Best Web 3.0 Crypto Coins To Buy In 2023

Last Updated April 26th 2023
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The idea of a fourth industrial revolution that will bring in the next evolution of the internet has been a talking point for several years now, but it seems that the drawing of the age of Web 3.0 could now be upon us–with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology poised to lead the way. As such, now could be a time of great opportunity for forward-thinking crypto investors.

In this guide, we take an in-depth look at the best web 3.0 crypto coins to buy, touching on what they are, their price potential, and how to buy them today – all with low trading fees. We’ll also be looking at some of the leading web 3.0 projects that have clearly defined use cases for supporting the third iteration of the internet age. 

List Of The Best ​​Web 3.0 Crypto Coins To Buy

Realistically, the majority of leading cryptocurrency projects could be considered Web 3.0 in some sense or another. However, we have tried to identify the Web 3.0 projects that have a clearly defined and valuable use case along with having already gained a certain amount of momentum within the industry.

This list is by no means exhaustive–there are plenty of other Web 3.0 tokens worth considering. But in our opinion, the following Web 3.0 tokens are good options for kicking off your web 3.0 portfolio:

  • Ethereum - Cryptocurrency With The Most Web 3.0 Developers
  • Basic Attention Token - Web 3.0 Project With Huge Potential To Grow
  • SushiSwap - Decentralized Exchange Offering an NFT Marketplace
  • Decentraland - Best Web 3.0 And Metaverse Crypto Project
  • Filecoin - One Of The Key Players In Web 3.0 Industry
  • The Graph - A Pillar Crypto For Web 3.0
  • - Promising Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency To Watch
  • Tron - Top Web 3.0 Project For Digital Entertainment
  • Cardano - Overall The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency To Invest In
  • Binance Coin - A Promising Long-term Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency


A Closer Look At The Top Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2023

Planning to invest in Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies? With more than 100 Web 3.0 coins, choosing the best ones to rally is not an easy thing to do. Fear not, we have put a list together of the best Web 3.0 crypto coins to buy and invest in today!

1. Ethereum - Cryptocurrency With The Most Web 3.0 Developers

First on our list of the best Web 3.0 coins to buy in 2023 is Ethereum. By cryptocurrency standards, Ethereum is approaching middle age and has been dogged by congestion issues and high fees in recent months. However, it remains the most popular smart chain by a considerable margin and several major projects–including web 3.0 projects–are built on its blockchain. 

top web 3 cryptocurrencies

Despite its recent issues, Ethereum is currently undergoing its 2.0 upgrade which will significantly improve its speed and scalability. In theory, it will also reduce the network’s GAS fees. Assuming these upgrades prove successful, Ethereum could once again establish itself as the most advanced blockchain on the market.

Whilst there are certainly rival smart chains out there, Ethereum has already built such momentum that it is likely to play a key part in web 3.0–at least in the early days. Ethereum is also one of the more stable investments in the crypto space, so buying Ether is probably a good starting point for your web 3.0 portfolio. 

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2. Basic Attention Token - Web 3.0 Project With Huge Potential To Grow

One of the industries that web 3.0 has the potential to completely reform is advertising. Anyone who has done any web browsing will know that the experience usually involves being bombarded with marketing content, such as pop-ups, autoplay videos and suchlike. Basic Attention Token is part of a project that hopes to completely overhaul the online marketing experience–improving it for organisations and consumers alike. 

top web 3 crypto projects

BAT is the native cryptocurrency of the Brave browser. Whilst Brave essentially works just like any other leading browser it also blocks ads by default. The ads that are blocked are replaced with those from trusted partners, that the user can opt-in to view. In return, users are rewarded with BAT every time they view an ad. This makes for a better browsing experience for the user, whilst streamlining the marketing process for organisations, making advertising more cost-effective.

Digital advertising is big business too–with the market estimated to be worth some $330 billion. If Basic Attention Token proves to be a success and uptake continues, then there’s every chance that the token could be one of the success stories of web 3.0.

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3. SushiSwap - Decentralized Exchange Offering an NFT Marketplace

Another popular Web 3.0 crypto to consider in 2023 is SushiSwap. The famous crypto exchange has been one of the biggest success stories of the blockchain industry. Decentralised exchanges like SushiSwap allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without the need for a middle-man of any kind, which keeps fees down and allows people from anywhere in the world to trade digital currency. As such, DEXs are likely to form a key feature of web 3.0.

So why SushiSwap is one of the best Web 3.0 cryptos to buy this year? There are plenty of DEXs out there and several of them are bigger than SushiSwap in terms of value locked in. However, SushiSwap has shown itself to be highly innovative when it comes to expanding its products. For example, there are several staking protocols that allow users to earn rewards by providing liquidity in exchange for xSUSHI. These include the Sushi Bar and Sushi Onsen.

best web 3 cryptocurrencies

In addition to its unique staking options, SushiSwap has also recently launched its own NFT platform–the Shoyu NFT Marketplace. Given the popularity of NFTs, this is likely to significantly boost SushiSwap’s profile and could help it to rise up the chain in terms of DeFi projects. For this reason, we think SushiSwap could be a good web 3.0 investment. 

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4. Decentraland - Best Web 3.0 And Metaverse Crypto Project

Another major feature of the Web 3.0 is likely to be the concept of the metaverse. The term basically refers to virtual spaces that users can enter using an avatar and do pretty much anything from playing games to shopping. Decentraland is an example of such a project. It provides a fully immersive virtual reality environment that has developed its own digital economy.

top web 3 and metaverse cryptocurrencies

One of the main activities that users can do in Decentraland is to buy plots of land, which they can then customise with buildings, gardens and landmarks. The plots are traded in the form of NFTs, which means when you buy land in Decentraland, then it becomes your property.  Just like real-world real estate, plots near major entertainment hubs or popular areas are more valuable.

And when we say more valuable, we mean it. The most expensive plot in Decentraland sold for $2.4 million towards the end of 2021. But Decentraland is more than just virtual real estate, it has the capacity to host everything from e-commerce platforms to gaming arcades. Its native token, MANA, does not always converge with the wider crypto market either, making it a good option for diversification. 

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5. Filecoin - One Of The Key Players In Web 3.0 Industry

Web 3.0 presents some pretty exciting opportunities but it's probably obvious that its development will require some fairly serious computational power–not least a robust infrastructure of data storage and retrieval to support new developments. This is where projects like Filecoin come in. 

best web 3 cryptocurrencies to buy

Admittedly, not the most exciting of projects on this list, but 3D virtual worlds, machine learning and entertainment platforms require a huge amount of data storage–and as it stands, that storage can be expensive. Filecoin looks to make use of existing storage space, allowing anyone to offer redundant server or storage space up to the platform, for which they are rewarded with its native token, FIL.

Other operators on the network can earn tokens by retrieving and validating data. The whole thing is held together by a robust and secure blockchain. Filecoin has the potential to completely streamline the way in which organisations use data, as well as make it far more cost-effective than existing services. As such, it could be one of the dark horses of web 3.0.

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6. The Graph - A Pillar Crypto For Web 3.0

The Graph is another data-focused project, this time built on the Ethereum blockchain. Again, it's not one of the most glamorous cryptocurrencies out there, but its use case could prove to be hugely valuable for web 3.0 projects. The Graph is a platform that makes a wide array of data available to developers and other crypto projects. In a sense, it can be seen as the Google of the blockchain world.

top web 3 cryptocurrencies

The Graph organises the reams of data that exist on the Ethereum blockchain and puts them into datasets, which are then further divided into sub-graphs. Users can then use the Graph explorer to browse data that they may need for their own projects. Behind the scenes, a system of curators, indexers and delegators work in synergy to respond to queries on the network.

Naturally, the whole project is underpinned by a cryptocurrency, GRT, one of the best future crypto coins to invest in. This is used to pay for queries as well as those working to maintain the Graph infrastructure. One of the reasons we think The Graph is a good web 3.0 pick is that it has very few competitors and provides a very valuable service to the wider blockchain industry. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

7. - Promising Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency To Watch

Amongst the most impressive projects on this list of the best Web 3.0 cryptos to buy is Like blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are fields still very much in their infancy. has set itself the ambitious task of merging these technologies and creating an entire AI economy that can serve the world of business, finance and just about any commercial organisation.

best web 3 crypto coins to buy

The idea behind is to provide a platform on which developers can build and deploy autonomous agents–software that can automate labour-intensive tasks and potentially improve their efficiency over time. In theory, as more and more of these autonomous agents are deployed on the platform, they will be able to interact and communicate, creating a bot-driven economy capable of carrying out a substantial degree of automation. 

The potential of a project like should be fairly obvious. Admittedly, a lot of it is theoretical at this point, this crypto project is still new, it has only been around since 2019. If it can deliver on its promises, then its native FET token could certainly be worth adding to your portfolio. 

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8. Tron - Top Web 3.0 Project For Digital Entertainment

Tron makes our list of top Web 3.0 crypto investments as it is arguably the leading blockchain project for digital entertainment. Tron aims to compete with the likes of Netflix and Apple TV, but aims to connect digital artists and producers directly with their audience, rather than through a platform acting as a middle man and charging a fee.

best web 3 cryptos to buy

The digital entertainment market is huge, believed to be worth between $80 and $100 billion depending on who you ask. However, as it stands a handful of platforms dominate the space. Tron provides a platform that is better value for consumers, whilst allowing artists and content creators to see more of the revenue generated from their work.

The Tron foundation, headed by the oft-outspoken Justin Sun, has been making inroads into the NFT market too, issuing its own token standard for their creation. In addition to this, Tron also acquired the world’s biggest file-sharing platform, BitTorrent, back in 2018, meaning the platform has some pretty solid infrastructure behind it. Tron’s use case and high profile suggest it could be a solid investment over the coming years

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9. Cardano - Overall The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency To Invest In

We’ve already spoken of Ethereum, the first and most popular smart chain on the market. However, Vitalik Buterin’s behemoth is not without its rivals. Launched in 2017, Cardano was set up by Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, and was the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain project, having been scrutinised by academics from around the world.

best web 3 coins to buy

On the surface, Cardano is fairly similar to its predecessor. It handles smart contracts and offers developers a platform upon which they can build just about any kind of blockchain project, from games to DeFi. However, as things stand, Cardano is a much faster and more scalable network than Ethereum and has not been dogged by the same high GAS fees, making it arguably the more appealing platform for developers.

Let’s be clear here, no one is saying that Cardano is a better investment than Ethereum. But given how wide open the competition between smart networks is, investors might want to consider hedging their bets–and Cardano’s native token, ADA, is a good choice for doing so. 

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10. Binance Coin - A Promising Long-term Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency

The final crypto on our list of the best Web 3.0 to invest in today is Binance Coin. It is the native token of the Binance Exchange, which is arguably the leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. Of course, this alone makes Binance Coin worth considering for investment, but it's the Binance Smart Chain that makes it one of the best web 3.0 cryptos to buy right now.

The Binance Smart Chain was launched in September 2020 and has already established itself as a leading platform for DeFi projects–second only to Ethereum. Its current iteration is also faster and more cost-effective than Ethereum, so there’s every chance that Binance could close the gap in the coming years.

best web 3 cryptos to invest in

So why is BNB on our list of the best Web 3.0 cryptos? Aside from the potential of the Binance Smart Chain, the platform is also known for its innovation, not least its accelerator programme which has helped to incubate some major projects, including If you don’t already hold BNB, then it's definitely one to consider adding to your portfolio–regardless of web 3.0.

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What Is Web 3.0?

As the name suggests, Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services. If there is one word that defines the concept, then it's connectivity. The idea is that businesses, individuals and even machines will be able to interact directly, without the need for expensive platforms and third parties that maintain overall control of how things operate. 

Web 3.0 will include devices that can gather and use information from their environments, a huge array of cloud-based services, increased usage of AI and machine learning as well as a generally more data-driven digital economy.

best web3 cryptos

Why is web 3.0 important? It is not an exaggeration to say that the next evolution of the internet could completely transform the worlds of business and finance, as well as the way in which we go about our daily lives. Consider how much the internet has already changed the human experience, then imagine that happening again–perhaps even more significantly. 

Why Web 3.0? Well, the previous iterations of the internet can be fairly clearly delineated by looking at connection speeds. For example, the internet 1.0 was the age of dial-up modems and basic, text-based websites and emails. When broadband internet was rolled out, then there was an explosion in digital services, such as more accessible music downloads and video hosting platforms, as well as the rise of social media. This era is widely described as the internet 2.0. Now, we are looking at the next phase, only web 3.0 is much more about interconnected technology than anything else. 

Why Cryptocurrency Will Be Big In Web 3.0

If you haven’t guessed it already, then we should point out that blockchain is expected to be the technology that underpins Web 3.0. In addition to interconnectivity, a big aspect of the future of internet services will be decentralisation. This means that blockchain and cryptocurrency will be hugely important in developing any new systems that require permissionless, secure and low-cost transactions.

Many of these Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies, as we shall see, are already carving out names for themselves and providing the sort of services that will one day be commonplace. Whilst blockchain is still a comparatively new phenomenon, it is no longer a fringe technology and big businesses are increasingly incorporating it into their operations as we head towards internet 3.0.

For example, NFTs provide the perfect medium for the exchange of digital assets, whilst cryptocurrency itself can be used to pay for all manner of services–particularly if the leading projects have cross-chain capabilities. We have already seen how projects like Decentraland can build entire virtual worlds, whilst the likes of Tron have the potential to streamline the way we experience entertainment online.

When Web 3.0 really takes off on a global scale, it is highly likely that the leading cryptocurrencies in the space will rise considerably in value. As such, now could be an auspicious time to start adding these tokens to your portfolio.

Conclusion - Best Web 3.0 Cryptos

In summary, we have reviewed the best web 3.0 crypto coins in the market today that we think are going to be big names as the real and digital worlds become more interconnected. Each one of those web 3.0 projects has a highly valuable use case and has already proven it can deliver on its initial remit. Of course, there are no guarantees–but then there never are with cryptocurrency investing. 

best web3 cryptos

Make no mistake, the age of web 3.0 will soon be upon us and blockchain will be the technology that powers this digital revolution. Cryptocurrency is no longer seen as a novelty or single-use concept, it has already been incorporated into just about every aspect of business and commerce–from retail banking to entertainment. 

The good news for investors is that it is very simple to gain exposure to web 3.0 cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is pick the projects you think suit your investment strategy, then acquire a holding of those projects’ native tokens. It stands to reason that the projects that end up becoming cornerstones of web 3.0 will see their token value explode accordingly in the future.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to invest in web 3.0 cryptocurrencies today, then you need to start somewhere and the leading projects we’ve picked are all good places to start, whether you choose one of them or the whole list. Just be sure that you plan your investment strategy and ensure that diversification is a big part of that strategy. 

Where To Buy Web 3.0 Cryptocurrencies 

The web 3.0 cryptocurrencies we’ve listed above are all widely traded on major exchanges and broker websites. If you’re looking to start your portfolio, then we recommend checking out eToro. Not only is it one of the leading names in retail trading and investment, but it also lists most of the tokens we’ve discussed in this article.

Opening an account is simple and takes just a few minutes. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have access to eToro’s award-winning trading platform as well as numerous resources for researching the various web 3.0 cryptocurrency projects. 

eToro – The Best Platform To Buy Web 3.0 Coins

Open an account with eToro, deposit some funds with USD, and finally – buy Web 3.0 coins for just $10.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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FAQs Web 3.0 Crypto

What is web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a broad term for the next iteration of internet technology, which is expected to be driven by blockchain. The emphasis will be on streamlined, decentralised protocols that can interact to streamline multiple industries, such as finance, entertainment and advertising. 

What are web 3.0 cryptocurrencies?

There are no hard and fast rules for what constitutes a web 3.0 cryptocurrency, as no one can say for sure what the future digital landscape will look like. However, if things go as expected, smart chains like Ethereum, Binance and Cardano could well play a part, along with advanced projects like The Graph and Fetch.AI.

What is the best web 3.0 crypto?

We found that overall, the best web 3.0 crypto today is Ethereum. However, there are a few projects with use cases likely to be highly valuable in the next evolution of the digital world. To find out which projects we think will perform well in the coming years, check out our list above.. 

Where can I invest in web 3.0 projects?

You can invest in web 3.0 projects by buying the cryptocurrencies associated with the leading platforms. To do this, you’ll need to find a broker or exchange that can give you access to the market. We recommend eToro for most users, as it lists several of the top tokens. 

Will blockchain be used in the internet 3.0?

The third iteration of the internet is likely to centre around decentralised, interconnected ecosystems that can provide a huge range of digital services, such as entertainment, commerce, file storage and finance. Realistically, blockchain is the technology best suited to providing these services, so it is likely to be a key feature of internet 3.0.