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Is It Good to Invest in Cosmos?

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated January 25th 2022
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Are you willing to learn more about the pros and cons of investing in Cosmos? Being knowledgeable about the project will push you ahead to know if it is a good idea to invest in Cosmos. 

Cosmos (ATOM) with its price performance throughout the years may just be the missing digital asset that can transform a dormant portfolio. In this article, we are going to take a look at why you may consider investing in Cosmos. Aside from that, we will assess the pros and cons, and the essential details to look out for that can guide your investment decision. 

Before investing in Cosmos, you must conduct fundamental analysis and read technical analysis news content from well-accredited crypto-related platforms. This will embolden you to get to know everything about the project. Investing in Cosmos based on recommendations from social media feeds across Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram increases your chances of making high percentage losses.

First and foremost, Cosmos’s native asset ATOM isn’t the mainstream cryptocurrency we are used to which is used as transactional currencies. Instead, it offers something unique that other DeFi tokens are used to. 

Cosmos, unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Tron, is an entirely new kind of blockchain protocol intended to break the barriers between blockchains by allowing them to transact with each other. This makes it easy for developers to build applications. 

While such a unique innovation provides a great opportunity for novice and experienced traders and investors to make money, you must be extensively informed about Cosmos. We are going to explain thoroughly what Cosmos does and any other pitfalls you should look out for. This is because, despite the 10-year reign of cryptocurrencies as tradable tokens, no digital asset has a perfect trading history. 


What Is Cosmos? 

According to CoinMarketCap, Cosmos is a project that solves some of the hardest problems facing the blockchain industry. According to the official website of Cosmos, it is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected applications and services, built for a decentralized future.

As per Kraken, Cosmos is a network of crypto networks that is united by open-source tools for streamlining transactions between them. Cosmos was founded by Zarko Milosevic, Jae Kwon, and Ethan Buchman through the initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. It is overseen by the Interchain Foundation (ICF) based in Zug, Switzerland.

Cosmos effectively exists as three (3) separate but interconnected entities. 

The Cosmos Network: This is a decentralized network of highly scalable, independent, and interoperable blockchains that creates the foundation for a new token economy.

ATOM: This is the digital currency that works on the Cosmos Network. 

Interchain Foundation (ICF): The organization supports the ecosystem that will contribute to the Cosmos Network. This is the primary reason why it continues to open up by accepting applications for grants. 

The primary idea behind Cosmos is to build a crypto ecosystem of independent parallel blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Typically, developers of blockchain technologies have the goal of creating a system that can colonize the whole space. This leads to the systems being too independent to communicate with each other through the feature of interoperability. Such systems are often complicated and fragmented

Most often as we have become used to, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin have problems with scalability. This makes the systems, especially Ethereum which is a first-mover of smart contracts, unreliable to users who thrive on it to process decentralized finance application-related transactions. 

Cosmos, on the other hand, offers an alternative platform made up of independent parallel blockchains that can scale and interoperate with each other. Cosmos makes blockchain technology less complex and less difficult for developers thanks to the MODULAR FRAMEWORK. The modular framework allows networks to be built easily using a chunk of codes that are already in existence.

With this, developers are creating networks that are practically free and 100% secure. Moreover, Cosmos allows all kinds of applications to be created on its platform, including decentralized exchanges. 

Are You Ready To Invest In Cosmos? 

As a third-generation blockchain, the mainnet of Cosmos was launched in March 2019. Since then, Cosmos has been used to create more applications, services, and continues to grow daily.

Slowly but surely, powerhouses such as Binance, Terra, and have employed the software solutions of Cosmos to build awesome applications.

Currently, the Cosmos Network is used by a growing network of more than 256 blockchain entities to create innovative applications. 

There are whispers that mainstream blockchains have considered using Cosmos’ technology in the future. For many crypto, blockchain, and financial analysts, Cosmos has the potential to solve the scalability and interoperability problems associated with blockchain. To others, it may become the number one network for highly secure, reliable, standardized, and interoperable transactions. 

This is what the founders of the technology are aiming for. This is why Cosmos focuses on three factors and they are market maturity, developer behaviour, and user activity

To help you make an informed decision about your next market move, we’d like you to consider the pros and cons of investing in Cosmos. 

As an e-learning organization, we have gone length and breadth to find credible and authentic information that could impact the price of Cosmos’ native asset ATOM positively and negatively. If you want to know the pros and cons of investing in Cosmos so that you figure out if it is a good idea to invest in ATOM, you are on the right educational platform that has all the essential details. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The PROS Of Investing In Cosmos

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Cosmos?

There are several cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized finance enthusiasts that have shared positive sentiments about the future of Cosmos. While their forecast puts Cosmos’ native asset ATOM under a bullish engulfing, what are the primary drivers behind such predictions? What are the pros of investing in Cosmos’ ATOM? 

✅ Cosmos Can Scale More than 1,000 Transactions per Second (TPS) 

There are several competitors in decentralized finance. This makes it important for a blockchain to possess a relatively faster speed of processing transactions. Fortunately, Cosmos employs a proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm and not a proof-of-work (POW). One of the advantages of using POW is the enormous security that falls on the issuing blockchain technology. This was the primary reason why the first-mover of smart contracts Ethereum decided to follow Bitcoin's template instead of employing a new algorithm. 

Cosmos, a protocol that aims to create interoperability among several networks, can process 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). This is in line with competitors Algorand (ALGO) and other well-established blockchain projects. With this, Cosmos has provided a platform where ATOM can flow effortlessly in settling transactions. 

The speed of processing transactions is the primary reason why in less than 3 years after the release of its mainnet, there have been more than 200 use cases. In the future, if Ethereum 2.0 does not become fully functional by the end of 2022 or early 2023, many developers may opt for Cosmos as a potential replacement. In the same category of blockchain technology, if Cardano does not become fully functional for DeFi Enthusiasts to know what Charles Hoskinson’s innovation has to offer, Cosmos and other competitors can command a fair share of the decentralized finance market.

Once more developers opt for Cosmos; activity on the network is going to increase. Once there is increased network activity, the primary beneficiary would be the novel token, ATOM. 

Gov. Capital is one of the most authentic voices in the forecasting of cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. According to the experts, ATOM could command an average price of $66.70, the lowest possible price of $56.69, and the best possible price of $76.70 by the end of 2022. Speed of processing transactions increases adoption rates. As a result, the financial forecasting portal foresees Cosmos (ATOM) trading for a coin at an average price of $120.29, the lowest price of $102.24, and the best possible price of $138.33 on 31st December 2023

On the last day of 2024, ATOM is expected to have an average trading price of $187.97, the lowest possible price of $159.78, and the best possible price of $216.17. Cosmos (ATOM) is forecasted to command an average price of $267.74, the lowest possible price of $227.58, and the best possible price of $307.90 by the year’s end of 2025 in the medium-term.

In the long term, Gov. Capital estimates Cosmos’ ATOM could trade for a coin at an average price of $361.55, the lowest price of $307.32, and the best maximum price of $415.78 on 31st December 2026.

Investing in Cosmos (ATOM) can result in 111.24% and 1,045.08% in the short and long respectively. Gov. Capital has given you a reason to consider investing in ATOM.

✅ Cosmos Can Bring You Passive Income 

The Cosmos project can bring you passive income in two (2) ways. They are through staking on the Cosmos Network and day trading the cryptocurrency. 

Firstly, you should know that in how Cosmos work, there is a feature called Cosmos Hub. Cosmos Hub is the meeting place of all blockchains. In the Cosmos ecosystem, each network is called a zone. Every zone in the network is directly linked to the HUB. Once a zone is linked to the Cosmos Hub, automatically, it becomes interoperable with the zones in the network. 

You should know that the Hubs that link all these different blockchains require validators to stake ATOMs. Once staking occurs, liquidity providers (LPs) have a chance of earning passive income. As a result, the greater the number of tokens staked, the greater the chance of generating more income. 

Secondly, ATOM continues to bring great returns to its holders. The crypto trading asset returned 450% in the previous year. This cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile asset. At the time of writing, ATOM has a volatility rate of 1.53 in the last 30 days. This is relatively higher than Ether (0.80), Bitcoin (0.56), Cardano (1.15), Tronix (0.49), Dash (0.62), and Litecoin (0.66). 

This means that ATOM sees multiple price swings daily that are higher than parent crypto and Ether which are involved in thousands of transactions daily. 

As a day trader, you can take advantage of the unpredictable nature of ATOM and make enormous gains. Depending on your day trading strategy, you could double or triple your capital within a short period. 

By staking ATOMs, the circulating supply of the number of coins on the market is going to increase. This will gradually see the remaining ATOMs bought off the market. Once this happens, scarcity can set in and drive the price of ATOM to new price milestones. 

If thousands of people take advantage of the highly volatile nature of ATOM, liquidity on the asset is going to increase. This would be reflected in trading volume. Volume plays an essential role in technical analysis. It helps in the determination of future price patterns of assets. Once the volume of ATOM continues to remain high, the price of the asset could head north. 

CryptoNewsZ has weighed in on the possibilities of investing in ATOM in the short and long term. According to analyst David Cox, there could be upgrades in the future and that could take the current 1,000 transactions per second to 100,000 in the future.

In the medium term, CryptoNewsZ thinks there may be changes in government regulations and policies regarding cryptocurrencies. If ATOM can resist a bearish outlook of the market, the crypto trading asset could test $42 on the last day of 2023. In ending the medium term, ATOM could have the lowest possible price of $50 and the best possible price of $55 by the close of 2024.

In the long term, the price of ATOM can hit a new all-time high of $60 by the end of 2025 if the crypto craze carries on. 

As per the estimates of CryptoNewsZ, buying ATOM could see you with a return of 117.39% in the short term and 175.362% in the long term. 

✅ Cosmos Engagement is extremely high 

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market. In May 2021, there were a little over 10,000 coins in the market. In January 2022, there were little over 17,000 cryptos in the market. There is the primary reason why being relevant through network effects is extremely crucial to the survival of every crypto project. 

Cosmos has more than 160,000 followers on Twitter. Using the username, @cosmos, fans are informed about the roadmap of the project. Other insightful information is passed on to enable crypto enthusiasts to weigh the future of the project. 

Aside from Twitter, Cosmos has over 32,000 members on Reddit. The community was created on 7th June 2013. In more than 8 years of being in existence, users discuss the future of the cryptocurrency. Traders and investors, who are skeptical about the cryptocurrency, ask questions such as, where can I buy ATOM? They are normally directed to the top cryptocurrency exchanges that list the digital asset for trading. Other activities discussed on the community’s platform include but are not limited to the future price of ATOM, decentralized finance applications on Cosmos, favourable projects on the Cosmos Network, and ATOM block reward and community pool. 

Telegram is a free and open-source, cross-platform, and cloud-based instant messaging software. Cosmos has an account on Telegram and this comprises more than 12,000 members. Members discuss the possibilities of the blockchain technology and how it could impact decentralized finance in the long term. 

The Cosmos Forum is the last engagement that continues to expose Cosmos and its native asset ATOM to thousands of people. Through forums, numerous questions of the project are asked and knowledgeable people provide extensive answers to them.

You should know that the popularity of a cryptocurrency and its issuing authority is more important than the potential of the project.

A great example can be attributed to meme-inspired currencies Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB). The two cryptocurrencies have billions of dollars in total supply and are highly inflationary. Despite this, the two digital assets continue to see millions and billions of dollars in daily trading volumes. What’s more, they continue to accomplish milestones such as being listed on most of the top cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Most of the representatives of such exchanges normally opine that such assets are listed based on investor demand and not the possibilities of their issuing authorities. 

This is the primary reason why Cosmos (ATOM) having an awesome network that is popular is extremely essential for its future. With more mileage, the cryptocurrency would see more liquidity through listings. Although Cosmos is listed on Binance, Coinbase, and OKEx, eToro and the other top exchanges have not listed ATOM for trading. With millions of registered users on the other exchanges, ATOM could soar to new highs based on the liquidity available to those traders and investors. 

CoinPedia believes the popularity of the Cosmos Network could have a positive effect on the cryptocurrency. According to analyst Elena R, ATOM is showcasing signs of a strong momentum that could be heading towards a bull run. The crypto news and prediction website estimated the native asset of Cosmos to command a trading price of more than $40 by the year’s end of 2022. 

In the long term, with more activity on the Cosmos Network, CoinPedia forecasts ATOM to start 2025 with a price of $54, fluctuating between $54 and $57 in the middle of the year, and settle at $63 and $67.05 on 31st December 2025. 

Based on simple mathematics, more specifically, percentage change, ATOM could return at least 84.66% in the long term. 

✅ Cosmos Has Credible Use Cases 

Every 3rd generation blockchain network is judged by the authenticity of its use cases. It normally helps if some or most of the use cases are in the sights of millions of people. Some of the cryptocurrency-inspired projects that have adopted the Cosmos Network include but are not limited to Kava, Luna, THORchain, and Binance Chain

After operating on the Ethereum Network as an ERC 20 token, Binance decided to move on. This was because of the slow processing speed of Ethereum. In March 2019, Binance launched its network called the Binance Chain. It employed Tendermint (one of the main features of Cosmos) as its core. 

As the consensus algorithm of Cosmos, Tendermint packages the networking and consensus layers of a blockchain into one generic engine. The main purpose of Tendermint is to allow developers to focus on the development of their respective applications instead of the issuing blockchain protocol. This has helped Binance save many hours of trying to get everything right so that it can scale relatively faster than Ethereum and other smart contract chains. 

This has gone a long way to form the basis of the number of transactions Binance Chain continues to be involved in daily. According to BSC Scan which is a product of Etherscan, Binance Chain was involved in 10,000,079 in total transactions on 26th of October 2021. 

On 18th February 2021, decentralized finance platform Kava integrated with Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol. According to Dalmas Ngetich at BTC Manager, “The IBC will help Cosmos transfer both value and information across various decentralized networks, and with interoperable blockchains on the rise, Cosmos is determined to stay in the lead.” 

During the decentralized finance boom, Kava was the main DeFi protocol that supported Cosmos. Kava allowed users to earn rewards on deposits in cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD), and more. In addition to this, Kava is currently built on the software development kit (SDK) of Cosmos and hopes to create a decentralized bridge to enable users to stake tokens from other blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Integrating with Cosmos has been highly invaluable to the success of Kava. As of 22nd June 2021, the DeFi lending platform caters to more than 250,000 users. 

On Monday, 12th April 2021, it was announced that standalone blockchain for decentralized crypto trading, Thorchain would be going live on Tuesday, 13th April 2021. Based on Swapping, Thorchain is integrated with Cosmos. The primary purpose of this is for Thorchain to add more blockchains to its protocol through interoperability. This will go a long way towards accessing the features of other protocols and vice versa.  

Terra is a project that looks forward to creating a financial ecosystem that could rival traditional finance and it has also taken advantage of the software solutions of Cosmos. 

With such use cases, several crypto projects can use the success of the aforementioned cryptocurrency-inspired protocols and adopt Cosmos. In the long term, the resultant effect will be attributed to increased volume on the network. This could be reflected positively on the market capitalization of ATOM.

The impressive use case is the primary reason why Digital Coin Price has made forecasts on the future price patterns of Cosmos (ATOM). In the short term, ATOM could command the best possible trading prices of $53.71 by the year’s end of 2022, $52.62 by the close of 2023, and $63.87 on 31st December 2024. In the long term, Cosmos (ATOM) could trade for a coin at the best possible price of $88.05 on the last day of 2025, $64.45 (2026), $136.81 (2028), and $160.01 by the year’s end of 2029. 

According to the experts at Digital Coin Price, investing in ATOM could see you walk away with 47.92% and 340.68% in 2022 and 2029 respectively. 

✅ ATOM Continues to See More Liquidity 

A cryptocurrency that does not see liquidity will trade in extinction zones. This is the primary reason why you should always watch out for investor interest. As per data retrieved from CoinMarketCap, ATOM continues to see impressive trading volumes. In the 10 days of trading in July, ATOM has recorded more than $100 million in daily volumes. This is relatively higher than other mainstream crypto projects such as Algorand (ALGO) which has a volume of $2 billion at the time of writing. 

Once volumes climb, the price will also climb higher.

✅ DeFi Is Coming To the Cosmos Network via Gravity 

Decentralized Finance has been one of the highest-yielding sectors in the cryptocurrency space in 2021. On 12th May, it was announced via the Cosmos Blog titled 11 Reasons to Get Excited about Gravity DEX, Gravity Bridge, and More DeFi is going to become a mainstay in the Cosmos Network.

This undoubtedly marks a great milestone for the Cosmos Hub. Gravity DEX is going to unleash the enormous potential that increases the utility of the Cosmos Hub. How does this affect the price of ATOM? 

Before the introduction of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol, the native asset, ATOM was primarily used for staking and governance within the Cosmos Hub. With the arrival of a thriving marketplace such as Gravity DEX, ATOM will play an important role in the most important blockchain economies globally. 

To put it simply, the decentralized exchange will expose ATOM to new users. Activity on the asset could lead the digital currency to trade in the price patterns of Ether (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB). 

Coinskid thinks that on the last day of 2022, Cosmos could be trading at a regular price of $47.31, the minimum price of $43.05, and the maximum price of $56.77 in the short term. 

In the medium term, ATOM could have a regular price of $69.13, the lowest possible price of $58.76, and the best possible price of $75.35 by the close of 2023. On 31st December 2024, Cosmos’ native asset could trade for a coin at an average price of $82.53, the minimum price of $75.93, and the maximum price of $94.91

In the long term, Cosmos (ATOM) could have an average trading price of $162.90, the lowest price of $144.98, and the best possible price of $190.60 in October 2025. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The CONS Of Investing In Cosmos 

What Are The Negatives Of Investing In Cosmos? 

Although Cosmos is an awesome project, like all cryptos, it has weaknesses that can be detrimental to the future of its ATOM. What are the factors that could make investing in Cosmos (ATOM) a bad decision? Let us take an extensive look at the cons of investing in Cosmos. 

❌ Problems with Staking 

Crypto staking is the process whereby users lock up their crypto holdings to obtain interests or rewards. Once you stake an ATOM on Cosmos, it takes 3 weeks before your stake can be retrieved. Aside from this, if one of the validators misbehaves, their total stake can be destroyed. Since thousands of people do not have time to go through the staking process, they normally delegate staking activities to a consistent user of the network. Suppose your delegator misbehaves and their tokens are slashed (destroyed), this means they do not only lose their tokens but your tokens could also be lost in the process. 

If more people encounter such a problem on the Cosmos Network, it could discourage them from pouring liquidity into the network. This could negatively affect the price of ATOM. 

❌ Cosmos Facing Competition from Newcomers 

Cosmos seemed to have a first-mover advantage in terms of being the earliest protocol that targeted interoperability. Unfortunately, newcomers such as Chainlink, Avalanche, and Polkadot provide the same services. Aside from them, there are projects such as Polygon that provides layer 2 scaling solutions for DAPPS on Ethereum. As an open-source network, Polygon can be upgraded to provide the same interoperable features possibly between blockchains. 

In the not-too-distant future, there are whispers that Cardano will finally become fully functional. Once this happens, Charles Hoskinson is going to expose his innovation to the decentralized finance community. Unlike Cosmos which does not aim to colonize the network, Cardano looks forward to ending Ethereum’s reign as the king of DeFi. As a result, the developers will do everything in their capacity, to ensure it does not lack any innovation currently present in the space. 

❌ ATOMs Price Continues to Thrive on Mere Speculation 

Cosmos allows other blockchains to become interoperable. Inasmuch as this is a great feature, it can be bad for its novel token. You must know that all the blockchains have their respective native assets. Those native assets will continue to play some role in the communication of blockchains. This means that ATOM does not have the exclusive right to facilitate all the transactions that the Cosmos Network would be enabling. In the long term, the Cosmos Network could thrive and see more adoption. Unfortunately, this may not reflect in the price of its novel token, ATOM. 

Will Cosmos Be A Millionaire-Maker? 

Cosmos Can Be A Millionaire Maker In The Future. ATOM has a market capitalization of $3 billion. This makes ATOM a medium-cap digital asset. This will continue to rise as the blockchain protocol continues to be adopted by well-established and up-and-coming crypto projects. 

Being a finite resource, the value of ATOM is likely to go up significantly, since activity on Cosmos could lead to the depletion in the number of digital assets in the market sooner rather than later. Please remember that cryptocurrencies fall under a highly volatile digital asset class. Invest what you can afford to write off as bad debt. Embark on fundamental and technical analysis before deciding on the cryptocurrency. 

Cosmos (ATOM) could become a millionaire-maker in the following ways. 

You should always look at the price of a cryptocurrency and in this case ATOM ($37.10). Aside from that, take into perspective the long-term price forecast of the digital asset by a credible price prediction website. Calculate the percentage change in the asset and determine if the asset could become a millionaire maker. Let us employ the forecast of Wallet Investor with an eye on the long term to make a good determination of the future price patterns of ATOM. 

According to the Wallet Investor, ATOM could reach an average price of $54.21, the lowest possible price of $48.71, and the best possible price of $59.93 at the end of the year 2022. 

At $36.31, buying 8,000 ATOMs could set you back $290,480.

On the other hand, if you do not have a huge sum of money to spare, Gov. Capital has predicted ATOM to reach the best possible price of $415.78 by the end of 31st December 2026. You can purchase 4,500 ATOMs. If the forecast is tested, your capital could amount to $1,871,010 (Millionaire Maker).

Conclusion: So, Is Cosmos (ATOM) A Good Investment? 

Cosmos (ATOM) is a good investment according to Previsioni Bitcoin. The experts estimate ATOM asset to trade for a coin at $56.85 by the end of 2022 and will likely win big in the long term. 

With that said, you must know that most investments come down to risk versus reward. This is the primary reason why Trading Education wants you to always ask the question, do the potential rewards outweigh the possible consequences of the risks? In this case, do the potential rewards of investing in Cosmos (ATOM) exceed the possible consequences associated with such investments? 

Cosmos certainly has some risk factors. There is mounting pressure from other interoperable blockchain technologies such as Polkadot and Chainlink among others. In addition to this, Ethereum continues to hold the advantage as the smart contract of choice for several developers. What’s more, ATOM has performed well but its valuation is miles behind well-established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. 

Have You Considered Investing in Cosmos? 

Cosmos is becoming popular with the integration of Terra (LUNA), Binance Chain, and Thorchain. In addition to this, Cosmos continues to improve its network effect which is evident across its social media platforms. Cosmos has an awesome team behind the project and ATOM could bring you high yields through direct investing and indirect investing through staking. 

The price of ATOM ($36.31), although relatively higher than other digital assets, provides a low barrier of entry for investors who want to add a high-yielding cryptocurrency to their portfolio of investments. For the highly experienced trader and investor, ATOM’s potential in the market could be used as a hedge against other assets that may not result in gains in a given period. 

Therefore, the real investing question is, does investing in ATOM work? For investors who trusted the cryptocurrency right from the start in January 2021, more than 120% gains has befallen them.

So, is ATOM a good buy? ATOM is likely a good investment. This is because as per the price forecast of the experts at Previsioni Bitcoin, investing in Cosmos (ATOM) could see you walk away with at least 124.31% by the close of 2022.

Now that you are informed about the pros and cons of investing in Cosmos, if you are in the mood to start investing in ATOM or other cryptocurrencies, you may be pleased to know that eToro provides the ability to trade with crypto assets and CFDs on up to 90 cryptocurrencies.  

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eToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What Will Cosmos Be Worth in 2025? 

According to the Economy Forecast Agency which is also known as the Long Forecast, Cosmos (ATOM) could command a price of $56.83 on 31st Deember 2025. 

According to the Coin Price Forecast, Cosmos (ATOM) could have a trading price of $118.04 by the end of July and trade for a coin at $131.32 on 31st December 2025.

According to the Gov. Capital, ATOM could command an average trading price of $267.74, the lowest possible price of $227.58, and the best possible price of $307.90 by the end of 2025. 

Is Cosmos Worth Investing in? 

Cosmos (ATOM) is an asset worth considering. The project continues to form partnerships that will grow its ecosystem. This could impact its native asset, ATOM. According to the Wallet Investor, Cosmos is worth investing in because it could have an average price of $54.21, the lowest possible price of $48.71, and the best possible price of $59.93.

Where Can I Buy Cosmos (ATOM)? 

ATOM can be purchased on the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the United States-based Coinbase Pro, and OKEx among others.