Got £100? 3 Smart Growth UK Stocks To Buy Right Now

Looking for short-term or long-term returns, these stocks have the potential to earn passive income

Last Updated September 13th 2021
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Key Points

  • Lloyds Banking Group is a large company with a potential for quick growth. It has an impressive market capitalization of £30.17 billion. 
  • Looking at its recent figures to determine its financial health and performance, Enwell Energy PLC had revenue of £34.15 million and a net income of approximately £2.30 million.
  • The 600 Group has revenue of more than $95 million.


With the prevailing economic conditions, it is important to invest in areas where you can get passive income. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world the need to have a source of passive income when you no longer have to work or after you have retired or lost your job. 

Investing in shares and stocks is one of the best ways of earning a passive income. You can choose the long-term investment of buying shares and keeping them while earning dividends or buy growth stocks for short-term benefits. 

Growth stocks are those that are likely to grow faster than the market's average growth. You can earn more profits with them, but you also stand to lose more in case the market goes against your investment. 

£100 is enough capital to start an investment. The small amount you are earning right now will grow if you just take the bold step and start investing right now. Soon, you will have the large sum that you always wanted. 

That said, if you still want to go ahead and invest in growth stocks, then here are 3 UK Growth Stocks you can consider adding to your portfolio with just £100:

  • Lloyds Banking Group Plc
  • Enwell Energy PLC
  • 600 Group


Lloyds Banking Group Plc

While £100 is not a lot of money, you can still buy some shares with it that can give you good returns in both the short and long terms. With £42.51, you can acquire a share from this banking group. 

Lloyds Banking Group is a promising company with the potential for quick growth. It is one of the largest financial services companies in the UK with more than 30 million customers and about 65,000 employees. 

The company has a market capitalization of £30.17 billion and had a 24-hour trading volume of about 189 million shares. This company’s stock presents you with an opportunity of buying low and waiting for a few weeks or months to sell high. 

Just about ten days ago, this stock was worth about £45. It has the potential of hitting £50 in just a few weeks. You could easily make a £10 profit in a matter of weeks. 

The banking sector is doing well as the economy tries to revamp itself from the effects of Covid-19. Organizations are now taking credit to try and revamp their businesses, most of which had slumped due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Enwell Energy PLC

After spending £42.51 of your £100, you now have about £57 to spend. You can still buy growth shares from other UK companies. One of these companies is Enwell Energy PLC or ENWE. 

This company whose headquarters are in London, England deals with oil and gas exploration, development and production. Energy stocks are in most cases good stocks.

It has its oil and gas resources based in Ukraine. The company was initially a subsidiary of Regal Petroleum Corporation that owns oil and gas resources extending over an area of 270 square kilometres in Northeast Ukraine, about 200 kilometres from Ukraine’s capital Kiev.  

This stock presents a good opportunity for you to invest £100. 

Looking at its recent figures to determine its financial health and performance, this company has a revenue of £34.15 million and a net income of approximately £2.30 million. 

Year on year revenues indicate that the company has lost about 15.52% in revenue. This loss could be a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This scenario presents an opportunity to buy this company’s share while it’s still low since it has a potential of surpassing £50 in the next six months. 

Enwell Energy is also listed in the London Stock Exchange, and has a market capitalization of about £99.72 million. This figure is bound to grow as the overall production of oil and gas increased by 15% in the second quarter of 2021 as compared to the same period in 2020. 

Currently, the Enwell stock price is £31. When you buy a share, you will still remain with about £27 for buying your next stock. 

600 Group

Third in the list of stocks you can buy with £100 is 600 Group company stock. Currently, the stock price of the 600 Group is £14. This means that you could buy not one, but two stocks of this company. 

The 600 Group is a world-renowned company in the engineering field. It specializes in the manufacture of machine tools, industrial laser systems, and precision-engineered components. 

It is also involved in the distribution and sale of these products. The company has a global presence, operating in Europe, Australia and North America. 

It currently operates in more than 100 countries in the world with thousands of employees. It has its headquarters in Lowfields Way, UK and is listed in the London Stock Exchange. 

The company has revenue of more than $95 million. It is not a very large company, but it has the potential to grow considering its area of operations. There are not as many competitors in this field considering the intricacies associated with this industry. Two stocks is not a lot, but for a growth stock that you expect to sell in a few weeks or months, it is bound to bring you some good money. 

Whether you are investing in growth stocks or other types of assets, you must keep in mind that profits are not a guarantee, and you could even end up making losses. 

While this guide gives you insights of the stocks you can acquire with a small capital, it is not a foolproof resource of how you should invest your money. Always take your time to understand the market before committing yourself to any kind of investment. 

You can also learn about how to buy stock from the London Stock Exchange before placing your orders.  

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