Could Algorand Be a Millionaire Maker Coin? 

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Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated January 21st 2022
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Cryptocurrencies have changed the way we understand money and investments. Several crypto projects out there are currently bursting with potential, and Algorand is one of them. It is one of the newly listed altcoins that displays a lot of potential in the crypto market. Since its launch in 2009, it has sparked intense interest and discussions. 

Algorand is a pure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol. It works to ensure that a secure, scalable, and decentralized platform is available for all. The network's unique technology offers immediate transaction finality while preventing forking. MIT professor and Turing Award recipient Silvio Micali developed Algorand, which is now the 25th largest cryptocurrency project with a $7 billion market cap.

Thanks to its unique features and immense growth potential, Algorand is a good investment and has the potential to become a millionaire-maker coin. 


Algorand: What Is It? 

Algorand is a Pure PoS blockchain platform that employs algorithmic randomness to solve the blockchain trilemma. Unlike most blockchain projects, Algorand requires minimal computation. Moreover, as it is a public blockchain platform, developers can utilize it to build decentralized applications (dApps) on top of it. The name Algorand derives from Algorithmic Randomness (Algo and Rand).

The protocol aims to tackle the inefficiencies of ledgers, which is the core of every blockchain project, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. These include scalability, wastage of energy, and high cost of transactions. 

Algorand uses the benefits of both centralized and decentralized blockchain projects. It is efficient as a centralized platform and has a governance model of decentralized projects to ensure accountability.

Is Algorand a Millionaire Maker Investment?

Algorand strives to solve the blockchain trilemma. For the uninitiated, there are three main features of a blockchain platform. They include security, scalability, and decentralization. Unfortunately, current blockchain platforms have only two out of three of these features. For example, Bitcoin has decentralization and security while Ripple prioritizes security and speed.

Ethereum and Bitcoin have slow transactions, but they are decentralized and very secure. They struggle to reach mass adoption because of their slow transaction speeds. The Algorand developer team aims to incorporate all three features on the platform. 

Another goal of Algorand is to decrease computational transaction costs. Ordinarily, crypto transfers require a user to pay standard transaction fees. This fee compensates validators and miners involved in processing these crypto transactions. Algorand offers a secure, decentralized, and fast platform with low transaction fees. 

Algorand was created to solve the problems related to blockchain technology with its unique and scalable architecture. However, the architecture does not completely negate the traditional benefits of blockchain technology like decentralization and security. 

Therefore, the platform offers security, scalability, and decentralization along with transactional finality achieved within seconds. For this and more reasons, Algorand could be a millionaire maker. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Factors That Could Make Algorand A Millionaire Maker

1. Uncompromised Security 

Algorand has executed a creative solution to offer security within the Algorand Network. Byzantine consensus-based Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPOS) is at the heart of Algorand operations. Unlike the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism, the platform's PPOS mechanism factors in the majority of Algorand tokens instead of depending on a small portion of the entire ecosystem. In this way, Algorand keeps the network secured. The process of selecting block proposers and verifiers is random.

No majority controls the Algorand network as generating blocks is not limited to a small group of users. Additionally, there is no delegation process in Algorand. Instead, all Algorand token holders play a crucial role in the Algorand blockchain network by aiding, proposing, and casting their votes. 

Algorand users do not have to lock in their ALGO tokens through a staking process to take part in consensus, unlike Bonded Proof-of-Stake. They can retain the tokens in their wallets or any other instruments supporting the storage of the Algorand tokens within the network. Notably, users are free to spend their coins if they want to. 

2. Decentralization

Decentralization is the primary aspect of blockchain. Algorand empowers its community to advance the network by including them in all decisions on all technical, policy, or monetary aspects of the ecosystem. 

Algorithmic randomness plays a vital role in making Algorand a truly decentralized blockchain. The platform believes that if a new set of participants handle every block of transactions in a blockchain, it will achieve the most accurate form of decentralization. Moreover, the nodes running the system are from various countries and backgrounds, which adds to the decentralized nature of the Algorand blockchain.

3. Use cases 

Many global businesses currently use Algorand. These companies include Circle, Republic, Tether, Archax, Meld Gold, Marshall Islands, Global Carbon Holdings, StakerDAO, Hummingboat, Instimatch, Opulus, Voyager Digital, Asset Block, etc. 

Archax is operating with Algorand to develop financial products for sale on FCA-regulated exchanges. Tether uses Algorand to process more than 1000 transactions per second (TPS). On the other hand, Instimatch is leveraging the Algorand blockchain network to roll out various services, including Islamic banking, RegTech, Payments, etc. 

4. Algorand Standard Asset (ASA)

The Algorand Standard Asset is a novel protocol that offers a standardized Layer-1 mechanism to represent any digital asset on the blockchain. This includes fungible, non-fungible, restricted fungible, or restricted non-fungible assets. 

The protocol permits devs to create new tokens or transfer existing ones to the Algorand platform. For example, stablecoins like USDT and USDC exist as ASAs on the Algorand blockchain. These coins have higher throughput and relatively cheaper transaction fees than other platforms like Ethereum. The ASA protocol has prominently boosted Algorand’s usability and adoption, enabling it to enter multiple partnerships.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Can Algorand Become a Millionaire Maker?

Thanks to its sustainable, scalable, and efficient blockchain tech, Algorand is entering into various partnerships and is adopted by different institutions around the globe. With the platform offering speed, security, and decentralization, several sophisticated projects are choosing Algorand to create their protocols.

With its highly sustainable and environmental approach, the team is balancing its small carbon footprints in collaboration with ClimateTrade. 

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Final Thoughts 

With all these factors in mind, it is safe to say that ALGO’s price might hit record heights in the future. The Algorand platform is significantly developing, not just in smart contracts but also as an efficient network for decentralized finance

This emerging blockchain platform is highly likely to become a millionaire-maker asset.

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