Will Fantom (FTM) Make Me Rich?

Last Updated February 1st 2022
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Should I even consider investing in Fantom over the long term? Will it make me rich?

Well, the odds are high that Fantom token prices will continue rising over the next few years, which not only makes it a reliable long-time investment but also gives it the potential of making its investors exceedingly rich.

We base this response on the fact that throughout the year, Fantom has been entering into multiple partnerships, upgrading its ecosystem, and maximizing investor interest- all of which are expected to play a critical role in its eventual price take-off.

After looking at the altcoin’s spirited price action over the last few months, the level of activity going on within the Fantom network, and the increasing investor interaction with the token (as evidenced by its soaring daily trade volumes), crypto experts are now convinced that Fantom token is finally out of incubation and ready for take-off.

On October 28th it set its all-time high of $$3.48 and continues to attract both investor and media interest, which are expected to continue pushing FTM token prices upwards.

In this post, we will be telling you if you can make money investing in Fantom, looking at what you stand to make in the next few years, and telling breaking down a few reasons why crypto experts believe that Fantom is a viable long-term investment.

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Can I Make Money Investing In Fantom (FTM)?

Yes, you will almost definitely make money when you invest in Fantom today, and the easiest plus the least risky way of doing it is via the buy and hold (better known as HODLing) strategy. It involves buying FTM token’s at the currently low price levels and waiting for their value to grow over the next few years. For instance, by the turn of the decade, most analysts are confident that Fantom will most likely be selling for $100 - which translates to a 4600%+ value appreciation.

Here is an example: If you invested $1,000 in Fantom today, this investment would have grown to $47,600 by the end of 2030. And if you want to make $1 million before 2030 while investing in Fantom, you will need to buy Fantom tokens worth $25,000 today. Of course, these are hypothetical examples based on the assumption that FTM token prices will reach $100 in the next nine years.

The next most common investment strategy that you could use to make money investing in Fantom is - active trading. Unlike HODLing, which involves holding on to the FTM token for a long time, trading involves leveraging Fantom’s price volatility by buying the altcoin at relatively low prices and selling it immediately after this value rises. This could be after a few seconds, days, or months.

But you need to understand that making it as a trader calls for deep trading experience, access to advanced trading and analysis tools, and significant trading capital.

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Will Fantom (FTM) Eventually Reach $100?

Yes, it is highly likely that FTM token prices will eventually break above $100. In fact, multiple fundamental and technical crypto analysts are confident that it will get to this price level within the next 10 years.

This will be made possible by, among other factors, the fact that the demand for FTM tokens, its blockchain technology is on the rise, and the investor community is surging. Not to mention that its relatively small and fixed maximum FTM token supply supports a per-token price above $100.

For starters, Fantom as a smart contract blockchain beats most of its competitors, particularly Ethereum and the upcoming Ethereum 2.0, when it comes to transaction speeds and cost. Most of the Fantom ecosystem upgrades in the recent past have also been geared towards making the blockchain a pioneer in the DeFi and NFT niches. Therefore, if this pace explodes and becomes the next big thing in the next few years, as predicted by multiple crypto experts, it will propel FTM token prices to unimaginable heights.

Additionally, Fantom’s community is snowballing, and it too is expected to play a vital role in the altcoin’s journey towards $100. Barely 12 months ago, has the larger section of the crypto market did not know about Fantom. Fast forward to today, the altcoin’s disruptive impact is being compared to such other Ethereum killers as Cardano and Solana, its following on different social media platforms has surged, and FTM’s daily trade volume has shot from an average $10 Million a year ago to between $400 million and $1 Billion in the last 7 days. This signals increased investor interest and FOMO, which has consistently influenced the rice action of virtually every crypto asset.

Where Will Fantom (FTM) Be In 5 Years?

Fantom prices have been on a steady uptrend for the last three months, and crypto analysts are confident that it can sustain this price direction and be more valuable in 5 years than it is today. They all have varied opinions on how high up FTM token price can reach, but they generally feel that it will be trading between $7 and 12 by this time in 2027.

Technical analysis by the Wallet Investor, for instance, indicates that Fantom prices could reach $4.94 by the end of 2022 before rising further to hit $18.70 in the next 5 years.

Yet another technical analysis by DigitalCoinPrice indicates that Fantom will most likely be trading around $3.15 by the end of the year and as high as $6.4 in the last quarter of 2027.

The most optimistic forecast of Fantom’s price action for the next 5 years is provided by Gov. Capital - a price prediction site that uses both technical analysis and machine learning. It indicates that FTM prices could reach $4.27 by December 2022 and that they could reach as high as $16.45 within the next 5 years.

Where Will Fantom (FTM) Be In 10 Years?

Because of the many variables influencing Fantom prices, most technical analysts and crypto experts will not share their FTM price forecast for the next 10 years. The few that do expect the altcoin’s prices to continue rising and either break above or trade around the $100 price level.

PricePrediction.Net and CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, for instance, are hugely bullish on Fantom’s price action for the next few years. They are confident that by 2030, FTM token’s [rice will have pierced above $82 and $118.19, respectively.

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Is Fantom (FTM) A Good Long Term Investment?

Yes, Fantom has all the features of a solid long-term investment. It has already proven to be a profitable investment with its overall positive ROI that currently exceeds 15600%. The token also has the backing of a hugely promising blockchain technology that has on several occasions been described as the most potent Ethereum killer and is expected to benefit the most from the incoming DeFi and NFT explosion.

But more than DeFi and NFT, the Fantom blockchain is popularizing its revolutionary Lachesis consensus algorithm that rivals the likes of Ethereum and any other proof of stake algorithm when it comes to security, speed, cost, and interoperability. These features appeal to developers looking to build safer and easier to use decentralized programs and protocols without compromising their transaction costs.

These, plus such other factors as stable-to-uptrending crypto market performance, increasing media attention, and the pouring in of investor funds, also make Fantom an excellent long-term buy.

Conclusion: Should I Buy Fantom (FTM) Today?

Well, we have ascertained that most crypto experts are confident that Fantom token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future and confirmed that it is an excellent long term buy. We also mentioned that Fantom just set a new time high price and that it is expected to grow by more than 4,600% to reach $100 by the turn of the decade. All these factors prove that Fantom is a solid investment that every long term focused investor should consider adding to their portfolio.

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