Is The Graph (GRT) A Good Buy?

Last Updated February 3rd 2022
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Is The Graph a good crypto investment? If yes, should you buy GRT tokens today?

Well, The Graph has had a rather fruitful year so far, and the majority of the crypto experts and investors expect its value to continue rising for the next few years, which makes a good buy. Launched 12 months ago, the coin is already up 33X and was at one time 96X its ICO price. For the next 10 years, GRT price is expected to appreciate by as much as 5650% - which pools it in the must-buy basket of any long-term focused crypto investor.

Technical analysis of the coin by experts CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, for instance, indicates that The Graph token prices will rise steadily for the next few years and most likely hit $23 by December 2030.

Put simply, The Graph has all the tenets of a good long-term investment, including the backing of some of the most influential institutions in the crypto space like Coinbase. These and such powerful Ethereum blockchain applications as Uniswap, Decentraland, and AAVE already believe in The Graph’s indexing protocol, which confirms GRT is here to stay and thus a solid long-term buy.

So, Should You Buy The Graph (GRT)?

You may consider buying The Graph tokens if you are a speculative investor because the majority of the crypto market players are convinced that GRT token prices will continue rising for the next few years.

Look at its this way, GRT derives much of its value from increased adoption and the performance of the overall crypto market. At the moment, The Graph is enjoying the first-mover advantage and some sort of monopoly of being the first fully decentralized indexing protocol and is developers hope to launch it on such other blockchains as Bitcoin, Solana, and Polkadot. This, plus the fact that the larger crypto market has always maintained an uptrend, are expected to catapult GRT prices to $10 in the next 5 to 10 years. 

On the different social media platforms, especially Twitter and Reddit, some analysts and investors refer to The Graph as the “Google of Blockchains.” These are especially bullish on the altcoin’s future price action and believe its value could rise to $100 in the long run. This says that if you invested in The Graph today and its price eventually hits this target price, you would have grown your investment by more than 24900%.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Why Is The Graph (GRT) So Popular Right Now?

The Graph is popular today because it seeks to solve one of the biggest challenges rocking the Ethereum ecosystem and the crypto-verse in general. Some individuals have even described it as the missing puzzle in Ethereum and the blockchain’s quest of revolutionizing the internet. It is expected to become a core component of virtually every blockchain and has thus received a lot of acclaim from renowned crypto experts and crypto news publications.

The Graph is also popular today because its token prices went an uptrend in the last quarter of 2021, up by about 3300% from its ICO price. Equally important, it has massive potential for growth and has been consistently included on the top 5 most potent coins for different crypto experts - including ‘GUY’ at Coin Bureau and analysts at the Business Insider.

The Graph (GRT) Price History 2020 To 2022

The Graph altcoins were first availed to the general public via an ICO in October 2020, with each token selling for $0.03. Data from CoinMarketCap then indicates that the altcoin stormed into 2021, selling for $0.35. At the time of the launch, the larger crypto market was setting the base for a rally that eventually kicked off and lasted throughout the first four months of 2021.

This rally helped the altcoin set an all-time high of $2.88 on 12th February 2021, and it traded around this price level for the better part of March and April. Its prices, however, started plummeting in May because of the market crash and the realization that about 3 billion presale GRT tokens were about to be unlocked and released into the market.  

It dipped to $0.5 in June and traded around this price level until September when a surprise Bitcoin rally stoked the market and induced a mini-rally. Since then for a while GRT token prices ranged between $0.6 and $1.33. However, there has been a downturn in the market and GRT is back to under $0.5.

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Will The Graph (GRT) Reach $10 In 2022?

The unpredictable nature of the crypto market has taught us to never say never, but even then, it will be highly unlikely for The Graph to reach $10 in 2022. None of the crypto expert views and technical analyst views we have interacted with feels that GRT can reach this target price in the next few months. At best, they expect The Graph to be trading between $1.15 and $1.87 in December 2022.

But why don’t they think GRT can get to $10?

For starters, you have to consider the fact that the altcoin’s wild run earlier in the year was disrupted by a market crash and the dumping of GRT tokens to the market. Moving into 2022, the market is still shaky as China, and its crypto abolitionist policies continue raining on Bitcoin’s - and the larger crypto market’s - parade and disrupting possible uptrends.

The introduction of more GRT tokens into the market in 2022 is also expected to continue diluting the current value GRT token prices. In December 2021, for instance, more than 500 million GRT tokens are set to be released to the market, with vesting periods for more pre-sale tokens expiring throughout 2022 and beyond.

So, what does the market think The Graph will be worth in 2022?

Crypto experts at Coinpedia argue that the series of events that took place between May and July 2021 threw GRT tokens off course and pulled it away from the $10 target. They argue that if The Graph can sustain its current uptrend and also branch out to Bitcoin blockchain in 2022, it could end the year trading around its early 2021 peak prices - at $2.87.

Technical analysts at ICOCreed, however, aren’t as hopeful. Their analysis indicates that GRT will continue trading well below its all-time high throughout 2022 and that it can only reach as high as $1.59.

Technical analysis by crypto experts at the CoinPriceForecast website is equally conservative about The Graph’s performance in 2022. It indicates that GRT token prices will only rebound to the early 2021 peak price in 2026 and that the ERC-20 token will only sell for between $0.55 and $0.60 throughout 2022.

Their sentiments are shared by a technical analysis by PricePrediction.Net. It too indicates that while GRT prices will continue rising, they can only expect it to rise above its early 2021 peaks in 2024 and that the ERC-20 token will sell for between $1.39 and $1.67 throughout 2022.

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Conclusion: Is The Graph (GRT) A Good Buy?

The different crypto experts and technical analysts we have interacted with when coming with this seem to think The Graph is a good buy, and their observations are, to a large extent, informed by two factors. First, they believe that GRT tokens are a good buy because their value is expected to continue rising in the next few years - earning its investors massive returns.

Secondly, they believe The Graph is a good long-term buy because of its massive and untapped potential use case, which they believe will help catapult GRT token prices to unimaginable heights if it is quickly embraced by the rest of the crypto-verse.

Most are even confident that The Graph has all it needs to grow its value by more than 2400% - enough to help it rise above $10 - in the next 10 years. Some are also confident that its value could rise by as much as $23 by 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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