Forex News Sites: Top 10 Forex News Sites To Trade The News Effectively

Looking for the best news sites for forex trading? Read on!

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Top 10 Forex News Sites To Trade The News Effectively

Trading the news is one of the best ways to trade fundamental analysis. But can you trust all forex news sites

There are plenty to choose from, but there are some that are faster and more accurate to follow than others.

On top of that, some may release more news than others. Certain forex news sites may publish one or two stories a day, while others release a lot more 

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Top Forex News Sites to Follow Daily

Here are our top forex news sites you must follow.



EARNFOREX can release up to seven articles a day, usually on specific currencies. You can also filter news by currency and navigate through their archives to find old stories.

Their articles are short and to the point, contain plenty of information including links, quotes and statistics. They also publish news on more than just major and minor pairs.

Typically, they will publish articles throughout the day, usually with morning articles focusing on potential market changes and later articles reflecting on the day’s changes.

A highly useful thing EARNFOREX does it link their news articles on certain currencies to previous news. 

This way you can get a broader picture of how well a currency is doing and prepare you for potential changes the next day if such trends continue.

Other useful things include their forex tools, ebooks, and forex forum.

9. Action Forex


Action Forex is an ideal forex news site to follow for news on major and minor pairs.

Traders should read their weekly outlook reports part of their Monday reading list.

The weekly outlook largely focuses on technical analysis making Action Forex a great place for those who want to get both a technical and fundamental look at how the markets are moving.

Another great thing about Action Forex is that many of their articles are not written by them. 

Moreover, many of their articles are written by banks and brokers who publish on their platform.

Readers can take up Action Forex’s in-depth reports are a great place to get insight into the fundamental side of forex trading and also offer informative articles on trading psychology and strategies.

8. ForexNews


ForexNews is perfect for traders who want to get a wider outlook on how the market is doing, particularly those who are interested in cryptocurrency as well as forex.

They also review different brokers which is very useful for beginners and those looking for a new broker.

More recently, ForexNews appears to be more cryptocurrency-focused, particularly in their education section which seems to be only about cryptocurrency.

Another useful section to check out is ForexNews’s finance section which covers business news which is great for stocks traders.

Their forex news articles are not as frequent as other sites, but they are still worth checking out.

It may be the case that in the next few years they might move completely away from forex to focus largely on cryptocurrency.

7. Fx Empire

fx empire

Fx Empire is one of the most popular forex news sites available today. 

In their news section, they usually publish an article a day. However, traders will find their forecasts section the most useful.

The forecast section publishes news very frequently, sometimes many articles in the space of a few hours. It can also be filtered to give you the topics you want.

Aside from insightful articles on forex trading, Fx Empire also publishes articles on commodities, indices, equities and stock exchanges.

6. BabyPips


BabyPips without a doubt is one of the most well-known forex educators. Their material is known to be engaging, educational and sometimes quite funny.

But aside from being one of the go-to sites to look up forex-related terms, they also produce forex articles as well.

Much of what they produce is orientated towards the US dollar. 

That said, they do produce weekly forecasts on Mondays and a weekly review for different currencies on Fridays.

Most of the articles focus on fundamental analysis and so it would be wise for readers to check other sites for technical insights.

Traders shouldn’t forget that they can also take advantage of BabyPips forum as well.

BabyPips are also useful if you just want forex news and want to filter out other types of trading, such as cryptocurrency and stocks.

5. Forexlive


Forexlive is one of the biggest forex news sites today and produces a heavy number of articles a day.

Many of their news stories are quite short, sometimes around only 100 words, but they cover a lot of topics.

In a sense, they invite you to do your own analysis on top of what you see in the news. All they do is show you what direction to look.

That said, they also have a technical analysis section which is better for technical traders where they post regularly.

Again, the technical posts are quite short, but they are compact with information and charts, and they post many times a day.

Cryptocurrency traders can also benefit from Forexlive’s cryptocurrency section as well.

4. has a wide scope and covers all kinds of markets including, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency, on top of forex.

Their articles are also broken down into sections such as economic and political

Another highly useful thing about is their live charts which highlight specific events that likely impacted movements as well as key candlestick patterns to look out for. is a haven for technical analysis with a variety of technical tools and summaries to look over that can inform traders on what decisions to make.

Largely, they focus on moving averages and pivot points, but they do have an entire page that summarises major pairs by different indicators.

They also have a personal finance section titled ‘money’, which is dedicated to financial advice.

3. DailyFX


DailyFX is one of the most well-known forex news sites you will likely come across and for good reason.

They focus solely on forex trading news and have a team of excellent market analysts who report regularly.

Like many of the other forex news sites on this list, DailyFX writes short and sweet articles that are always backed up with technical analysis.

DailyFX is also great for trading strategies as well with a whole page on technical analysis.

Another useful thing DailyFX does is show you how bullish or bearish traders are now. In other words, what percentage of traders are buying or selling on different currency pairs.

Traders can also read up on cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices as well.

2. Forex Factory

forex factory

Forex Factory grabs the second-best spot in our list for being one of the best sites traders can go to get top rated forex trading news.

Unlike most of the sites of news on this list, Forex Factory doesn’t publish their own articles, what they do instead is aggregate forex news from multiple different sites.

This is highly useful as you don’t have to follow solely the news of one website, you have many to pick from giving you a better idea of how well the forex market is going.

They also mark news stories by how much of an impact they are expected to have as well. Either high (red), medium (orange) or low (yellow).

Forex Factory also has perhaps one of the best forex-related forums on the internet with many posts and a lot to learn from.

Another useful tool on the Forex Factory website is that they publish the trades people are making and so you can potentially copy their traders or at least see how well traders are faring against the market.

1. FXStreet


FXStreet is beyond doubt one of the top sites forex traders should be checking daily.

Publishing a plethora of articles daily often within minutes of one another, FXStreet update the page whenever there is anything new, so you don’t need to constantly refresh the page.

FXStreet focuses on a wide range of topics that can affect a nation’s economy and doesn’t just stick to major and minor currency pairs.

Not everything on FXStreet is written by their team, they also have content written by banks and brokers as well, widening the scope of content FXStreet has to offer.

Like with many other forex news sites on this list, FXStreet also allows readers to filter articles and analysis by currency pair.

FXStreet even give readers the option to pick out key ongoing events, such as Brexit and the US-China trade war.

On top of that, FXStreet also have an invaluable section on cryptocurrency as well.

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Key points

If you remember anything from this article, make it these key points.

  • Many forex news sites also post articles on other market instruments. Many in our list also cover cryptocurrency.
  • Forex news sites can publish from other sources. This allows them to have a more diversified point of view.
  • Most forex news sites offer a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. Traders should do their own analysis before trading on it.
  • Look out for useful tools that can inform you how the market is performing. These can help you make better-informed trades.

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