Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: How Much Will ETC Be Worth In 2021 And Beyond?

Last Updated January 22nd 2021

Ethereum Classic ETC Price Prediction Forecast

How Much Will Ethereum Classic Be Worth In 2021 And Beyond?

Will Ethereum Classic go up or crash? Read our Ethereum Classic ETC Price Prediction 2021 – 2025

Are you looking for the top Ethereum Classic price prediction 2021-2025? Or have you been struggling to answer the question ‘is Ethereum Classic a good investment?’ You’re in the right place. We’ll be exploring what the experts have to say about Ethereum classic future performance. Find out the top Ethereum Classic Price prediction forecast for 2021 and beyond and discover how much ETC could be worth in 2021-2025. 

If you’re familiar with Ethereum, you may well have strong opinions on Ethereum Classic (ETC). As its name suggests, this open-source blockchain platform maintains the original and unaltered history of the Ethereum network — after a high-profile hacking occurred in 2016.

When the Ethereum Foundation updated its system to a new version of the Ethereum network in order to erase evidence of the attack (which stole $50 million worth of Ether), a group of independent users chose instead to stick with the old mainnet. They changed its name to ETC from ETH and Ethereum Classic was born.

Amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there is often heated debate about whether Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is the strongest asset. Well, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are no different. By continuing to run the original Ethereum code, the users didn’t just maintain an existing crypto but essentially created a new one. As a result, ETC is often described as a fork of Ethereum  — even though it technically predates it. 

Whether you’re a hardcore believer in the strength of ETC or are curious to learn more about the cryptocurrency, you may be wondering ‘what will Ethereum Classic be worth in 2021?’ You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the top cryptocurrency predictions for this year and beyond. We’ll look at top Ethereum Classic price predictions to try and answer the question: ‘is Ethereum Classic a good investment?’ 

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What Is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

As we mentioned in the introduction, Ethereum Classic is a fork of the (more popular) Ethereum cryptocurrency. While Ethereum is currently the world’s second-largest crypto — boasting a market capitalization of $135,614,984,129 and a price of over $1,000 — Ethereum Classic is much less bullish. At the time of writing, ETC has a market capitalization of $836,407,147 and costs just $7.24. This places it as the world’s 42nd largest cryptocurrency. 

Before the Ethereum Classic fork took place, the original Ethereum network had a built-in funding vehicle known as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This was a decentralized app composed solely of code. It helped to fund emerging projects that had been launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users who invested in the DAO could vote for the projects they wished to fund, meaning a certain amount of Ether (ETH) would be allocated between them. The DAO’s native currency was also known as the DAO. It was possible to exchange DAO for ETH and vice versa. 

In 2016, the Ethereum team publicly recognized a fatal flaw in the DAO network. A vulnerability in the code meant that it wasn’t as secure as they initially thought — leaving its accumulated Ether value of $150 million extremely targetable for hackers. Sure enough, an unknown attacker later made use of a bug in the codebase that enabled them to recall DAO tokens without having to verify their funds. This allowed them to steal $50 million worth of DAO, a huge amount of currency that was never theirs to begin with. 

So, how exactly does the Ethereum Classic blockchain work? Like the better-known Ethereum, Ethereum Classic is also powered by its native currency, the Ether. The key difference to remember is that while Ethereum’s Ether is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges under the name ETH, Ethereum Classic’s Ether is listed as ETC. This prevents traders and investors from getting confused between the two. In both cases, Ether tokens are created as a reward for mining. 

Other key differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic: 

  • Ethereum Classic uses — and will continue to use — a proof-of-work algorithm (PoW). The Ethereum 2.0 update, on the other hand, will see the Ethereum network switch to a proof-of-stake algorithm (Pos).  In a PoW system, cryptocurrency miners have to solve complex equations using their computer in order to verify transactions and add them to the blockchain. This process requires huge amounts of energy, contributing to Ethereum’s whopping power consumption. In a PoS system, however, users can simply ‘stake’ their cryptocurrency as collateral in order to verify their transactions. 
  • Just as the number of Bitcoin tokens is limited, Ethereum Classic has capped the total number of ETC tokens that can enter circulation. A maximum of 230 million ETC tokens can ever exist, however, there is an infinite supply of ETH. 

Short-Term Ethereum Classic Price Predictions: 2021

Ethereum Classic Price Predictions for 2021

What are crypto experts forecasting for Ethereum Classic ETC in 2021?

Now that we’ve recapped exactly what Ethereum Classic is, let’s look ahead to see what could happen to the price of ETC in 2021. After 2020 proved a rocky year for cryptocurrency, sending prices plummeting in the wake of the coronavirus crash in March but soaring to unprecedented heights in December, what are the top Ethereum Classic price predictions for 2021? 

Our first 2021 Ethereum price prediction comes from the platform WalletInvestor. According to its projections, it’s not good news for ETC investors, as we can see on the graph below: 

ethereum classics price prediction chart

When compared to the cryptocurrency’s bullish start to 2020, WalletInvestor’s predictions for 2021 are very disappointing. The platform believes that the price of Ethereum Classic will crash to a maximum price of under $1 ($0.969) by the end of March. Although it predicts that this value will recover towards the middle of the year, the crypto’s resurgence won’t last long. By November, ETC will have hit just $0.7027 — its lowest price since 2017. We’ll then see a slightly more bullish trend, meaning ETC could close the year at a value of $3.798. That’s almost half its current price of $7.24. 

Our second short-term Ethereum Classic prediction for 2021 comes from Trading Beasts. The good news is that its forecast is much less volatile. Although it can hardly be described as bullish, its predictions aren’t quite as disastrous as those of WalletInvestor: 

ethereum classic price table

There is very little month-by-month variation as we look down each column. At no point does Trading Beasts expect the value of ETC to drop below $5, which is encouraging when compared to WalletInvestor’s bleak predictions of under $1. However, even its most optimistic outlook is incredibly modest, with the price of Ethereum Classic maxing out at $8.56152 by December 2021. That’s higher than its current value of $6.9 but hardly enough to constitute a bullish run. 

Its average prices hover between $6.71 and $6.849 for the duration of the year. Each month, Trading Beasts has given a price that’s a little bit higher than the last. This means that although growth won’t be dramatic, it at least looks steady, suggesting that Ethereum Classic could be on track to hit an average price that rivals $7.24 by early 2022. (This is unlikely to be the news existing investors were hoping for). 

To round off our short-term Ethereum Classic price predictions, we’re finishing by taking a look at Long Forecast. We can see its predictions laid out in the table below: 
















































































This forecast is much more volatile than the one given by Trading Beasts. At its lowest, Long Forecast expects the price of Ethereum Classic to slump to $5.70. At its highest, it expects it to reach $10.75 in April. Its yearly average is roughly around $8. Although it believes the price will ultimately exceed its current value of $7.24, its predictions aren’t amazingly bullish and certainly don’t suggest that a new all-time high (ATH) is on the short-term horizon. However, this is still the most optimistic forecast out of the three we have included in this article. 

Long-Term Ethereum Classic Price Predictions: 2022-2025

Ethereum Classic Price Predictions for 2022-2025

What are crypto experts forecasting for Ethereum Classic ETC in 2022 and beyond?

In the short-term, the price predictions for Ethereum Classic are incredibly disappointing. With all three forecasts suggesting that the price won’t exceed $10.75 — just $3 more than its current price — for the duration of the year, let’s take a look at what 2022-2025 could have in store. Whether you prefer to take a long-term investment strategy or simply want to know the answer to the question ‘will Ethereum Classic go up?’, keep on reading. 

According to the platform Cryptoground, the outlook is a little more encouraging. Its algorithm has predicted that the price of Ethereum Classic is set to increase in the long-term, as evidenced by the following graph that’s published on its website: 

ethereum classic long term prediction

For 2021, Cryptoground predicts a slow but steadily bullish trend. From 2022, this growth will gain speed massively. Throughout the course of 2022, it believes the price of Ethereum will increase from $7.74343 to $23.16339 by the end of 2023. This is a strong growth rate that we haven’t seen since 2017-18! And from 2022, Ethereum Classic will continue to go from strength to strength. Cryptoground has given the following price predictions for 2023-2025: 

  • 2023: $23.16339
  • 2024: $31.5511
  • 2025: $40.286547

If these prices are correct, it would mean that Ethereum Classic will start to regain the ground it lost after crashing from its ATH of $42.84 in 2018. This would be an extremely positive outlook for both current and prospective investors. 

Next, we’re turning to Coinliker. This platform is consistently upbeat about the long-term prospects for cryptocurrency, explaining that its prediction “is not as wild as many may think”. Coinliker believes that the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency will cause market prices to soar, hence its five-year forecast for the price of Ethereum Classic: 

It’s one-week forecast dates from the end of 2020, so is now out of date. However, its predictions for 2021, 2023, and 2025 are incredibly intriguing. Not even Cryptoground has matched this bold prediction of $173.15 by 2023, despite the fact that its own target of $31.5511 can still be considered bullish.

If Ethereum Classic reaches this value, it would constitute a staggering percentage increase of +3.210% and an increase of more than $130 from its previous ATH. 

And Coinliker doesn’t expect Ethereum Classic to slow down from there. By 2025, it expects Ethereum Classic to be worth $354.14  — a price that would cement ETC as one of the most expensive altcoins in the world, providing the rest of the market doesn’t increase to match. 

For our final long-term Ethereum Classic price prediction, we’re taking a look at the forecasts from DigitalCoinPrice. Although its bar chart in no way shows the same potential growth as Cryptoground and Coinliker, it’s not quite as discouraging as the short-term predictions we saw from WalletInvestor: 

ethereum classic prediction graph

According to DigitalCoinPrice’s predictions, the price of Ethereum Classic will peak in 2026 at $19.51. Over the next three years, Ethereum classic price will continue to climb, before falling again in 2024.

Between 2021 and 2023, DigitalCoinPrice predicts modest growth. Much like Trading Beasts, the platform foresees little variation between months, and indeed between years. Its average yearly price breakdown is as follows: 

The platform believes that Ethereum Classic yearly prices breakdown are as follows: 

Ethereum Classic price to rise to $9.63 by the end of 2021

Ethereum Classic price to hit $9.98 in 2022

Ethereum Classic price ETC around $11.44 in 2023

Ethereum Classic price reaches $9.32 by the very end of 2024

Ethereum Clasisic to be valued at $14.3 per ETC in 2025

The price of Ethereum Classic reachs $19.51 in 2026


After a particularly bad start between 2021 and 2024, it’s encouraging to see that DigitalCoinPrice believes the price of Ethereum Classic will increase by over $10 across 2024-26. Although this price increase is by no means dramatic, it does raise confidence that ETC will surpass $15 for the first time since 2018. 

Other Ethereum Classic price predictions include:

Ethereum Classic ETC price predictions 2021

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction.com: $13.2628

DigitalCoinPrice: $7.82 

Ethereum Classic ETC price predictions 2023

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction.com: $16.7714

Trading Beasts: $8.50


As a long-term investment, they projects that Ethereum Classic could perform fairly. According to its predictions, the value of the Ethereum Classic could rise to $19 by the very end of 2021, rising to $16 in 2022, and achieving a mean price of $21 by 2025.

Conclusion: Ethereum Classic ETC Price Prediction Forecast

The below prediction figures outlines some of the Potential high and low of Ethereum Classic price prediction forecasts in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2025 offered by technical analysts and industry experts.

Year High Low
2021 $17 $4.5
2022 $25 $6.6
2023 $35 $9.5
2025 $65 $18.5


How Has The Price Of Ethereum Classic Changed Over Time? 

As well as looking ahead to see what the price of Ethereum Classic may do in the future, it’s important to look back at its performance since its initial launch in 2015. By analyzing past performance, it’s much easier for investors to identify price trends or patterns that could potentially repeat in the right circumstances. 

This price chart from the historical price platform Nomics enables us to see how the price of Ethereum Classic has changed over time: 

ethereum classic historical price chat

Upon entering the market, ETC remained at a low value of $0.7 and $2 for almost two years. Its first breakout period occurred in April 2017, when the price began to climb, eventually hitting an unprecedented $19.61 by June. Although the price slumped a little in the run-up to 2018, investors wouldn’t be disappointed for long. This bullish trend came back with a vengeance in 2018, sending the price of Ethereum Classic shooting up to its ATH of $42.84. 

Ethereum Classic wasn’t alone in this growth — in fact, the market as a whole was skyrocketing. For example, the price of Ripple XRP grew by an incredible 36,000% during this period, while Bitcoin jumped to its (then) ATH of $20,000. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Almost every major crypto came crashing back down to earth before the start of 2019, with some (but not all) actually falling to their pre-2017 prices. 

Ethereum Classic didn’t have as far to fall as big names such as Bitcoin. It eventually began to stabilize, ranging (for the most part) between $5 and $8. But by December 2019, things were looking slightly worse. The price had fallen to under $4 for the first time in a while, so when it began to climb again at the start of 2020, many investors felt optimistic. However, this too didn’t last long!

After spiking to $11.77 in February, Ethereum Classic fell victim to the coronavirus crash. As the world went into lockdown in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19, the price of most cryptocurrencies (as well as the fiat stock market) crashed. Once again, ETC fell to below $5. While many assets have recovered and enjoyed a bullish end to the year, Ethereum Classic has struggled to regain its momentum. Its current price of $7.24 is hardly impressive — especially when you consider that assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin have recently surpassed their previous ATHs. 

What Factors Affect The Price Of Ethereum Classic? 

There are many different factors that can affect the price of the cryptocurrency market in general and certain assets specifically. By understanding what these are, you can analyze current trends and increase your chances of identifying potential breakout (or bearish) periods. 

Below, we’ve outlined some of the key factors that can affect the price of Ethereum Classic. 

1. The Popularity of Ethereum

As you might expect, Ethereum Classic enjoys a not-so-healthy rivalry with its better-known cousin, Ethereum. Many analysts have identified a trend that the success of Ethereum is correlated to the performance of Ethereum Classic — although whether this trend is more positive than negative is often up for the debate. 

Because both cryptos have been built on similar architecture, the success of one can increase investor confidence. This is because it reassures people that the underlying technology (and original founding team) are performing well. However, it’s not always good news. There is still to this date a degree of public confusion surrounding the differences between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. This is understandable given the fact that the name ‘Ethereum Classic’ is very misleading and could logically refer to either crypto. 

This confusion has the effect of limiting public awareness, potentially directing attention aware from ETC and towards ETH. As supply and demand are intrinsically linked to price, less attention means lower demand, and consequently, a lower price. 

2. Upgrades

Upgrades to cryptocurrency platforms are often eagerly anticipated by the investor community. The Emerald Wallet upgrade for Ethereum Classic was no exception. Designed to address “the lack of a common framework for developers to create dApps on Ethereum Classic, a lack of user interface (UI) components, and standard practices for third-party developers” (according to the Ethereum Classic team), this upgrade came into effect at the end of 2019. 

As we can see on the graph from Nomics in the section above, the price of Ethereum Classic rocketed after the upgrade was released. 

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Key Points 

  • Ethereum Classic is an open-source blockchain platform that maintains the original and unaltered history of the Ethereum network — after a high-profile hacking occurred in 2016.
  • At the time of writing, ETC has a market capitalization of $836,407,147 and values just $7.24. This places it as the world’s 42nd largest cryptocurrency. 
  • By November 2021, WalletInvestor believes that ETC will have hit just $0.7027 — its lowest price since 2017.
  • Trading Beast’s most optimistic outlook is incredibly modest, with the price maxing out at $8.56152 by December 2021.
  • At its lowest, Long Forecast expects the price of Ethereum Classic to slump to $5.70. At its highest, it expects it to reach $10.75 in April.
  • Throughout the course of 2022, Cryptoground believes the price of Ethereum will increase from $7.74343 to $23.16339.
  • Coinliker has made the bold prediction that ETC will be worth $173.15 by 2023.
  • After negligible growth between 2021 and 2024, DigitalCoinPrice believes the price of Ethereum Classic will increase by over $10 across 2024-26.
  • Factors that can affect the price of ETC include its relationship with Ethereum and the frequency of its upgrades.

If you’ve been wondering ‘will the price of Ethereum Classic go up?’, we hope that you’ve found this article helpful. Although many of the predictions have forecast modest growth, Coinliker is firmly at the other end of the spectrum, suggesting that we could potentially see a breakout opportunity in the near future. 

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Ethereum Classic Price Predictions: FAQs

Does Ethereum Classic have a future?

According to the predictions we’ve included in our article, Ethereum Classic may have a future. Although many analysts believe its price isn’t likely to undergo huge growth, only WalletInvestor believes its value may fall in the short-term. Towards 2025, the majority of forecasts suggest that its price will rise. 

Which is better, Ethereum Classic or Ethereum?

The answer to this question depends on your point of view. For many investors, Ethereum is the preferred choice as it no longer wants to use the energy-intensive PoW algorithm. For others, Ethereum Classic is superior because it maintains the original history of the crypto. 

Should I sell my Ethereum Classic?

Whether you should buy or sell is wholly dependent on your appetite for risk. However, some analysts are advising that investors who prefer to follow a short-term trading strategy should sell their ETC during 2021. This is because the growth of ETC is more likely to occur towards 2025. 


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk and Past performance is not an indication of future results. Forecast and analysis reflect the views of different external and internal analysts at any given time and are subject to change at any time. Moreover, they can not constitute a commitment or guarantee on the part of Trading Education.

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