What Are The Pillars Of Digital Marketing?

Last Updated January 25th 2023
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The world of marketing used to be run by newspapers, billboards, and fliers through the letterbox. While these older strategies still come into play, they’re no way near as useful or as sought-after as they once were. There’s a simple reason for this - the rise of digital marketing has swept everything else away, leaving room only for internet-based tactics and strategies.

Digital marketing is an incredibly broad field. While some experts present themselves as generalists, it’s much more common to see people working in smaller areas of this practice. These distinct areas are known as the pillars of digital marketing. Instead of seeing this field as a singular pursuit, it’s much more effective to split it into pieces.

In this article, we’ll turn to the world of digital marketing, diving into all of the main pillars and describing what they are and how modern companies use them. If you’re looking to break into digital marketing and find your footing, this is where you should begin.

We’ll cover:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Social Media

Let’s dive right into it and explore the three pillars of digital marketing that everyone in this industry should be familiar with.


Search Engine Optimization - What Is It?

Search engine optimization, often known as SEO, is by far one of the most important elements of running a modern brand. This refers to a business owner’s ability to optimize their website and blog content so that it ranks well on Google. When you type something into Google, those results come up in a certain order for a reason.

That reason is SEO - with brands that have a well-optimized site are more likely to rank highly than those that don’t. Of course, as with all things, time comes into the equation. However, it’s important to know that a new business can get started with SEO as soon as they’d like. 

Google works by indexing pages based on keywords. These are short phrases or words that appear on the page. By optimizing your site so that each page is designated to a specific keyword that your brand wants to rank for, you can begin to push yourself up the rankings.

Again, this won’t happen overnight. In fact, you’re going to need to consistently post on your blog for months before you start to rank naturally. However, ensuring that you understand the best practices of SEO will help you go a long way toward on-page optimization. 


How Does Link Building Come Into Play?

Link building is an off-page element of SEO that’s one of the most important strategies that any marketer should know about. While increasing the rank of your website will mostly come down to efforts that you make on your site, like on-page optimization and blogging, this isn’t the only factor that comes into play.

By getting other websites to link back to your site, you’re able to build up your site’s relative trust in Google’s eyes. For websites that only have one or two links to them, the content on the site isn’t verified as high-quality. However, if a site is gaining hundreds of links back to an article, all likelihood is that the piece is worth promoting on Google.

That’s where link building comes in. The most common way of getting other websites to link to your brand is by offering your content to them for posting. You can create a deal with other sites that work in your industry. By posting on their site, you’re able to expose yourself to a new audience while also gaining a backlink.

Apart from guest posting, one of the most common ways of getting links to a new company is by writing a press release for SEO. Creating press releases and getting them published on a range of news sites will generate a constant flow of new links for your business.

While link building is a slow and steady pursuit, it’s a fundamental pillar of digital marketing that you’re going to need to understand. 


The Rise Of Social Media

You can’t navigate the 21st century without running into social media. Whether or not you’re one of the 4.89 billion people that have a social media account, it’s very probable that you have a good idea of what social media is and what it's used for. In fact, social media has played such a part in the last few decades that many are defining our current Web 2 era strictly by its presence.

In digital marketing, social media accounts are the centerpiece of a company’s online presence. Instead of only having people interact with a brand by seeing their on-site blogs, social media allows them to put its message in front of the masses. By having a large number of social media accounts and repurposing content across all mediums, your business will be able to generate a following and boost its brand visibility.

Over time, social media can turn into one of the very best forms of digital marketing, which is why it's so important to mention it as a leading pillar in this field. 


Final Thoughts

While SEO, link building, and social media are major pillars of digital marketing, they are by no means the only ones. Each of these holds its own as one of the leading fields in the world of digital marketing, being characterized by the precision of the strategies involved. However, there are, of course, areas that go beyond these or are located somewhere in the middle.

In order to effectively break into digital marketing, understanding these three fields and how they interact is a wonderful place to begin. Once you’ve got a few core strategies for each of these pillars under your belt, you’ll be ready to launch your own project. Using these marketing areas, you’ll be able to create a world-class marketing campaign with ease.

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