Is Enjin (ENJ) Expected To Reach $100 Or More In The Next 5 Years?

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Last Updated January 20th 2022
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Can the Enjin coin prices reach $100 in the next five years? What will Enjin coins be worth in 2027, and what factors will influence its future price action? These are some of the critical questions that long-term crypto investors and Enjin coin enthusiasts are asking themselves today.

The truth is no one can tell with utmost accuracy when or whether the Enjin coin will ever reach $100. Nevertheless, both crypto experts and current ENJ coin investors are confident that the altcoin prices will continue rising moving forward. The current crypto market situation doesn't support a price above $100 for the Enjin coin, but changes within the crypto industry and the Enjin network are expected to accelerate the coin’s run towards this target price.

The CryptocurencyPricePrediction website has one of the most optimistic projections for Enjin coin’s future. It indicates that Enjin coin prices will rise steadily and break above $34.53 by the end of 2025.

But, what are some of the factors that crypto experts believe will push Enjin coin prices above $100? Can they help the altcoin reach $500?

We will be answering all these questions by going through some of the expert price predictions of the coin for the next few years.

First, though, we look at its current price and look back on its price historical price performance.

Enjin’s (ENJ) Current Price

At the time of writing, the Enjin coin is trading at $2.27 on CoinDdesk. It has dropped by close to 1.24% in the last 24 hours. According to CoinMarketCap, the ENJ coin prices have been caught in a range of between $2.10 and $3.34 over the past 30 days. It has a live market capitalization of over $1.92 Billion, making it the 61st largest cryptocurrency project with a circulating supply of 847 million ENJ coins.

But Enjin hasn't always had such an attractive market cap. In fact, its prices only started posting tangible price action in the first half of 2021. During this time, the Enjin coin prices jumped from $0.13 on 1st January to reach $4 on 9th April 2021. In November ENJ reached its current all-time high of $4.85.

Before this, the Enjin coin had been stuck at prices below $1 for more than three years. It took the early 2021 crypto market rally, a radical change within the Enjin network characterized by the launch of new blockchains, and the changing landscape of the cryptocurrency industry played to send the coin’s price action into overdrive.

But, how sustainable is this force, and will it help the Enjin coin break above $100?

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

So, Will Enjin (ENJ) Reach $100?

Crypto experts, the crypto price prediction websites, and traders’ sentiments are hugely bullish on Enjin coin’s future price action. They believe that the coin prices will continue rising in the next few years. However, they are not convinced that, given the current crypto market situation, the coin can reach and possibly rise above $100 in the next five years.

But is a $100 valuation for the Enjin coin even feasible?

Well, a $100 price for one ENJ coin only gives the Enjin network a market capitalization of $100 Billion, which is at the moment less than 0.5% of the entire crypto industry’s total market cap. Nevertheless, and the feasibility notwithstanding, most of the experts that we have interacted with, believe that getting to $100 will be a tall order for the altcoin, citing the lack of demand for the ENJ coins as the biggest blockade in Enjin coin’s path towards this target price.

For instance, one of the most reputable technical analysis websites, the Wallet Investor, indicates that ENJ coin prices will continue rising in the future, it can only take coin prices can only reach $12 in the next 5 years.

The ICO Creed, yet another popular price-forecasting website that combines both technical and fundamental analysis, on the other hand, indicates that the coin’s price may reach as high as $14.66 by the end of 2026.

There is, nevertheless, some hope that this could change and that the Enjin coin has the potential to hit $100 before 2026 if the NFT technology is accepted and adopted with as much vigor as the DeFi and ICO crypto industry waves before it.

Will Enjin (ENJ) Reach $500?

Though not impossible, none of the crypto experts or price prediction websites that we have interacted with believes that the Enjin coin can reach $500 in the next 5 years or by the end of the decade. They just do not feel like there is sufficient demand for ENJ coins to push their price above or even close to $500 in the next few years.

There also is the question of whether a $500 price for the Enjin coin is feasible. And to answer it, we will look at both its market cap and the amount of work the coin needs to put into its growth if it is to get to this target price.

First, a $500 price with a maximum supply of 1 billion coins gives Enjin a market capitalization of $500 Billion, which translates to about 25% over the entire crypto industry’s market cap - which is doable. But to get here, the altcoin needs to grow its value by more than 31,000%.

Now, given the low demand for ENJ coins, the limited use cases for the altcoin, and the fact that it has an overall ROI of about 6000% after having been around for close to four years, most experts do not believe the Enjin coin can pull such a sizeable growth in the next 5 or 10 years.

However, if the much-anticipated NFT technology explodes in adoption like the DeFi and ICO waves before it, some experts argue that it may give Enjin a slight chance of hitting this coveted price level by the turn of the decade.

What Will Enjin (ENJ) Be Worth In 2027?

Generally, most crypto analysts and price prediction websites expect the Enjin coin to be trading between $8 and $25 by the end of 2027. They are convinced that a recovering crypto market, a refurbished Enjin network dedicated to NFTs, and rapid adoption/acceptance of the NFT technology will play a key role in inciting a steady growth of the Enjin coin prices between now and 2026.

You will also be right to think that the Enjin ecosystem is undergoing a rebirth and focusing much of its energy towards the much-anticipated NFT crypto era. If it eventually blossoms and explodes as anticipated, we might see the ENJ coins breaking above $100 within the next five years. If it does not, the most optimistic estimates place the Enjin token’s value in 2027 at around $25.

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Conclusion: Will Enjin (ENJ) Ever Reach $100?

The Enjin coin prices are expected to continue rising over the next few years, and experts attribute much of this value growth to a recovering crypto market, the changing landscape within the crypto industry, and developments within the Enjin ecosystem aimed at readying the platform for an NFT future. We, therefore, conclude by arguing that how high up the Enjin coin prices reach within the next 5 years will be largely dependent on how soon the NFT wave lands and its successful adoption by the crypto community.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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