What Top 15 Stocks Will Explode In 2023?

Best stocks to buy now in 2023

Last Updated December 20th 2022
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Check out the top stocks to explode in the market in 2023

Wondering which stocks are about to explode? Or how to find stocks that are about to explode? We’ve got you covered. We’ve uncovered the top 15 stocks to explode in 2023 and will share them with you in this guide.

2021 was a historically ‘explosive’ year for stocks with many performing better than ever despite the ongoing pandemic. And, with 2023 gathering steam, investors are keen to find the top stock before it explodes and make their fortune.

According to a Forbes article by Anna-Louise Jackson and John Schmidt, in 2021 the S&P 500 gained 26.9%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 18.7%, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 21.4%. All around, 2021 was a record year.

Will the stock market continue to bludgeon onwards and upwards in 2023? Will stocks that performed well in 2021 continue to explode in 2023 or will we be surprised by many new faces? Or, if the worst comes to worst, could we see a massive price correction in 2023?

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In this guide, we’ll look at some of the top stocks that are set to explode in 2023! We’ll also look at why they’re important, what gives them value and how to tell what stocks are about to explode.

Let’s explore some of the top 15 next exploding stocks in 2023.

  • Moderna (MRNA)
  • IonQ (IONQ)
  • Cross Country Healthcare (CCRN)
  • Block (SQ)
  • Avalara (AVLR)
  • Discovery Communications (DISCA)
  • Tesla (TSLA)
  • Lucid Group (LCID)
  • Unity Software (U)
  • GameStop (GME)
  • AvePoint (AVPT)
  • Datadog (DDOG)
  • BigCommerce (BIGC)
  • One Stop Systems (OSS)
  • Nvidia (NVDA)

Which Stocks Are Set To Explode?

Here’s our list of the top 15 stocks to consider in 2023. Keep an eye out for them, they may do exceptionally well this year.

1. Moderna (MRNA)

The pharmaceutical giant behind the Moderna vaccine could receive an extra shot in the arm if the pandemic continues to rampage in 2023.

Moderna price chart

Why Moderna Stock Could Be A Good Investment

We’re not out of the pandemic just yet. Back in November 2021, the ‘Omicron’ variant of COVID-19 was first detected and has since been found to be much more contagious.

Moderna announced in December 2021 that they plan to start clinical trials for an omicron booster shot this year, as reported by Reuters.

Why Moderna Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Vaccines could be a double-edged sword if they don’t work as planned. It might not even be Moderna’s fault. It could just be the case that another variant of COVID-19 emerges, and booster shots will be less effective.

Furthermore, growing anti-vaccine sentiment could become a bigger problem in 2023.

Should I Buy Moderna Stock In 2023?

If you feel confident in Moderna’s abilities to slow down the pandemic, it could be a good stock pick, but there is a lot to consider.

Moderna Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $86 $506
WalletInvestor $176.821 $352.794
WallStreetZen $86 $404


Would you invest in Moderna stock?

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

2. IonQ (IONQ)

This leader in quantum computing could take the stock market by storm if it shows strong growth in 2023.

IONQ price chart

Why IonQ Stock Could Be A Good Investment

A lot is happening at IonQ very quickly. On top of dominating the quantum computing sector, they’re changing up their leadership and bringing on board a lot of new talent.

As HPCwire reports, IonQ has appointed Inder M. Singh to the Board of Directors and also announced two other leadership positions — Ariel Braunstein, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Dean Kassmann, Vice President of Research and Development. New hires could mean they are planning on expanding.

Why IonQ Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Changing leadership roles could also be a sign of problems or even cause new ones. If a company is working well, why suddenly make such big changes? Could it be a sign that something is not going so well?

Should I Buy IonQ Stock In 2023?

Most likely IonQ could do pretty well in 2023, though further research is definitely advised.

IonQ Price prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $22 $28
WalletInvestor $9.242 $49.241
WallStreetZen $28 $28


Will investing in IonQ stock make you rich?

invest in IONQ

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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3. Cross Country Healthcare (CCRN)

Another industry leader, Cross Country Healthcare provides healthcare workforce solutions around the USA.

CCRN price chart

Why Cross Country Healthcare Stock Could Be A Good Investment

The population of the US is rapidly ageing, and fewer people are having children than before. According to the United States Census Bureau, “there were 40.3M U.S. residents 65 years and older in the 2010 Census and 54.1M in the July 1, 2019, population estimates”.

As the population continues to age, more healthcare solutions will need to be found. Furthermore, as COVID-19 continues to rampage, more people may need assistance.

Why Cross Country Healthcare Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

With COVID vaccines coming out at a rapid pace, we could be coming close to an end to the pandemic in 2023. If that’s the case, we may see less demand for these kinds of healthcare services, so demand could drop.

Should I Buy Cross Country Healthcare Stock In 2023?

Pandemic or not, Cross Country Healthcare is a service we will likely see more of in the next few years.

Cross Country Healthcare Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $27 $33
WalletInvestor $19.019 $30.273
WallStreetZen $13.50 $22


How much could you make investing in Cross Country Healthcare stock?

invest in CCRN

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

4. Block (SQ)

Formerly known as Square, Block is headed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and has a strong focus on the ever-growing cryptocurrency payment sector.

SQ price chart

Why Block Stock Could Be A Good Investment

In late 2021, Jack Dorsey announced that he would leave Twitter to focus more on working on Block. Block plans to build a decentralised crypto exchange called ‘tbDEX’ and may become involved in Bitcoin mining.

The crypto market grew massively in 2021 and many are expecting this trend to continue into 2023. Companies like Block could provide services that will bring more everyday people into owning crypto assets.

Why Block Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

The Block’s big gamble on cryptocurrency could always fail. There are three key reasons why. Firstly, the crypto market is still very volatile. Secondly, crypto regulation is largely still up in the air. And thirdly, the crypto market might not attract as many new users as enthusiasts hope.

Should I Buy Block Stock In 2023?

If you’re already very keen on crypto, Block stock could be a good buy.

Block Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $120 $360
WalletInvestor $120.310 $251.729
WallStreetZen $190 $365


Is Block stock the millionaire maker you’ve been looking for?

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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5. Avalara (AVLR)

Avalara could be a top cloud computing winner in 2023, leading the way in tax compliance software.

AVLR price chart

Why Avalara Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Avalara’s cloud-based tax compliance software could become technology we cannot live without. Cloud computing is very hot these days, more money is expected to be poured into similar projects.

Easing the tax compliance process is becoming increasingly important, especially as more professionals turn to freelance/gig work. As Kris Broda of brodmin explains: “Global Gig Economy is expected to grow from $204 billion in 2018 to $455 billion in 2023, a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.4%”.

Why Avalara Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Avalara’s earnings forecast is expected to decline over the next three years, according to Simply Wall Street, which could be off-putting for investors. 

Furthermore, some believe that Avalara stock could be oversold, such as BNK Invest, which noted that it “entered into oversold territory, hitting an RSI reading of 29.99” in a Nasdaq article.

Should I Buy Avalara Stock In 2023?

Avalara is a stock with potential, but investors should devote some time to scrutinising the financials.

Avalara Price prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $170 $220
WalletInvestor $85.265 $155.045
WallStreetZen $170 $220


What do you think? Is Avalara stock worth investing in?

invest in Avalara

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

6. Discovery Communications (DISCA)

Is this mass media company about to have its best year yet?

DISCA price chart

Why Discovery Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Discovery Communications is set to merge with AT&T’s WarnerMedia and become a company that could rival Netflix and Disney, as revealed by Nicholas Jasinski of Barron’s.

WarnerMedia owns HBO, CNN, DC Entertainment (including DC Comics), Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema and, of course, Warner Bros Studios. Combined with Discovery, it would become a massive operation.

Why Discovery Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Unfortunately, there is concern over AT&T which will own most of the newly combined company. Specifically, AT&T’s image has been tarnished because of its involvement with One America News, a far-right news network that, as Reuters explains, “continues to spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Should I Buy Discovery Stock In 2023?

Discovery’s merger deal with WarnerMedia could be huge despite AT&T’s involvement.

Discovery Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $26 $61
WalletInvestor $23.826 $39.607
WallStreetZen $26 $61


Are you brave enough to invest in Discovery stock?

invest in DISCA

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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7. Tesla (TSLA)

Tesla stock exploded exponentially in 2021 and many feel it could continue to rally onwards in 2023.

TSLA price chart

Why Tesla Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Tesla will likely remain an industry leader in EVs in 2023 as it continues to roll out new cars. Tesla stock has been extremely explosive in the last few years, leaping from a price below $100 at the beginning of 2020 to a high of over $1,200 in 2021. Based on its previous performance, it has the most potential to explode in 2023.

Why Tesla Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Elon Musk may be celebrated in many circles, but his overly active presence on Twitter has been known to harm Tesla stock. Hopefully, he has learned his lessons but as one of the richest men on the planet (which is bound to boost anyone’s ego), that might not be the case.

Other risks include uncertainty over Tesla’s self-driving technology and growing concerns over how it acquires lithium to power its vehicles’ batteries.

Should I Buy Tesla Stock In 2023?

Tesla is a high risk-reward stock, perhaps the biggest on this list. While there is a lot going for this stock, a lot could also go horribly wrong.

Tesla Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $67 $1,580
WalletInvestor $992.585 $1,496.580
WallStreetZen $250 $1,580


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Is Tesla stock that golden investment you were looking for?

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

8. Lucid (LCID)

Lucid Group is an up-and-coming potential rival to Tesla producing electric vehicles in California.

LCID price chart

Why Lucid Group Stock Could Be A Good Investment

John Rosevear of The Motley Fool points out that EV stocks, such as Lucid, are likely doing pretty well in 2023 because of increased oil prices. Rosevear also notes that Lucid is planning on launching an SUV in 2023. Further news about launches could increase interest in Lucid stock.

Lucid could also now be the best alternative to Tesla after Nikola stock nosedived in 2020.

Why Lucid Group Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Rosevear also explains that electric SUVs are mostly marketed towards China where Tesla dominates alongside Nio and XPeng and Lucid could have a hard time cracking this market.

Lucid could also fall to competitive pressure from the more established car industry, pressure that Tesla also faces. However, while Tesla is starting to cement its roots, Lucid is just getting started.

Should I Buy Lucid Group Stock In 2023?

If you’re looking for a strong hedge against Tesla, Lucid might be the best stock for you.

Lucid Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $16 $60
WalletInvestor $35.730 $79.534
WallStreetZen $12 $28


What’s your opinion on Lucid stock? Strong buy or strong sell?

invest in LCID

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

9. Unity Software (U)

Unity Software could be the top metaverse stock to get your hands on in 2023.

U price chart

Why Unity Software Stock Could Be A Good Investment

According to John Koetsier of Forbes, Unity Software “powers literally millions of games, including 71% of the top 1,000 mobile [games] and half of all PC and console games”. This makes it perfectly positioned to manoeuvre into the metaverse.

And that’s exactly what they’re doing. In November 2021, as IBC reports Unity acquired VFX studio Weta Digital for $1.63 billion, enabling millions to use its technology for metaverse projects.

Why Unity Software Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

While Facebook caused a major stir when it announced it would rebrand as ‘Meta’ and work towards creating the metaverse, we are yet to see if stocks orientated or associated with the metaverse will perform well. It may just be a fad or something the stock market is not quite ready for (at least in 2023). More time could be needed.

Should I Buy Unity Software Stock In 2023?

Even if the metaverse doesn’t take off, Unity Software is still a top stock to have in 2023.

Unity Software Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $162 $194
WalletInvestor $97.289 $190.558
WallStreetZen $125 $185


Is Unity Software the stock of your dreams?

invest in Unity

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

10. GameStop (GME)

In 2021, Redditors pumped the ailing price of GameStop stock to new highs. Will it happen again in 2023?

GME price chart

Why GameStop Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Jumping on the NFT bandwagon, GameStop announced that it will create an NFT marketplace. The announcement alone sent the stock skyrocketing 20% according to Ian Dean of Creative Bloq.

Supposedly, the plan will allow people to create games and sell their in-game items on their marketplace. Though GameStop is not the first company to create such a marketplace, it is one of the largest.

Why GameStop Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

GameStop stock performed incredibly well in 2021 because of Redditors, but are they still interested? It would not be too surprising if they no longer care for GameStop’s cause.

Furthermore, some view GameStop’s move into NFTs as just a move to keep people interested, or just ‘shameless cash grabs’. On top of that, there is also the possibility that NFTs will lose their hype in 2023.

Should I Buy GameStop Stock In 2023?

GameStop is another highly volatile stock pick for 2023, so buying this stock strongly depends on your risk tolerance.

GameStop Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $23 $145
WalletInvestor $87.341 $211.345
WallStreetZen $10 $50


Is GameStop stock set to explode again in 2023?

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

11. AvePoint (AVPT)

AvePoint is a SaaS (software as a service) company that focuses on protecting, migrating and managing data in Microsoft 365.

AVPT price chart

Why AvePoint Stock Could Be A Good Investment

According to Simply Wall Street, insiders are buying up a lot of stock at AvePoint. As they explain: “This is encouraging because it indicates that insiders are more optimistic about the company’s prospects”.

Another top reason AvePoint could explode in 2023 is that it could also benefit from increased interest in Microsoft stock. Many people and companies use Microsoft 365 and benefit from companies like AvePoint which offer support.

Why AvePoint Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Following insider trading is not necessarily a good idea and could actually be a very negative sign of the ongoings at AvePoint.

Perhaps more worrying though is that AvePoint’s close ties to Microsoft is very risky. If Microsoft comes into any issues, this could impact AvePoint stock too. While Microsoft is a very large company that withstand a bit of controversy, smaller companies like AvePoint might not.

Should I Buy AvePoint Stock In 2023?

AvePoint’s relationship with Microsoft could be a make or break deal for some investors.

AvePoint Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $10 $17
WalletInvestor $5.154 $6.741
WallStreetZen $10 $17


Is AvePoint the stock you can’t live without?

invest in AVPT

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

12. Datadog (DDOG)

This big data company is offering some of the best monitoring and analytics tools on the market for cloud computing.

DDOG price chart

Why Datadog Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Datadog stock more than doubled in 2021 as companies continued to adapt to working from home and require new tools to monitor computer infrastructure performance.

But that’s not all. This leader in cloud computing has also gained more attention from growing eCommerce companies and gaming, rolling out new products for these markets to monitor performance.

Why Datadog Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

As mentioned above, Datadog stock likely exploded in 2021 because of the number of people working from home because of the pandemic. This could suggest that if people return to the office in 2023, we might see less demand for its technology.

Should I Buy Datadog Stock In 2023?

If Datadog can crack the eCommerce and gaming markets, it could do very well in the near future.

Datadog Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $175 $236
WalletInvestor $136.449 $274.336
WallStreetZen $103 $236


Is Datadog the purebred stock you were looking for?

invest in DDOG

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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13. BigCommerce (BIGC)

BigCommerce allows businesses of any size to launch their own eCommerce stores and supports a range of services around it.

BIGC price chart

Why BigCommerce Stock Could Be A Good Investment

BigCommerce’s software makes it easier for businesses to handle their online operations by handling so many aspects of their eCommerce from a single dashboard. It has the potential to be something businesses of any size cannot live without.

They’re also growing very quickly. For 2021, BigCommerce announced that they expect to have a year-on-year growth rate of 42%.

Why BigCommerce Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Insiders are selling a lot of BigCommerce stock as an article by MarketBeat explains “Over the last quarter, insiders have sold 131,450 shares of company stock valued at $6,947,223. 31.70% of the stock is currently owned by corporate insiders”. This could be seen as a sign that they doubt the company can grow any larger or that bad news might be on the horizon.  

Should I Buy BigCommerce Holdings Stock In 2023?

If you feel that BigCommerce is about to completely shake up the eCommerce market, it could be a great pick.

BigCommerce Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $36 $90
WalletInvestor $16.410 $44.557
WallStreetZen $50 $85


How much are you willing to invest in BigCommerce stock?

invest in BIGC

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

14. One Stop Systems (OSS)

One Stop Systems is a computing company that builds and designs ‘AI transportable’ applications for military and industrial purposes.

OSS price chart

Why One Stop Systems Stock Could Be A Good Investment

In an article by Simply Wall Street, it explains that One Stop Systems is in a good position in regards to debt with plenty of net cash and liquid assets to easily pay off its debts. This is a good sign that One Stop Systems is very healthy at the moment.

Why One Stop Systems Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

Despite Simply Wall Street praising One Stop Systems financials, their analysis points out four key concerns — large one-off items impacting financial results, significant insider selling, shareholders have been diluted, and it doesn’t have a meaningful market cap.

Should I Buy One Stop Systems Stock In 2023?

US military contracts could make One Stop Systems stock explode a million times over in 2023.

One Stop Systems Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $8 $9
WalletInvestor $4.278 $7.646
WallStreetZen $7 $8


One Stop Systems stock, is it the top investment of 2023?

invest in OSS

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

15. Nvidia (NVDA)

A stock traders favourite for years, Nvidia could revolutionise computer graphics once again in 2023.

NVDA price chart

Why Nvidia Stock Could Be A Good Investment

Nvidia has recently released their ‘Omniverse’ platform that could completely change how people collaborate on 3D design simulation. Its applications are wide-ranging, and it could become the standard for visualising many different programmes including weather patterns, self-driving cars, and visual effects just to name a few.

Why Nvidia Stock Could Be A Bad Investment

While Nvidia has performed excellently, some stock market experts are now questioning how much bigger it can continue to grow. It has reached a similar point to Microsoft or Apple — it may struggle to expand in 2023.

Furthermore, Nvidia is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission over its $40 million acquisition of Arm. If Nvidia loses the case, it could be bad news for the stock, reports Chaim Gartenberg of The Verge.

Should I Buy Nvidia Stock In 2023?

Explosive or not, Nvidia stock stands a good chance of increasing in 2023.

Nvidia Price Prediction 2023:

Price Forecaster Lowest Price Highest Price
CNN $200 $400
WalletInvestor $257.359 $422.164
WallStreetZen $223 $1,000


Could you make your millions investing in Nvidia stock?

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

How To Pick The Best Stocks In 2023?

The stock market is incredibly huge and covers a wide range of companies providing services for almost everything. So, understandably finding the right stock to invest in — whatever the year — takes a lot of time and effort.

According to an article by Paulina Likos of U.S. News, there are seven things to consider when picking stocks:

  1. Trends in earnings growth.
  2. Company strength relative to its peers.
  3. Debt-to-equity ratio in line with industry norms.
  4. Price-earnings ratio can help provide market value.
  5. How the company treats dividends.
  6. Effectiveness of executive leadership.
  7. Long-term strength and stability.

If a stock is ripe for picking it should tick all of the above boxes.

Elsewhere, Arthur Pinkasovitch of Investopedia points out that finding the best stocks to invest in is not only about the stocks — it’s also about the investor. Before investing in any stock, you need to have a clear idea of what you are planning to achieve.

Perhaps you just want to preserve your wealth, in which case you may want to invest in something less risky or you may be looking for bigger gains, in which case your risk appetite could be larger. This all impacts the kinds of stocks you might be interested in investing in and how you balance out your portfolio.

And then there’s the time factor. How many years can you wait to make a profit you will feel happy with? Again, this could also come down to your appetite for risk and what you are trying to achieve.

Another Investopedia article by William Artzberger reveals eight common mistakes when investing. Of the eight, ‘falling in love with a company’ can be a major problem. You must be able to pick stocks without bias — you shouldn’t be making up excuses for poorly performing companies you like. If you don’t take a company’s problems seriously, they could end up losing you money. If you like a company too much, it might be a sign that you shouldn’t invest in it until you understand it better.

Two other key mistakes Artzberger points out that are useful to picking stocks include:

  • Failing to diversify. If you invest in this stock, are you properly protected against risk? Will this stock bring too much risk to your portfolio?
  • Letting your emotions rule. Picking stocks should never be a brash decision. If you notice that your emotions are running high, cool off somewhere and only start considering it when you feel better.

Investors in 2023 should probably also make sure they understand what stocks did particularly well in 2021. By researching the best stocks of 2021, it could inform investors what might do well in 2023 and what trends to look out for. For example, we have seen stocks related to EVs (electric vehicles), such as Tesla, do particularly well over the last few years. On top of that, many stocks have done well because of the pandemic — Zoom, Amazon, PayPal, etc.

However, make sure you don’t rely too heavily on this method — 2023 could be the year lockdown ends and it could completely change the stock market. Furthermore, there are many expecting a market correction after a superb 2021. (Again, why it’s so important to be diversified.)

In the end, stick to what you know, but not only what you know. Don’t just trade a stock because someone recommended it — you won’t know how well it will perform, you don’t know anything about the sector it operates in, it’s highly risky.

It may even be the case that you decide not to invest because you don’t feel confident enough about the choices on offer and that’s totally fine — sometimes our research can talk us out of making an investment decision. Don’t feel the need to pressure yourself into a trade you’re not comfortable with.

Investing in stocks requires a great deal of research. If you forbid a common cliché, knowledge is power, and it goes a long way when investing in stocks (or anything for that matter).

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And that’s it. Now you’re a stock trader!


What Are The Best Stocks To Invest In 2023 For Beginners?

Grant Sabatier of Millenial Money suggests that the following stocks are best for beginners in 2023:

  • Amazon
  • Alphabet
  • Apple
  • Costco
  • Disney
  • Facebook
  • Mastercard
  • Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • Nike
  • Pinterest
  • Shopify
  • Spotify
  • Teladoc
  • Tesla

Most likely, you will recognise most if not all of the stocks listed above. Beginners should look for lower-risk stocks because they are less likely to know what to look for. Usually, these are big companies that are very popular, and you will already know a little bit about them.

However, this also depends on your background. If you happen to have some experience in specific industries, e.g., pharmaceuticals, this could massively help you make informed decisions regarding pharmaceutical stocks.

Whatever stocks beginners decide to invest in, they shouldn’t invest too heavily in them and should make sure they diversify their portfolio. Don’t invest the money you need to live!

What Stocks Will Split In 2023?

The best way to find stocks that are about to split is to check websites such as Fidelity, Nasdaq, Yahoo Finance, or MarketBeat which can tell you which stocks have announced that they will split.

As Investopedia explains, there are no set guidelines on when a stock will split and there are a variety of reasons why a company may wish to split their stocks. Because of this, it can sometimes happen quite abruptly making it difficult to know when stocks will split in 2023.

What Stocks Will Double In 2023?

No one can be sure what stocks will double in 2023. While many of the stocks in our article could do particularly well in 2023, the prospect of doubling in value could be too ambitious — particularly for the larger companies we have included.

According to MarketWatch, 10 of the biggest trends to look out for in 2023 include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Metaverse
  • 5G
  • Digital transformation
  • Ecommerce
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • AI
  • Autonomous vehicle/ADAS technology 
  • Semiconductors
  • Enterprise software

Companies that operate in these sectors perhaps have the best chance of doubling in 2023.

What To Do With Stocks If Retiring In 2023?

This depends on your retirement goals, though many experts would advise reducing your exposure to the stock market if you’re retiring in 2023. This is because while the stock market is one of the best ways to increase your wealth, stocks also come with a lot of risks that you might not be willing to take. Younger investors, on the other hand, can afford this risk as they could have more time to recuperate from any losses.

However, to hedge against inflation, it may be worthwhile to keep at least 30% of your portfolio in stocks, according to Greg Iacurci of CNBC. So, the best approach if you are retiring in 2023 would probably be to sell some of your stocks to the point where they make up approximately 30% of your wealth — ideally, cut the riskiest stocks and stick to the more stable ones.

Is 2023 A Good Year For Stocks?

According to an article by Sam Potter of Bloomberg, which analysed the expectations of many of the biggest financial institutions in the world for 2023, the picture is generally positive but not without concern. Some of the biggest worries for stock investors in 2023 include:

  • Inflation, which is predicted to increase in 2023.
  • China’s economic slowdown.
  • Covid and the potential recovery from it.
  • Supply chain issues, which are impacted by both inflation and covid.

Many of these top issues could impact the stock market for better or worse. Other issues raised revolved around the environment and governance investing.

Turning our attention to stocks specifically, many institutions believe that the stocks market could continue to perform very well in 2023. Some even cite stock investing as a shield against inflation. However, not all institutions agree — some suggest that stocks in 2023 could perform poorly or even advise to avoid them, particularly US stocks.

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