Tezos Price Predictions — How Much Will XTZ Be Worth In 2021 And Beyond?

Last Updated January 27th 2021

XTZ Price Prediction Forecast:

How Much Will Tezos Be Worth In 2021 And Beyond?

Will Tezos go up or crash? Read our Tezos XTZ Price Prediction 2021 – 2025

On the hunt for Tezos prediction 2021 - 2025? You’re in the right place. We’ll be sharing the top Tezos price prediction for 2021 and beyond. we’re taking a look at Tezos XTZ to find out what the experts have to say about its future performance and how much will Tezos be worth in 2021 and beyond. 

Tezos (XTZ) is the world’s 19th largest cryptocurrency. It launched via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017, when it broke records with its incredible $232 million investment — but for the majority of 2020, investors and analysts alike have been rather disheartened by its recent performance. Thankfully, that’s now starting to change, leaving many people wondering what the long-term prospects of this digital asset are. 

Tezos is a smart contract platform that’s set apart from the competition by its on-chain governance model (more on that later). Its native token is known as the tez or tezzie (XTZ). As a third-generation cryptocurrency, its founders were keen to avoid some of the pitfalls that older cryptos — particularly Bitcoin — have fallen into. These include Bitcoin’s proof-of-work algorithm and its controversial hard forks. 

Want to find out more about Tezos XTZ? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re wondering ‘is Tezos a good investment 2021?’ or simply want to keep ahead of the cryptocurrency trends, read on to discover some of the key Tezos price predictions for 2021 and beyond. 

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What Is Tezos (XTZ)?

To understand each Tezos price prediction, it’s vital to understand exactly what Tezos is and why it differs from the majority of other cryptos on the market. 

As we mentioned in the introduction, Tezos is a platform that supports the use of smart contracts. The Smart contracts automatically encode the specific terms of a transaction, such as the amount of money you’re paying and the party you’re paying it to. Because the terms of each transaction are written into the technology that facilitates the payments, this means that Tezos is completely transparent — an attractive feature for many traders. (According to the developers of the cryptocurrency, the name ‘Tezos’ comes from the Greek word for a smart contract). 

Another defining feature of Tezos is its self-governing model. Its governance rules allow stakeholders to approve protocol upgrades that can then be immediately deployed on the network. Not only does this mean that the network can adapt to change quickly, but it also means that users are directly involved in the governance of the blockchain. This results in a more democratic network. 

Despite the attractiveness of the Tezos blockchain — and the record-breaking nature of its ICO — the crypto was plagued with difficulties at its release. A dispute between its founders meant that the launch of the platform was delayed indefinitely, causing investors to launch a legal case against the Tezos Foundation. This case was dropped when Tezos originally launched, which happened way behind schedule in 2018. 

Short-Term Tezos Price Prediction: 2021 

Tezos XTZ price prediction for 2021

What are crypto experts forecasting for Tezos XTZ in 2021?

After a heartening performance in the latter half of 2020, many investors are keen to find out what could happen to the price of Tezos in 2021. One of the platforms that think it could have the answer is the Italian crypto website Previsioni Bitcoin. This site has been optimistic about the outlook for many different cryptocurrencies in the past, and it’s clear that Tezos is no exception, as we can see from the graph below: 

tezos price chart 2021

According to Previsioni Bitcoin’s in-house algorithm, it predicts that the price of Tezos will open in 2021 at a value of $2.92888. This isn’t much higher than its current price of $2.41, and for the first six months of the year, we’re likely to see a very gradual rate of growth. The turning point will apparently come in July when the price will hit $4.6059. From here, the trend becomes significantly more bullish, with the price of XTZ soaring up to hit an incredible $18.7779 by December 2021. 

If this prediction is correct, it means that Tezos could be set to rocket past its previous all-time high (ATH) of $4.3606. This would be excellent news for investors and anyone hoping for a positive answer to the question ‘will Tezos go up?’. So, do the other Tezos predictions agree with Previsioni Bitcoin? 

Unfortunately, this outlook couldn’t be much further from the forecasts given by DigitalCoinPrice. This crypto platform foresees a volatile and incredibly bearish year ahead, even claiming that the asset will spend half of 2021 at a negative value!

tezos price prediction chart 2021

This shocking prediction is very bad news for current Tezos investors. According to its forecasts, XTZ will start the year at a strong value of $4.29, rising to a yearly high of $6.69 in February, before plummeting down to an all-time low of -$4.76 in July. Although this figure will start to increase around September and close the year at a much more encouraging value of $5.36, this level of volatility is incredibly unsettling. 

However, if DigitalCoinPrice is correct in saying that Tezos will recover towards the end of the year, this could provide a golden opportunity to cash in on the panic of other investors. If everyone starts selling XTZ in April, May, and June, you could potentially make a profit by buying Tezos cheaply and weathering the mid-year storm until prices recover. 

Our final short-term Tezos price prediction comes from Trading Beasts. Its forecasts lack the extreme volatility that marks those of DigitalCoinPrice, but unfortunately, its predictions are no more encouraging for that. 

tezos price chart

As we can see, Trading Beasts predicts that Tezos will experience very little volatility at all. In its average, minimum, and maximum forecasts, the cryptocurrency remains remarkably static, with only tiny changes that are mainly measured in pips. (Price movements are measured in pips, an acronym that stands for ‘percentage in point’ or ‘price interest point’. A pip is used to represent negligible changes in value and is generally thought of as the fourth decimal place in a number, such as $0.0001). 

In fact, there’s very little difference between its average and maximum predictions. None of the columns foresees the price of Tezos exceeding $3, which is disappointing considering how many investors are hoping that 2021 will prove a breakout year for the cryptocurrency. Overall, Trading Beasts’ forecasts are rather underwhelming. 

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Long-Term Tezos Price Predictions: 2022-2025 

What are crypto experts forecasting for Tezos XTZ in 2022 and beyond?

Although it’s common for cryptocurrency predictions to vary, these forecasts are incredibly inconclusive. If you’re no closer to answering the question ‘is Tezos a good investment?’, then it’s important to look ahead to 2022-2025 to see if the long-term outlooks are any more positive. 

Let’s begin by returning to Previsioni Bitcoin. Considering its predictions for 2021 were (by far) the most optimistic of the three we’ve included in this article, does the platform believe that Tezos will continue its bullish performance into 2022 and beyond? 

tezos price chart 2022

Clearly, Previsioni Bitcoin doesn’t expect Tezos’ breakout trend to be sustainable. Although this graph looks optimistic when contrasted with the 2021 forecasts from DigitalCoinPrice and Trading Beasts, it shows an undeniably bearish run. The platform predicts that the price of XTZ will slide back down to $12.83475 by April, continuing to hover between $12 and $14.5 for the next six months before crashing down to $9.30225 in November. It does expect this to climb back up to $11.65725 before the end of the year, but this is still much less optimistic than its expectations for 2021. 

Similarly, DigitalCoinPrice doesn’t expect the price of Tezos to soar in the next couple of years. In fact, its predictions for 2024 and very bearish indeed:

tezo price chart 2024 

According to DigitalCoinPrice’s predictions, Tezos’ slip into negative figures in the middle of 2021 wasn’t just a fluke. The platform believes that XTZ will remain between $0.67 and $3.89 for the first nine months of 2024, before jumping back up to $4.80 in October. Although this constitutes a massive increase in the space of just one month, it’s not enough to leave investors feeling confident about the asset’s outlook. 

By 2025, DigitalCoinPrice expects XTZ to have recovered somewhat, but not completely. Its predictions place the price of Tezos between $2.65 and $10.69 throughout the year, suggesting that volatility will still continue to shake its value significantly. Considering Previsioni Bitcoin’s predictions place XTZ at over $18, a yearly high of $10.69 looks slightly underwhelming, especially for five years in the future. 

Thankfully, however, the good news is that other predictions are more positive. Cryptocoinsociety.com believes that Tezos will hit $24.06 in 2025, a value that represents an impressive increase of 825% from its current price. The platform cites Tezos’ stable self-governance and its ability to host smart contracts as two factors that could help drive this growth. 

As a long-term investment, it projects that Tezos could perform very well. According to its predictions, the value of the Tezos XTZ token could rise to $3.56 by the very end of 2021, rising to $5.21 in 2022, and achieving a mean price of $15.42 by 2025.

Conclusion: Tezos XTZ Price Prediction Forecast

The below prediction figures outlines some of the Potential high and low of Tezos XTZ price prediction forecasts in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2025+ offered by technical analysts and industry experts.

Year High Low
2021 $4.30 $0.90
2022 $6.50 $1.50
2023 $8.30 $1.90
2025+ $24.12 $8.5


How Has The Price Of Tezos Changed Over Time? 

Analysing the past performance of Tezos is one of the most important steps to take if you’re looking to invest in, so let’s take a look at how the price of Tezos XTZ has changed in the past. 

As we mentioned earlier in this article, Tezos’ performance upon entering the market was slightly disappointing. The fact that the cryptocurrency took so long to be released meant that investor interest had dwindled, and in some cases, morphed into indignation. As a result, the high prices that had been promised by its record-breaking ICO never really materialized, leaving many people feeling disillusioned by the time it was actually possible to start trading XTZ. 

The chart from Nomics below outlines the price history of Tezos: 

tezos price history chart

Once it was launched, Tezos’s performance was mainly quite static. Unlike the majority of the cryptocurrency industry, it missed out on the huge levels of inflation that shook the market in 2017-2018. Whereas most assets experienced their ATH during this period (Bitcoin hit $20,000 while Ripple XRP grew by a staggering 36,000%), Tezos is unusual in that its ATH happened relatively recently in 2020. 

On the whole, its performance has been rocky — and if the Tezos price predictions that we mentioned above are correct, this isn’t likely to change any time soon. The graph clearly shows the volatility of this cryptocurrency, with its price frequently plummeting across very short periods of time. 

One of the biggest crashes we can see on the graph occurred back in March 2020. Although Tezos wasn’t caught up in the market explosion of 2017-2018, it didn’t escape the industry-wide crash that happened as the novel coronavirus swept through the world. The price of almost every cryptocurrency fell drastically as investor confidence took a serious hit. 

Between Monday, 24th February, and Monday, 16th March, the price of XTZ fell from a value of $2.8137 to just $1.5099. Although it managed to recover and even climbed back up to achieve a new ATH in August, this showed how quickly global events can transform the market and cause assets to crash. In the next section of the article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the other factors that can affect the price of Tezos XTZ. 

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What Factors Affect The Price Of Tezos? 

In addition to looking at the top cryptocurrency predictions, it’s important to understand some of the key factors that can affect the price of assets such as Tezos. This will make it easier for you to predict potential breakout periods (or crashes) in response to current events. 

Although predictions are a great place to start if you’re wondering ‘is Tezos a good investment?, you can’t rely on forecasts alone. The market can be shaken by factors that are truly unpredictable, with this year’s coronavirus crash serving as a prime example. By understanding how different events can impact the price of Tezos, you can create a more effective contingency strategy if anything unexpected happens. 

Let’s take a look at the top three factors that can affect the price of XTZ. 

Supply and Demand

This is the number one factor that will determine whether the price of Tezos is likely to go up or down. When the supply of an asset is greater than the demand, the price will fall because there’s no competition for the stock. When the demand is greater than the supply, the price will increase. This is because more people want to buy it than sell it. 

Both the supply and demand are dependent on a variety of different sub-factors. These will determine whether or not investors want to buy more Tezos or sell their existing supply. We’ll explain some more of these factors below. 

Social Media Mentions

When it comes to the reputation of a cryptocurrency, social media can make or break it. There is a strong correlation between the number of mentions an asset is receiving online and the amount of investor attention it’s attracting. If a cryptocurrency is getting bad press on social media sites, it can shatter confidence and cause its price to drop as a result — even if the bad press is largely unjustified. 

When the launch of Tezos was delayed as a result of tensions between the members of its founding team, it sparked widespread indignation among potential investors. People who had put money into its record-breaking ICO took to social media to share their frustrations — and as a result, more and more people lost confidence in the once hotly-anticipated altcoin. This was one of the driving factors behind Tezos’ disappointing price when it finally entered the market in 2018. 

High-Profile Partnerships

Another key factor that can affect the price of Tezos is its partnerships. When cryptocurrency partners with a reputable business, it has a hugely beneficial impact on its price because it enhances the asset’s usability. The more real-life use cases a particular crypto has, the higher the demand for its service — and therefore, the higher its price. 

Some examples of Tezos’ partnerships include: 

  • Banco BTG Pactual, known as Latin America’s largest investment bank
  • Alliance Investments in the UK
  • Nomadic Labs 
  • Korea University Blockchain Research Institute 

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Key Points 

  • With a market capitalization of $1,811,686,035, Tezos (XTZ) is the world’s 19th largest cryptocurrency
  • Tezos launched via a record-breaking ICO but was delayed due to tensions among its founding team 
  • The Tezos network supports smart contracts and is distinctive for its self-governing structure
  • According to Previsioni Bitcoin, the price of XTZ will hit $4.6059 in July 2021 before soaring up to hit an incredible $18.7779 by December
  • DigitalCoinPrice is much less optimistic, believing that Tezos coil spend half of 2021 at a negative value 
  • Trading Beasts doesn’t believe that Tezos will exceed $3 at any point during 2021
  • In 2022, Previsioni Bitcoin predicts that Tezos will close the year at a value of $11.65725 —  much lower than its 2021 predictions 
  • DigitalCoinPrice claims that the price of XTZ will remain between -$0.67 and -$3.89 for the first nine months of 2024, before jumping back up to $4.80 in October
  • Cryptocoinsociety.com is alone in predicting that Tezos could hit over $20 by 2025
  • The key factors that can affect the price of Tezos are the relationship between supply and demand, its social media mentions, and its variety of high-profile partnerships 

If you’ve been looking for Tezos XTZ price predictions for 2021-2025, we hope you’ve found this article helpful.

Whether you’ve already got Tezos in your portfolio or are considering starting to invest, we hope that this article has helped you answer the question ‘is Tezos a good investment?’. The negative values that we can see from DigitalCoinPrice are particularly discouraging, but Previsioni Bitcoin and Cryptocoinsociety.com don’t foresee the same dismal future. 

Although we’d all like to believe that DigitalCoinPrice is wrong, it’s important to be aware of all the potential outcomes before investing in an asset. By analyzing predictions such as these, we can adjust our investment strategy and better prepare ourselves for any volatility ahead. 

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Tezos Price Predictions — FAQs

Is Tezos worth buying?

There’s no straightforward answer to the question ‘is Tezos worth buying’. According to the predictions, the long-term prospects for Tezos range from a new ATH to months of negative value. As with any investment decision, it’s worth buying if you believe in the technology and think that the asset could really perform well in the future. If you’re basing your investment decisions purely on the predictions, you should do some more research into the company to see whether you have faith in its offering. 

Could Tezos reach $100?

Tezos is very unlikely to reach $100 within the next five years. It’s not impossible that it will reach $100 by 2030, but within a five-year timeframe, $25 is a slightly more realistic aspiration. 

Is Tezos better than Ethereum?

Because Tezos was built on the Ethereum platform and facilitate smart contracts, many people compare the two assets. People who believe that Tezos is indeed better than Ethereum commonly cite its use of a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, which is more sustainable than Ethereum’s proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm. (Ethereum will be switching to a PoS as part of its anticipated Ethereum 2.0 upgrade). 

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As always, Tezos Price Predictions discussed in this article are the views of the industry analysts. As such, We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

All trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  

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