Best Methods On How To Earn Safemoon Coins Fast

How Do I Get SAFEMOON Coins?

Last Updated March 29th 2022
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In this article, Trading Education will share some of the best methods on how to earn SAFEMOON Coins fast. This will help you get to know the numerous ways to earn SAFEMOON Coins fast.

SafeMoon is one of the emerging decentralized finance protocols on the Binance Smart Chain. It was irrelevant after its launch due to the more than one thousand (1,000) decentralized applications in the decentralized finance space. 

But after its native asset SAFEMOON returned more than 11,000% gains within 30 days of being a crypto trading asset, people’s perception of the whole project changed. 

After reaching an all-time high in April and transforming several portfolios, the cryptocurrency succumbed to the negative crypto market sentiment that engulfed the crypto market in May, June, and July 2021. 

SAFEMOON has recovered well from trading for new high lows for several months. This has led several experts to make bullish forecasts about its potential value in the future.

Such predictions have sparked great interest in the token across search engines and social media platforms. This is evident by the number of people who are asking when and how they can get SAFEMOON coins. 

More specifically, some of the questions trending are how do I get SAFEMOON, how to earn free SAFEMOON coins, how do I earn SAFEMOON, how much do you earn from SAFEMOON, is SAFEMOON worth buying, and how do I get free tokens for SAFEMOON?

Due to the here-and-now nature of the cryptocurrency market, millions of people ask the question what are the best methods on how to earn SAFEMOON coins fast

Unsurprisingly, the question provides 1,110,000 (1.1 million) results in 0.56 seconds. Such a question is in people’s minds because of the fear of missing out (FOMO) on a potential explosion of SAFEMOON’s value in the not-too-distant future. 

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance as a whole are opening up opportunities for the unbanked and underbanked

Therefore, all manner of persons from all walks of life so long as they have access to an internet connection can try their hands on the more than 13,000 coins on the market. 

As a result, you should not dream about owning SAFEMOON. This article will provide you with 5 legal ways you can earn SAFEMOON coins fast.

How Can I Earn Safemoon Fast? 

Below we've listed the best methods on how to earn Safemoon Coins very fast.

1. Get Paid in SAFEMOON 

2. Lend SAFEMOON for Profits 

3. Earn SAFEMOON through Promotions 

4. SAFEMOON Mining 

5. SAFEMOON Trading 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Get Paid In Safemoon 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to earn SAFEMOON is to get paid in SAFEMOON. But how do I get paid in SAFEMOON? You should know that the world of work continues to change daily.

Twenty (20) years ago, it was difficult to find work and get paid through other ways aside from traditional financial institutions such as banks

During the turn of the century, the introduction of PayPal and MoneyBookers (which is now known as SKRILL) made it easy for freelancers to find work online and demand payments via these online wallets. 

The last decade through the innovation of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin and blockchain technology has provided workers with a new way of receiving payment and that is through cryptocurrencies such as SAFEMOON. 

One of the areas where you can find work and get paid through SAFEMOON is work-from-home jobs. On freelance marketplace such as FIVERR, FREELANCER, UPWORK, CRAIGSLIST, INDEED, MONSTER, and ZIPRECRUITER among others, you will find several people that want tasks completed. 

Once you are done performing the task, if the person is open to paying you by cryptocurrencies, you can send details of your wallet, and see your SAFEMOON reflect in your wallet. 

Caution, wallets that support SAFEMOON are TrustWallet, MetaMask, and others. Trading Education would like to recommend TrustWallet since it has a close relationship with the blockchain that houses the SafeMoon Protocol (Binance Smart Chain). Aside from that, Trust Wallet can be linked with PancakeSwap (DAPP on Binance Smart Chain) where you can also buy more SAFEMOONs. 

Lending Safemoon For Profits 

As of 2nd November 2021, there are 2,830,831 holders of SAFEMOON; it is possible to use the profits from holding onto the tokens for the long term to buy more SAFEMOON coins. 

One of the simplest ways of earning SAFEMOON is to find a person who is a blockchain enthusiast, decentralized finance fan, and cryptocurrency trader. Once you settle on someone, you can lend him or her an amount of money to trade digital assets for passive income. Once gains are made, you can invest your profits into buying more SAFEMOON coins.

Another way of lending SAFEMOON for profits is to lend money to a friend who is an expert in decentralized finance to join liquidity provider pools on the Ethereum Network. 

Decentralized applications such as Maker, Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and Yearn Finance provide awesome annual percentage yields for liquidity providers. 

Researching about where profitability can be maximized, this DeFi expert can make huge earnings. 

The profits will be in Ether (ETH) tokens. All you have to do is swap the worth of your ETH tokens for SAFEMOON coins.

Based on the price patterns of Ether at the point of swapping, your SAFEMOON holdings can increase substantially as well.

Earn Free Safemoon Through Promotions 

You can earn SAFEMOON through promotions. The most recent promotion to earn free SAFEMOON was Operation Double Up

This was created to celebrate with the SafeMoon Community. Participants were given a chance to double their SAFEMOON holdings. 

Another way of earning free SAFEMOON is through affiliate programs

In such a situation you are going to work for individuals or organizations helping them gain extensive mileage online. 

Some of the activities you would perform include but are not limited to reading articles (short and long-form), watching videos to help improve advertisement engagements, performing captchas, and completing surveys. 

You can earn more SAFEMOONs from these programs if you direct a significant amount of traffic to websites and products. You may get bonuses for leads that could be converted to sales. 

You can reinvest your commissions into SAFEMOON.

Safemoon Trading 

SAFEMOON trading is the fastest and most popular way of earning more SAFEMOON coins. This is one of the best methods on how to earn SAFEMOON coins fast. 

On cryptocurrency exchanges such as DeCoin, Biki, Biswap, WhiteBIT, Bitbus, MEXC, Hoo, Jubi, BitForex, LBank, KICKEX, Gate io, Bitrue, ZB Global, and BitMart you can trade SAFEMOON with other cryptocurrencies. 

These are some of the largest cryptocurrencies by daily volume (record more than $1 billion daily). Aside from these exchanges, you can also trade SAFEMOON on decentralized exchange PancakeSwap V2.  

Inasmuch as signing up for accounts take a few minutes, you should know the pros and cons of investing in SAFEMOON, as well as the pros and cons of the aforementioned exchanges before risking your hard-earned money.

Investing in SAFEMOON and all cryptocurrencies come with risk. Risk what you can afford to lose.

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Safemoon Mining 

SafeMoon Mining is one of the recommended methods on how to earn SAFEMOONs online fast. 

Mining is the primary way through which new SAFEMOONs are entered into circulation, new blocks are generated, and transactions are confirmed

You can become a SAFEMOON miner in two ways. You can purchase a highly powerful computer system that goes by the name of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICS). 

On the other hand, you can join a mining pool. One of the platforms that make this possible is CLAYMORE DUAL MINER

You can use a Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) of 6 Gigabytes as internal memory. 

The mining fee is relatively low. You can earn daily rewards for SAFEMOON. 

Either of the two ways can help you earn thousands, millions, or even billions of SAFEMOONs.

Why Safemoon Coins? 

Before dividing into the best methods on how to earn SAFEMOON Coins fast, it is important to get clear about one question: Why SAFEMOON

SafeMoon is a decentralized finance protocol that was founded in March 2021 by an individual called John Karony

The protocol provides a combination of Reflect Finance (RFI) and the generation of auto liquidity to give long-term holders awesome annual percentage yields (APY). Thus, users can use the protocol over the internet without any intermediaries overseeing their transactions. 

The benefits of owning SAFEMOON Coins are briefly discussed below. 

1. Huge Growth Potential ─ SafeMoon is less than a year old. 

With that said, the project’s whitepaper points to a feasible roadmap. In the future, SafeMoon wants to develop a non-fungible token exchange, charity projects, crypto educational applications, and Coin LaunchPad (to help people build cryptocurrencies of their own). 

This means that the market value of its native asset, SAFEMOON, will not rely on speculation (the forces of demand and supply) for long. Although cryptocurrencies do not have intrinsic value, SAFEMOON’s value will come from the possibilities of the Protocol where it functions. 

In the long term, the accomplishment of the milestones will have a positive valuation on the SafeMoon project through its token. 

2. Provides Passive Income

The aim of SafeMoon is to buy and hold the token for the long term. One of the ways of generating liquidity is through selling fees. As of November 2021, the fee is still 10% of the worth of SAFEMOON tokens at the point of sale. Half of this figure (5%) is shared among SAFEMOON holders. At the end of the year, this figure could amount to 80% of your holdings. 

As per Binance’s Crypto User Index of 2021, many crypto users cited passive income as one of the primary reasons why they got into crypto trading and investing. Most of the participants also believed lending, staking, and holding coins for the long term were the only way any crypto fan could see enormous earnings. 

Because more than 90% of digital currencies have brought returns of at least 100% for their respective holders, having a stake in SAFEMOON could bring enormous gains (passive income) over a long period.  

Although young, the SafeMoon Community is one of the vibrant in the decentralized finance space. SAFEMOON made strong gains after several traders got to know it was going to offer more innovative products to the already existing decentralized applications (DAPPS). 

Once the NFT Marketplace and other applications are launched, SafeMoon will see more users and the price of its token, SAFEMOON, will also increase significantly.

3. Cheaper Way of Paying for Online Services

Owning SAFEMOON makes it easy for you to buy goods and services across several merchants. But several people may ask, how can you use SAFEMOON to make purchases online when it is not a mainstream transactional currency

SAFEMOON can be swapped for other tokens, primarily Binance Coin (BNB) and other coins such as Ether (ETH). These tokens are supported by thousands of merchants. Therefore if you hold a substantial amount of SAFEMOON, you could buy more goods with your swapped tokens. 

Now that you know the benefits of holding SAFEMOON, let us zoom straight into the best methods you can use to earn SAFEMOONs quickly.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Final Take 

Although there are several methods you can employ to earn SAFEMOONs fast, you should know that the highly volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market means each method comes with its own set of risks. 

Therefore, you should always ask the question, do the risks and costs of using a particular method to earn SAFEMOON tokens fast outweigh the rewards from using that particular method to earn SAFEMOON tokens

As a novice trader and investor, you are going to find several recommendations online that promise to help you earn SAFEMOON coins fast. 

Do not fall for all the information you find online. 

Instead, you should understand your preferred method of earning SAFEMOON and ensure it is a legitimate way of earning SAFEMOON coins fast.

Although Trading Education recommends TRADING as the best method to earn SAFEMOONs fast, you must experiment with different methods so that you can profit from mining pools and promotions. 

What’s more, you should also consider yields from lending money to experienced cryptocurrency traders to make more money in fiat currency which can be used to buy more SAFEMOON.

If you are solely vested in choosing to earn SAFEMOON through trading, do well to take advantage of the virtual or demo account feature of exchanges. 

Once you gain experience risking virtual funds, you can trade SAFEMOON with real funds on a live account. 

Take a stake in the cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and non-fungible token (NFT) space since the SafeMoon Protocol is very active in these categories. 

You could be one of the few traders and investors who earned millions and billions of free SAFEMOONs by responding timely to promotions and other events that revolve around the SafeMoon project and the whole decentralized finance space as a whole.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Can I Mine SAFEMOON on My Phone?

YES! You can mine SAFEMOON on your phone BUT it is not appropriate. This is because the requirement for mining SAFEMOON is finding the right computer equipment with high computational power. You can therefore use application-specific integrated circuit (ASICs) systems to help you mine SAFEMOON efficiently. Aside from that, if you choose to join a mining pool, the basic requirement is 6 GB of Video Random Access Memory (Internal Memory). You are better off using your personal computer which has a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) rather than trusting the low features of your smartphone.

Can You Mine SAFEMOON?

YES! You can mine SAFEMOON. Be careful about the numerous videos trending online as well as the several applications that have been created to help you mine and get free SAFEMOON within minutes. To mine SAFEMOON efficiently, you should have the right mining equipment. Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASICs) for highly efficient independent miners and an upgraded personal computer for those who want to mine SAFEMOON through mining pools.

How Can I Get a Free SAFEMOON?

There are several ways of getting free SAFEMOONs but you should always use the best and safest methods to get free SAFEMOON coins. You can use a legitimate mining pool such as CLAYMORE DUAL MINER. Aside from this, you can earn free SAFEMOON through promotions online. You can also earn free SAFEMOON from doing petty tasks online such as writing, editing, and proofreading. You can request payments via SAFEMOON.

How Do You Mine SAFEMOON?

You can mine SAFEMOON by contributing to computational power in the form of a mining pool. You can access a SAFEMOON mining through CLAYMORE DUAL MINER. Aside from this, you can mine SAFEMOON independently by upgrading your personal computer or purchasing new hardware that is in line with the feature of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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