Tron Forecast: Will TRX Reach $5?

Last Updated March 25th 2022
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With the crypto market reaching the $2 trillion dollar mark, cryptocurrency is now considered an asset class large enough to absorb any fortune. In the exact words of Jack Purdy, a decentralized finance analyst at Messari, the $2 trillion mark establishes cryptocurrency as an investable asset class that no longer sits on the borders of Traditional Finance.

Cryptocurrency is the new deal, and a lot of people are leveraging its many possibilities. As Bitcoin continues to break its own limits setting new all-time highs, altcoins are following in its steps. Last year alone witnessed cryptocurrencies set new all-time highs, and experts believe this was just the start.

To fully understand and leverage the future of Tron, you need to understand its basics. What is Tron trying to solve? Why is Tron so popular? What is the hype around Tron?

Tron is a decentralized project that uses Blockchain and peer to peer technology for entertainment and content sharing platforms. TRX wants to simplify how you create and share content with anyone, anywhere. More importantly, Tron is creating a platform where creators can own their craft and are duly rewarded for it. Imagine being paid directly for your data when it is collated for advertisement purposes or for anything at all.

Tron is that platform that is social media inclined, hence, its popularity. TRX is often associated with the entertainment world and gambling due to its use case. The first major partnership the coin secured was with a torrent app – BitTorrent, where you get rewarded for every activity carried out within the application.

The future of Tron is heavily tied to entertainment (social media) and gambling, and when you look at the statistics of these industries, you have a glimpse of what Tron is capable of doing. The gambling industry alone is valued at about $227 billion. The Entertainment industry is valued at $678 billion, and these industries are what Tron is focusing on to be its processing platform.

TRON is predicted to grow in value. It is estimated that TRON TRX could reach the value of $5 in a period of five years, according to some experts and market analysts.

Do the math, TRX can reach the $5 mark, perhaps in a couple of “crypto years?” Crypto year in reference to the highly volatile crypto market that can erupt at any time given the right circumstances.

Will Tron Eventually Reach $100?

TRON has the potential to reach new heights in terms of price. However, $100 is a price we are not likely to see in the near future when you take into account that most predictions estimate an increase of at least three to five dollars per year.

For TRX to reach the $100 mark, investors would have invested about $6.5 trillion within a given timeframe. Tron is a promising coin, no doubt, but reaching $100 is a long shot.

It took Apple more than 20 years to reach a $1 trillion market cap. The Crypto market just crossed the two trillion dollar mark. The Crypto market share would have to quadruple explode for TRX to reach that milestone.

Tron is one of the very few coins that are quite popular and enjoy a large following. It is obvious because the coin is targeted at social media and other entertainment-related platforms. Also, credit to TRX CEO Justin Sun, who knows how to get the internet excited.

Cryptocurrency thrives on news and rumours, and TRX has plenty of that. There was a time that Justin Sun donated to the Warren Buffett foundation and secured lunch with the billionaire investor. TRX price surged that day.

Tron has the capacity to explode to $100 per coin but there are so many factors that you have to consider to validate such a forecast. The crypto market value, Tron’s circulating supply, and coin acceptance. All of these combined make it unlikely for Tron to reach that mark. But it is possible.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Tron Be Worth In 5 Years?

Several TRON price forecasts estimate that TRX could achieve a higher value within a period of five years.

Price predictions for Tron have always been within the range of cents. TradingBeast predicted that TRX price would range between 14 cents and 16 cents in 2025. That is seven years since its all-time of 2018.

Tron set an all-time of 30 cents in 2018. Predictions gathered so far opine that it will take at least another three years for Tron to reach that all-time high of 30 cents, stabilize and set a new all-time high.

This means that you are likely to expect TRX to set a new all-time high in five years. Plus, analysts have stated that once TRX breaks its all-time high of $0.30, a bull run is imminent. Tron can go as high as $1 in the next five years.

As a Crypto Enthusiast who wants to invest in cryptocurrency, one major altcoin attribute you want to look at is stability and popularity. A stable coin rarely retraces, and its popularity means it should retain value.

Tron checks this box.

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What Will Tron Be Worth In 10 Years?

If we look at a longer time period, such as 10 years, then TRON (TRX) may range from $6 to $15. This would ultimately vary on many factors, but it is a prediction that can change along with the crypto market.

The crypto market’s liquidity ensures that all coins get their share of dramatic price falls and peaks. TRX is estimated to reach new heights in the near future, and traders will have many opportunities to see how Tron will change throughout the years to come. 

Tron will continue to ride on the wings of its loyal fan base provided its creators do not relent in improving use cases for the coin. This ensures that the coin remains popular and grows in price.

Ten years in Crypto terms can translate as a landslide when you consider what has been achieved in the last decade. It is a liquid market, and every coin gets its own fair share of the boom.

In 2010, 4 BTC was less than $20. Today, 4 BTC would cost you about $252,964. And in 10 years, you can expect 1 BTC to cost more than that combined, and Tron might set a new all-time high for itself.

Following the price trend and predictions for TRX coin, you can expect Tron's average price to range between $4 and $12 in ten years.

This is not impossible with the TRX use case and its active social media CEO, Justine Sun. He trends effortlessly, and this is good for TRX going forward. 

Is Tron A Good Long-Term Investment?

TRON has big goals for the future, so it may eventually turn out to be a very great long-term investment. Tron has solid technology fundamentals; it has a Blockchain that rivals Ethereum and outperforms it currently because of its features.

But you need to understand that the crypto market is a high risk with potentially insane returns. You could invest as low as $5 and watch that metamorphose into $50,000 in two years. You could also invest as much as $50,000 and watch it shrink into $50 in two years.

However, there are some good projects within the crypto market that are worth your while, and TRX is one of those projects.

Tron is very popular. Take away the popularity of Bitcoin, and you would realize that most people are unaware of altcoin. And that information can translate as wealth if you act fast and smart.

TRON could turn out to be a good investment in the long run, but also keep in mind the nature of the crypto world - it can surprise you.

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Should I Buy Tron?

Absolutely. Tron has continued to prove itself with its steady growth. The project has a lot going for it, and some deals and partnership are yet to unfold, that it is hard not to recommend buying TRON (TRX).

As established earlier, the crypto market is highly volatile. An investment may turn out very bad or yield enormous profit, and TRX is not immune to this fact. What is important for anyone that wants to invest in cryptocurrency is to carry out adequate research. Have a good understanding of whatever coin you want to buy. Keep an eye out for its predictions and news.

TRX can be that coin that changes your portfolio forever, you only need to be sure and strategize. So it might just be a good idea to buy TRX.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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