How To Invest In Google From The UK (2023)

Last Updated December 20th 2022
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Google is popular for its search engine used by millions of people globally daily. Many do not know that Google is much more than its search engine as it offers a wide array of other technological services

As the world becomes more technological savvy, having Google stock in your portfolio will position you to benefit from the company's future gains. 

If you are an investor in the UK looking to invest in Google or a new investor researching how you can invest in Google in the UK, this guide is a perfect solution for you. 

This guide will provide you with all the information needed to know about investing in Google. 

Some of the details that we will cover in the guide include: 

  • How to buy Google stock in the UK
  • Different ways to invest in Google in the UK 
  • Is Google a worthy investment? 


Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

Google stocks are traded under the ticker symbol GOOG or GOOGL. By buying these stocks, you are buying a share in its parent company known as Alphabet Inc., founded in 2015. 

Google's stock has grown significantly in value over the years. Google stocks were brought into the market through 2 stock splits. The first stock split happened on March 27, 2014, while the second stock split happened on April 27, 2015. 

So, now that you have the basics about Google, below is how you can invest in the tech giant stocks from the UK. 

Buy Google Stock From An Online Brokerage In The UK 

If you want to buy Google stock in the UK, you can go with the first option to open an online brokerage account. If you start with a small account, you should look for an online brokerage firm that offers fractional shares. 

Fractional shares allow you to buy a  fraction of the Google stock so that you do not have to buy one entire stock that would require a large amount. Currently, one Google stock is trading at around $2840, and a brokerage firm that allows fractional shares will allow you to buy with a minimum amount.

When creating the online brokerage account, take time to evaluate different factors such as the fees charged by the brokerage firm and user-friendliness. 

Once you have settled on the brokerage firm that you want to use, below are the steps to create an account: 

Step 1: Register an account 

The first step is to register an account. Usually, the sign-up process is the same for all brokerage firms. You need to provide an email address and your user name. Remember to set a strong password for your account. 

The brokerage firm will ask you to accept the terms and conditions on the sign-up page. Ensure that you read these, and if you agree, accept and continue. 

After creating the account, you will undergo a verification process requiring you to submit proof of identity and address. Provide the needed information, which requires you to submit some documents. 

The verification process can be lengthy, so ensure you have all the needed documents beforehand. Accounts are usually verified after a few days. 

Step 2: Fund your account  

Now that you have your account, the other process is to fund it. There are many ways you can fund your online brokerage account. You can deposit money into the account using digital payments platforms or credit card or debit card details. 

Before funding the account, check to know the minimum amount required by the brokerage firm. 

Step 3: Buy Google stock

After verifying and funding your account, the next step is to buy Google stock. Search for the stock on the brokerage platform and select the amount you want to buy. After this is complete, the stocks you want will be added to your portfolio. 

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

Buy Google Stock CFD Through Trading Platform

The process provided above is for spot trading Google stocks. However, you can choose to invest in the stock through Contracts for Differences (CFDs). 

A CFD is a contract, as can be denoted from the name. When you buy a CFD, you are not buying Google stock but buying a contract. With this contract, you can bet on the price movement of Google's stock. 

For instance, if you take a long "Buy" position and the price of Google stocks rises, you will make money. 

So, are there any benefits to a CFD? 

Many expert traders prefer CFDs to owning the actual stock. CFDs offer leverage, in that with $1000, you can open a large position or even $100,000. Therefore, you will make massive profits as if you are trading with a large account because of the leverage. 

Buy An ETF Fund That Holds Google Stock

The other product you can buy and be a part of Google is an exchange-traded fund (ETF). ETFs are used by a trader who only wants to get exposure to Google stock without investing in these stocks directly. 

Usually, ETFs are used by traders with a small risk appetite because they ensure that you invest in the technological company without carrying the risks from holding the actual stock. 

To buy ETFs in the UK, you can also use the brokerage firm, but ensure it is associated with the stock exchange from which you want to trade the ETF. 

Is Google A Good Investment?

Now that you know all the processes involved, you need to return to the drawing board and ask yourself whether Google is the right stock to add to your portfolio. 

To analyze a stock, you can look at its historical performance. Moreover, look at the company's vision to know if it is looking towards establishing a strong base for itself in the future. 

Currently, Google ranks as a tech giant alongside other companies like Microsoft and Apple. It is a good stock for an investor that wants exposure to technology companies. 

If you are not sure whether Google is a good investment, you need to consult with a financial advisor who will give you all the needed details. 

Bottom Line

Google makes for a good addition to your stock portfolio because the company is a leader in the technological space. Google is expected to continue being a leader in the tech spaces for years; hence, owning its stock will allow you to be part of its future.

While Google's stock has grown significantly over the years, it is not too late to invest.

How to Invest in Google Stock in the UK?

To buy Google shares in the UK by yourself, you might need to have an account with a regulated brokerage firm in the UK.

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Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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