Will EOS Make Me Rich?

Last Updated January 20th 2022
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Will EOS make me rich? If I invested in EOS right now, how rich can the altcoin make me in the next 5 or 10 years?

Yes, EOS can turn you into a super-rich cryptocurrency investor in the next few years. Its attractive past price action, its highly revolutionary technology, the bullishness around the EOS token's future, and its highly promising future says that EOS has the potential of making its investors super-rich.

Today, EOS is one of the most used Blockchain technologies. Over the past 12 months, EOS is up by more than 100%. At the peak of its early 2021 price rally, the EOS coin hit a three-year price of $14.88 on 15th May. At this peak, EOS had pushed its earliest investors’ stake in the coin up by more than 551%, literally turning most of them into super-rich crypto investors.

Today, the momentum that charged the 2021 price rally has waned, and the crypto market has dipped. But trader sentients about EOS future value are still bullish, and crypto experts are confident that EOS prices will rebound and start rising again. Now the question that everyone wants an answer to is - can EOS replicate these past price performances in the future? What will it be worth in the next 5 or 10 years, and can I make tangible profits off of an EOS investment today.

Can I Make Money Investing In EOS?

Well, crypto analysts and current EOS investors are confident that EOS token prices will rebound and resume its uptrend in the near future. They are convinced that EOS has all that a cryptocurrency needs to kick-start and sustain an uptrend that eventually set a new all-time high, effectively making current investors incredibly rich.

In fact, most price predictions had estimated that EOS would break above the 2018 all-time high during the last price rally. And it aimed for a price above $23, but the uptrend and ultimately the journey towards setting a new high price was cut short by the Bitcoin crash and the subsequent market tumble.

At the moment, the token prices have dipped and are trading at relatively low prices. But instead of looking at this like a missed opportunity, crypto experts are convinced that it has created a chance for more long-term investors to buy the dip and set themselves up for massive gains when the altcoin prices eventually correct upwards.

For the last 30 days, the EOS token prices have been ranging between $2.60 and $3.53 (according to CoinMarketCap). And according to crypto experts, this too presents short-term traders - especially the day traders - to earn handsomely by leveraging the often-volatile EOS price movements.

But even as we wait for the upward price correction, how high up can we expect EOS token prices to reach? Can it reach $100?

Will EOS (EOS) Eventually Reach $100?

Yes, it is highly likely that EOS will eventually reach $100 in the future, thanks to its relevance in the crypto industry and its usability. In fact, as the EOS token prices rallied earlier last year, most crypto analysts and crypto price prediction websites were convinced the altcoin prices would break out and reach $100 before the end of the year. Even now, when the rally has died, and EOS is trading at relatively low prices, they still believe that EOS will eventually reach $100. But in place of the earlier projections that had the coin reaching this target price in the next few months, they have pushed this timeline and now believe that EOS will reach $100 in the next 5 to 10 years.

But is it feasible for EOS to reach $100?

Yes, and here are the facts and, to a large extent, the factors that most analysts have considered in arguing the case of EOS reaching this target price. For starters, EOS is more scalable, faster, and more affordable than its closest competitor Ethereum, which is currently trading within the $2000 range.

Secondly, there currently are just about 1.03 billion EOS tokens which say that getting a token valuation of $100 per coin would only give the blockchain a paltry and achievable $103 Billion market capitalization. Importantly, the altcoin's unprecedented price jumps from past price rallies have already shown us that the coin has what it takes to reach $100.

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What Will EOS (EOS) Be Worth In 5 years?

The general feeling within the crypto community is that EOS token prices will rebound and rise again in the next few years and that it will be worth more in 2025 than it is today. There, however, are differing opinions on how soon it will rebound and how high EOS price will reach in 2027, but there is a consensus that it will be on an uptrend by the time.

Technical analysis of the EOS future by the Wallet Investor indicates that the coin will rise from its current $2.77 price level and reach $7 by this time next year. And for the next 5 years, this analysis expects the token to almost double its price and trade around $16.123 by this time in 2027.

Analysts at RippleCoinNewsz are equally optimistic about the altcoin prices. They expect EOS coin price to reverse and embark on a slow uptrend which takes it to around $5 in the next five years.

The most optimistic view of EOS token’s future prices is provided by the CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website, whose technical analysis indicates that the altcoin could break above $80 in the next nine years. The website indicates that going into 2030, the EOS token will be trading at $87.54.

What Will EOS (EOS) Be Worth In 10 Years?

The truth is that because of its huge and highly unpredictable price action, no one can tell with utmost accuracy, what EOS token price will be in the next 10 years. But while relying on its past price action and the promise of its blockchain technology, crypto experts and investors have concluded that the EOS will be way more valuable in 10 years than it is today. After sampling most of their estimates, we can conclude that the coin will be most likely be valued at between $16 and $87.

Some of the factors that we believe will help influence this upward-facing price movement over the next 10 years are a further adoption of the EOS blockchain technology, relative calm, recovery, and possible rallying of the crypto market, and possible network upgrades to the already superior EOS network technology.

Is EOS (EOS) A Good Long-Term Investment?

EOS is, without a doubt, a viable long-term investment. And crypto analysts have given numerous reasons why they believe EOS is a good long-term investment. Key among them is the fact that EOS has a net positive ROI, it remains one of the most used blockchain technologies, and has a hugely promising future.

These, plus the fact that the world is gradually moving towards blockchain acceptance, says that more commercial enterprises will be looking to set up DAPps and smart contract programs on such affordable and fast blockchain technologies like EOS.

But does investing in EOS tokens make economic sense?

Let us explain this using an example.

Even in the current dip, EOS has still managed an overall positive ROI of 168.79%. Assuming that it replicates this level of growth in the next 5 years and you invest $1000 today, you could have grown your investment to $1687.90 by this time in 2027. Now assuming that it eventually reaches the $100 (approximately 3510.11%) target price in the next five years, your $1000 investment today would be worth $35,101.

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Conclusion: Should I Buy EOS (EOS)?

Well, crypto analysts, investors, and price predictions are in a consensus that ESO token prices will rise again soon, effectively making it a good long-term investment and a must-have crypto asset. You should, therefore, consider buying EOS.

But we must quickly add that your decision to invest in EOS should be informed by more than a few forecasts from price prediction websites. If you are actively looking to invest in EOS, we advise that you reread this guide again and complement it with your own research before proceeding to make your EOS token purchase. 

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