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Last Updated April 4th 2023
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In this investing guide, we will be introducing you to what we consider the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023. These have proven their resilience, implying that they have survived and rebounded quickly after major economic downturns.

They also have hugely promising futures, and we expect them to grow their current value by significant margins throughout 2023.

We will also tell you about some of the factors that you ought to consider when looking for the best stock to buy right now. And if you wish to jump straight to buying stocks, we will introduce you to some of the best share investing brokerages in the UK in 2023.

Best Shares To Buy Now In The UK According To Analysts

Here is an outline of what our analysts and the larger investing community consider the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023.

Ultimately, we settled on the following top shares. Read on to discover why you too should consider adding them to your list of best shares to invest in 2023.

  • Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) — Overall Best Value Stock To Buy In The UK In 2023 
  • BP (BP) — Top Oil And Gas Company That Pays Dividends Regularly
  • Glencore (GLEN) — Invest In The World's Largest Commodities Trading And Mining Company
  • British American Tobacco (BATS) — Largest Tobacco Company Based On Net Sales
  • Rio Tinto (RIO) — Huge Mining Company With Solid Financials
  • Apple (AAPL) — One Of The Most Liquid Shares To Buy In 2023
  • Standard Chartered (STAN) — Strong Banking Services Provider With A Promising Future
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) — Energy Giant That Pays Dividends Quarterly
  • AstraZeneca plc (AZN) — Invest In A Fast-Growing Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Company
  • iSHARES Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (ISF) — Best UK ETF To Buy In 2023
  • G.B. Group (GBG) Cheap Stock To Buy In 2023
  • Mobile Streams (MOS) Fastest Growing Stock On AIM UK Market
  • Sosandar (SOS) — Most Popular New UK Stock For Online Shopping
  • Inspiration Healthcare Group (IHC) Cheap Stock To Buy With Massive Potential
  • Entain (ENT) Best Low-Risk Stock To Buy And HODL In 2023 And Beyond
  • Accesso Technology (ACSO) — Undervalued Stock To Buy With Massive Potential
  • Greggs (GRG) Best UK Stock with High Market Relevance
  • K3 Business Technology (KBT) Popular Stock To Trade In 2023
  • TPXimpact Holdings (TPX) Most Undervalued Stock to Buy as A Beginner
  • Airtel Africa (AAF) Most Promising Stock To Invest In February 2023


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Below, we discuss these shares in detail. We tell you why they are worth buying in 2023, how they performed in the past, how the industries in which they belong have performed, how they are faring during the current market turmoil, and how they are expected to perform going forward.

The Best Shares To Buy Now In The UK Reviewed

When coming up with a list of the best stocks to buy in the UK for 2023, we considered such factors as the company's resilience and projected future growth. We also examined the volatility of the share price, the strength of their balance sheet, and the regularity with which the company pays dividends.

We ultimately settled on the following top shares to buy now in the UK:

1. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) – Overall Best Value Stock to Buy in the UK in 2023

Berkshire Hathaway is a wildly popular company in the share investing circles – both because of its top management and price performance. For starters, it is run by two of the most successful share investors of all time – Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. The multinational conglomerate's portfolio then contains up to 60 businesses and a $300 Billion investment in different companies – especially tech and consumer goods companies.

Best Value Stock to Buy in the UK

Berkshire Hathaway has consistently been ranked among the best shares to buy in the UK because of its uptrending profitability, consistent dividend payouts, and resilience. The 180-year-old company has, for example, proved its resilience by surviving some of the most devastating economic downturns in history.

Most recently, it weathered the Covid-19 pandemic-induced economic crisis that had seen its class A shares shed close to 30% of their late 2019 peak prices by mid-2020. Today, these shares are trading 190% above the May 2020 dip, with 12% of this gain having been recorded in the last 12 months.

Moving forward, Berkshire Hathaway shares are expected to sustain their current upward trajectory. We expect it to survive the ongoing global economic crisis and continue growing its share value throughout 2023. This makes it an excellent investment for long-term share investors and passive investors, while its mildly volatile share price action makes it perfect for short-term trading.

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2. BP (BP) – Top UK Oil and Gas Company That Pays Dividends Regularly

BP plc is one of the most popular integrated oil and gas companies. Established in 1909 and headquartered in London, BP has - over time - extended operations to 100+ countries across the world. Several factors informed our decision to include it in our basket of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023.

Best Stock to Buy in the UK

First, the company has posted exemplary value gains since, resulting in a multi-decade overall share price uptrend. At the time of writing, BP is well on its way to recovery after losing two-thirds of its peak prices ($600 in December 2018) in the last quarter of 2020. At the time of writing, BP shares have rallied by more than 250% since - with as much as 55% of this having been gained over the last 12 months.

It also makes it here because of its resilience, which helped it survive several devastating economic crises. Moving forward, a host of factors - chief among them being resilience and oil industry activities like reduced oil production - are expected to keep BP share prices on an uptrend.

These make the energy stock massively attractive to long-term investors. The fact that it pays regular dividends, which outperforms some of the most popular indices, makes it attractive to individuals looking for a regular passive income source. Its liquidity and wild short-term price action, on the other hand, make it appealing to active traders.

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3. Glencore (GLEN) – Invest in the World's Largest Commodities Trading and Mining Company

Glencore is a multinational mining corporation and the world's largest commodities trader. Although it is involved in oil and gas mining, it has invested heavily in metals and commodities involved in the generation of green energy. And this has created a lot of optimism around its future and that of its share price. Together with GLEN shares' incredible past price action, this optimism about Glencore's future is the primary reason why we consider the commodity trader one of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023.

Best dividend stock to buy in the UK

We also feature it here because it has proved its resilience. At the height of the covid-19 pandemic, for instance, GLEN shares shed as much as 90% of their 2011 peak prices. At the time of writing, however, Glencore shares have rallied by as much as 450% to recapture these peak prices, with 50%+ of this growth being recorded in the last 12 months. This has GLEN investors and the market convinced that the company will survive the ongoing global economic crisis.

The company typically pays dividends twice annually. This, coupled with its uptrending share values, make it appealing to long-term investors and anyone looking for a regular income source.

We must also mention that throughout the year, Glencore has made several key financial decisions aimed at helping it survive the looming economic recession. Most significantly, it reduced its net debt exposure by more than 62%, which reduces the impact further inflation and interest rates would have on its top line.

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4. British American Tobacco (BATS) – Largest Tobacco Company Based on Net Sales

British American Tobacco (BATS) is a century-old cigarette and nicotine-based products manufacturer. It is the third largest Tobacco company in the world by market cap (currently £74 Billion) and largest by net sales. It makes it to our list of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023 because of its resilience, excellent past performance, and innovativeness.

Its resilience is evidenced by the fact that it has not only survived several global economic downturns. It has also survived some of the worst criticism against the tobacco industry – including anti-tobacco legislation in multiple countries around the world.

Today, the company is still recovering from the January 2019 dip that saw the BATS share price lose 50% of its Mid-2017 peak prices. And even in the face of the ongoing economic crisis and looming recession, its shares have appreciated by more than 30% in the last 12 months.

We also add BATS to our index of best shares to buy now in the UK because of its promising future. The brand seeks to insure its future by exploring new markets, a move that has helped move it toward the vaping market. It, for starters, already owns the massively popular Vuse e-cigarettes. And these, as well as its regular dividend payouts, make BATS shares attractive to long-term investors.

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5. Rio Tinto (RIO) – Huge Mining Company with Solid Financials

Rio Tinto adds to our list of century-old companies that have been consistently ranked among the best shares to buy in the UK. It is the third largest mining company in the world and a commodity trading company, behind Glencore and BHP Group.

Like Glencore, it specializes in oil and energy, but it has also been involved with metals and commodities like Copper and Lithium that are expected to drive the green energy movement. This has had a significant positive impact on its price action over the past few years.

popular stocks to buy in the UK

But the promising future isn't the only reason why Rio Tinto consistently ranks highly among the most popular stocks to buy in the UK. It also makes it here because of its solid financials and attractive yields. RIO's share price has, for example, maintained a spirited overall uptrend in the last five years – gaining close to 50% (with 10% of this having been realized in the last 12 months). The company also pays dividends consistently at a rate higher than the average FTSE index.

All these have made Rio Tinto massively attractive to long-term growth investors. The wild RIO shares price action has also made it attractive to short-term traders. And it can be traded and or bought on multiple online share brokerage companies.

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6. Apple (AAPL) – One of the Most Liquid Shares to Buy in 2023

With a $2.36 Trillion market cap, Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Established in 1976, the American technology giant has posted consistent value gains for its shares – embarking on its most aggressive growth yet to rally by more than 450% between December 2018 and December 2021. And even though this rally peaked with AAPL share prices declining in the year to date, there is a lot of optimism that it will rebound and resume that uptrend.

best UK shares to buy

The company's future growth will be driven by the expected launch of even more popular and technologically advanced smartphones and apple products. The brand is also looking to tap into new revenue fronts, including the recently launched Apple TV+, iCloud, and AppleCare.

We feature it among the best stocks to buy in the UK in 2023 because it has been on a sustained overall uptrend for more than three decades. But even more importantly, both its technical and fundamental indicators show that AAPL's market cap and share price are expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future.

We also feature it here because both its share value gain and its quarterly dividend payouts have consistently outperformed the industry average as well as the S&P 500. The value gain, therefore, makes it an attractive investment to long-term investors. The regular dividends, on the other hand, make it attractive to anyone looking for regular passive income, while its volatile price action and massive liquidity make it attractive to day traders.

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7. Standard Chartered (STAN) – Strong Banking Services Provider with a Promising Future

Standard Chartered is a British financial multinational and one of the most popular financial institutions in the world. It also adds to the basket of century-old businesses dominating our list of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023. And some of the factors that make it a top choice for the majority of crypto investors include its solid reputation, a history of stellar share price performance, unshaken resilience, and a massively promising future.

top British shares to buy

STAN's excellent price action is evidenced by the fact that it has maintained an overall uptrending price action since its listing. Its resilience, on the other hand, is evidenced by the fact that even after losing close to 60% of its peak 2017 share price during the 2008 financial crisis, STAN was quick to rebound, and in 2010, it set its current all-time high of £1800.

Today, the STAN share trades more than 68% below this ATH. But it is well on its path to recovery and even grew by more than 42% in the last 12 months. This, and its promising future, make today the best time to buy Standard Chartered shares for anyone looking to ride its recovery wave.

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8. Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) – Energy Giant that Pays Dividends Quarterly

Exxon Mobil Corporation is the best share to buy in the UK in 2023 for investors looking for a regular flow of passive income, thanks to an average annual dividend yield of 3.49% that’s meaningfully better the broader market.

In addition to the high yields, we rank Exxon Mobil Corporation among the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023 because it has taken significant steps toward insuring its future. For starters, it seeks to participate in the reduction of greenhouse gases through the Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CSS) program.

best share to buy in the UK that pays dividends

Further, a few industry-wide factors have helped guarantee its sustainability. These include the scale back of oil production by OPEC countries by as much as 2 million barrels per day. Secondly, the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict is expected to have a lasting impact on the oil industry.

These are expected to increase oil prices which pushes up Exxon Mobil revenues as well as the XOM share price.

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9. AstraZeneca plc (AZN) – Invest in a Fast-Growing Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company

AstraZeneca share prices continue printing higher highs even in the midst of the ongoing global economic turmoil. The most recent came about in August 2022 when AZN share prices tore above £11,400. This represents a 250% gain over the last five years.

best UK shares to buy for long-term investors

Much of these gains are attributable to AstraZeneca's newfound popularity and prowess as one of the covid-19 vaccine manufacturers. It continues providing updated vaccine boosters and updates for the different Covid-19 variants. These currently form its biggest revenue sources - a trend that's expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

This has created a lot of optimism about AstraZeneca's future price action. The majority of analysts and investors currently consider it a must-have, which partly informs our decision to feature it in our list of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023. This optimism has also made AZN massively popular among long-term investors, while its deep liquidity and wild short-term price action make it appealing to active traders.

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10. iSHARES Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (ISF) – Best UK ETF to Buy in 2023

The iShares ISF is not a share. Rather it is an ETF that tracks the performance of the top 100 shares listed with the LSE – the FTSE 100 index. Several factors inform our decision to feature it in our list of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023.

First is its impressive multi-decade price performance seeing that it has posted an average annual return of 7.75% since its inception in January 1984. This is a testament to its resilience and makes it appealing to both passive and beginner investors. The sustained multi-decade gains, coupled with its massively promising future - on the other hand - make it massively appealing to long-term investors.

The fact that it tacks a broad range of shares also makes it appealing to investors seeking a diversified portfolio. And like most of the shares listed above, you can buy and trade the iShares ETF on virtually all the most popular share online brokerages.

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11. G.B. Group (GBG) - Best Growth Stock To Buy In The UK In 2023 

Consumer personal data is one of the valuable assets that companies have today. However, protecting it is becoming increasingly complex as hackers up their game too. This means companies like G.B. Group (GBG), in the personal data verification market, is set to thrive in 2023.

G.B. Group provides business solutions globally, using data intelligence and verification tools. Some of GBG's services include location services such as address capture and geocode creation; identity document inspection via CCTV scanning or passport photo printing (including age verifications); and fraud prevention services like Email addresses validation. 

Best Growth Stock To Buy In The UK

Over the past year, G.B. Group has made several strategic moves that make it a worthy stock to buy for 2023. One of the big moves G.B. Group has made so far, is to acquire Acuant back in November. Through this acquisition, G.B. Group cemented its position as a global leader in the identity management space. 

While announcing the acquisition back in November, G.B. Group noted that by coming together, they would offer fraud and verification solutions to millions across various industries who are depending on them for solutions that will make life easier and more secure.

G.B. Group also noted that acquiring Acuant would give it leverage in the American market. The acquisition will allow them to expand into the US, where they can leverage their expertise in location services and fraud prevention while taking advantage of America's strategic importance for growth. 

This means that G.B. Group is likely to record revenue growth in 2023. This is a positive indicator for the company and could see its stock value grow as well. Quite naturally, this puts G.B. Group among the 10 best UK stocks to buy for 2023. 

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12. Mobile Streams (MOS)

Digital marketing has replaced traditional forms of advertising and will only get bigger over the years. That's because people now spend most of their time online for entertainment, work, and shopping (especially after the pandemic). 

This means companies that offer cutting-edge digital advertising services are set to thrive. Mobile Streams (MOS) is one such company. Mobile Streams allows users to offer curated marketing content that can be shared simultaneously across digital platforms through its digital platform called Streams. 

Best UK stock to buy in the digital marketing space

The uptake of Mobile Streams digital content services has been strong over the past year. Going into 2023, growth in the digital marketing space will most likely drive momentum around MOS stock. 

Considering that macro factors, especially the demand for digital marketing services are in Mobile Streams favour, a bounce off this support is possible. This means that anywhere between £0.14 and £0.20 could be a perfect entry point when buying this stock. The potential for MOS to double in value off current price levels is quite high. This potential makes MOS one of the best UK shares to invest in. 

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13. Sosandar (SOS)

Sosandar is one of the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023 for investors looking for a long term growth. Online retail has been on an exponential growth trajectory since 2020. Online retail companies are likely to keep reaping big with no signs of a return to the 2019 kind of life yet.

Going into 2023, both macro and internal company factors favour its growth. For starters, with the virus still around, online shopping will remain the dominant form of shopping for 2023. This means demand for Sosandar products could shoot up, and that's a positive indicator for the SOS stock.

 Best UK stock to buy in the online shopping market

At the company level, there is reason to be bullish on Sosandar. Sosandar sells products that are in demand all year round. 

Sosandar offers dresses, denim clothing, and more to UK customers through the internet or by mail order. They also have a wide range of other products from tops & skirts all the way down for your feet with jeans in every style imaginable, including flare-leg jean shorts, capris leggings, stirrup pants, etc. 

The ownership structure is also a reason to be bullish on SOS. Sosandar is a small company, so quite naturally, its ownership is made up of insiders. It is the uptake of the stock by institutions that should be a bullish factor. So far, institutional uptake of SOS has been quite strong, and they now own more than 50% of the stock.  

A combination of positive macro factors, a quality product range and institutional confidence make SOS a worthy UK stock to buy for 2023.

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14. Inspiration Healthcare Group (IHC)

Inspiration Healthcare Group (IHC) is another top UK share to watch in 2023. It operates in the medical devices market, an industry that is expected to deliver consistent growth for years to come. Data by Astute Analytica shows that the medical devices industry is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% between 2021 and 2027.  

top UK share to watch

One of the key factors likely to drive industry growth is artificial intelligence (AI). New AI-powered innovations have made it possible for doctors and nurses alike to monitor patients remotely via sensors with the use of mobile apps that automate therapy delivery in emergency rooms. These advancements save lives and build deeper relationships between hospitals and medical devices companies. 

For a company like Inspiration Health that is quite heavy on operating theatre and home-based medical care applications, the increasing role of AI in the industry is a reason to be bullish on IHC stock. It's a signal of potential growth in demand long-term. 

Besides a favourable macro-environment, Inspiration Health has a pretty solid balance sheet. For instance, it has a current ratio of 3.78. This means IHC has the resources to cater for short-term liabilities three times over, and still be left with assets. 

There are a number of advantages that come with this, one of them being the ability to borrow for growth easily. The other advantage is the ability to navigate with ease if interest rates go up at some point in 2023.

Inspiration Health also has strong cash flow numbers. Both its operating and levered free cash flows are positive. This means Inspiration Health can comfortably run its operations without liquidity issues. This is without a doubt a strong UK share to buy for 2023. 

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15. Entain (ENT)

Betting is big business, and Entain (ENT) performance over the last five years is proof of this fact. In the last 5-years, Entain has given investors an ROI of over 250%. Going into 2023, there is also a lot to look forward to for Entain. 

One pointer to Entain's potential is that it is looking to expand its market share. In November, Bloomberg reported that Entain was making a bid for Olympic Entertainment Group. This is a big deal considering that Olympic Entertainment Group is among the largest betting companies in the Baltics, and is also a partner of the NBA. 

top UK share to buy

While the deal is not yet concluded, Bloomberg reported that those in the know said that talks are ongoing. If the deal comes to fruition, it could be a huge boost for Entain in 2023. 

Aside from the potential for a takeover of Olympic Entertainment, Entain has been actively buying other companies over the years. Some of its most recent purchases include Bwin.Party in 2015, and Ladbrokes Coral back in 2017. These deals have contributed immensely to the growth of Entain over the years, and as more come up, the stock value could shoot up in 2023.

Another factor that makes Entain a top stock to buy for 2023 is the perception that it is undervalued. Back in September, DraftKings tried to takeover Entain for $22.6 billion. The bid was unsuccessful, just like an early one by MGM that would have valued Entain at $11 billion. 

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16. Accesso Technology (ACSO)

Accesso Technology (ACSO) has got some news. The company has announced that it has entered into a virtual distribution partnership with Sansei Technologies. 

The partnership is a three-year agreement and will see Sansei Technologies drive marketing in Japan while contributing to other areas of the sales process, including basic customer support. However, Accesso will keep total control over product design and system maintenance. Accesso will also take care of clients with its standards.  

best UK share to buy

This is a big deal and we could see revenues of Accesso Technology grow going into 2023. By extension, this means its stock value could gain as well. 

The partnership with Sansei is one among the many deals that Accesso has made this year. In November, Accesso announced that it had made a ticketing deal with Calaway. Under the deal that became operational in November 2021, the Accesso Passport eCommerce ticketing suite provides an intuitive experience for guests. Operators can also deliver customized opportunities by providing everything they may need before taking their vacation. 

This is a big deal considering that Calaway is one of the largest amusement companies in Canada. Not only does the deal uplift Accesso's profile in Canada, but it will also play a role in driving revenues. This gives Accesso stock the potential to rally going into 2023. 

Another bullish aspect to Accesso is that insiders have been buying up the stock. Over the past year, several insiders have bought this stock, an indicator that they believe in the potential that Accesso has, going into 2023. This is a good reason to believe that ACSO is a good stock to consider in 2023. 

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17. Greggs (GRG)

Anyone who invested in Greggs (GRG) five years ago has made a profit of more than 200% so far. Going forward, there is a good chance that Greggs could remain a top-performing stock. 

top-performing stock to buy in the UK

For starters, Greggs is on an expansion path, despite the challenges that have come with this pandemic. Like many other companies in the food industry, Greggs has faced supply chain disruptions this year. Nonetheless, it recorded a 3.5% increase in sales in Q3 and plans to open 150 new stores in 2023. This is an indicator of a company that is sure of its position in the market and expects growth going forward. That's a strong reason to expect GRG stock to grow in value going into 2023. 

Greggs is in a buy zone, too, from a look at its technicals. News of planned expansion, and positive Q3 results have given GRG a huge boost throughout the last quarter of 2021. While the Omicron scare saw most stocks tank in early December, GRG was among those that held on to their value pretty strongly.

At the moment, Greggs is trading at key monthly support. 

Besides the expansion plans, Greggs is likely to have resolved the supply chain issues it is currently facing going into 2023. That's because they are short-term in nature. 

This leaves room for GRG to rally, as its core fundamentals drive its growth in 2023 and beyond. 

Greggs' books paint a picture of stability, too. That's important in these times when there is a possibility of interest going up, and new variants of COVID-19 coming up. For context, on how good the books are, Gregg's quarterly revenue growth is quite strong, standing at 81.70%. This is an indicator of a company whose products are in demand and one that has a sizable market share. 

Gregg also has a current ratio of 1.06, which means it can comfortably settle all its short-term debt obligations with ease. The company's operating cash flows are net positive, too, which means it is unlikely to struggle with liquidity issues in its operations.

A combination of good books and an aggressive expansion plan easily makes Gregg one of the top 10 British shares to buy for 2023. 

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18. K3 Business Technology (KBT)

Cloud computing is one of the fastest-growing aspects of tech. Data shows that the cloud computing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.3% between 2021 and 2026. This makes K3 Business Technology (KBT) one of the best UK stocks to buy for 2023. 

tech stock to buy in the UK

K3 Business Technology creates IT-related products and software to improve efficiency in the supply chain sector. The company operates through three units, including Own I.P., Global Accounts (presenting solutions internationally), and Third Party Products, which offers third-party developed but complementary offerings such as K3|Data Switch integration engine etc. 

K3 Business Technology also has a SYSPRO product suite that includes accounting modules like Payroll/Timekeeping Systems. This puts it right in the middle of a high-growth industry, a factor that could boost its revenue prospects in coming years. 

K3 Business Technology correlation to the performance of the broader cloud computing market is evident in the stock's performance year-to-date. Since January, KBT is up by 59%, making it one of the better stock performers in the LSE. 

Besides operating in a growth market, K3 Business Technology has a lot of other factors going for it. For instance, you will be glad to know that institutional players are taking note of this company. Institutions are usually not fond of small-cap stocks for their risks. However, institutional interest in KBT has been growing, and so far institutions own more than 50% of KBT stock. That's an indicator that smart money can see the potential that K3 Business Technology holds. 

It is also interesting to note that K3 Business Technology has a pretty healthy balance sheet. Since May this year, K3's debt levels have been going down. Specifically, debt levels dropped. 

Based on all these factors, it is not hard to see why K3 Business Technology is a good UK stock to add in 2023.


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19. TPXimpact Holdings (TPX)

TPXimpact Holdings (TPX) is a relatively small company. TPX makes it to this list because it has been drawing the interest of insiders and institutional investors alike. 

top shares to buy in the UK

For a relatively small company that has largely been flying under the radar, institutional money is now among the top 8 stockholders of TPX. This indicates that smart money can see the potential that TPX holds going forward. 

However, the most interesting bit is that the CEO, Neil Gandhi, is not only the largest shareholder but has also been buying up TPX shares. This is an indicator that someone who has something huge to lose believes in the potential for TPX stock to go up. That's a pretty good signal to include TPX among the basket of UK stocks to buy for 2023. 

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20. Airtel Africa (AAF)

Airtel Africa (AAF) is a dividend payer and a sustainable one at that. Airtel Africa paid out 33% of its profits in dividends in the last financial year. This means it is still left with enough money to grow cash flows and keep running its operations comfortably. These are characteristics of an excellent passive income stock to have in a 2023 UK stock portfolio. 

best shares to buy in the UK

Besides being a dividend payer, Airtel Africa wants to expand its mobile money and internet businesses. In August, Airtel announced that it had applied for a financial services license in Nigeria, one of its biggest markets. This is a factor that could see revenues go up in the future and drive up the stock price by extension.

Based on all the potential it holds for growth and a stable passive income, it makes sense to have Airtel Africa in a 2023 stock portfolio. 

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How To Choose The Best UK Shares For 2023?

To choose the best UK shares for 2023, you need to know about the British economy and policies.

The UK is an international leader in several different industries. They excel in IT Services and Media, but they also have their weaknesses. In essence, you need to understand how different UK companies measure up and their potential before investing.

To make sure that your investment pays off, you need to invest in high potential UK shares.

The first step in investing wisely is ensuring the company will be profitable and grow its value over time.

When researching a company's growth another thing to look out for is its revenue. You might also want to explore whether they've been acquiring new subsidiaries or developing other strategies that signal successful business practices.

You need to identify what makes your company different from other businesses in the same industry. What does it offer consumers that they can't find anywhere else?

You can never be too careful when it comes to investments. You'll want to make sure that you invest in stocks have a good reputation and aren't involved with shady practices or controversies like fraud before making your decision!

What To Look For When Finding The Best Shares To Buy Now In The UK

When share trading in the US, you will be exposed to thousands of highly profitable and seemingly sustainable shares. But finding the best shares to buy now in the UK requires that you look beyond the balance sheet and the company's attractive share price action.

Here are a few factors to consider when vetting the best shares to buy in 2023:

  • Industry of operation: Check the performance of the industry in which the company operates. Only buy shares of companies operating in high-growth industries.
  • Company financials: Examine the company's financial health. In addition to having posted an attractive price action, it should also have a healthy balance sheet with an equally healthy asset-to-liability portfolio.
  • Company outlook: It is also important that you only invest in high-growth companies. These companies are massively resilient and have a provably sustainable future.
  • Investing goals: Your choice of a share should also be informed by such factors as your risk tolerance and investing goal.

Where To Buy The Best Shares In The UK In 2023?

You now understand what the most popular stocks in the UK are. But where can you buy them?

Here are the top online brokerages that list a majority of the above discussed and thousands more local and international shares:

eToro - Best Share Investing App UK for Beginners

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eToro is a multi-regulated, multi-asset trading platform that lets you buy actual shares and trade share CFDs. It charges a 0% commission for share investing and competitive spreads for share CFDs.

You only need $10 to activate a user account with the brokerage firm. You will also have access to both social and copy trading tools that let you interact with others and earn from share investing passively.

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Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. - Best Stock Trading App for Innovativeness is a massively popular share trading platform thanks to its highly innovative trading platform. It is especially popular because of its ultra-fast transaction processing speeds and the fact that it integrates artificial intelligence into its trading platform. Unlike eToro, however, is a pure CFD trading platform, implying that you cannot buy actual shares on the platform. You can only trade share CFDs.

It nevertheless gives you access to thousands of shares - both local and international. They all can be margin traded with leverages of up to 5X for retail traders, and the brokerage doesn't charge any commission. It, too, runs a highly intuitive user interface, integrates some of the most advanced analysis and trading tools, and only requires $20 to activate a user account.

How To Buy The Best UK Shares In 2023

Buy The Best UK Shares

Most online brokerages and exchanges have oversimplified the process of buying shares on their platform. Here is the near-standard process of buying any best UK shares that have been embraced by virtually all regulated online trading platforms:

Step 1: Create a share trader account

Start by identifying a regulated and reputable online broker that lists Etsy shares. Create a trader account with them – it only takes a few minutes.

Step 2: Verify your identity

Every regulated broker will require you to verify your identity by submitting a copy of a government-issued identification document.

Step 3: Deposit funds

Log in to your approved stock trader account and deposit funds therein. Note that different brokers maintain varied minimum initial and trading limits. They also support varied deposit/withdrawal methods. Confirm the limits imposed by your preferred broker before creating the user account.

Step 4: Buy best shares

Search for your best stocks on your preferred broker's list of supported trading instruments and place a buy order.

That’s it! By following these easy steps, you can buy any top UK shares in less than 5 minutes.

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Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

Conclusion - Best Shares In The UK 2023

There goes everything you need to know about the best shares to buy in the UK in 2023. Here, we have introduced you to what our analysts and a growing majority of share investors believe to be the most popular shares to buy in the UK and hold over the next few months. They all have registered exemplary past price performance, are resilient, are easily accessible, and have a promising future. 

We have highlighted some key factors that every share investor - especially long-term investors - ought to consider when looking for the best shares to invest in. We must emphasize that you ought to look beyond the attractive share price action and into its resilience and happenings within the industry in which it operates.

Want to jump straight to buying shares in the UK? Register an investor account with a regulated broker - like eToro or - deposit funds, and start buying/trading the shares we have listed hereinabove and more.

eToro – Buy Top UK Stocks With 0% Commission

Open an account with eToro, deposit some funds with USD, and finally – buy Shares from just $10.

eToro Best Share Broker UK

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply.

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FAQs Best Shares UK

What is the best share to buy now in the UK?

Berkshire Hathaway is arguably the best share to buy now in the UK and hold onto well past 2023. But we have also discussed nine other stocks to watch and buy now, including Apple, BP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Standard Chartered, Exxon Mobil, AstraZeneca, British American Tobacco, and the iShares ISF ETF.

Can I make money investing in UK shares today?

Yes, you can make money buying and selling shares. To get started, you only need quality trading skills, enough capital, and access to premium trading and risk management tools.

How much do I need to start buying the best shares in the UK?

How much you need to start investing in shares UK depends on your choice of broker. Brokerages that support fractional share ownership, like eToro, will let you buy shares with as little as $10, while the rest will require you to raise the full amount - equal to the value of your preferred share.

What factors should I consider when finding the best shares to buy now in the UK?

When finding the best shares, consider such factors as the company's resilience, past share price action, and future outlook of both the company and the industry in which it operates. You may also want to vet such personal factors as your familiarity with the company/industry, investing goals, and risk tolerance.