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Last Updated March 14th 2023
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Looking for the latest Tesla stock prediction? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top TSLA price prediction to answer the question ‘is Tesla stock a good investment?’ 

If stock is your game and you fancy the American market, then Tesla is one company that should be on your radar. The American electric vehicle and clean energy company headed by Elon Musk has grown significantly in recent times. Its shares have also performed brilliantly on the market.

Regardless of what you think about Tesla, Elon Musk, or the Tesla (TSLA) stock, it is important that you research every investment option thoroughly before making a commitment. If you looking to invest in Tesla stock then read our TSLA stock price prediction article.

Tesla (TSLA) stock has the potential to yield profit in the future. However, you need to have an idea of how its price can move in the coming years. This way, you can confidently tell whether it fits your investment goals.

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Understanding The Tesla (TSLA) Stock

Tesla stock price prediction

Tesla Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors, the company has expanded significantly in the past decade. It is fully involved in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of fully electric vehicles, as well as clean energy generation and storage systems. It is involved in a few other businesses, including vehicle service centres and supercharger stations.

Originally founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, Tesla is now headed by Elon Musk, who invested heavily to become the largest shareholder of the company in 2004. Since 2008, Musk has served as the CEO of the company. He is often credited as the brain behind most of Tesla’s innovations and achievements.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) is recognized as the world’s largest automaker, by market value. The company went public in June 2010. Shares were immediately priced at $17, which was higher than the projected range of $14 to $16. It raised $226 million through the IPO, and shares surged that day to close at $23.89, a significantly 41% increase.

Tesla Share Price History

Though Tesla (TSLA) stock went public at $17 and closed the day at $23.89, the price was corrected by market factors soon afterwards. As of 2nd July 2010, it was trading for $3.84. It rose slowly overtime to reach $10.24 in April 2013. By August 23rd, 2013, it traded for $32.37.

By early January 2014, Tesla (TSLA) traded for $29.91. By 12th June 2015, it has reached $50.14. By 9th July 2016, Tesla stock traded was down to $38.89 but improved marginally to finish 2016 at $42.74.

Towards the end of January 2017, Tesla (TSLA) was trading for around $50.59 but by 9th June, it has reached $71.46. Towards the end of 2017, it was down to the $60 region. By 5th January 2018, Tesla (TSLA) was trading for $63.32 and fluctuated within that region for the majority of the year. It was $64.56 in August 2018 and by December 28th, it traded for $66.77.

By 4th January 2019, Tesla (TSLA) stock was trading for $63.54 and by May 31st, it was down to $37.03. By November 1st, it has risen to $62.66. By December 27th, 2019, it traded for $86.08.

The beginning of 2020 marked the beginning of the best days of Tesla (TSLA). The stock has been performing really well after it reached the $100 march. By January 3rd, the Tesla stock was selling for $88.60 and by 17th, it has reached $102.10. It eventually closed in January 2020 at $130.11.

By 15th May 2020, Tesla (TSLA) was trading for $159.83. By July 2nd, it has risen to $241.73. The price will continue to rise to reach $410.00 on 21st August 2020. By the first week of December 2020, it was trading for around $599.04. Eventually, it closed the year at $705.67.

2021 was also a mixed year for Tesla (TSLA). By 8th January 2021, the stock was trading for $880.02 per share. By 5th May, it had dropped to $597.95. It rose to $717.17 on 13th August and climbed further to $843.03 on 15th October. Two weeks later (29TH October 2021), Tesla (TSLA) traded for $1,114.00. By 5th November, it traded for $1,222.09. It fluctuated minimally and eventually finished the year at $1,056.

After the Tesla stock showed an increase in price in 2020 and 2021, the leading stock fell by 74% in 2022 compare to its all-time high last year. Despite this fact, experts believe that the stock gives bullish signals for 2023 and may even reach its past ATH. 

Tesla stock price chart, Tesla stock price predictions

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Predictions

As a long-term investment, it projects that Tesla shares could perform very well. According to its predictions, the value of the Tesla (TSLA) stock could rise to $450 by the very end of 2023, rising to $530 in 2024, and achieving a mean price of $610 by 2025. That’s a steady increase.

According to experts' price predictions, the average price per Tesla share will stay above the $1550 mark in 2027. The uptrend momentum for the stock is predicted to continue in the long run and Tesla is expected to end 2030 at $2000 per share.

Like other stocks and investment vehicles, Tesla (TSLA) will continue to fluctuate with time. Though it is not as volatile as cryptocurrencies, it can swing significantly in response to market factors and important events. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with expert' Tesla (TSLA) price predictions before buying the shares.

We're looking forward to 2023-2030 to see what the short, medium, and long-term predictions are for Tesla stock. Whether you are considering adding Tesla shares to your portfolio or have already investing in it, let's dive into the world of stock trends and see what price Tesla stock is expected to hit. 

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2023

For our 2023 Tesla prediction, we’ll be looking at data presented by different sources. They are very optimistic and predict a positive trend throughout the year.

TESL stock's price might even make a massive bull run and reach $350 mid-year and an impressive $450 by the end of 2023.

Unless there is a disruption in the EV market, Tesla is likely to become even more valuable in 2023. The innovative company may gain new grounds and its stocks may explode to new heights. We expect that Tesla (TSLA) stock will be worth, at least, $400 before the end of the second quarter.

If this goes smoothly for the company, Tesla may see its stock rise even more during the last six months of the year. It is possible that the price can get to $400 before the end of 2023. It can even go higher, depending on market factors.

It is vital to understand that the price of Tesla, or any stock, is extremely volatile, and it is not always influenced by unpredictable factors, such as Elon Musk’s tweets or the uptrend of the stock market. Please, always do your own research before investing in any stock.

tesla stock price forecast

But what should we expect this year, 2023?

Though a lot can happen in a day, we don’t expect Tesla (TSLA) stock price to climb too quickly. By the end of February, we expect it to average $134. By the end of March, we expect it to reach $158 and by April, it could get to $199.

If Tesla (TSLA) stock will maintain a decent momentum, it may get back to the $200 region in May. By June, it should be able to trade for $280 and proceed to hit $310 in July. By August, it may reach $320.

September can see Tesla (TSLA) stock reach $335. By October, it can jump to $350. November can see the stock reach $380 and a good performance in December 2023 can see it hit the $400 at some point.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2024

Tesla will likely enter 2024 stronger than ever. A lot is expected to have happened on the market by then, and as an innovative company, we expect that Tesla will grow its business significantly by then. If things should go as envisioned, Tesla (TSLA) stock can be worth as much as $535, according to price prediction and forecast.

It is possible that Tesla will exceed our expectations in 2024. If the company should pull any stunt and become more appealing, investors could rush in, and that may drive the stock price up to $500.

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2025

2025 is also expected to be a good year for Tesla and its investors. If the value of the stock will keep gaining as we anticipate, it can get to $650 within the first six months of the year. A higher price target of $700 is also possible, depending on how favourable the market gets. According to the Tesla price prediction and forecast, the Tesla stock could reach the average price of $550 by the end of 2025.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2026

It is very likely that Tesla (TSLA) stock will reach the $900 mark before 2026. Even if the value of the shares doesn’t grow at the projected rate, it should still be able to cross that mark before the end of the first quarter of the year.

While being cautious, a more realistic price target for Tesla (TSLA) stock for 2026 should be $730. A favourable market condition can see it beat that target.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2027

What do you feel should be Tesla (TSLA) stock price in the next four years? Yes, 2027 is four years ahead, and Tesla has shown us on many occasions that five years is enough time to transform an industry.

There is a good chance that the Tesla stock price will achieve a lot before 2027, and the price of its shares can climb to $1550.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2028

Tesla (TSLA) stock has the potential to keep soaring, even in 2028. Depending on how well the company performs in the eyes of consumers and how well it is able to manage its reputation, Tesla (TSLA) stock can sell for a minimum of $1700. It can be higher if market factors are really favourable.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2029

Though stock price fluctuates from time to time, we don’t suppose that Tesla (TSLA) price will experience a major drop that will see it trade for less than the $1500 mark it can reach in 2028. For 2029, the target should be in the region of $2000. There is a possibility that it will hit the $2,200 mark before the end of 2029.

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price Prediction for 2030

In 2030, the price of Tesla (TESLA) might be $2500, and according to some analysts, the bull run might lead to $2,300. 

Based on what Tesla has already achieved in the electric vehicle industry, we expect that the company will reach new heights in 2030. Experts also think that Tesla (TSLA) stock will become a lot more valuable then.

Tesla (TSLA) stock have been traded publicly for close to 12 years. 2030 will mark 20 years of public trading, and we believe that can be a critical period in the stock’s history. We expect that the Tesla stock can trade for $2,000. Of course, that is a conservative prediction. If we are to be very optimistic, then we can expect Tesla (TSLA) stock price to reach $3,000 or even $4,000.

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Should You Buy Tesla (TSLA) Stock?

If you believe in investing in stocks (which is a great way to build wealth), then investing in Tesla can be a very good idea. Tesla is an excellent company with one of the world’s most charismatic CEOs. Elon Musk and his team have been able to take the company from a startup to the world’s most valuable automaker in less than 20 years. Imagine what they can achieve in the coming years.

Considering how well Tesla (TSLA) stock has performed over the years, we can also agree that is one of the most attractive investment options in the stock market. In a space of two years, it went from around $100 to more than $1,000. We cannot rule out the possibility of even greater gains in the future. So yes, the stock can be a good investment. 

Tesla Stock Price Prediction – Conclusion

In this guide, we’ve provided you with the most comprehensive Tesla Stock price prediction, including short term and long term Tesla stock forecasts. We also discussed the company's services and value potential.

Based on Tesla price prediction, the stock can expect to see significant growth over the coming years. Leading experts vary wildly on their forecasts and data - but if even the most conservative forecasts pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in Tesla stock could see good returns.

Tesla (TSLA) stock went public in 2010, selling for $17 per share. Due to the company’s stock split, the split-adjusted IPO share price is $3.40. Today, the stock has reached the $1,000 mark but is currently selling for about $110. That’s a staggering return of more than $1000%. A $1,000 investment at IPO will be worth more than $34000, even after adjusting relevant parameters.

Tesla will most likely grow bigger in the future. The stock will also become a lot more valuable. It is looking like a great investment option. However, you should understand the importance of timing your investment correctly.

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More Stock Price Predictions

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Tesla stock prediction

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We hope you found this article about the top Tesla price predictions useful — whether you were looking for the answer to the question ‘is Tesla stock a good investment?’ or simply wanted to keep ahead of the latest stock trends. Although the stock landscape can be incredibly difficult to predict, it’s heartening to see that most stock experts agree that the price of Tesla stock will ultimately increase over the coming years. 

If you are looking for stocks with good potential, Tesla can be a profitable candidate. Based on experts’ forecasts, a long-term growth is expected, TSLA stock price forecast for 2023 is $250. The price is expected to reach $550 in 2025, and $1530 in 2030. 

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It’s important to remember that Stock investing is always risky, regardless of what the analysts say. Always carry out your own due diligence and ensure you have a robust risk management strategy in place before adding any asset to your portfolio. 

FAQs Tesla Stock Price Prediction

Is Tesla a good investment? 

According to experts, Tesla stock could be a good investment as the majority of the forecasts believe that the price of TSLA will be higher in the coming years than it is currently. However, if you’re hoping to buy and sell in the short time, you’ll need to keep a careful watch for periods of volatility. It could be a better strategy to hold your Tesla shares as the price is predicted to increase in the run up to 2030. 

Will Tesla stock go up? 

It seems highly probable that the price of tesla shares will go up throughout the next 5 years. Every prediction we’ve studied has forecast that tesla shares will increase in value at some point. Based on long term forecasts, the price of Tesla will increase to $250 by the end of 2023 then $500 in 2023. Tesla stock will continue to rise to $750 in 2025, $950 in 2027 and $1,000 in 2030. 

Is Tesla stock overvalued?

A DCF valuation of Tesla claims that the stock is highly overvalued, suggesting that it should be worth around $65 per share. But when you analyze without sentiment and factor in Tesla market share, revenue and unit growth, you can see why the price is what it is. Of course, investors are curious about Tesla, and as long as the top dogs are still buying and holding, the bullish trend will continue.

Is Tesla stock a buy right now? 

Analyst advice is quite split regarding Tesla. Due to uncertainty about whether the stock has been overvalued, some investors are choosing to hold in order to see how 2023 affects TSLA before committing to buy or sell. Others have seen the company’s market domination as a sure sign to buy. 

Will Tesla stock reach $1,000?

According to the predictions, the Tesla stock is well-positioned to hit $1,000 in 2027. It is expected that Tesla (TSLA) to reach $1,200 by the end of that year.

Is Tesla the right stock for the future?  

There is absolutely no reason to doubt the potential of Tesla. The company has everything it takes to have a tremendous future. It is an innovative company that has also invested heavily in areas that will become the new normal in the future. It has also performed consistently in the past decade. Tesla (TSLA) stock will most likely become a lot more valuable in the future. So yes, it is the right stock for the future. 

Can Investing in Tesla stock make me rich?

Investing in Tesla stock has made early investors super rich. But you need to realize that there is always some level of uncertainty in stock investing. Though the stock is looking very promising, it can take a while to return the sort of profit some investors are looking out for. How much you invest will also determine how much you can get.

Is there a risk in investing in Tesla stock?

Make no mistake about it, every investment opportunity comes with risks. But how risky is investing in Tesla (TSLA) stock? In all honesty, there is no need to be afraid of investing in Tesla (TSLA) stock. It has been growing consistently since going public. Considering the direction the company is going, we can assume with some level of confidence that Tesla (TSLA) stock price will continue to grow with time.

Is Tesla a profitable investment?

So far so good, Tesla (TSLA) stock has been a good buy for early investors. It has been gaining significant value in recent times, making it an overall profitable investment. Looking ahead, there is no reason to believe that the price of the stock will drop in the future. Unlike many top stocks, Tesla (TSLA) stock has been consistent in returning profit to investors. After Tesla reported increasing profitability of its business, investors also witnessed increasing profitability of their Tesla stock holdings.

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