What Will Solana (SOL) Be Worth in 2030?

Last Updated August 2nd 2021
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CoinPriceForecast: Long term Solana price prediction by the technical analysis website indicates that the Solana altcoin price will continue rising and probably reach $2.6 by the end of 2030.

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction: A technical analysis report of Solana token prices by the CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website suggests that one SOL token will sell for $3528.78 in December 2030.

Launched a little over a year ago, Solana blockchain is already being touted as one of the most promising decentralised exchanges today. This has given its SOL token prices a significant boost and got investors wondering; what will Solana be worth in 2030?

The general feeling within the crypto community is that Solana holds a lot of potential for future growth and that its token prices will most likely be worth more in 2030. The token has already performed exemplarily and currently boasts of an overall ROI of 16000%+. Still, crypto experts are optimistic that it will continue Solana tokens will continue compounding on the gains this far to reach between $100 and $3600 by December 2030.

During the early 2021 crypto market rally, Solana token prices shot to an all-time high of $58 - a major leap considering that it had started the year trading at $1.6. For a moment, the coin seemed to have trained its sight on a price above $100, but then the Chinese ban and Elon Musk effects disrupted the highly potent rally and sent SOL token prices crashing below $25.

Today, Solana is trading at $35 - about 40% below its peak price. But even then, the zeal that the SOL token prices showed between January and May 2021 has many crypto analysts and investors convinced that it has the potential to rise even higher.

So, how high up do they expect SOL token prices to reach? We address this by looking at the factors that experts believe will fuel Solana’s price growth and look at their price predictions.

Solana (SOL) Price Prediction for 2030

There are so many variables acting on the price of cryptocurrencies like Solana, which means predicting Solana’s price for 2030 can be hard. The fact that the crypto space is still a nascent industry implies that fast-paced market dynamics are bound to change the course of the market or the specific coin, effectively invalidating your prediction. This then explains why most analysts don’t provide long-term price forecasts for cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, the general belief within the crypto circles is that Solana token prices will continue rising and setting new records as we head into 2030. But why does everyone seem confident that Solana token prices will sustain an uptrend moving forward?

Below, we look at some of the price drivers that are expected to influence Solana token prices and the impact they will have on its value moving forward.

They include:

  • Solana network upgrades
  • Adoption and acceptance
  • Ethereum development
  • Bitcoin price

Now, let us go over the impact each of these will have on Solana token prices as we approach 2030.

Solana network upgrades

The Solana network is fairly new and still a work in progress. The Solana project COO Raj Gokal recently shared the Solana network roadmap with the public and the blockchain’s mission of onboarding 1 Billion users. He stated that in addition to the much-anticipated cross-chain upgrade that allows for interoperability, Solana would feature NFTs, Entertainment, Gaming, and DeFi platforms that draw in more users. The more users the technology gets, the higher the demand for its tokens grows and, in effect, their prices.

Adoption and acceptance

Crypto analysts are also banking on Solana’s increased adoption and acceptance to play a key role in the altcoins market direction. The adoption by speculative investors due to its attractive ROI and by corporates looking to build on-chain programs because of its scalability and affordability are also expected to thrust its token prices upwards.

The acceptance of Solana tokens as a medium of exchange and store of value, as well as its listing on more crypto exchanges or similar other trading platforms, would also incite SOL token price uptrend moving forward.

Ethereum development

The much-anticipated launch of Ethereum 2.0 is expected to kill most supposed “Ethereum Killers.” But the Solana blockchain has future-proofed itself a possible ETH upgrade by making its platform more scalable and even more appealing. For instance, while the upgraded Ethereum is expected to process about 600 transactions per second, Solana will process 50000 transactions per second.

Not to mention that Solana has more developer-friendly and easier to interact with the platform. Therefore, while Ethereum’s upgrade will possibly dent Solana’s value or slow its uptrend, such a disruption will only be minimal and temporal.

Bitcoin prices

Solana’s token prices are highly correlated to Bitcoin’s price action, but so is the larger crypto market. If Bitcoin prices rise in future, it is expected that Solana’s will follow suit. Between now and 2030, Bitcoin will halve twice - in 2024 and 2028 - and both events are expected to result in a rally that catapults its prices to new heights.

In the immediate future, the Bitcoin blockchain will be undergoing its first major upgrade in four years - the Taproot upgrade in November - which is expected to incite a rally. In all these instances, Solana is also expected to rally and possibly set a new all-time high with every rally.

What Are Experts Saying About Solana (SOL) in 2030?

We have mentioned above that most crypto experts do not provide long term cryptocurrency price predictions. You, therefore, won’t find a lot of Solana price forecasts that extend to 2030 or beyond. But we have scoured the internet and identified a few that either reach 2030 or close to 2030 from some of the most reputable crypto analysts and price prediction websites.

Digital Coin Price

The Digital Coin Price is a price prediction website that uses technical analysis in forecasting the future price of different cryptocurrencies. However, their coverage only extends to the next 7 years, and it can, therefore, only tell us what the analysis report indicates Solana will be worth in 2028.

At the moment, their analysis points to a steady growth that takes the Solana token to be valued at $153.86 by the end of 2028. Applying the pre-2028 rate of growth for the altcoin, one may safely assume that Solana will reach $180 by 2030.


An analysis of Solana’s future by crypto experts at SimpleSwap exchange is highly bullish of Solana’s future. They indicate that Solana’s value appreciation will be fast-paced and that it may push its token value as high as $3677 by the end of 2030.


Crypto experts at Coinpedia are also confident that Solana token price will continue rising in the foreseeable future. They especially foresee rapid value growth for Solana tokens in the next few years. But their analysis only extends to 2026 when they believe Solana will be selling for $300. Assuming that the altcoin sustains that growth rate beyond 2026, it is safe to say that Solana could easily break above $500 by 2030.

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When Will Solana (SOL) Reach $100?

The truth is no one can tell when Solana, or any other cryptocurrency, will hit a major price milestone - thanks to the untamed volatility of the crypto prices and unpredictability of the crypto market. The crypto community is nevertheless convinced that Solana will reach $100 within the next 5 years. How soon it gets here will, however, depend on how fast the crypto market recovers and how soon the next crypto market rally kicks in.

Conclusion: What Will Solana (SOL) Be Worth in 2030?

Generally, Solana token price will be way more valuable in 2030 than they are today. The crypto community is confident that Solana blockchain has everything it needs to force a rebound of its token prices and sustain an uptrend that pushes them to between $100 and $3600 by December 2030.

This, however, is a huge gamble. There is no guarantee that Solana will eventually reach any of these predictions or when it will. Just like these analysts, we can only assume that Solana token prices will continue appreciating in value and be more valuable in 2030 than they are today. 

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