What Will Shiba Inu Be Worth in 2025?

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Last Updated July 23rd 2021

Will Shiba Inu rise again? What will the SHIB tokens be worth in 2025, and should I hold Shiba Inu until 2025? If you are a medium to long-term crypto trader/investor, you’ve probably asked yourself one of these questions when looking at Shiba Inu price charts.

Well, while Shiba Inu has had a hard time breaking above its May 2021 highs, most investors and price prediction websites are confident that it will rebound and rise to between $0.0003 and 0.00006 by 2025. They are also confident that the self-proclaimed Dogecoin killer will break above the current HIB token ATH by the end of the year - but only if the market can sustain the slowly uptrending direction.

But with each passing day, this conviction grows weaker as market dynamics force a downtrend for Shiba Inu. It started on May 19 when China emphasized the Bitcoin ban in the country. This saw the token abandon a month-long price rally and shed more than 50% of its peak price in the 72 hours that followed.

For the last four weeks, SHIB token prices had stabilized around the $0.000007 and $0.000009 price levels. However, in the last few days, China has gone on the offensive, forcing finance and tech companies in the country to cut ties with cryptocurrencies and stop offering crypto-related services. Energy companies have also started switching off the electricity supply and issuing notices to some of the biggest Bitcoin mining farms in the country.

For the last 24 hours, therefore, the crypto markets have been on a freefall. At the time of writing (222nd June), Shiba Inu has more than 18% of its value in its value and as much as 85% off its peak price. At the same time, Bitcoin is 12% down on the 24-hour price scale and about 55% off its peak price.

The current situation, therefore, makes the question of what Shiba Inu will be worth in 2025 all too important.

Shiba Inu Price Prediction for 2025

Shiba Inu’s close association with Dogecoin - the epicenter of the crypto hype in the media now - has made it a hot topic in the crypto circles. Now everyone wants to know how far up (or low) it can go in the next few years and what it will be worth in 2025.

Multiple price prediction websites and crypto market observers have fronted several SHIB token price forecasts. And it is a mix of optimism and FUD over the Dogecoin killer’s future. While some expect a parabolic price jump for the token prices to the highs of $0.0002 some believe it will barely move from its current price level.

Technical analysis by the DigitalCoinPrice website indicates an upward-facing Shiba Inu price outlook. It indicates that the SHIB token prices will continue soaring - effectively making it a good medium-to-long-term investment. Despite the shocks currently hitting the market, their updated price prediction of Shiba Inu suggests that the coin may end the year trading at around $0.0000091 before pushing this lever up in the next four and half years and ending the year 2025 trading at $0.000018.

A similar analysis by Trading Beasts - yet another forecasting website - concurs with this finding and indicates that Shiba Inu may report an upswing for the next few years. It indicates that SHIB token price may rise by 62% to end the year selling for $0.0000101 and grow by 210%+ to start 2025 trading around the $0.0000194 mark.

Crypto analysts at Coinpedia are as optimistic as they are pessimistic about Shiba Inu’s future. Overall, they are confident that Shiba Inu has more chances of rising than of falling for the next few years. They expect FOMO, potential celebrity endorsements and mentions, an uptrending crypto market, and sustained social media hype to help push the token’s value above its current ATH in the next few years. Their analysis suggests the coin may end the year trading at $0.0000183 before advancing this to around $0.0000663 by 2025.

There, however, are two serious blockades to the achievement of these price predictions. First, the media hype fuelling SHIB token’s upward trajectory is not guaranteed and can die at any time. Secondly, and the most imminent, is the fact that most Shiba Inu HODLers are in the East (China). So, there is no telling the impact that the ongoing government crackdown on crypto will have on SHIB token prices.

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Will Shiba Inu Hit $1 in 2021?

Shiba crypto traders and investors wouldn’t want anything more than seeing the meme coin reach $1. But as analysis and a stack of irrefutable statistical facts indicate, it will be almost impossible for Shiba Inu tokens to grow their value to $1 by 2025 - or anytime soon.

To better understand the uphill climb that Shiba Inu has to scale before reaching $1, we will want to compare its target price to its current financial standing.

Today, after the massive drop, Shiba Inu is trading around $0.000005. To reach $1, therefore, the Dogecoin Killer will need to grow this value by an insurmountable 20 Million percent.

And if the goal is to reach parity with the USD before the end of 2025, the ERC-20 token would need to record a consistent annual price growth of 44$ Million percent for the next four and half years, or 371000% growth per month.

Considering that China’s crackdown is already sending shockwaves into the crypto market and sending SHIB token prices into a freefall, it is okay to assume that it will be impossible for the coin to reach $1 in 2025.

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Should I Hold Shiba Inu Until 2025?

Crypto industry observers and analysts are confident that Shiba Inu prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. It, in effect, makes absolute sense that you may want to hold onto SHIB tokens until 2025. Price predictions and market sentiments are bullish on Shiba Inu’s future, suggesting that it may be safe to hold on to SHIB tokens until 2025.

What they don’t put across plainly is that the upswing in SHIB token prices is not guaranteed. Instead, it is premised on the fulfilment of several conditions. Chief among them being a sustained bull run for the crypto industry in general, a sustained social media hype about both Shiba Inu and Dogecoin meme coins, and future celebrity endorsements.

Further, the predictions do not factor in changes in regulation - like is currently happening in China, the emergence of even more popular meme coins that take the shine away from Shiba Inu, or the dying down of the hype surrounding meme-coins.

Investing in SHIBs today with the aim of holding them until 2025 is, therefore, a huge gamble. It has the potential of rewarding you handsomely if the prices grow significantly or leaving a gaping hole in your crypto portfolio should the rally goes sideways.

In such a case, you are better off trading Shiba Inu CFDs that let you profit from either market direction.

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Multiple indicators suggest that Shiba Inu prices will continue rising for the next few years and possibly set a new ATH before 2025. Some price prediction websites are even convinced that it will reach $0.00006. And they expect media hype, celebrity endorsement/mentions, uptrending crypto market, and FOMO to play a key role in fuelling this growth.

But they are also wary of the level of damage that the current and future crackdown of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in China may have on SHIB token prices. The massive growth that the coin has to surmount to reach $1 also makes us believe that it will not reach this target in the four and half years or ever. 

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