Is The Graph (GRT) Worth Buying In 2023?

Last Updated January 5th 2023
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Are you wondering if The Graph (GRT) is worth buying in 2023? Use The Graph investment and price prediction guide below, where we answer this and tell you everything to know about investing in GRT.

Well, The Graph has proved to be a rather valuable crypto asset with a massive potential for further growth, and this has the market convinced that GRT tokens are worth buying in 2023. Since its launch in 2020, The Graph has made several bold price moves that at one time saw its value appreciate by 9800%. Moving forward, predictions indicate that its price could grow by a further 5650% by the turn of the decade, which further proves why it is a good crypto investment.

At the start of 2021, The Graph prices went into a wild run that saw it set the current all-time high of $2.88 on 12th February. At the time, the majority of forecasters believed that if GRT sustained that momentum, GRT could reach $10 before the end of that year or in 2023.

But then the market crashed in May and disrupted this uptrend. And before it could absorb this shock, the vesting period of close to 30% of locked GRT tokens expired, and they were introduced to the market in June and July, diluting the price of already down-trending GRT token price.

The two events sent GRT token prices tumbling below $1, and it wasn’t until September that it started showing recovery signs, which were lost in the December market meltdown.

In 2023, the crypto market is still shaky, and the vesting period for more GRT tokens is expected to expire.

The queries about the reasonableness of buying GRT are, therefore, legitimate, and we will be answering this question below - while referencing different crypto expert and technical analyst views.

First, though, we need to remind ourselves what The Graph is and why it is popular today.

What Is The Graph (GRT)?

The Graph is an “indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS.” Simply put, it is a protocol on the Ethereum network that allows anyone to create and publish open APIs that can be used by other developers to search for data on the blockchain.

It essentially makes it easier for developers building on Ethereum and existing projects to find and process data on the blockchain. Sort of what Goggle does in indexing websites and making it easy for anyone to find information on the internet. And this explains why it has earned the nickname ‘Google of blockchains.’

For the longest time, developers and other parties looking to build or interact with the Ethereum blockchain data have been forced to create their own APIs or rely on centralized third-party querying tools. Through the decentralized indexing protocol, The Graph seeks to simplify the process of interacting with blockchain data by eliminating the cumbersome process of having to build own tools or trusting third parties.

That said, we now need to look at what has made it so popular today.

Why Is The Graph (GRT) So Popular Right Now?

The Graph’s current popularity can be largely attributed to its revolutionary approach to blockchain data querying. By coming up with a decentralized indexing protocol, The Graph has helped developers build functional and wholly decentralized projects.

In short, it has caught the industry’s attention because it solves one of the biggest challenges affecting the crypto industry. This has seen some crypto experts argue for the case of GRT deserving a position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

The Graph is also popular because its price has performed exemplarily well in the past and is also expected to surge in the next few years. Despite the mid-2021 market crash, GRT was able to prove its resilience by recovering trading around $1 in the last quarter of the year.

This translates to a 3300% value jump from its ICO price in October 2020. In the next 5 to 10 years, it is expected to appreciate by a further 1000% to 5650%. These projections have sparked investor interest and ignited FOMO around the altcoin as everyone wants to be part of its next price rally.

But even with the luscious price projections, is The Graph token really worth buying?

Should I Buy The Graph (GRT)?

Yes, you may consider buying The Graph because it has proved to be a rather resilient and valuable crypto investment. A look at its road map and the team backing its progress - including Coinbase - also affirms its viability and confirms that The Graph is a solid crypto asset and a good long-term investment.

Furthermore, crypto experts and technical analysts are confident that The Graph token prices will continue rising for the next few years.

For instance, cryptoanalysts at ICOCreed are confident that GRT token prices will resume the earlier rally soon and grow by a further 1150% in the next 5 years to reach $5. By 2030, their analysis indicates that GRT will most likely have appreciated by 6150% to reach $25.

Crypto experts at Economy Watch are equally confident of The Graph’s future price prospects and believe the altcoin will triple its current value before 2025 before growing it further and reaching $6 by the turn of the decade.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

So, Is The Graph (GRT) Worth Buying In 2023?

Yes, the market is convinced that even though the Graph GRT is currently trading 86% below its peak price, its value will resume rising throughout 2023, earning current investors potentially massive returns in the process. Some crypto experts and technical analysts are even convinced that it could resume the early 2021 rally and rise above its current ATH. Forecasters are, in turn, convinced that GRT will most likely end the year selling for between $1.87 and $3.05.

Crypto exerts at Coinpedia, for instance, believe that the mid-2021 crash threw the Graph GRT off course and disrupted its uptrend. But they are convinced that if The Graph can dominate the Ethereum blockchain and launch on equally popular blockchains like Bitcoin, it could end the year 2023 trading above $2.87.

Technical analysts at PricePrediction.Net also agree that The Graph will sustain the current uptrend throughout 2023, but they indicate that GRT will most likely sell for between $1.45 and $1.71 by the end of the year.

The ever-optimistic CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website maintains the most bullish view of GRT’s price action for 2023. It indicates that The Graph will most likely rise in price again. By December, it shows that GRT will most likely be selling for $1.87.

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Why You Should Buy The Graph (GRT)?

  • It has massive potential for growth: By the end of 2023, CryptocurrencyPricePrediction expects GRT to have tripled its value. PricePrediction.Net, on the other hand, expects GRT to appreciate by 5650% before 2030. This says that there is massive potential for growing your GRT investment in the next few years.
  • It is liquid and accessible: The Graph is listed with virtually all the leading crypto exchanges - Coinbase and Binance included - and maintains solid liquidity on all platforms. This makes cashing in or cashing out of GRT positions rather quick and effortless.
  • Potential for double income from staking and value appreciation: After buying GRT tokens, you can stake these tokens and earn as much as 10% interest on staked option coins. Staking allows you to earn doubly from the single investment - from the interest rewards and the token’s value appreciation.

Risks Associated With The Graph (GRT) Investment?

  • It is still new: Different crypto experts argue that because GRT is relatively new and still has more than half of its total coin supply locked, it will have a hard time escaping the low price tag. They argue as more vesting periods expire and early participants dump tokens to the market, we will continue witnessing drastic drops - especially in 2023.
  • It is inflationary: The Graph is also inflationary and is expected to grow its total supply by 3% annually. This addition of coins to an already bloated basket of 10 billion GRT coins is expected to have a negative impact on the altcoin’s future price action.

Conclusion: Is The Graph (GRT) Worth Buying In 2023?

In truth, the decision to buy or not to buy GRT tokens should be informed by such factors as your understanding of the altcoin, your crypto trading experience, your risk-tolerant, and your investing goals. Therefore, even though the majority of crypto exerts and technical analysis views we have interacted with are confident that GRT token will rise in 2023, we advise you to do your own research of the coin and only invest if your perception of its future price action aligns with your investing goals.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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