How To Buy Avalanche (AVAX) In The USA

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Selling Avalanche Cryptocurrency in the USA

Last Updated June 28th 2022
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If you’re based in the USA and wish to buy Avalanche – the process is very simple. All you need to do is find a regulated exchange, deposit some funds, and decide how many Avalanche tokens you want to buy.

Avalanche is currently one of the best performing tokens in the cryptocurrency market. This market is filled with over 10,000 tokens that one can buy, and despite the many choices available, AVAX stands out because of its potential and performance. 

However, in the crypto space, even the most solid cryptocurrency suffers from price volatility, which is why as an investor, you need to implement the right risk management strategies to ensure that you do not suffer immense losses from your investment. 

This guide comes with all the details you need regarding buying Avalanche in the USA. The guide is comprehensive to ensure that even a beginner trader can start buying these tokens easily. However, as mentioned before, cryptocurrencies can be very volatile, and as a new investor, you need to be fully equipped in terms of knowledge before making any investment. 

What's In This Guide?

  2. Where To Buy Avalanche (AVAX) In The USA
  3. A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Avalanche In The USA
  4. Store In A Crypto Wallet
  5. How To Sell Avalanche
  6. Things To Consider When Buying Avalanche In The USA
  7. Conclusion


  1. Open an account with a US cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Verify your account
  3. Go to the deposit section
  4. Go to the platform and select Avalanche
  5. Enter how many Avalanche tokens you want to buy
  6. Check the details and confirm your purchase


Where To Buy Avalanche (AVAX) In The USA

Are you looking on how to buy Avalanche in the USA? Well, there are hundreds of crypto exchanges and brokers in the USA. This can make it hard to know which platform is right for you. 

List of the best Exchanges to buy Avalanche (AVAX) in the USA:

Looking where to buy Avalanche in the USA right now? Below you will find 4 of the best brokers that allow you to buy Avalanche in the USA. 

  • Binance - Best exchange to buy Avalanche USA for asset diversity
  • Coinbase - Best exchange to buy Avalanche (AVAX) for beginners
  • OKEx - Best broker to buy AVAX USA for low-cost

A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying Avalanche (AVAX) In The USA

If you want to buy AVAX tokens in the USA, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Register an exchange account 

After doing your research and identifying that AVAX can be a good fit for your investment portfolio, you need to register an account on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as this is where you can buy your tokens easily and safely. 

The crypto space is full of many exchange platforms. However, you need to be cautious before choosing one to ensure that your money and the tokens you buy will be safe. The first thing to check is if that exchange is regulated in the US. You should also check its popularity in the market and its trading volumes to know if it has liquidity. 

Once you have settled on an exchange, the other step is to create the account. To register an exchange account is almost similar to opening a stock brokerage account. You need to provide your name, an email address and a phone number. 

Currently, the regulatory framework is changing, so some exchanges will demand that you also provide documents that will act as proof of identity and a proof of address. Such documents help to verify the identity of the owner of the exchange account. 

When setting up your account, it is also advisable that you use a strong password and have a multi-factor authentication that will ensure no one other than you can access your funds. 

Step 2: Fund the account 

After registering the account, you need to fund it to ensure that you have a way by which you can buy AVAX tokens. To fund the account, you can either use fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. 

However, you first need to link your bank account to the exchange platform. This will allow you to move some funds from your bank into the exchange platform. To link your account, all you need is a credit card or debit card. 

Sometimes, an exchange will not have a direct option to buy AVAX tokens using USD. In this case, you will have to convert the fiat you have deposited on the exchange into another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Afterwards, you can use these new tokens to buy AVAX. 

Step 3: Buy Avalanche 

Now that you have money in your account, the next step is to buy AVAX tokens. Doing so is very easy because all you need to do is go to the exchange account's order section. This section will have an option to buy AVAX tokens. Once you create your order, confirm the details, and the number of tokens you receive will be sent into your account. 

There are multiple types of orders that you can create to buy your tokens. However, the two most common types of orders are a market order and a limit order. A market order will allow you to buy AVAX tokens at ongoing prices, which means that your order will be settled instantly. 

The other type of order is a limit order. This will allow you to buy tokens at a predetermined future price. After creating your order, you have to wait until the price hits the set level, after which your order will be automatically settled. 

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Store In A Crypto Wallet 

After buying your tokens, you need a place where you can safely store them. One can store crypto assets on crypto wallets. There are two main types of crypto wallets: a hardware wallet and a software wallet. 

A software wallet, also known as a hot wallet, is the one that will store your tokens online. This way, it will be easy for you to access them whenever you need to sell them. Hot wallets are mostly in the form of an app. 

The other type is a hardware wallet, also known as a cold wallet. This one will store your assets offline on devices such as a USB drive. These wallets are recommended for those that want extra safety for their assets. 

How To Sell Avalanche (AVAX)

If you want to sell your AVAX tokens, transfer your tokens from the crypto wallet into the exchange. Afterwards, create a sale order for the number of tokens you want to sell at the prevailing market prices. Once you have sold for fiat, you can easily withdraw through your bank account. 

You can sell AVAX tokens for either fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies. If you choose to trade for other cryptocurrencies, you can later convert these into fiat and withdraw the amount from the exchange. 

Things To Consider When Buying Avalanche (AVAX) In The USA

Before buying AVAX in the US, you need to consider the following factors: 

Technical fundamentals 

Avalanche is currently one of the sought-after networks because of its growing support for decentralized finance (DeFi). This creates utility for AVAX tokens, making it a considerable investment. 


You need to consider the performance of AVAX tokens over time. This will assist you to know if there is potential for any future gains. 


You need to check the availability of the token in the market in terms of supply and trading volumes. This data will let you know whether the token you want to buy is available on exchange platforms and has liquidity. 

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As aforementioned, Avalanche is currently one of the best-performing networks and tokens in the market. The guide above will take you through the process of buying AVAX tokens in the USA. However, before buying any crypto assets, one is advised to understand the risky nature of these assets. 

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