Is Axie Infinity (AXS) Expected To Reach $1000 Or More In The Next 5 Years?

Last Updated January 25th 2022
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Can Axie Infinity reach $1000 in the next 5 years? Will Axie Infinity token prices eventually reach $5000?

The reality is that no one can tell with utmost accuracy what Axie Infinity will be worth or the direction it will assume a few years from now. But having looked at the altcoins price history, after examining its price drivers and the direction of the larger crypto market, the majority of analysts and investors are convinced that Axie Infinity will reach $1000 in the next 5 years.

For example, analysts at CryptocurrencyPricePrediction are convinced that AXS token can rebound and rise above the current all-time in the next few months and rally to $1000 by November 2025.

The optimism of a bullish Axie Infinity future stems from the token’s stellar performance over the last 12 months, the major developments going on within the Axie Infinity ecosystem, and the uptrending nature of the larger crypto market. Further, both technical and fundamental analysts agree that the AXS token will most likely sustain an uptrend that extends beyond 2030.

In this Axie Infinity price prediction guide, we will be referencing different crypto experts and telling you when they expect AXS to reach $1000. We will also tell you whether AXS will reach $5000.

Before that, though, we will try to understand how Axie Infinity has performed in the past and examine any bearing this past price action has on its future performance.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Price History 2020 To 2022

Axie Infinity has performed exemplarily well since its launch in November 2020. Data from CoinMarketCap indicates that AXS ended its first day of active trading selling at $0.15. It then pushed its value up by more than 1100X in the 12 months that followed and proceeded to set its current all-time high of $165 on November 2021. This was made possible by a rallying crypto market and several upgrades to the Axie Infinity platform.

It started with a slow uptrend that took it to $10 in April, largely fueled by the early 2021 crypto market rally. The mid-May crash would, however, push it down by more than 70% to around $3, but a growing community, increased speculative interest, and a recovering crypto market ignited its swift rebound and rise to $165 less than six months later.

Two months later, the market has crashed again, and AXS has lost more than 70% of its November 2021 peak prices again.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

So, Will Axie Infinity (AXS) Reach $1000?

It is highly likely that Axie Infinity token prices will continue rising for the next few years. The majority of crypto analysts and investors are convinced that AXS can repeat the 2021 price action where it rebounds by the end of 2022 and springs into a rally that pushes it above $1000 in the 5 years.

The claim has the backing of market sentiments with the majority in the crypto community. They argue that the current price crash and the ongoing bearishness in the crypto market is just a small setback that the uptrending AXS token prices will overcome with ease.

Some of the factors that both the analysts and investors believe will help pull AXS out of this slump include a recovering crypto market, the actualization of different Axie Infinity roadmap projects, and FOMO as everyone rushes to buy the dip.

The conviction that the relatively new altcoin will continue rallying is so strong that even with the ongoing bearishness and market-wide price drops, some analysts are still convinced that AXS can reach $1000 by 2025.

Gov Capital leads the pack of the most optimistic technical analysts, convinced that AXS is one rally away from this target price. Their analysis indicates that they expect AXS to rebound and rise above the current ATH by May 2022 before resuming the late 2021 price run and reaching $1000 in October 2023.

Technical analysts at RippleCoinNews are equally optimistic about Axie Infinity token’s future price performance. They too expect a swift rebound that pushes the altcoin above $340 by the end of April and a sustained rally that takes it to between $1000 and $1200 by the end of 2025.

The gaming and speculative investing communities on Reddit are also massively bullish about the future of the play-to-earn blockchains. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian - for example, recently claimed that the play-to-earn crypto will take over the gaming industry within the next 5 years. The majority of contributors on the platform have also expressed their conviction in a per-token valuation above $1000 for AXS.

Will Axie Infinity (AXS) Eventually Reach $5000?

It is not impossible for Axie Infinity’s token price to eventually reach $5,000. In fact, the rate at which AXS token prices have been rising and the innovativeness of the ongoing developments within the Axie Infinity ecosystem has most analysts convinced that AXS can rise above $5,000 by 2030.

We must also mention that at the height of the AXS price rally in November 2021, a handful of technical analysts had indicated that the altcoin could rally to $5,000 in the next 10 years.

Technical analysts at RippleCoinNews, for example, had mentioned that Axie Infinity had all it needed to rise above $5000 by 2030.

But as the December sell-off replaced the mini-rally and a cloud of bearishness hang over the market, they adjusted their forecasts, and at the moment, no one expects AXS to reach $5000 any time in this decade.

Today, no one expects the play-to-earn token to reach here any time soon. And it isn’t just the current bearishness that stands on its path to a per-token valuation of $5000, other factors limiting its progress here include its bloated maximum supply of 270 million AXS tokens, stiff competition, and lack of enough demand to push AXS token prices this high.

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What Will Axie (AXS) Infinity Be Worth In 2027?

The general feeling among crypto investors and analysts is that AXS token prices will eventually rebound, and they will most likely be worth more than the current market price in 2027. They are confident that Axie Infinity can rebound before the end of 2022 and resume the 2021 price run that carries it to new heights of between $750 and $4200 at the end of 2027.

Like everyone else, technical analysts at CryptoAndFire are confident that Axie Infinity has what it needs to rebound and sustain an uptrend. But they expect Axie Infinity to record slow growth over the next 5 years but eventually sprint into a full-blown price rally. By this time in 2027, they expect AXS to reach around $766.

Technical analysis by the Wallet Investor is equally bullish about the altcoin’s future price action. But it too hints at a possible slow-paced growth from the altcoin for the next few years and a possible rally in the last half of the decade. By this time in 2027, it states that AXS will be trading around $815.

Experts at Cryptopolitan are also convinced that Axie Infinity token prices will continue rising for the next few years. They believe that by 2027, Cryptopolitan will most likely be trading around $1,000 and $1,200.

Technical analysis platform Gov Capital has the most optimistic view of Axie Infinity’s future price performance yet. These experts are convinced that by this time in 2027, the current AXS token price will have appreciated by more than 8300% to reach $4147.

Conclusion: What Wil Axie Infinity (AXS) Be Worth In 5 Years?

The general feeling among crypto analysts and speculative investors is that Axie Infinity token prices will be worth way more than their current market price in 5 years. These analysts are confident the altcoin can rebound and rise above its current all-time high before the end of the year and rally to eventually reach between $700 and $4200 in 5 years.

Among the leading factors that these experts believe will influence the altcoin’s uptrend are a recovering crypto market and in-network developments within the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Others include growing community support and FOMO among speculative investors. We conclude by stating that though the majority in the crypto community expect AXS to reach $5000, they can only see getting there, after 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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