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Will Fetch.ai go up or crash? Read our Fetch.ai price predictions for 2023-2030

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Last Updated May 24th 2024
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Are you looking for the top Fetch.ai price predictions for 2023? Or have you been struggling to answer the question ‘is Fetch.ai a good investment?’ You’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore what experts have to say about Fetch.ai’s future performance. Discover the top FET price predictions for 2023 and beyond and how much Fetch.ai could be worth in 2023-2030.



According to recent long-term forecasts, the price of Fetch.ai will reach $0.22 by the end of 2023 and $0.56 by the end of 2025. Fetch.ai will then rise to $1.42 in 2028, and $1.78 in 2030.

What’s next for the price of Fetch.ai in 2023? Is Fetch.ai a good investment? Let’s see what the top price forecasters are predicting for the price of Fetch.ai from 2023 to 2030 and beyond.

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What Is Fetch.ai And How Does It Work?

Founded in 2017, Fetch.ai is most similar to IOTA (MIOTA) and IoTeX (IOTX) in that it was created for connecting ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices as part of a machine economy, but also has a strong focus on machine learning. The FET token first became available to users in 2019.

Using the FET token, users can use Fetch.ai’s machine learning resources which it aims to use to enhance the collective learning of machines. With smart contracts, users can deploy ‘agents’ on the Fetch.ai network and train them.

fetch.ai price prediction

FET is an ERC-20 token, which means it was built on top of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. This also means that for the time being, Fetch.ai is technically proof-of-work (until Ethereum completes its transition to proof-of-stake). On top of this, Fetch.ai uses elements of game theory for security.

With a max supply of 3,409,064,989 FET, approximately 818,912,300 FET are in circulation (24%).

Technical Analysis Of  Fetch.ai Price Movements

Fetch.ai first became available to investors on the 25th of February 2019 in an ICO (initial coin offering) where 1 FET = $0.0867, according to ICO Drops. A short while later, on the 3rd of March 2019, Fetch.ai was listed on CoinMarketCap for the first time, where its initial price was recorded at $0.36. We can see in the graph below from CoinMarketCap how FET’s price has changed since it was launched.

Early on FET began to lose value which was probably due to early investors selling off their tokens for a quick profit (FET had increased from its ICO price of $0.0867 to $0.36 in a very short period). FET eventually hit a low of $0.0374 by the end of 2019.

Unfortunately for Fetch.ai, prices were not set to make a recovery in 2020. In March 2020, the crypto market was hit hard by the news of the coronavirus pandemic and FET reached even lower prices. On the 13th of March 2020, FET reached its all-time low (ATL) of $0.00827 (even lower than its ICO price).

But things did get better. In July 2020, Fetch.ai began trending upwards for the first time in a while and hit a yearly high of $0.1578 on the 17th of August. Trending downwards after, FET ended 2020 at $0.05. Though it was roughly a third of what it achieved a few months earlier, it was significantly higher than its ATL.

2021 was a fantastic year for FET as it was for much of the crypto market. Starting at $0.05347, Fetch.ai followed the crypto market into uncharted territory, hitting a mind-blowing price of $0.8206 on the 29th of March 2021. But there was more to come.

After tumbling back down to $0.18 in June, FET once again rallied up to new highs. It was at this point that FET reached its current ATH of $1.19, on the 8th of September 2021, the first and only time it has ever reached $1.

To summarise 2021, Fetch.ai went from a low of $0.05347 to $0.5069 at the end of the year. A ten-fold increase.

2022 was a tough year for the crypto industry. Fetch.ai started the year at $0.50, hit a 52-week low at $0.053, and closed 2022 at $0.094.

FET price chart

Fetch.ai FET/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Factors Affect The Price Of Fetch.ai?

If you’re serious about investing in Fetch.ai, you need to know a lot more about it than price predictions — you need to have a strong understanding of the factors that influence its price.

By understanding the factors that impact the price of Fetch.ai, you can reduce your exposure to risk and take profits at the best possible moments.

1. Supply And Demand

Supply and demand affect a great deal of cryptocurrencies and tradable assets in general. It’s pretty easy to understand — if the demand for FET is greater than the supply, it will increase, and vice versa, if the supply of FET is greater than the demand, it will decrease. Many other sub-factors can affect supply and demand.

2. The Internet Of Things

Fetch.ai’s future is tied up largely with the success of the Internet of Things. As IoT becomes more of a reality, Fetch.ai’s technology could see greater demand as it provides the infrastructure and services to support its creation.

Note that there is a lot of competition in this field already, including in the crypto market where IoTeX and IOTA are much more well-known with investors.

3. Market Cycles

Looking at how the price of Fetch.ai has performed since its creation, it is evident that the value of FET is greatly influenced by the rest of the crypto market, particularly by Bitcoin (BTC). It is most noticeable in 2021 when we can see two huge spikes that closely resemble BTC’s performance.

Expert’s Take On Fetch.ai (FET) Price Predictions

Most of the Fetch.ai price predictions are quite positive about the future of the coin. Price forecasters do not expect the price of FET to decline.

According to our current Fetch.ai price prediction, the value of Fetch.ai will increased by 225.54%, reaching $0.56 by end of 2025.


The price of Fetch.ai is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $0.37 in 2025. The Fetch.ai price can reach a maximum level of $0.45 with the average price of $0.39 throughout 2025.


Future price of the asset is predicted at $0.5542 (255% ) after a year according to our prediction system.

Gov Capital

According to our deep technical analysis on past price data of FET, In 2025 the price of Fetch.ai is forecasted to be at around a minimum value of $0.46. The Fetch.ai price value can reach a maximum of $0.53 with the average trading value of $0.47 in USD.

Price Prediction

The system forecasts a +19% move from $0.1589 to $0.1892 over the next month, Fetch.ai has a price prediction of $0.2761 in over a years time.


In 2025, the Fetch.ai price is forecasted to be on average $0.5894. The expected maximum price is $0.5933914, minimum price $0.6935.

Trading Beasts

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Predictions

What are crypto experts expecting for the price of Fetch.ai from 2023 and beyond? Lucky for us, forecasters seem quite optimistic.

Now that we have seen the top price predictions for Fetch.ai from 2023 to 2030, let’s compare them and form our own conclusions on where the price of FET could be heading for the remainder of the decade.

fetch.ai price prediction

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2023

In 2023 Fetch.ai is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.22 and not to fall below $0.16. The average price is expected to be around $0.19.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2024

As per experts, the price prediction of Fetch.ai might continue the gradual upward trend. And as per our data, by the end of 2024, it would be able to cross the average price of $0.29. The predicted high for 2024 might be $0.38, and on the downside, the low might be around $0.20.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2025

As per Fetch.ai price predictions for 2025, the price of FET is expected to reach above the $0.50 mark. As per our prediction and price forecast, the predicted high for 2025 might be around $0.56, and on the downside, the low might be around $0.47.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2026

In 2026 Fetch.ai is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.75 and not to fall below $0.53. The average price is expected to be around $0.64.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2027

As per our Fetch.ai price prediction 2027, the token might be able to touch the $1 price mark on the upside, while on the downside, it might fall to $0.73.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2028

As per our Fetch.ai price forecast, the cryptocurrency might trade around $1.09 and $1.42 by the end of 2028.

Fetch.ai (FET) price predictions 2030

The top price predictions for Fetch.ai in 2030 foresee FET dominating above $1.5 for most of the year. If the token does well, experts seem to suggest that a push to $1.78 could be possible. The lowest Fetch.ai price prediction for 2030 is around $1.31.

According to the latest long-term forecasts and price predictions, the price of Fetch.ai will hit $0.22 by the end of 2023. Fetch.ai will rise to $0.56 in 2025 and $1.78 in 2030.

Conclusion: Fetch.ai Price Prediction Forecast

The below prediction figures outline some of the potential highs and lows of Fetch.ai price prediction forecasts for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2028, and 2030 offered by technical analysts and industry experts.

Year High Low
2023 $0.22 $0.16
2024 $0.38 $0.20
2025 $0.56 $0.47
2028 $1.42 $1.09
2030 $1.78 $1.31


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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FAQs Fetch.ai Price Prediction

Does Fetch.ai Have A Future?

Fetch.ai does have a future. As the Internet of Things becomes a bigger part of our lives, we are likely to see greater demand for the kinds of services Fetch.ai offers.

What Will Happen To The Price Of Fetch.ai (FET) In 2023?

In 2023, the price of Fetch.ai (FET) will likely trade between $0.16 and $0.22 for much of the year. All in all, 2023 could be much calmer for Fetch.ai than 2022. While it may not match its 2021 highs, Fetch.ai could have much higher lows than 2022.

Will The Price Of Fetch.ai (FET) Go Up In 2023?

The price of Fetch.ai could go up and reach above $0.30. Nono of the predictions expects the price of FET to crash in 2023.

What Will Happen To The Price Of Fetch.ai (FET) In 2025?

By 2025, Fetch.ai could be trading above $0.5 and possibly reaching $0.56.

Will The Price Of Fetch.ai (FET) Go Up In 2025?

Most experts predict that the price of Fetch.ai will go up in 2025. Some of the most optimistic forecasts see FET reaching even the $1 mark.

Will Fetch.ai Hit $5?

According to the PricePrediction forecast, Fetch.ai could reach $5 by 2031.

Will Fetch.ai Hit $10?

None of the predictions expect Fetch.ai to hit $10 in the next 10 years.

What Will Fetch.ai Be Worth In 2030?

By 2030, Fetch.ai could be worth between $2.90 at the lowest and $3.54 at the highest, according to Price Prediction, and between $4.86 and $6.38, according to Cryptocurrency Price Prediction.

How Much Will FET Crypto Be Worth?

At the very highest, FET could be worth up to $6.97 by 2032, according to Price Prediction.

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