EOS.IO (EOS) Trading Predictions For 2022 Onwards

Last Updated November 11th 2021
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EOS began taking shape when two members of the emergent company Block.one; Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer, met in 2016. The two had gained experience in multiple areas of the cryptocurrency and Defi sectors and they were becoming a promising duo to back.

Because of this EOS has been on many investors' radars for some time and is spiking new interest for those wanting to invest in cryptocurrency in 2022. The native coin of the system EOS not only powers the platform built by Blumer and Larimer, but it is also a powerful trading asset with a lot of long term profitability potential.

The company developed its protocol and authored its white paper in 2017 and was fully launched by 2018. The overall EOS.IO platform is centred around decentralised applications (DApps). Since the explosion of the decentralised financial movement over the last ten years, cryptocurrencies have become a hugely profitable investment area.

Many of those new to the cryptocurrency market are keen to make sure that they back a promising coin, one that has still got huge growth potential. EOS.IO is looking to play the long game, focusing on providing the support that this ever-expanding industry needs.

In this new financial era, DApps are taking the place of hundreds of common banking and business functions. EOS.IO provides a platform for these DApps to build and work with a focus on security, speed and ease.

These are some of the reasons that investors are looking to invest in EOS in 2022. There are key areas to look into before investing, particularly for those new to the cryptocurrency market and the Defi sector more broadly.

Features of EOS.IO

System Strength is key to the EOS.IO mission. EOS.IO has been developed with high workloads in mind and have built a platform that is said to be able to run a huge volume of DApps at one time.

The platform boasts the ability to run multiple thousands of DApps simultaneously without slowing down or charging inflated transaction fees. They do this by using a parallel processing protocol which is one of the innovative aspects of their work.

These positive features support market adoption of EOS.IO which will help stabilise the EOS native coin and increase the coin value over time. They are also aiming to corner the large scale markets of decentralised commerce and to become embedded within global financial institutions that are already popular centrally.

The blockchain technology used by most cryptocurrencies is a massive industry that is constantly expanding, this gives EOS.IO huge scalability and growth potential. This is exactly the type of company model cryptocurrency investors are looking for behind their coin choices, in order to make large returns likely during 2022 and the future.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

EOS.IO Functionality

One of the core features of EOS.IO functionality is its delegated proof of stake (DPoS) protocol for processing transactions on the platform. Most of the older cryptocurrencies are proof of work (PoW) protocols or proof of stake protocols (PoS).

EOS.IO has added this extra dynamic to allow delegation of the staking process to allow for a much more flexible user experience. This is a key factor when looking at EOS long term prospects as it could massively boost market adoption of the EOS.IO platform and the EOS cryptocurrency.

This consensus protocol streamlines the user experience and makes for a more malleable platform. The DPoS still maintains the security of the protocol and is generating a lot of excitement around EOS for 2022 and the future.

If the efficiency levels that EOS.IO has boasted can be sustained long term, this is very likely to become a common feature of many financial systems moving forward. This is a promising backdrop to new investments into the EOS coin made in 2022.

EOS Market Interactivity

Before adding EOS or any other cryptocurrency to your portfolio, it is a good idea to check out the management strategies behind the scenes. How protocols are managed can greatly affect their native coin’s market performance over time.

EOS.IO is set up to allow those who buy EOS to weigh in on governance issues. This can be useful later on after the investment has been placed. Weighing in on EOS.IO blockchain technology and the directions that the platform takes can be pivotal for the percentage returns gained from your coin purchase.

These group decisions are managed through Block.one, the company that led to Blumer and Larmier creating EOS.IO. This adds a layer of centralization, which can create stability, although it moves the EOS.IO out of the core decentralized market.

However, as both Blumer and Larimer continue to work with Block.one this fact is unlikely to change in the near future. This is a negative factor for those who are Defi sector purists, although many cryptocurrencies in the market incorporate both sides of the central and decentralized banking systems in some way.

The Block.one input does ensure that users can influence how their transactions are staked onto the system which some users find a very useful addition.

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Trading EOS to USD

EOS has had a promising year, with very good performances seen in the first and second quarters of 2021. The 2021 bullish trading spike took the EOS coin to its all-time high of $14.88. 

EOS price chart

This was excellent news for early EOS investors who had previously seen the coin make a slow rise to the $1 mark and then the $2 mark. There had also been sustained sideways trading for EOS prior to the 2021 bull run. The change in the trading pattern was then a welcome improvement for supporters of the coin. It yielded huge percentage returns by the peak in May 2021.

EOS price chart

The third quarter of 2021 has been a strong test of the cryptocurrency market and how individual cryptocurrencies can perform under negative market conditions. The shift into more bearish trading that occurred in June 2021 prevented EOS from fully recovering from the May correction.

EOS price chart

The market-wide bearish period lead to a dip in the EOS trading price. This was common across the sector and EOS did not suffer the price drop that some of the other coins saw during July and August. Managing to stay about the $3 mark was a positive position for EOS to maintain at this point. In the final quarter of 2021 EOS is recovering. This should set EOS up well for the 2022 initial quarter.

Those who buy during the low coin prices seen at the time of writing are likely to see good percentage returns in 2022 as EOS moves back towards the $15 point. This is based on the position of the surge peak earlier in the year and the current coin price of $5.02.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will EOS Rebound From The Last Correction?

The rebound is taking a slow route due to the difficult trading conditions in the third quarter of 2021. But the outlook is good for EOS’ recovery going forward. The EOS coin price has started to climb again, showing a healthy rebound speed and good momentum as it regains an upward trend.

The next few months are critical to establishing the extent of the EOS upward trajectory. Growth is likely but the upswing is in its early stages, so the speed of the EOS recovery is still unclear. It may be in 2022 that EOS fully recovers the $14.88 high if the upward trajectory takes a slow or volatile route out of the market slump.

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Predictions For EOS In 2022 And The Future

The 2022 predictions for EOS crypto asset are expecting a steading climb in price with 2023 expected to start with a positive outlook, around the $10 mark. The initial recovery early in 2022 is likely to be slow with greater momentum building throughout the year. The EOS.IO 2.2 protocol was launched in July 2021:

‘The new features are designed to address composability and save time, offer application developers a wider range of resource management options, and provide more finely tuned control over data access privileges for private networks.’

- IO press release 13, July 2021

The effects of this update are likely to show themselves in the second half of 2022, helping the EOS on its upward trajectory.

The current market predictions are placing EOS between $10-$15 prices during 2023 however this is likely to be an extremely volatile trading period based on the market analysis. There are no extremely surges predicted but the cycles of trading are likely to move the coin price up and down within these boundaries during 2023 and 2024.

2024 is predicted to lead to several surges for EOS and significant movement towards the $20 mark price with estimates currently coming in at $18.04 around the third quarter.

EOS Trading Forecast for 2022

The EOS coin price is expected to cycle between $3-$4 as we move into the first quarter of 2022. This will still provide moderate returns to new investors, particularly those who capitalised on the volatile trading pattern through swing trading.

The EOS coin price is expected to climb throughout 2022 with surges taking the coin up to $8-$9 at various points throughout the year. There is expected to be a correction down from the high of these peaks, bringing the estimated price to around $6.50 at the end of 2022.

This provides very good estimated profits over the course of the next year for those buying EOS in the final quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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Who is behind EOS.IO?

EOS was founded by Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer who met through working at the blockchain technology company Block.one. The pair developed the EOS system, starting in 2016 and launching the platform in 2017 and into 2018.

Larimer brought the programming credentials to the EOS project, as a software developer with a background in the cryptocurrency industry. Blumer was known for using his business acumen to get multiple start-up companies off the ground, prior to setting up EOS with Larimer.

Blumer and Larimer continue to work with Block.one, and the Block.one company provides support and stability to the EOS platform.

What is EOS.IO?

EOS.IO is a platform built to facilitate the creation and functioning of decentralized applications (DApps) using blockchain technology and smart contract transactions. EOS is the crypto coin that is native to the EOS.IO protocol.

As the Defi industry grows globally, more and more DApps spring up to replace functions currently carried out by central finance and banking methods. EOS.IO capitalises on this expansion and the EOS crypto coin fuels the platform transactions.

The EOS coin can be bought through most major cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a cryptocurrency asset bought by investors interested in expanding their portfolio into the growing cryptocurrency market.

How does EOS compare to the market?

The market capitalization rankings put EOS 42nd with a market cap of $4.8B. This is a respectable market position but EOS is expected to improve its market performance over the next year as it tests its scalability and expands further.

Should I invest in EOS in 2022?

EOS is currently trading at $5.02 at the time of writing, which is a considerable drop from the all-time high of $14.88 earlier this year. This indicates that EOS is undervalued and likely to rise throughout 2022 as it returns to a more competitive market position.

Those who buy at the current coin price stand to make returns of 196.41% when the EOS coin returns to the previous peak value.

Is EOS still going to go up?

The market experts are undecided on the exact price of EOS during 2022 and moving forward but there is a unified consensus that EOS will maintain an upward trajectory.

This predicts that EOS will continue to rise in price over 2022, 2023 and 2024 to as high as $20.

What will EOS prices rise to in 2022?

Market analysts are expecting EOS to climb towards $10 in 2022 before returning to the previous peak. It is unclear if EOS will reach $15 by the end of 2022 but it is expected to achieve this during the 2023 surges.

There is then expected to be a drop, with trading cycles moving between $10-$15 in the final quarter of 2023. The upward estimates are then expecting EOS to hit $20 by 2024.