selling point. 

One of the biggest challenges facing the platform is whether or not it can actually deliver. Ultimately, creating a decentralised economy of automated agents will ultimately depend on uptake and contributions from developers, which in turn will depend on how well the system actually works. If Fetch.ai can provide all that it promises, it could certainly be a major player in the so-called Fourth Revolution. 

However, this uncertainty is probably what explains the substantial price volatility of the project’s native token, FET. Despite this, however, most analysts are optimistic about its future. Indeed, the Fetch.ai price predictions for 2025 and 2030 that we encountered all pointed to growth - albeit with a few difficult patches along the way. 

Realistically, Fetch.ai is probably a higher-risk investment in 2022 - even by cryptocurrency standards. The project is yet to establish itself as a top-tier cryptocurrency and there is always the potential for competitors to cut in on its market share. 

If you do decide to invest in Fetch.ai in 2022, then we’d recommend you do so as part of a wider, diversified investment strategy. 

Where To Buy Fetch.ai Cryptocurrency

Fetch.ai Cryptocurrency investment is now fully mainstream and is more popular than ever before - and that popularity is expected to increase in 2022. If you are looking to start your investment journey, then there are a few things you’ll need to get started.

The first thing you’ll need is a cryptocurrency wallet. This alone requires some thought, so we’d recommend checking out our guide to choosing a wallet. Once this is taken care of, you’ll need to open an account with a broker or exchange that can give you access to the Fetch.ai market. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a suitable broker, but for our money, you’d be hard pushed to find better than eToro. Not only does it have an excellent reputation for providing a reliable cryptocurrency trading service with competitive fees, but it also has a user-friendly trading platform that is suitable for both new and experienced investors. 

eToro — The Top Platform To Buy Fetch.ai

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What is Fetch.ai?

Fetch.ai is a highly advanced blockchain project that offers developers a platform for building and deploying AI and machine learning agents. These agents can themselves automate processes that usually require a large amount of manual work. They can also communicate and exchange data or services with one another, effectively creating an autonomous economy within the Fetch.ai platform.    

Is blockchain compatible with artificial intelligence?

The way blockchain works lends itself perfectly to AI - and vice versa. For this reason, projects like Fetch.ai have begun providing solutions for developers looking to build their own AI bots and agents, that can automate processes and streamline the way data is handled. Blockchain makes it possible for this to happen decentralised and in a secure environment.     

Should I invest in Fetch.ai?

Fetch.ai has seen some pretty significant volatility since it first hit the markets back in 2019. The project is highly ambitious and ultimately its usage is more or less reserved for developers or those with significant technical know-how. That being said, if the project takes off, its native token could become a lot more valuable - only time will tell.    

Where can I buy FET?

Despite being an innovative and ambitious blockchain project, FET is not as widely listed as some of the more well-known tokens out there. However, this is all likely to change in the near future, so we’d recommend choosing a forward-thinking platform like eToro, which is usually quick to list leading cryptocurrency projects.    

Can Fetch.ai double my money in 2022?

It’s never a good idea to bet on a cryptocurrency doubling in value, especially within a given time frame. Even the most successful tokens rarely see such substantial rates of return - despite what you may have heard. That being said, Fetch.ai is an intriguing project and different from many others in its scope and use case. It's certainly worth considering it as a potential portfolio addition.  

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