Uniswap Price Prediction for 2025 and 2030

What will Uniswap price be worth in the long term?

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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The success of the cryptocurrency sector in 2021 has led to a wave of new investors entering the market - some for the first time. However, whilst many people are familiar with the basics of buying and selling tokens, few are aware of the more technical potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies - which means they are potentially missing out on big opportunities. 

Uniswap’s UNI is certainly a cryptocurrency that most investors will want to be aware of. Similar to Binance’s Binance Coin, UNI plays an important role in its parent exchange - which happens to be one of the biggest decentralised exchanges in the crypto space. 

With a market cap of over $22 billion, UNI has quickly become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies, despite having only been released in 2020. In fact, UNI doubled its value within just two days of its launch, which inevitably attracted a great deal of attention from cryptocurrency investors. 

All this surely makes it a good call to invest in Uniswap for the long haul, right? In the following Uniswap price prediction, we’ll take a look at what makes UNI so special and find out what leading crypto analysts are predicting for its likely price movement in the coming years. 

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Uniswap - What is it?

It’s fair to say that some cryptocurrencies are more straightforward than others. Technical particulars aside, it’s easy for most investors to understand the concept of Bitcoin - namely that it is a peer-to-peer digital payments system that, thanks to blockchain technology, has no need of a central authority, such as a bank. 

However, some cryptocurrencies are a little more advanced in how they operate and require further explanation. One such technology is Uniswap and its associated token, UNI. 

The Uniswap Exchange

The Uniswap exchange is one of the largest decentralised exchanges (DEX) in the world and allows buyers and sellers to trade cryptocurrencies in a completely decentralised environment. In this sense, it differs from the likes of Coinbase and Binance, which operate in a way more akin to traditional financial exchange platforms. 

Most brokers or exchanges work by making deals between buyers and sellers, known as order book trading. Put simply, if you want to buy Bitcoin, for example, you need to be matched with a seller who is looking to offload their holding at a given price point. A drawback to this model is that, if there are periods of low market liquidity, an exchange may struggle to fulfil its orders. 

Uniswap operates differently. As a decentralised exchange, Uniswap network participants are rewarded for staking their crypto holdings to a liquidity pool. These pools make currencies available to support business operations - in this case, trading -  and users who contribute to the pool are rewarded with a share of trading fees made via that pool, proportional to the amount they have contributed.

Liquidity providers can exit the pool as and when they choose, by ‘burning’ their liquidity tokens, after which they receive the underlying liquidity plus any accrued fees. 

Effectively, Uniswap was set up to allow cryptocurrency to retain its true purpose - that of being a completely decentralised means of payment. The theory being that the major exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase have accumulated too much power and influence and are, therefore, de facto authorities.

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The UNI token

UNI is the governance token of the Uniswap exchange. In a nutshell, this means that UNI holders have the right to vote on how the platform is run, including fees changes and developments. The intention is that, eventually, the organisation behind Uniswap will be completely removed from its operation and UNI holders will make all governance decisions.

UNI can be traded on most exchanges just like any other cryptocurrency. 

As an investment potential, it should be fairly clear that UNI’s success depends almost entirely on the popularity of the Uniswap exchange. However, whereas many people use coins and their parent networks interchangeably, such as Ripple/XRP or Stellar/Lumens, it’s important to be aware of the distinction between Uniswap the exchange and UNI the token of that exchange.

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Looking at Uniswap’s Price History

Having been officially released in 2020, UNI entered the market at a very favourable time. As we’ve noted, the token doubled its value within just a few days of being launched, rising from $3.44 on 17 September to $7.10 on the 19, before sinking back to £3.91 a few days later. The price of UNI then maintained an average price of around $3.40 for much of the rest of 2020.

Going into 2021 however, Uniswap has seen some impressive price movement. Starting the year at $5.17, UNI soared to $19.39 before the end of January - representing growth of some 275% in just one month. 

Another bull kicked off in February, with UNI rallying again and reaching $29 before dropping to $22.16 at the start of March. However, Uniswap’s impressive price action wasn’t over and it quickly soared past its previous record, hitting $34.62 on 8 March. 

After a short period of chaotic two-way price movement, UNI then reached its all-time high in April 2021, soaring to $43.67 at the end of the month - marking an increase of over 740% for the year to date. 

Whilst many cryptocurrencies have experienced soaring prices in 2021, Uniswap has exhibited some of the most stable and sustained growth of them all - prompting further interest from investors and establishing UNI as a serious opportunity in the crypto space. 

What to Expect from Uniswap V3

Uniswap is already having a fairly successful 2021 so far, but things could be about to get a lot more interesting for anyone who has chosen to invest in UNI. In April, the organisation announced that it will be launching an upgraded version of its platform - v3 - which will initially be deployed on Ethereum testnets. 

According to Uniswap, the v3 upgrade will include “Concentrated Liquidity”, giving liquidity providers much more control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to. Individual positions can also be aggregated together into a single pool. Effectively, this allows LPs to gain much more market exposure without a proportional increase in risk. 

The latest version of the Uniswap DEX will also include a multiple fee tier system that enables liquidity providers to gain rewards in proportion to varying degrees of risk they are prepared to take on.  

Many of the upgrades require a high degree of technical understanding to really appreciate, but for those looking to invest in UNI, its enough to know that the new Uniswap protocol will improve efficiency for those using the platform which, in theory, will make it a more place to exchange cryptocurrency in the future. 

What’s Next: Uniswap Price Predictions for 2025

It’s fair to say that Uniswap has made some pretty big waves in its short existence. The UNI token has outperformed many other coins in respect of its remarkable value increase since its launch and the upgrades to the Uniswap DEX could well push prices higher in the coming months. But what about over the longer term?

Surprisingly, despite the impending Uniswap upgrade, TradingBeasts has a reasonably subdued UNI price prediction for 2025.

Uniswap prices are expected to remain almost stagnant around the $45 mark for much of 2022 and 2023, before dipping slightly heading into January 2024, when UNI token price expected to be around $35. However, the platform expects UNI to rally at the end of the year, reaching a potential high of $67.25 by December.  

DigitalCoinPrice has been more optimistic with its Uniswap price prediction. According to its technical analysis, Uniswap UNI will reach $59.49 by the end of the year and continue to climb steadily, peaking at $72.19 in 2022 and then $81.80 in 2023. By 2025, the platform expects Uniswap UNI to have grown by almost 200%, reaching a high of around $117.

Meanwhile, WalletInvestor has put out the boldest UNI price forecast. It has the Uniswap token soaring past the $100 mark by the end of 2021 and continuing to rise steadily over the next five years, reaching $341 by the end of 2025.

Elsewhere, the Economy Forecast's Uniswap price prediction points to a more eventful future for the altcoin. The platform has Uniswap performing well across 2021, closing the year at $110. The website then has UNI peaking at an impressive $220 by the end of 2022. The website then sees UNI going into a protracted decline, dropping as low as $150 by 2024. By 2025, the platform has Uniswap recovering, climbing back up to around $283 by the end of the year. 

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Looking Further Ahead: Uniswap Price Predictions for 2030

Uniswap certainly presents an intriguing investment opportunity and the ongoing popularity of the DEX could even mean that Uniswap UNI will end up being one of the more stable cryptocurrencies on the market. As such, Uniswap price predictions for 2030 are likely to be optimistic - but investors should be cautious.

Anything can happen in the world of cryptocurrency and long-term forecasts should be seen as little more than guesswork. 

So what are leading analysts predicting for Uniswap in the long-term?

DigitalCoinPrice has put forward a very believable prediction. It has Uniswap climbing fairly steadily, reaching $139 by 2026 and continuing to gather pace before peaking at around $198 in February of 2028. However, there are one or few downturns predicted along the way so investors will need to hold their nerve if they are to reap maximum returns. 

Price Forecast is overwhelmingly optimistic. They have Uniswap continuing to rise substantially each year between now and 2030, ending up at over $350 per token.

Coin Price Forecast has plotted a similar trajectory with its own Uniswap price prediction for 2030. By the end of 2025, the platform sees UNI up by some 200%, with prices exceeding $200 and continuing to rise year-on-year. However, by 2030 Uniswap UNI’s rapid price growth is expected to cool, with the token price actually dipping to $193 by the end of the year.

A cryptocurrency research firm by the name of Crypto Research Report is calling for Uniswap (UNI) to reach $250 by 2025, and $400 by 2030.   

Conclusion: Should You Invest in Uniswap?

Most Uniswap price predictions suggest that the altcoin can expect to see a significant growth over the coming years. Leading analysts vary wildly on their forecasts - but if even the most conservative predictions pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in Uniswap could see decent returns. 

If you’re considering investing in Uniswap cryptocurrency already, then you’re probably aware that the market, in general, carries a certain degree of risk - especially as many jurisdictions are still getting to grips with regulating digital currency.

However, with its surging popularity and the latest upgrades to its infrastructure, Uniswap could well prove to be a worthwhile addition to any diversified crypto portfolio. The platform has quickly established itself and its native governance token, UNI, has seen remarkable price growth from the outset.

As Uniswap improves its liquidity protocol, there is every reason to believe that it will continue to attract crypto traders who are looking to move away from the powerful organisations behind the likes of Coinbase and Binance.

Most reputable Uniswap UNI price predictions point to growth and there are few reasons to believe that Uniswap will see a decline in popularity any time soon. With a comparatively low token price and a positive outlook for both the long and short term, we think that Uniswap is definitely an investment worth considering - especially if you already hold the more well-known coins such as Bitcoin and/or Ethereum. 

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Where to Invest in Uniswap

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Is It Worth Investing in Uniswap?


Is it worth investing in Uniswap?

Uniswap has quickly established itself in the cryptocurrency space and its governance token, UNI has seen some fairly remarkable price action that many analysts are expecting to continue. As such, it could well prove a very good idea to invest in Uniswap sooner rather than later. 

How much will Uniswap be worth in 2025?

Most Uniswap price predictions for 2025 point towards sustained growth. DigitalCoinPrice, for example, has UNI reaching $117 by 2025, whilst WalletInvestor believes it will break $300 before the start of 2026.

Of course, these are only predictions and are by no means guaranteed, but they are certainly a vote of confidence for Uniswap’s prospects. 

Where can I buy Uniswap?

You can buy Uniswap tokens via several brokers, but we think that eToro is the best overall as it provides an intuitive trading platform that has all the tools needed to keep track of the market and enter positions at the touch of a button.

Is Uniswap going to explode in value?

Uniswap is in the midst of a major protocol upgrade that could well see the value of UNI surge. However, nothing is guaranteed in the world of crypto and we’d suggest that Uniswap might prove to be a better investment over the mid to long term rather than an opportunity for quick returns. 

What are Uniswap price predictions for 2030?

Long term forecasts carry very little weight in the world of cryptocurrency as the market and technology simply moves too fast for them to be feasible. However, long term Uniswap price predictions are somewhat positive, with platforms suggesting that Uniswap UNI could be approaching $200 by 2030. 

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