Chainlink Price Predictions: How Much Will LINK Be Worth In 2021 And Beyond?

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Will Chainlink go up or crash? Read our LINK price predictions

Are you wondering ‘is Chainlink a good investment?’ you’re in the right place. We’ll explain everything you need to know about Chainlink cryptocurrency, including what it is, how it works, and what expert analysts believe will happen to its price in 2021-2025. 

At the time of writing, Chainlink (LINK) has a price of $29.81 and a market capitalization of $12.28B. Its recent growth has helped it edge into the list of the world’s top 10 biggest cryptos, displacing competitors such as Bitcoin Cash to do so. But is this bullish trend sustainable? 

Back in 2018, this Ethereum-based token wasn’t even one of the world’s top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap — so its progress has been undeniable. With its market cap rocketing by more than $7 billion in just a few short months, LINK has been one of the best-performing assets during the market-wide bull run. 

So, is Chainlink a good investment? Will the price of LINK go up? If you’re considering adding it to your portfolio — or simply want to stay ahead of the latest cryptocurrency trends — keep reading. In this article, we’re taking a look at what top crypto experts believe could happen to the price of Chainlink in 2021-2025. 

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What is Chainlink (LINK)?

Chainlink was launched via an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017, which makes it a third-generation cryptocurrency. During its ICO, the asset raised more than $32 million from investors, gaining attention for its unique approach to decentralized finance. 

It’s often said that Chainlink, which was built on the Ethereum platform, has no direct competitors. This ERC-20 token describes itself as a ‘decentralized oracle service’ because it was created to connect smart contracts with the outside world, using blockchain oracles (digital pathways) to bridge the internet and real-world applications. 

Cryptos such as Ethereum use smart contracts to power transactions. Smart contracts are sections of code that contain the details of a particular transaction — for example, the name of the parties involved and the amount of money or crypto that is being transferred. These help to make digital payments more secure and are widely considered to be one of the most desirable characteristics of crypto platforms. 

However, smart contracts have one key downfall: they can’t link up to real-world applications. Essentially, this means that their real-world use cases are severely limited — something that Chainlink aims to change. 

As its name suggests, Chainlink enables its users to send and receive data to and from off-chain APIs (application programming interfaces). This means it can act as a middleman software, transferring information onto the blockchain even if it wasn’t created on the chain. 

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Short-term Chainlink (LINK) Price Predictions: 2021

What are crypto experts forecasting for Chainlink in 2021?

After a record-breaking start to 2021, what’s next for the price of LINK this year? According to Wallet Investor, its growth rate is only just getting started. As we can see from its Chainlink price prediction chart, the platform expects LINK to break the $40 barrier in around August 2021.

$40 would be a new all-time high (ATH) for the asset, whose current ATH was around $36.95 on 20th February 2021. By the end of December, Wallet Investor believes that Chainlink could be worth a minimum of $42.129 and a maximum of $48.329, giving an average price of $45.211 on 31st December. 

Besides an obvious bump in the road shortly after LINK hits $40 in mid-August (and a slight plateau at the very end of the year), Wallet Investor expects Chainlink’s performance in 2021 to be incredibly bullish. In one year from now (March 2022), the platform believes that LINK could be worth $51.979. This would give the asset a long-term earning potential of +75.93% — encouraging news to investors who may be worrying ‘what will Chainlink be worth’ after its recent growth spurt. 

So, do the other predictions agree with Wallet investor? If Long Forecast’s analysis is correct, LINK could be in for an even brighter future. It’s predicted a yearly high of $70.03 in December 2021, which would give Chainlink a percentage yearly growth rate of over 134.9212%. 

Chainlink Price predictions for 2021:

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
Mar 2021 $25.28 $25.28-$37.57 $34.23 35.4% 35.4%
Apr 2021 $34.23 $24.16-$42.08 $39.33 14.9% 55.6%
May 2021 $39.33 $39.33-$48.29 $45.13 14.7% 78.5%
Jun 2021 $45.13 $45.13-$56.01 $52.35 16.0% 107%
Jul 2021 $52.35 $40.89-$52.35 $43.97 -16.0% 73.9%
Aug 2021 $43.97 $43.97-$54.58 $51.01 16.0% 102%
Sep 2021 $51.01 $51.01-$61.95 $57.90 13.5% 129%
Oct 2021 $57.90 $45.24-$57.90 $48.64 -16.0% 92.4%
Nov 2021 $48.64 $48.64-$60.37 $56.42 16.0% 123%
Dec 2021 $56.42 $56.42-$70.03 $65.45 16.0% 159%


While Wallet Investor expects Chainlink to break the $40 resistance barrier in the middle of August, Long Forecast is a lot more optimistic. It expects to see prices of $40 and above as soon as April 2021, with these rising to more than $50 by June. This would mean that the price of LINK will almost double between March and June — just three short months. 

Previsioni Bitcoin is also incredibly optimistic about the future of Chainlink, as we can see from the graph below. Its prediction is staggeringly high, suggesting that LINK could hit not just $50, but $100 in the first few months of the year. 

Showing slow but steady month-on-month progress, this graph gives Chainlink a price of $111.1228 in April. After four months of relative stability, this will climb to $126.076 by August, almost $100 higher than its current price of $29.81. At its peak, Previsioni Bitcoin believes that the asset could reach a whopping $150.042 by the end of the year! 

What Will Happen to the Price of Chainlink in 2021?

According to the predictions, the price of Chainlink is almost certain to increase during 2021. Although the potential yearly highs from Wallet Investor, Long Forecast, and Previsioni Bitcoin differ, all three believe that LINK will gain value over the course of the year. 

If one or all of these predictions are true, we could see prices ranging between $50 and $150 by December 2021. 

Will the Price of Chainlink Go Up in 2021?

it seems very likely that the price of Chainlink will go up in 2021. Additional LINK price predictions for 2021 include:

  • Trading Beasts: $34.116
  • Digital Coin Price: $43.84
  • FX Street: $37


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Long-Term Chainlink (LINK) Price Predictions: 2022-2025

What are crypto experts forecasting for Chainlink in 2022 and beyond?

With the predictions suggesting that 2021 will continue to break records, what’s next for the price of LINK? Our first long-term price forecast comes from Digital Coin Price. The platform gave a prediction of $43.84 for the rest of this year, which was actually one of the lowest forecasts for 2021 (despite being significantly higher than Chainlink’s current price of $29.81!). 

For 2022-2028, it’s given the following prediction: 

As this graph shows, Digital Coin Price expects to see reasonably high levels of volatility in the run-up to 2030. However, it’s still predicted that LINK will follow a bullish trajectory, potentially hitting the following milestones over the next seven years.

Digital Coin Price has predicted the following Chainlink milestones for 2022-2028:

  • 2022: $49.87
  • 2023: $63.16
  • 2024: $72.29
  • 2025: $86.79
  • 2026: $102.56
  • 2027: $114.09
  • 2028: $128.45


These numbers suggest a relatively steady level of growth. However, over the course of each year, volatility levels could mean that we see extreme month-by-month price changes. Between May and June 2025, for example, Digital Coin Price expects the price of LINK to jump from $75.37 to $100.19. This will then fall back down to $81.64 in August. 

Trading Beasts is nowhere near as positive when it comes to Chainlink’s performance. Although it doesn’t necessarily expect the price of LINK to fall in 2022-2025, it’s predicted incredibly low levels of growth. In fact, it doesn’t believe that LINK will reach $50 until April 2025 — a disappointing prospect considering Wallet Investor, Long Forecast, and Previsioni Bitcoin all expect the Chainlink asset to hit this milestone in 2021 or 2022. 


Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
January 2024 $32.901 $40.383 $38.70 30.46%
February 2024 $33.32 $49.03 $39.20 32.13%
March 2024 $33.71 $49.59 $39.66 33.70%
April 2024 $34.14 $50.20 $40.16 35.37%
May 2024 $34.54 $50.80 $40.64 36.98%
June 2024 $34.96 $51.42 $41.13 38.64%
July 2024 $35.36 $52.01 $41.61 40.24%
August 2024 $35.78 $52.62 $42.09 41.89%
September 2024 $36.19 $53.23 $42.58 43.53%
October 2024 $36.59 $53.82 $43.05 45.11%
November 2024 $37.02 $54.42 $43.53 46.74%
December 2024 $37.40 $55.03 $44.03 48.31%


According to Trading Beasts’ predictions, Chainlink won’t reach an average price of $50 for the duration of 2024. (This is despite the fact it expects LINK to hit a maximum price of $50.205 in April). If we compare these to Trading Beasts’ predictions for 2022 and 2023, we can see that the platform believes LINK’s month-on-month growth will be a matter of pips (percentages in point). 

Unlike the high levels of volatility that Digital Coin Price expects to see, Trading Beasts has predicted tiny intervals of change. From February to April 2022, for example, it thinks that LINK will increase from just $28.079 to $28.864 — with $28.447 predicted for March. 

Thankfully, Crypto Rating doesn’t agree with this underwhelming forecast. Its technical analysis and long-term price prediction model has given it a potential price target of $200 by 2023, after a 396% rise will take the asset above the ‘ultra-important psychological level’ of $100 in 2022. 

In fact, the platform thinks the Chainlink price will be $62 in 2021, rising to $85 by the end of 2022, $95 by the end of 2023, $130 by the end of 2024, and an impressive $175 by the end of 2025. 

As this graph shows, Crypto Rating expects to see Chainlink’s bullish trend continue right up until 2025. It believes that mass adoption of the oracle and smart contract solution will send its price soaring, achieving an appreciation of 1862% from today’s price to hit around $450 by 2024. By 2025, the price of LINK could be a staggering $863 — a value that would give the crypto a market cap of $346 billion. 

As a long-term investment, it projects that Chainlink could perform very well. According to its predictions, the value of LINK could rise to $74 by the very end of 2021, rising to $115 in 2022, and achieving a mean price of $175 by 2025.

What Will Happen to the Price of Chainlink in 2022-2025?

The long-term predictions for Chainlink are less cohesive than those for 2021. Although they all believe that price will ultimately increase, there’s much greater variation between the forecasts from Digital Coin Price, Trading Beasts, and Crypto Rating. 

According to the predictions, we could expect to see the price of Chainlink hit anywhere from around $40 to $450 in 2024! This is an incredibly large range. However, if we look at all of the forecasts together, it seems more likely that LINK will be worth at least $80 by 2025. 

Will the Price of Chainlink Go Up in 2022-2025?

Yes, all of the predictions agree that the price of Chainlink will go up in 2022-2025. Even Trading Beasts, who has given the most pessimistic forecast by a long way, expects the value of LINK to increase (albeit by tiny intervals). 

Below, we’ve put together some additional price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025: 


  • Wallet Investor: $75
  • Previsioni Bitcoin: $200
  • Long Forecast: $100
  • Changelly: $50 by mid-year


  • Mega Crypto: $104.88
  • Crypto Emotions: $50


  • Crypto Newsz: $90.88
  • Long Forecast: $130.70


  • Crypto Emotions: $65
  • Cryptopolitan: $60


Conclusion: Chainlink (LINK) Price Prediction Forecast

The below prediction figures outline some of the Potential high and low of Chainlink price prediction forecasts in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 offered by technical analysts and industry experts.

Year High Low
2021 $70.20 $15.10
2022 $115.50 $35.18
2023 $134.50 $53.50
2024 $182.50 $85.30
2025 $210.450 $110.20


How Has the Price of Chainlink (LINK) Changed Over Time?

After Chainlink started trading in 2017, its progress was slow to start. As we can see by looking at the chart from Cryptoground below, it wasn’t until 2019 that the price of LINK began to gain real traction, eventually hitting $3 in July: 

For the remainder of 2019, Chainlink’s performance was rather bearish, mainly fluctuating between $1 and $3. But after re-hitting the $4 resistance point in May 2020 (the asset originally hit $4.277 on 21st February, but fell back down to $2.266 after the coronavirus crash occurred in March), it’s been full steam ahead ever since. 

Between 23rd June and mid-August, Chainlink rose from $4.802 to around $19. It was breaking its ATH records on an almost daily basis, so it was disappointing for excited investors when LINK fell back down to approximately $9 in September. But thankfully, this bearish adjustment didn’t last long. From December 2020, the price of Chainlink has skyrocketed, taking it to new highs of between $35 and $40 in February. 

As the price settles back down to the high $20s, many investors are keen to find out the answer to the question ‘is Chainlink a good investment?’ Only time will tell for sure — but according to the predictions, the outlook is currently looking good. 

What Factors Affect the Price of Chainlink?

Number of Transfers

One of the key factors that can affect the price of Chainlink is the number of transfers that are processed by its blockchain platform. According to data from Amb Crypto, the number of Chainlink transfers reached a monthly low of 663.857 at the end of February 2021 — a figure that coincided with the asset’s 27% decline from its ATH of nearly $40 to around its current price of $29. 

Although the predictions all look incredibly positive, it could be that we’ll start to see a more bearish trend if the amount of Chainlink activity doesn’t pick up. 

The Rise of DeFi

Decentralized finance, otherwise known as DeFi, refers to financial services that are removed from centralized bodies such as banks or global firms. With a few notable exceptions, for example, Ripple XRP, the majority of cryptocurrencies are decentralized and Chainlink is no exception. 

In an interview, Chainlink CMO Adelyn Zhou said: “Deterministic smart contracts will become more attractive in a world where trusted, “brand-based” contracts have begun to fail. If we take this hypothetical to its extreme end – a world where these trusted contracts have failed entirely – DeFi becomes not just a parallel financial and legal system, but is instead the default standard.”

Since Chainlink enables people to use smart contracts with greater freedom, extending their real-world application, it’s clear that the crypto platform is in a prime market position to take advantage of this growing sector. As demand continues to increase, the use of the Chainlink blockchain may also increase, thus driving up the asset’s price. 

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Key Points

  • It’s currently the world’s tenth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • This ERC-20 token describes itself as a ‘decentralized oracle service’ because it was created to connect smart contracts with the outside world, using blockchain oracles (digital pathways) to bridge the internet and real-world applications. 
  • By the end of December 2021, Wallet Investor believes that Chainlink could be worth a minimum of $42.129 and a maximum of $48.329, giving an average price of $45.211 on 31st December. 
  • Long Forecast has predicted a yearly high of $70.03 for LINK in December 2021.
  • Previsioni Bitcoin believes that the asset could reach a whopping $150.042 by the end of 2021.
  • Digital Coin Price expects Chainlink to be worth $86.79 by 2025.
  • Trading Beasts is a lot more bearish and doesn’t expect LNK to hit $50 until 2024.
  • Crypto Rating, on the other hand, believes the price of LINK could be a staggering $863 by 2025 — a value that would give the crypto a market cap of $346 billion. 
  • Factors that affect the price of Chainlink include the number of smart contract transfers that go through its platform and the rise of decentralized finance.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article about the top Chainlink price predictions for 2021-2025. The world of crypto may be notoriously difficult to predict, but by keeping track of the trends, you can potentially increase your chance of making the smartest investment decision for you.

According to the majority of these predictions, the outlook for Chainlink is overwhelmingly positive. None of the forecasts that we included in this article expect to see a period of rapid decline in the near future.

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