Will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Make Me Rich?

Last Updated March 21st 2023
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What will SafeMoon be worth in the next 5 to 10 years? And if I invest in this token today, how rich can it make me in the next few years?

Well, Safemoon token prices have appreciated by more than 10000%, according to CoinMarketCap - making its earliest investors incredibly rich. Moving forward, the general opinion within the crypto community is that Safemoon’s value will continue rising, effectively making more of its current investors insanely rich.

By the end of 2030, for instance, the crypto price forecasting platform PricePrediction.Net estimates that Safemoon token prices will have made a 4000% jump. This implies that if you invest in the DeFi token today and its price action rallies on as predicted here, you will be 40X richer by the turn of the decade.

In this post, we will tell you how much you stand to make when you invest in Safemoon today. We will also look at how high up Safemoon token prices can get in the near future and the impact such a move would have on your portfolio.

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Can I Make Money Investing In SafeMoon?

Yes, it is highly likely that you will make money in the future if you invest in Safemoon today. As we have stated above, the overall crypto market - from crypto experts to analysts and even social media sentiments - is hugely bullish on Safemoon’s future price performance. The majority of experts and performance measurement metrics indicate that Safemoon prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future, and so will your Safemoon investment.

One of the factors that convince fundamental analysts that SafeMoon prices will continue soaring is the fact that SafeMoon burns 5% tokens for every transaction. This has the overall net effect of slashing SafeMoon’s supply against a goring demand, which has the net effect of inspiring value gain.

Crypto industry observers have also noted that when Dogecoin made it to a top 10 cryptocurrency, its earliest investors took profit and started looking for the next promising meme coin. They landed on Shiba Inu, and massive price gain campaigns helped it make it to a top 10 cryptocurrency. They are now convinced that the earliest Dogecoin and Shiba Inu investors are on the hunt for the next meme currency, and the odds are high that it could be SafeMoon.

That said, we must add that there are two highly practical ways of making money with SafeMoon -holding and trading. Hodling involves buying SafeMoon tokens with the intention of holding on to them for a long time as you ride its progressive value gain. Trading, on the other hand, involves taking advantage of SafeMoon’s volatile price action by buying when its value dips and selling when it peaks.

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Will SafeMoon Eventually Reach $100?

No, chances of Safemoon’s price reaching $100 even in the long term are quite lean. In fact, most crypto experts are not convinced that Safemoon prices will reach $1 or even get close to one cent in the foreseeable future.

Much of this dovish view of Safemoon’s future price action can be traced to the meme currency’s bloated maximum token supply. At the moment, for instance, there are well over 585.536 trillion SAFEMOON tokens in circulation. A per-token valuation of $100 would, therefore, raise the meme coin’s market cap to inconceivable levels, making it larger than the entire world’s GDP - several times over.

Other factors that crypto experts point to when highlighting how impossible it is for SafeMoon to reach $100 or even $1 include the fact that it has no real-world use case, and it derives much of its hype from speculative investor/trader interests. Like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin before it, they are convinced that this investor interest would die down as soon as its price stagnates after making it to the list of the 10 most valuable crypto projects.

What Will SafeMoon Be Worth In 5 Years?

Safemoon prices will most likely continue uptrending for the next 5 years, and the majority of experts and investors expect it to be worth way more than it is today.

Crypto experts at Economy Watch are, for instance, hugely bullish on Safemoon’s price action for the next 5 years. After technical and fundamental analysis of the meme currency, they have concluded that it could grow by close to 600% in the next five years and storm into 2026, trading around for $0.000025.

Analysts at Changelly, are equally confident that Safemoon will sustain the current uptrend for the next 5 years. By the end of 2025, they expect the altcoin to have appreciated by close to 400% and trading around $0.000015.

Where Will SafeMoon Be In 10 Years?

Taking into account its past price action, the direction of the overall crypto market, and the developments going on in the SafeMoon network, crypto experts are convinced that SAFEMOON token prices will continue rising for the next 10 years. They expect it to be worth way more in 2030 and 2031 than it is today.

The CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, for instance, expects SafeMoon price to appreciate by more than 11500% to reach $0.000483 by December 2030.

Other factors that most of the experts believe will drive the DeFi token’s future price action and direction include SafeMoon’s fast-growing investor community, blockchain technology adoption rate, future celebrity endorsements, and changing crypto market trends.

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Is SafeMoon a Good Long-Term Investment?

Well, you cannot ignore the fact that SafeMoon is a meme currency that derives its value from nothing but speculative investor/trader interests, which is a huge red flag. But over the past couple of months, its developers have started chasing legitimacy and have even proposed numerous programs on the network.

They, for instance, have launched a working SafeMoon wallet and recently announced that they were already working on a Safemoon NFT exchange. Such a shift, the fact that it has performed exemplarily well in the past, and the optimism among crypto industry players about its future price action gives it the qualities of a good buy.

So, should you be buying Safemoon today?

We will answer this by looking at what you stand to make in the next few years if you invest in Safemoon today, according to the forecasts we have highlighted above.

For starters, we will assume that you have just invested $1000 in Safemoon today (first week of November 2021). Assuming that the crypto market remains relatively calm and the meme coin prices rose to reach $0.000025 in the next 5 years, as predicted by crypto experts at Economy Watch, you will be $6000 richer by the end of 2026.

In our second example, we assume that you are going long-term on the altcoin and have just bought SAFEMOON tokens worth $1000. For this case, we assume that the technical analysis of Safemoon’s future price action by CryptocurrencyPricePrediction is correct, and the meme currency hits $0.00048 in December 2030. In such a case, you will grow your crypto portfolio to $11,500 in less than 9 years.

This shows you why SafeMoon is a good long-term investment, especially if its prices continue soaring.

Conclusion: Should I Buy SafeMoon?

Ideally, the decision to buy should be informed by more than an altcoin’s future price projections as told by third parties. You should consider such factors as your crypto trading experience, the amount of disposable income at hand, and your trading strategy. Even more importantly, take time to study the cryptocurrency and gauge its possible price action.

Once you confirm our findings and the opinions of the different crypto experts and analysts that we have featured here, go ahead and buy SafeMoon. You can then choose to simply HODL or trade the altcoin, and a growing number of crypto trading exchanges will provide you with a platform where you can buy and sell SafeMoon tokens.

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