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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated September 16th 2022
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Will Cosmos ATOM Be a Millionaire Maker?

This article takes an in-depth look at Cosmos, its core areas of business, and - most importantly for prospective investors - the pros and cons which can help answer the question: Should You Buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is one of the most popular interoperable blockchain technologies in the market. This has made its native asset ATOM one of the cryptocurrencies that continues to see liquidity across the various cryptocurrency exchanges.

ATOM returned 454% in the past year. Just like Aave (AAVE), Yearn Finance (YFI), Uniswap (UNI), Algorand (ALGO), Decentraland (MANA), and Polygon (MATIC), ATOM is used as a governance token that also settles transactions on its issuing authority. 

With the potential of Cosmos in the market, is investing in Cosmos’ ATOM a good idea? 

Is Cosmos (ATOM) a good investment? With all the hype associated with decentralized finance (DeFi) forecasted to carry on into the future, will Cosmos’ ATOM go up?

Most importantly, for the novice trader and investor - what are the pros and cons which can help answer the question: should I buy Cosmos (ATOM)?


Cosmos At A Glance

In this section, we are going to have an extensive overview of the history of Cosmos. In simple terms, what is Cosmos, the history of Cosmos, how many Cosmos (ATOM) coins are there in circulation and the price performance of ATOM from March 2019 to date?

The History of Cosmos 

The idea of Cosmos was initially conceived by Jae Kwon (Tendermint Creator) in 2014. Ethan Buchman joined the project in 2015. After seeing the difficulty associated with the creation of software development kits (SDK), the two designed the Cosmos SDK to make it easy for developers to build a decentralized network of individual blockchains. At the time, what they had in mind was to have all the blockchains communicate with each other.

After piecing ideas together and moving from a mere conception to reality, an initial coin offering (ICO) was held on 6th April 2017. This raised $17.3 million in United States Dollars (USD), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC). This Cosmos mainnet was launched on 14th March 2019 and the whole project took off.

Ethan Buchman and Jae Kwon make up the President and Vice President of the non-for-profit organization, the Interchain Foundation.

What is Cosmos? 

Normally referred to as the internet of blockchains, Cosmos is a crypto project that allows developers from all walks of life to create blockchains that are interoperable with each other. Cosmos comprises the Cosmos Network which facilitates the building of blockchains and applications, the Interchain Foundation that oversees activities of the Cosmos Network, and the native asset (ATOM) which governs the network. 

The ticker symbol of Cosmos, ATOM, is what Cosmos trades on the various cryptocurrency exchanges globally. 

What Is The Purpose Of Cosmos? 

There are two main reasons why Cosmos was created. The first purpose is to enable developers to create blockchain-related projects easily. The second purpose is to ensure that barriers between blockchains are broken by allowing them to communicate with each other. 

How Many Cosmos (ATOM) Coins Are There In Circulation? 

At the time of writing, 286,370,297 ATOM are circulating in the market

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Cosmos ATOM Price Performance 2019 

As per the data retrieved from CoinMarketCap, ATOM appeared on cryptocurrency exchanges on 14th March 2019. Since that day, the crypto trading asset has been through a bullish engulfing and a season of cryptocurrency plunges. 

ATOM began its trading experience by opening at $6.44, reached an intraday high of $6.64, tested an intraday low of $6.35, and closed the day with a trading price of $6.53. Unlike other cryptocurrencies which do not see strong investor interest, ATOM began with a trading volume of $7,318,172

Investors decided to take advantage of the highs ATOM reached on its opening day of trading as they began selling ATOM. This saw the trading volume of the crypto token drop to $3,945,618 on the last day of March. On 31st March 2019, ATOM closed with a trading price of $3.62. In 17 days, ATOM shed 43.7888%. 

Cosmos’ ATOM opened the 2nd quarter of the year with a price of $3.61 and closed the day at $3.73 with a rising volume of $4,158,589. Trading volume for ATOM reached a new all-time high of $69 million on 23rd April, $88 million on 28th April, and $86 million on 29th April. With trading volume reaching $164 million and $272 million in May, ATOM closed the month with a trading price of $5.81. With investor interest in the balance, the crypto token closed the 2nd quarter of 2019 with a trading price of $5.41 and a corresponding market capitalization of $1 billion

Cosmos’ ATOM began July at $5.41. The cryptocurrency markets started to experience a bullish aura with Bitcoin leading the way of recovery from the 2018 lows. Unfortunately, altcoins such as ATOM couldn’t follow. ATOM closed in July and August with trading prices of $3.66 and $2.04 respectively. The native asset of the Cosmos network opened at $2.04 on 1st September and closed the 3rd quarter of the year at $2.63

The price of ATOM picked up during the 4th quarter. With investors fearing the worst, ATOM opened at $2.65 on 1st October and closed at $3.21 to end October. On 1st November, ATOM opened at $3.22, traded for a coin at an intraday high of $3.31, reached an intraday low of $3.14, and closed the day at $3.27. ATOM closed on 30th November at $3.93 and ended the year on 31st December 2019 with a trading price of $4.22 with a market capitalization of $804,079,143. In the process, ATOM shed 34.472%. 

Cosmos ATOM Price Performance 2020 

The year 2020 was a year for cryptocurrencies to recover fully from the lows of the previous year. The whole market impressed within the first 2 months. The following months saw new high lows which were attributed to the coronavirus crash of 2020 which peaked in March and April. 

The pandemic brought about the distribution of stimulus packages. This led to renewed interest in cryptocurrencies from institutional investors as well as unsophisticated traders and investors

Overall, this was a year where cryptocurrencies reached new high lows and ultimately led the basis for digital assets to reach new high highs in 2021. 

On 1st January 2020, ATOM opened at $4.22. Trading volume rose to $290 million in January. This brought the price of ATOM to $4.39. On 1st February 2020, ATOM began trading at $4.39 and closed the month at $3.48. ATOM began March at $3.47. With the pandemic forcing a huge sell-off across the board, ATOM plummeted to lows of $1.13 on 13th March. Eventually; the crypto trading asset closed the 1st quarter of the year with a trading price of $1.96

With a trading volume of $258 million, ATOM closed April with a price of $2.76. The cryptocurrency that settles transactions on the Cosmos Network closed on 31st May at $2.73 and ended the 2nd quarter of the year at $2.60

ATOM closed July at $3.79. With increased investor interest which reached as high as $350 million in the last days of August, ATOM closed at $7.21. ATOM ended on 30th September at $5.37 with a market capitalization of $1.093 billion

With consistent trading volumes, ATOM closed October at $4.62, November at $5.55, and December at $6.49. The market capitalization of $1,351,210,279 placed ATOM on the path to becoming a medium-cap asset. In the process, ATOM increased by as much as 53.7915%. 

Cosmos ATOM Price Performance 2021 and 2022

The year 2021 was a year of new high highs and new high lows. All cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin (BTC) as the first digital asset down to the relatively newer cryptos on the market have been impacted positively or negatively. ATOM on the other hand has benefitted from the boom in decentralized finance and institutional investment. It is one of the cryptocurrencies that continues to see at least $100 million in daily trading volume. 

ATOM began the year with a trading price of $6.49. With trading volumes soaring towards the end of January to $400, $500, $600, and $700 million, ATOM started to rally towards new all-time highs. The crypto trading asset settled at $8.14 on 31st January. 

In February, investor interest soared through the roof and at one point corresponded to $3 billion in daily trading volume on 15th February. ATOM closed on 28th February at a new all-time high of $17.62

ATOM reached a high of $32.14 on 7th May. Unfortunately, the delisting of Bitcoin as an option of payment for Tesla automobiles and crackdown on cryptocurrency by China has led ATOM to experience new high lows. However, Cosmos recovered by the end of 2021 and reached its current all-time high of $44.70 on September 20th. ATOM closed the year at $32.47.

ATOM started 2022 strong, reaching $43.61 in January. Up to April, the coin price fluctuated between $24 and $34, but at the end of April the price started dropping down and ATOM hit the low of $6 in June 2022, driven by the overall crypto market crash.

Currently, ATOM has a price of around $15 and a market capitalization of $4 billion

There are several price forecasts made by credible and authentic cryptocurrency prediction portals. Most of them are bullish while a few are conservative. What are the primary drivers behind such forecasts? What are the pros and cons of investing in Cosmos (ATOM) that can explain such predictions?

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PROS Of Buying Cosmos (ATOM)

What Are The Positives Of Investing In Cosmos (ATOM)?

There are several pros of investing in ATOM such as the use cases of Cosmos, the fast scaling time of Cosmos, passive income of ATOM, high engagement network, the high trading volume of ATOM, as well as the introduction of DeFi on the Cosmos Network. Aside from these pros, what are the other pros of buying ATOM that could certify the digital asset as a good investment? 

✅ ATOM Is Relatively Undervalued 

The price of a cryptocurrency is extremely important when investors decide on a particular digital asset for the long term. There are thousands of coins in the market. Traders and investors who want to pour liquidity into a particular digital asset that shows potential are normally impressed if the price of that asset is relatively cheaper. Cosmos’ native asset ATOM is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in 2022. 

At the time of writing, ATOM traded for a coin at $15. This is 100 times lesser than the price of Ether (ETH), 18 times lesser than Binance Coin (BNB), 5 times lesser than Aave (AAVE), 566 times lesser than Yearn Finance (YFI), and 1313 times lesser than Bitcoin

This means that Cosmos’ native asset can be a great point of entry for low-budget investors who want to test their hands on cryptocurrencies. With $100, anyone can purchase 6.666 ATOMs, $1,000 can buy 66.66 ATOMs, and $10,000 can buy 666.6 ATOMs. 

This means that institutional investors who are searching for credible crypto with strong use cases can easily pour millions into ATOM. This will drive the price of the asset to new all-time highs. In the process, more gains could befall every investor that had faith in the cryptocurrency. With the potential of Cosmos due to its uniqueness in bridging the gap between blockchains, ATOM could trade for double, triple, or quadruple its current price. 

✅ Cosmos Has a Great Team behind the Project 

All crypto projects can survive with the backing of a strong team. The founding team of Cosmos broke up in the fall of 2020. Different teams have been created to oversee different aspects of the project. At the heart of the Inter-Chain Foundation comprises President (Jae Kwon), Vice President (Ethan Buchman), Council Member (Pascal Schmid), Council Member (Fernando Pedone), and Council Member (Brian Crain).

Most of the project’s software development was completed by the Tendermint Team. Aside from them, the ecosystem of Cosmos has seen contributions from Regen, Althea, and IRIS. Additionally, the Interchain Berlin which is also known as the Interchain GmbH is focused on the core infrastructure of Cosmos. Iqlusion provides the infrastructure and also runs a validator on the Cosmos network. 

Such a group of people are well-endowed in the blockchain and decentralized finance space. Using their expertise, they have been able to create a third-generation technology that continues to improve and enables blockchains to seamlessly and trustlessly communicate with each other. 

Whatever happens, competition for interoperable projects can only go up. Once this happens, the team will be highly invaluable in maintaining and upgrading the technology for it to be able to meet the standards developers continue to search for.

Once a project continues to rake in new use cases, there is a huge probability that thousands of upcoming decentralized applications could run on it. Once this happens, more liquidity will be poured through ATOM as a governance token that settles transactions on the Cosmos Network. This could positively reflect the valuation of its price in the cryptocurrency market.

✅ Cosmos Has a Great SDK

There are three important terminologies in Cosmos and they are Tendermint Protocol (governance), Inter-blockchain communication (IBC), and software development kit (SDK). The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a modular framework that simplifies the creation of blockchain applications on top of the Tendermint Protocol. 

The resultant effect is to make it easy for developers to onboard onto the Cosmos blockchain. Competitors such as Ethereum have a first-mover advantage when it comes to decentralized applications (DAPPS). 

If Cosmos has an extremely complex programming language that makes it difficult for the developers to create applications, they will move onto other protocols. 

This is the primary reason why there are more than 262 applications that have been integrated with the Cosmos Network. Through the SDK, more mainstream projects will join the ranks of Binance Chain, Kava, Luna, and THORchain.

✅ Plans To Create an Incentivized Program

Cosmos plans on creating what it refers to as an opt-in shared security model amongst zones in the network. This will create more freedom, flexibility, and incentives to join the Cosmos network for developers and projects that look forward to building their blockchains. This will add to the number of quality blockchains on the protocol. In the long term, Cosmos will have more than a thousand testimonies vouching for its scalability, interoperability, and usability features.

✅ Grayscale Is Exploring a Trust for Cosmos

Grayscale is the largest digital asset management firm globally. Cosmos’ ATOM has been under consideration since 2021 and could be set for a Trust in the future. Grayscale currently comprises a family of 14 crypto assets and they are Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ethereum (ETH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), ZCash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Livepeer (LPT), Filecoin (FIL), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Chainlink (LINK), Bitcoin (BTC), Horizen (ZEN), Solana (SOL) and Decentraland (MANA).

From historical analysis, all these digital assets gained substantially in price when Grayscale announced Trusts in their name. In the future, there is a great chance that there will be Grayscale Cosmos (ATOM) Trust. This will have a positive impact on the price of the native asset of Cosmos. This could take ATOM to the heights being predicted by several analysts and experts.

✅ Gravity Bridge Just Launched

This is an Ethereum-Cosmos bridge. From Cosmos blog, Gravity is an evolution of the Peggy bridge, which we have been working on together with the Interchain Foundation for much of the past year. Gravity is engineered to be secure, efficient, and will bring ERC20 tokens existing on Ethereum into the Cosmos Network and vice versa. This will make it possible for ATOM and other digital assets on Cosmos to trade on Uniswap and other auto market makers on the Ethereum Network. This undoubtedly brings more liquidity and value to ATOM and the digital assets running on it since they form a part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

In January 2022 Gravity was set in motion, which means the ecosystem of Cosmos is going to be extremely busy with more digital assets. This will embolden more investors to pour liquidity into the protocol as well as its native asset.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

CONS Of Buying Cosmos (ATOM) 

What Are The Negatives of Investing in Cosmos (ATOM)? 

Cosmos is one of the few crypto projects that do not have a lot of pitfalls. With that said, there is no crypto project among the 17,000+ that has a perfect blockchain or crypto trading history. This is the primary reason why you need to stay informed about the negatives of investing in ATOM before you decide on the digital asset. Let us take an in-depth look into the cons of investing in Cosmos’ ATOM that may not make it an asset worth investing in.

❌ Crypto Volumes Were Down 40% in June 2021

One of the vital areas you should always watch out for is trading volume. Volume plays an essential role in fundamental and technical analysis. Ordinarily, if the volumes go up, the prices of digital assets go up. When volumes go down, the prices of crypto trading assets follow suit and go down. According to data provided by Crypto Compare, cryptocurrency trading volumes slumped by 40% in June 2021.

The primary causes of such a plunge in volume were attributed to the lower volatility of the cryptocurrency market and regulatory crackdown in China. Volatility is an essential element in the determination of an asset’s price. Once volatility rates of cryptocurrency assets become stable or decrease further, this is a sign that investor confidence has gone down. You should know that cryptocurrencies are not the only asset class that can bring high annual percentage yields. In 2020, investments made in TSLA were able to buy some investors real Tesla automobiles.

In June 2021, investors decided to look the other way and put their money into other assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and metals (primarily gold).

When the volumes of cryptocurrencies continue to drop, the cryptocurrency market will also continue to shed prices. In the long term, this impacts the market capitalization of individual digital assets such as ATOM as well the entire cryptocurrency market.

As always Bitcoin continues to lead the market in bullish days and bearish seasons. Unfortunately, BTC shed 6% of its valuation in June 2021. This took the cryptocurrency to a new high low previously experienced in January 2021.

It doesn’t matter how independent or resistant cryptocurrencies become, they always follow BTC. Once Bitcoin continues to depreciate in volume, price, and market capitalization, cryptocurrencies such as ATOM with less trading experience will be heading for new high lows.

Bitcoin upgraded in November 2021. As fans and enthusiasts, we can only hope that the TAPROOT upgrade which will trigger smart contracts will cause traders and investors to pour more liquidity into the digital gold.

If the bearish market continues through 2022, ATOM may lose its current valuation and settle for a new position as a small-cap asset. In the long term, investors could lose more than 90% of their hard-earned money since the asset could be trading in extinction zones.

❌ There are Regulatory Concerns Due to Cosmos Initial Coin Offering 

After the introduction of Cosmos whitepaper in 2016, a token sale ensued in 2017. Some of these token sales have landed some crypto projects into trouble. Popular among them is Ripple’s XRP which stormed the cryptocurrency world in December 2020. In 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commented on Ethereum's digital asset Ether (ETH). 

Cosmos’ ATOM has not been embroiled in a case against the SEC. With that said, the cryptocurrency market looks to have suddenly stopped producing yields. There is a huge chance that regulatory concerns which are directly or indirectly related to Cosmos could impact the price of its digital asset. This is the primary reason why you must read cryptocurrency news from authentic and credible crypto news portals. 

Taking your eyes off an investment for a few weeks to a month could see your investments wiped out due to unfavourable news about digital assets. 

Invest what you can afford to lose because once another major crackdown hits the market, the prices of assets could be cut in half. This could leave many digital assets including ATOM in the red. 

❌ Many Platforms Are Enabling Inter-Blockchain Communication 

The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) feature has become an integral part of what Cosmos stands for. According to PR News, IBC enables various blockchain protocols to communicate and transact with each other independently, providing a framework to connect the global economy to the blockchain. Unfortunately, Cosmos is not alone when it comes to IBC. 

Akash Network is the world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace. It developed a critical IBC Relayer for Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol on 18th February 2021. According to the Chief Technology Officer of the Akash Network, Adam Bozanich, “Participants on existing blockchains will be able to interact and exchange with each other across chains. This ability for chains to transact and interoperate will be revolutionary for the industry. We look forward to seeing how the community uses the Relayer and incorporating their feedback to make improvements.” 

You must know that through the Akash Network, developers can easily and securely access cloud computing at costs that are 2 to 3 times lower than centralized cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. This means that developers that choose the Akash Network for building applications can benefit from such a feature. What’s more, users can access such features for relatively lower costs. 

Others such as IRISnet and have also enabled IBC. In addition to this, Polkadot and CELO look forward to connecting their platforms to IBC in the future.

This means that Cosmos continues to face competition from mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, EOSIO, and IBC-enabled platforms.

Such a competition could see a substantial part of the market divided among several crypto projects. In the long term, this could hamper the expectations of Cosmos. This could see its digital asset continue to trade below its all-time high price in the future.

❌ Adoption Has Been Quite Slow

There are less than 300 projects built on the Cosmos Network. This makes it difficult for the project to compete with EOSIO, Tron, and Ethereum. These are projects with at least 500 use cases. You should know Cosmos’ software development kit (SDK) makes it easy for developers to add more innovative solutions to the Cosmos network. 

This is the primary reason why it is difficult to see such a relatively smaller number of projects built on a platform that has the first-mover advantage in interoperable blockchains. In the 2nd quarter of 2021, there were only 40 zones and less than 35,000 monthly active users across Cosmos’ Inter-blockchain Communication protocol. It was reported that activity has been happening in just 2 of the 40 zones. This means that several developers may continue to opt for other blockchains to build their groundbreaking applications. 

Evidently, as per data retrieved from Sanbase (a portal that tracks cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens), various projects had more development activity than Cosmos. Development activity over 30 days (16th June to 16th July) saw Kusama (KSM) and Polkadot (DOT) top the list with 449.43. Charles Hoskinson's Cardano (ADA) came in 2nd place with 433.83 and Gnosis (GNO) had 286.23 finishing in 4th place. Ethereum (253.93), Filecoin (228.93), Solana (220.77), Status (205.33), Trust Wallet (198.70), Hedera Hashgraph (176.33), Elrond (174.50), Mdex (164.80), and NEAR Protocol (156.80) followed. 

Cosmos came in 14th position with a development activity of 152.53 within the same time frame. Competition continues to remain tight in the saturated market of cryptocurrencies. This may be detrimental to the future price patterns of its native asset. 

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ATOM Price Prediction: What Are Analysts Saying About Cosmos (ATOM)? 

Several forecasts have been made for the future valuation of Cosmos (ATOM). These predictions answer questions such as ATOM Price Prediction 2022, ATOM Price Prediction 2025, and ATOM Price Prediction 2030

According to Gov. Capital, on 31st December 2022, Cosmos (ATOM) could command a regular price of $18, the minimum price of $15, and the maximum price of $20

In the medium term, on the last day of 2023, ATOM could have an average trading price of $48, the lowest possible price of $40, and the highest possible price of $55. ATOM could be trading for a coin at a regular price of $87, the minimum price of $74, and the maximum price of $100 in the end of 2024.

In the long term, ATOM could command the best possible trading prices of $151 by the end of 2025. On 31st December 2026, the native asset of the Cosmos Network could reach the best possible price of $211

According to the experts at CryptoNewsZ, by the end of 2022, Cosmos’ native asset could reach a price of $63. In the medium term, the novel token of Cosmos could trade for a coin at $75 on the last day of 2023. ATOM could command a minimum trading price of $63 and the maximum trading price of $90 by the end of 2024. In the long term, the crypto news portal expects ATOM to reach a new all-time high price of $105 by the end of 2025.

According to Trading Beasts, the native asset of the interoperable blockchain could reach the best possible trading prices of $17 on the last day of 2022, $16 on 31st December 2023, and $25 at the end of 2024.

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The Bottom Line - Should You Buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

YES! Cosmos (ATOM) is a digital asset you should consider investing in according to the Digitalcoinprice. According to the experts, ATOM could reach the best possible prices of $20 by the end of 2022 and $65 on the last day of 2025. This means that ATOM is poised to increase substantially in the short and long term.

With that said, you as a trader or investor should know that any form of investment made comes down to two factors. They are risks and rewards. In the case of Cosmos, you should always ask the question, do the potential rewards associated with investing in Cosmos’ ATOM exceed the possible consequences of the risks?

Cosmos has some risk factors such as having a relatively smaller number of use cases when compared to other crypto projects. In addition to this, strong regulatory concerns could befall the entire cryptocurrency market and see a drop in the price of ATOM. What’s more, the trading volume of cryptocurrencies fell by as much as 40% in June 2021. Such events could impact ATOM negatively.

On the other hand, ATOM is highly undervalued and has a great team behind the continuous development of the project. It has a great software development kit (SDK) that makes it easy for developers to create applications and add up to the Cosmos ecosystem. Also, it continues to achieve milestones on its roadmap which could culminate in upgrades to the Cosmos Network.

So, is Cosmos (ATOM) a good investment? Yes, the Cosmos Team continues to foster partnerships and alliances that could grow its ecosystem. Once this happens, ATOM will continue to see liquidity through the Network. This could lead to scarcity in ATOM in the long term. Moreover, more investors will continue to have confidence in the asset which will be reflected in its trading volume. Once volume goes up, the price of ATOM could reach new highs which will result in gains for investors.

Investing in Cosmos’ ATOM has worked for some people and may be the missing digital asset needed to transform your portfolio of investments.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Is Cosmos (ATOM) Overvalued? 

ATOM is not overvalued. Rather, Cosmos is undervalued. The current trading price of ATOM is $15. When compared to other mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin (BNB) and Ether (ETH), you could see that ATOM is trading for a coin at a price that is relatively lesser than other competing tokens. With the possibilities of Cosmos in the market, its novel token ATOM could trade for 5 or 10 times its current valuation.

Many analysts and experts believe Cosmos deserves more than its current price. According to Previsioni Bitcoin, ATOM could end the last day of 2022 at $18. To put it simply, ATOM is not overvalued but UNDERVALUED.  

When Was Cosmos (ATOM) Launched? 

Cosmos’ mainnet was launched on Thursday, 14th March 2019. Cosmos’ native asset ATOM appeared on cryptocurrency exchanges on the same day, Thursday, 14th March 2019.