Cosmos Forecast: Will ATOM Reach $500?

Last Updated January 25th 2022
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Cosmos performed exemplarily well throughout 2021, and now everyone wants to know; will ATOM’s price reach $500? And if yes, when?

The simple answer to this is, Yes. It is highly likely that Cosmos token prices will eventually reach rise above $500 in the next few years. In fact, some highly reputable crypto experts and technical analysts believe that Cosmos will reach $500 within the next few years.

These optimists base their argument on the fact that throughout 2021, ATOM’s price action was on an uptrend and that it has the backing of one of the most innovative blockchains. They are confident that both Cosmos and the larger crypto market will soon resume their uptrend and sustain it for the next few years. This, plus the growing community and rising investor interest, will play a crucial role in fueling ATOM’s future price action.

The altcoin’s glorious past can also be attributed to the revived hope about the crypto community’s past price action. It, for instance, has an overall positive ROI of more than 1100%, with about 700% of this was gained in the first 9 months of 2021- according to data from CoinGecko.

It achieved this in spite of a surprise but still violent crypto market crash and apparent lack of popularity of its revolutionary Interblockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. But now that interoperability achieved via IBC is gaining traction, the Cosmos community is growing rapidly, and investor funds are pouring in, and there is no telling how high ATOM tokens can get.

In this post, nevertheless, we will be referencing crypto expert opinions and technical analyst forecasts to understand when they expect Cosmos to reach $500.

When Will Cosmos (ATOM) Reach $500?

We cannot tell with utmost certainty when Cosmos will reach $500. It could take a few months or as much as 10 years to get here. But basing most of their arguments on such factors as its past price action and the promise of the Cosmos blockchain, a majority of crypto experts and analysts are confident that ATOM token prices can rise to the highs of $500 within the next 5 years.

Some have hinted that Cosmos is just one crypto market rally shy of breaking into a major run - that could push it above or close to $500.

But before looking at expert and technical analyst predictions of the altcoin, we need to ask ourselves;

Is a $500 valuation for the ATOM token feasible?

Yes. With a modest total supply of 282 million ATOM tokens, a per token valuation of $500 would give Cosmos a market cap of $141 Billion, enough to make it a top 5 cryptocurrency but not as much to pose a threat to more innovative blockchains, especially the pioneering technologies - Bitcoin and Ethereum. The majority of crypto market players feel like Cosmos deserves such a high valuation, especially when you consider its innovative IBC protocol and its ability to solve interoperability challenges within the crypto market.

Crypto analysts from ICOCreed are among the few who believe that Cosmos has all it takes to break above $500 before the turn of the decade. Their analysis indicates that Cosmos prices will rise gradually over the next few years to reach $160 in 2026 before climbing further to trade between $575 and $700 in 2029.

The technical analysis website PricePrediction.Net is also hugely bullish about Cosmos’ future price action. It expects ATOM prices to rise steadily to reach $180 by the end of 2025 before extending this value and hitting $550 in 2028.

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, on the other hand, indicates that Cosmos token prices will most likely break above $500 within the next 5 years. The platform’s technical analysis suggests that ATOM prices will probably hit this target price in August 2025 before ending that year selling above $558.28. By 2030, it expects ATOM to be selling for as much as $1,572.63.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Happen If Cosmos (ATOM) Reaches $500?

We have ascertained there is a huge possibility that Cosmos token prices will eventually rise and break above $500. Most likely before 2030. It is now is time to look at what will happen when ATOM prices reach $500.

Among the numerous things that are expected to happen, here are the most impactful:

IBC will receive much popularity and embrace: It is highly likely that the majority of the crypto market players would not have known about Cosmos or its Interblockchain Communication (IBC) protocol were it not for its stellar price performance in 2021. Now, seeing the level of popularity, an ATH of $44 has earned the network and the IBC protocol, there is no telling the level of adoption a $500 price will earn the blockchain.

Grow Cosmos market cap exponentially: A per token valuation of $500 for the altcoin would catapult Cosmos network market capitalization to new heights. The current maximum token supply (without taking into account the 7% annual inflation) would, for instance, push its market cap well above $141 Billion.

Create the ultimate crypto cosmos: At the time of writing, Cosmos has more than 250 dApps and projects running on its network, and tens of blockchains are already hooked to its IBC protocol. As ATOM price gains momentum, more developers and blockchains are expected to join this rapidly-growing network - effectively turning into a crypto universe where different networks can communicate and share data with each other seamlessly.

But before it gets to $500, Cosmas will first need to reach $100, and you probably can’t help wonder if it will get here before December 2022.

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Will Cosmos (ATOM) Reach $100 In 2022?

While there is a lot of optimism in the market about Cosmos token prices rising and eventually breaking above $100, it is highly unlikely that it will get here in the next 12 months. After growing its value by as much as 7X in 2021, crypto market players are now confident that ATOM can triple its current value and get to $100 before December 2022.

Among the ones who are most bullish about the altcoin is crypto analyst and trader Michael Van De Poppe, who has consistently ranked ATOM among the top 5 crypto projects to watch in 2022. In a recent video, he tells his 145k subscribers on his YouTube channel that he expects ATOM token prices to dip to between $24 and $29 before bursting into a wild rally in early 2022 that could help ATOM prices reach between $75 and $115.

The most optimistic view of Cosmos price action in 2022 is, however, provided by the CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website. It indicates that Cosmos will break the current ATH before the end of March 2022 and proceed to reach $100 by October.

Is Cosmos (ATOM) A Good Investment?

Yes, Cosmos is a good long-term investment based on the fact that it has performed exemplarily well in the past, and its value is expected to continue rising in the foreseeable future. Further, the general feeling in the crypto community is that ATOM will sustain the current uptrend and that its value will grow progressively for the next few years.

Some crypto experts and technical analysts are even confident that Cosmos token’s value will most likely appreciate by as much as 5000% by 2030.

Crypto analyst and trader, Pentoshi is especially bullish about Cosmos’ future and expects the altcoin to break into a crypto rally soon. Though he doesn’t speculate on how high up he expects ATOM price to reach in 2022 or over the next few years, Pentoshi says the Cosmos “chart if primed for a major move up and has all the right ingredients with TA (technical analysis) + FA (Fundamental Analysis) aligning.”

All these, plus the promising blockchain technology by Cosmos, say that ATOM is a good long-term investment.

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Conclusion: Will Cosmos (ATOM) Reach $500?

In all honesty, no one can say - with utmost accuracy - how high ATOM price will get or when it will hit a specific price. Nevertheless, after examining its past price action, assessing the promise of the Cosmos blockchain technology, and analyzing both the altcoin and the larger crypto markets, experts have concluded there is a high chance of ATOM getting to $500 in the next few years.

These analysts and experts, however, cannot seem to agree on when they expect ATOM to reach $500. Some, like CryptocurrencyPricePrediction are confident that Cosmos can reach $500 in 2025, while the bulk of investors can only see the altcoin getting to this price level in the next 5 to 10 years. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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