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Last Updated February 28th 2023
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Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies expected to drive societal change for many years. It is already changing how people work, and business is conducted. 

With that in mind, in this AI investing guide, we’ve looked at the best AI stocks to invest in 2023 and explain how AI is being used within the business sector.

The Best AI Stocks Of 2023

AI is becoming a priority for many corporations due to its potential to deliver exponential growth in the short to medium term. This article looks at the 8 best AI stocks to invest in today. 

The companies in this list have made serious investments in AI, a factor that could play out in their stock prices for many years

  • Microsoft (MSFT) Overall Best AI Stock To Invest In 2023
  • Alphabet (GOOG) FPopular Tech Company With Advanced AI Capabilities
  • Amazon (AMZN) Top AI Stock That Has Made Strides In AI For Logistics
  • NVIDIA (NVDA) Leading Chip Company That Makes AI Chips
  • Tesla (TSLA) Fast-Growing Corporation Using AI For Self-Driving Cars
  • Palantir (PLTR) Top AI Stock Providing Software Infrastructure For Machine Learning
  • Snowflake (SNOW) Growth AI Stock Focused on AI Apps For Organizations
  • CrowdStrike (CRWD) AI Stock Leveraging AI For Cybersecurity


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A Closer Look At Top AI Stocks To Buy

Looking for more information about the best AI stocks in 2023? We’ve reviewed and analyzed the top potential 8 AI stocks and explain why they are the top picks for potential growth. 

1. Microsoft (MSFT) – Overall Best AI Stock To Invest In 2023

Microsoft's recent investment in ChatGPT easily makes it one of the best AI stocks to invest in today. ChatGPT technology combines natural language processing and machine learning. 

Microsoft stock best AI stock today

This allows computers to interact with humans more naturally and produce more accurate results. Although other industry leaders like Google and Apple are at the forefront of AI advancements, the popularity of ChatGPT gives Microsoft a clear edge.  

One way in which ChatGPT makes Microsoft the best AI stock is its potential to eat into Google’s multi-billion-dollar search business. Microsoft has always been a fierce competitor in the tech industry, but lately, its presence in the search engine market has failed to gain traction. 

However, with ChatGPT integration into Bing, Microsoft could quickly change this competitive landscape. If successful, revenue and MSFT stock price would increase dramatically; Bing may even be able to overtake Google's top spot in search engine usage. 

This breakthrough technology could be a turning point for Microsoft and usher them headlong into the era of artificial intelligence as one of the best AI stocks in the market. 

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2. Alphabet (GOOG) – Popular Tech Company With Advanced AI Capabilities

While ChatGPT is getting all the hype, Google has its own impressive arsenal of AI capabilities.

A Google engineer recently expressed that their LAMDA was sentient, demonstrating just how far Google's artificial intelligence abilities have come. One can only imagine what trends will appear in the future as Google integrates powerful AI into its operations.

Alphabet Google best AI stocks to buy

Google's massive data store also provides a uniquely well-positioned launching pad for its artificial intelligence initiatives. As the world's leading search engine, Google collects masses of information that can be used to power AI models and software products. 

Through such resources, Google has built tools like predictive search and language processing, creating an advantageous edge in the AI race. With voluminous amounts of data conveniently at their disposal, Google is certainly in a prime position to implement cutting-edge artificial intelligence implementation. 

Now GOOG stock is one of the most undervalued stocks in the market today stock is undervalued and it's trading at a discount compared to its recent highs, Alphabet (GOOG), without a doubt, stands out as one of the best AI stocks to invest in now. 

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3. Amazon (AMZN) – Top AI Stock That Has Made Strides In AI For Logistics

Amazon has one of the most diverse use cases for artificial intelligence compared to the other AI stocks. 

Amazon's use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its logistics operations has revolutionized how it provides customer services. AI algorithms detect patterns in data flows and allow Amazon to anticipate customer orders, streamlining shipping processes and significantly reducing lead times. 

This technology also allows Amazon to predict freight capacity, optimize staff scheduling, and better adapt inventory levels to meet seasonal demand.

amazon stock is the best AI stock in the market  

Moreover, it can automatically route products between warehouses or provide smarter delivery routes to drivers. By improving the supply chain process, Amazon provides a more reliable service to customers while cutting its costs.

 In other words, AI is helping reduce wait times and making customer purchases faster and easier. As a result, customers can now experience the convenience and satisfaction of shopping online for their favorite products at their desired destination.

Thanks to its Amazon Web Services, Amazon has a unique competitive advantage regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Big data provides the input that powers the AI algorithms at the heart of today's most advanced technologies, from systems that automate retail stores to driverless cars. 

By having access to enormous amounts of customer data running on their own servers, Amazon can develop and improve AI-driven products and services faster and more effectively than any other provider. This fundamental dynamic will continue to define Amazon’s place in the market as one of the best AI stocks to invest in for superior returns. 

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4. NVIDIA (NVDA) – Leading Chip Company Making AI Chips

NVIDIA makes it to the list of best AI stocks to invest in because it is in an industry that anchors the whole AI game – semiconductors. 

NVIDIA top AI stock

The invention and advancements of semiconductors have revolutionized global progress, specifically in artificial intelligence (AI). Without semiconductors, advances in AI would not be possible. 

As a result, many countries are fighting to control that technology through intense geopolitical maneuvering. For example, a recent trade war between the US and China is thought to revolve around this issue. 

For this reason, companies on the cutting edge of semiconductors are posed to do well as AI gains traction. NVIDIA stands to benefit from the AI boom thanks to its AI chips. 

They are one of the few companies leading the way in what is sure to be an ever-increasingly influential technology. Their production of AI chips gives them a competitive edge and provides superior quality that customers can trust.

 With the continued development of computational models, it's clear why NVIDIA’s products are becoming increasingly popular in the market. With their commitment to developing reliable and robust machines adopting AI, it is not hard to see why NVIDIA is one of the best AI stocks to invest in today. 

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5. Tesla (TSLA) – Fast-Growing Corporation Using AI For Self-Driving Cars

Tesla is not just a car company but a fully-fledged tech company leading the way in artificial intelligence. 

Tesla best AI stocks

An impressive component of Tesla's innovation is its heavy investment in artificial intelligence. This has allowed the company to stay ahead of competitors in developing driver-assistance and autonomous-driving technologies.

As a result, Tesla vehicles have automated navigation features that allow drivers to adjust their commutes with updates on traffic, alternative routes, and even an autopilot mode that eliminates tedious highway driving. These advancements have gained attention from experts and consumers alike, thus further solidifying Tesla as a leader in electric car technology.

This, coupled with the fact that more consumers are turning to electric cars and choosing Tesla, makes TSLA one of the best AI stocks to invest in. 

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6. Palantir (PLTR) – Top AI Stock Providing Software Infrastructure For Machine Learning

Palantir makes it to the list of the best AI stocks today because it provides the software infrastructure needed for AI to flourish. 

Palantir has revolutionized how businesses access and use big data, allowing for advanced analytics and insights that could previously only be dreamed of. With its powerful AI-driven capabilities, organizations can wade through the noise of vast amounts of data and focus on the most valuable aspects. 

Palantir is another leading AI stock

This invaluable asset helps companies leverage information to reach their goals and quickly make critical business decisions. Already employed by many Fortune 500 companies, Palantir's software signifies a new age in effectively harnessing large datasets.

In 2023, Palantir Technologies is experiencing a massive revenue surge due to AI's increasing popularity among corporations. This is no surprise considering that Palantir focuses on bringing advanced analytics to ‘the powers that be' worldwide. 

By providing software tools and apps that leverage data and analytics, organizations can make more informed decisions, resulting in tremendous success. 

As AI continues to gain traction as an integral technology in all aspects of business and everyday life, demand for Palantir products will continue to soar. This makes it one of the best AI stocks to invest in today as well as the next stock to explode in anticipation of more gains going into the future. 

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7. Snowflake (SNOW) – Growth AI Stock Focused On AI Apps For Organizations

While the tech giants offer an element of stability, smaller-cap AI stocks such as Snowflake offer the most potential for value growth. That’s because they have a smaller market cap, which means they have a much bigger room for value appreciation. 

Besides its lower market cap than big tech, Snowflake makes its way onto the list of best AI stocks to buy thanks to its special focus on big data. Big data forms the core of artificial intelligence and allows insight into large quantities of complex information, helping plants make well-informed decisions. 

Snowflake is among the top AI stock today

With Snowflake, businesses have access to a variety of sophisticated structures that were previously not available with traditional computing platforms. The company's ability to quickly store, access, and analyze large volumes of data gives it a competitive edge in AI. 

Snowflake is at the cutting edge of the AI revolution through tools such as Cloud Data Warehouse and Machine Learning Operations. 

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8. CrowdStrike (CRWD) – AI Stock Leveraging AI For Cybersecurity

CrowdStrike makes it to the list of AI stocks to invest in for its focus on cybersecurity in the age of complex and unpredictable cybersecurity threats. CrowdStrike's protective software proactively guards network endpoints like laptops, phones, and clouds from outside attacks or breaches. 

This is accomplished through sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) processes that enable the software to detect threats as quickly and accurately as possible. 

Top leading AI stock

Using an AI-driven machine learning system, CrowdStrike can process trillions of data weekly to identify malicious activity and respond accordingly. 

As a result, CrowdStrike cannot just deal with existing threats but also proactively develop ways to deal with upcoming threats. As AI becomes more powerful, there is no doubt that the power of CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity tools will get better. 

This could translate to higher revenues and higher stock prices. If you are looking for the best AI stocks to invest that go beyond the hype, CrowdStrike is a solid bet. 

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AI Stock Simplified

With the explosion of ChatGPT, users, and investors now know the power of Artificial Intelligence. That’s why AI stocks are among the hottest stock investments in 2023.

The best AI stocks have access to large swaths of data, enabling them to develop the most accurate models possible. That’s because a huge aspect of AI is leveraging the power of algorithms to make sense of big data.

How Do AI Stocks Work?

AI stocks are all about using advanced algorithms to make sense of big data. AI companies' emergence has revolutionized how we approach forecasting and modeling data. By leveraging big data, these companies have applied sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to draw quick and accurate inferences about any given event.

Now, instead of relying solely on the resourcefulness of humans, businesses can access large-scale models created by AI companies to forecast how a new product or service might fare in the market.

AI companies are becoming indispensable in our rapidly evolving world with their wide range of applications, such as predicting consumer tastes or anticipating financial crashes.

For example, Microsoft, one of the best AI stocks in the market, is currently leveraging the power of ChatGPT, a natural language processing model trained on a large amount of data and more than 170 billion parameters.

Are AI Stocks A Good Investment?

AI is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the market today, with a compound annual growth rate of 37%.

With the excitement that ChatGPT has triggered in the market, there is a good chance that AI stocks will not only do well in 2023 but are also good long-term stock investments.

For instance, most AI stocks are in the green when writing this article. Some, like Tesla, have recorded exemplary growth of 70% in under two months.

find the best AI stock to invest in Today

In the long term, AI companies with access to large amounts of data are better positioned to thrive and outperform their competitors. This powerful combination can help them identify trends and make informed decisions swiftly. The more information these AI companies have as resources, the better equipped they are to thrive.

Moreover, with faster processing capabilities combined with large datasets from various sources, these AI firms can build comprehensive models that give them the competitive edge needed for long-term success.

The best AI stocks have a lot of potential for growth going forward. Every indicator points to artificial intelligence taking over every aspect of daily life in one way or another, which presents a profitable future for the 8 AI stocks discussed in this article.

How To Buy AI Stocks

Microsoft is one of the best AI stocks today and could disrupt the search business for good. If you are interested in Microsoft or any other top AI stocks, here is a simplified guide on how to buy stock on eToro.

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Conclusion - Best AI Stocks

AI stocks are now increasingly growing in importance as investments. That’s because they are at the center of an innovation set to completely transform life as we know it today.

While many AI stocks are in the market today, the list discussed above stands out as the most promising AI stocks to buy and invest in today. These big companies all have strong cash flows that give them an edge in the fast-growing artificial intelligence world.

AI stocks are leveraging big data and machine learning algorithms to develop innovations.

For instance, Microsoft has invested in a natural language processing model called ChatGPT to enable search conversationally. This makes it the most promising AI stock project of 2023.

You can buy Microsoft stock on eToro today or other leading stock brokers.

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FAQs Best AI Stocks

What are AI stocks?

An AI stock stands for shares of a company that leverages the power of artificial intelligence in its product offering.

Is AI applicable in any industry?

AI falls under a category of technologies called general-purpose technologies. Since this technology is data-driven, it has use cases across industries.

What is the best AI stock?

From our analysis, Microsoft (MSFT) is the best AI stock to invest in 2023. That’s because it is riding the hype of one of the most popular AI tools today – ChatGPT.

Where can I buy AI stock?

AI stocks are readily available on top stock brokers like eToro. The buying process is pretty straightforward.