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Last Updated April 24th 2023
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Mina has carved a space for itself in the cryptocurrency universe. Though it is not as popular as most coins, its uniqueness sets it apart from the rest. It is officially the world’s lightest blockchain, and its native tokens is one of the most potential crypto in the market today. 

In this guide, we will discuss the latest Mina price prediction for the short and long term, providing insightful information about investing in Mina, the latest news related to the crypto project, and the latest Mina news. 

Mina Protocol Price Prediction - Summary

At the time of writing this piece, Mina price was $0.658 per token. It has been on a downward trend for a while, recording a 3.09% drop in the last 24 hours period. However, chances are high that it will trend upward soon. To help provide an overview of Mina long-term outlook, presented below is our price forecast for the years ahead:

  • End of 2023 While Mina hasn’t performed too well in the past months, MINA is slowly picking up and can turn out to perform. As per our forecast, the Mina token price prediction can rise to about $1.46 before the end of 2023.
  • End of 2024 There is a general belief that the crypto market is recovering at the right pace. This means next year could be better than the current year in terms of price changes. It’s possible that the Mina price prediction 2024 can reach $3.08 by the end of next year.  
  • End of 2025 MINA’s popularity will certainly grow in the next couple of years. People will be drawn to the blockchain when they learn what it offers. The Mina price could potentially rise to $9.77 by the end of 2025.
  • End of 2030 Our Mina long term price forecast considers the possibility of the blockchain scaling seamlessly and attracting so many participants. Market factors and increased crypto adoption can also help push MINA price up to $56.80 before the end of 2030.
  • End of 2040 With its uniqueness of general appeal, Mina can be a long term investment. As per our forecast, MINA price forecasts can potentially rise to $56 before the end of 2040.


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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product


Mina Price History

Before we can conclude that Mina is one of the best altcoins out there, it is necessary that we consider its background and its price history so far. We’ve already stated that it is a unique project and that it started receiving the attention it deserves in recent times.

Mina is a minimal blockchain network built to limit computational requirements in order to run decentralized apps (dApps) more efficiently. It is also called a ‘succinct blockchain’ because of the way it is created. The size of the blockchain will remain constant, in spite of growth in usage.

As the world’s lightest blockchain, Mina has a minuscule size of 22 KB, and it will remain constant throughout the lifecycle of the blockchain. In comparison, Bitcoin, which is the very first blockchain, has a size of 300 GB. Mina achieves its succinct size because of the way it was built and the way it works.

Mina started as a crypto project years ago, but the original name was Coda Protocol. It rebranded to Mina in October 2020. Work on the project continued for months before the Mina mainnet was finally launched in March 2021. We can say that Mina is a relatively new cryptocurrency.

Mina Protocol Price Chart

According to Mina, the mainnet launch marked a new era for internet privacy and data security. The Mina token (MINA) became available on some of the best crypto exchanges in June 2021. According to Coingecko data, it traded on 1st June 2021 at about $3.26 per token.

MINA entered the crypto market during the most favorable period in crypto history. It recorded a huge price surge on the first day in the market, eventually reaching an all-time high price of $9.09 per token. Of course, this was short-lived as market correction set in. It experienced several other periods of price surge along the way. On 15th September, for instance, it reached $6.15 and by 12 November, it was trading for $5.88 per token. On 31st December 2021, MINA traded for $3.59.  

Like other cryptocurrencies, Mina token was significantly hit by the 2022 bear market. It went from $3.73 on 2nd January 2022 to $0.611 on 2nd July 2022. The price dip continued even as the coin price fluctuated. Eventually, MINA recorded its all-time low price of $0.422757 on 1st January 2023. It has been recovering slowly, and we expect that it will recover even further.

Before we move on from this section of our Mina price prediction, here’s a summary of the major things we’ve covered so far:  

  • Mina is a relatively new cryptocurrency but has established itself as a unique blockchain offering unique dApp solutions.
  • The original project that birthed what we’re seeing now was rebranded from Coda Protocol to Mina in October 2020 
  • The Mina mainnet went live in March 2021, and as the world’s lightest blockchain, it creates a private gateway between the real world and crypto
  • The Mina token (MINA) started trading on top crypto exchanges in June 2021 and the starting price was $3.26 per token on 1st June 2021
  • Mina rose rapidly to reach its all-time high value of $9.09 on 1st June 2021, less than 24 hours after it started trading
  • Mina lost considerable value throughout 2022 as a result of the crypto bear market and eventually reached its all-time low price of $0.422757 on 1st January 2023
  • Though Mina has had a really tough time between early 2022 and early 2023, it has the potential to grow and become one of the best crypto to invest in.

Mina Price Prediction 2023

With everything we’ve covered so far, how do you think the Mina price prediction chart will shape up this year, 2023? We’ve already established that the coin has been on a downward trend. Why should anyone believe that it can rise reasonably to deliver profit this year?

If you take a closer look at Mina fundamental analysis, you will observe that it has the potential for growth. However, market factors will play the most prominent role in price movements this year, 2023. The entire crypto market is expected to recover this year, and that's enough reason for a positive Mina price forecast, at least for the next 9 months.

Mina Price Prediction

It’s important to mention at this point that there is really no Layer-1 blockchain like Mina. It is the lightest blockchain with a constant size of 22kb. Its size will remain constant even as it scales. This is indicative of a unique and efficient blockchain with real potential for growth and high ROI. 

Mina’s ability to scale is not questionable. The blockchain is built in a manner that allows every user to operate as a node and participate in a consensus. This approach will undoubtedly help Mina to build a very large network of active participants. This is another reason Mina long term price forecast will always look impressive.

In spite of its glowing potential, Mina remains one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency. Though it has been trending in recent times, it is still overlooked by a section of traders. However, the majority of prediction websites hold a positive Mina price outlook.

As per our Mina price prediction, we project that the coin will recover and record tangible gain before the end of the year. It is also possible that the altcoin will embark on a bullish trend before the end of the year. 

Already, the crypto market is picking up momentum, including Mina crypto. As the months' roll by, we expect the price of the Mina coin to rise steadily, which is why our Mina price prediction for 2023 estimates the coin could be worth as much as $1.46 by this point.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product

Mina Price Prediction 2024

While we consider Mina as one of the next crypto to explode, we need to understand when exactly it could explode. We've already mentioned that a decent recovery is expected in the next few months. A major bullish trend is expected to happen some time in 2024. 

Market condition is also expected to play a significant role in MINA price movement in the coming year. Once the general crypto market improves, most assets will gain more, including Mina we consider among the best new cryptocurrency to invest in.

Of course, we will never underestimate the effect of demand and supply on our Mina price forecast. We’re strongly convinced that the demand for MINA tokens will start rising as more people understand what it stands for. The effect of improved knowledge of Mina can become noticeable in 2024.

Mina Price Forecast

Considering how The Mina protocol can perform in the next couple of years, it is safe to stay positive about Mina value. It is more likely that the coin will gain significantly in the coming years. As a result, our Mina price prediction for 2024 projects that the coin could be worth as much as $3.08 per token.

Mina Price Forecast Long-Term Outlook – 2025 Prediction

From the beginning of this guide, we’ve maintained that Mina is a unique crypto project. Projects of this nature have higher chances of becoming mainstream and gaining significant value after spending some years on the market. This is one reason our Mina long term price forecast remains positive.

We also need to remind you that Mina is currently undervalued. When you also consider how the price rose on its first day on the market, you can get a better idea of its growth potential. In the long run, the crypto market will correct itself and valuable coins like Mina will gain the attention and price they deserve.

When people learn more about Mina and understand how they can participate in its ecosystem, a good number of new users will be attracted. This alone can have a significant impact on the price of the asset. A noticeable rise in demand can have a sharp and significant effect on price growth. This is another reason to expect a bullish Mina long term price prognosis.

Mina long term forecasts

We also need to consider the fact that Mina is not yet as popular as mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The majority of memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, for instance, are even more popular, though they don’t offer much in terms of solving real-world problems. Its popularity will improve with time.

Undoubtedly, Mina’s popularity will grow among crypto enthusiasts. Once they begin to see its potentials unfold, demand for the coin will most likely skyrocket. There is a possibility that MINA will enjoy even a crazier bullish run than the one that resulted in its all-time high price within the first 24 hours of trading.

At this point, how do you feel that our Mina long term price prospect should leave us? The majority of informed crypto users will view Mina positively when they understand how it favors a participatory economy. It will definitely attract many new users and demand will go up significantly.  

Mina trading below $1 is not a true reflection of the coin's value. It will grow significantly in the coming year. As such, our Mina price prediction for 2025, therefore, sees the coin valued at $9.77 per token.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product

Mina Price Prediction 2030

It’s now time to look at the real Mina long term price forecast. This section is especially important for investors who intend to buy and hold the token for years before selling. Understanding how the price of the asset can turn out in the coming years will help you determine whether it is a decent long-term investment.

But what are the real factors that will influence Mina's long term price potential? What and what can drive the price of the coin going forward? And how far can the identified factors carry MINA's price? We'll address each of these questions as briefly as possible.

The major factors that will influence Minan’s long term price potential are the condition of the network and its infrastructure. If Mina can maintain its high standards and improve its infrastructure on the way, then its long term potential will remain bright.

In addition to how its infrastructure performs in the coming years, Mina’s ability to attract new participants/users will continue to drive price. Mina can evolve to integrate dApps. It is already used to make run dApps more efficiently, meaning its use cases can expand in the coming years.

People will be motivated to consider Mina as a long term investment when they see its infrastructure improve and its value rise in response. There may be some sort of ripple effect that will help push the price of the asset higher than most people expected.

Considering that Mina is one of the cheapest coins to buy now, it is an attractive investment. If you are researching Mina price prediction with the hope of buying and HODling for years, now may be the best time to buy it at the right price and expect a significant return on investment (ROI). 

Mina Protocol prediction

The Mina ecosystem may grow bigger and better than most of us expect. As a relatively new coin, it has seen only a few swings. The prices of all volatile assets will continue to fluctuate, but we can expect MINA to record meaningful improvement, even in the midst of the

There are many experts who are more bullish of Mina maximalists predicting a much higher price for the new coin, with a huge prediction that the crypto price could reach up to $25 in the next decade.

As a result, Our long term Mina price forecast projects that the coin will witness significant growth and reach $22.00 per token before the end of 2030.

Mina Price Prediction 2040

If you are just searching for the best crypto to buy right now, you may not find Mina in your search results. This is primarily due to the fact that Mina is not as popular as most altcoins. Its popularity will improve, and that may have a meaningful impact on its price too.

But, how exactly could Mina long term price prediction play out in the next 10 – 20 years? We’ve maintained a pessimistic price outlook from the onset because we understand that a unique network like Mina can attract a lot of participants. It already helps to run dApps more efficiently. Before 2040, major upgrades could see the blockchain offering a lot of value. 

Mina Protocol

If you can afford to buy and HODL MINA till 2040, then making an investment now may sound like a great idea. After all, we expect Mina to add value and grow significantly. It may not grow as much as Bitcoin grew in its first decade, but significant growth is expected. 

No one can authoritatively state where Mina will be in the next two decades. What we know, however, is that it is a unique project with huge potential. It may just rise significantly and yield huge returns for those who can buy and wait patiently for so long.  

From all we’ve covered, we can say that Mina is potentially one of the best altcoins right now. But how much, exactly, could it be worth in 2040? According to our long term Mina price prediction, the token could rise to as high as $56.00 per token before the end of 2040.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product

Potential Highs & Lows of Mina

The sections above have represented a deep analysis into our Mina price prediction for the years ahead. Presented below are some critical areas of note that MINA investors may wish to keep their eyes on going forward.

This particular section of our Mina price prediction guide will summarize Mina’s potential highs and lows for the strategic years we’ve covered here:

Year High Low
2023 $1.46 $0.67
2024 $3.08 $2.60
2025 $9.77 $5.45
2030 $22 $14
2040 $56 $40


What is Mina Used For?

The value of an asset is directly linked to its utility. So, as a top altcoin, what utilities do MINA offer? This section of our Mina price prediction guide will focus on its current use cases and also shed light on potential use cases:

Facilitating network transactions

As the native token of the network, MINA is used to settle all network-related transactions within the ecosystem. Users of the network, irrespective of role, utilize the token for all kinds of payments. 

MINA will continue to serve as the facilitating token for the Mina network for the foreseeable future. It sets the parameter for fees and transactions within the network.

Method of Payment

Just like other top cryptocurrencies you can buy now, Mina is a recognized digital asset within the crypto universe. It can be used for payment within the wider crypto community.

What is Mina Crypto

To use MINA as a method of payment, counter-parties must agree on its value and price. The process of using this token to make a payment is straightforward. 


Mina tokens can be staked to contribute to the security of the network. This involves temporarily locking up your MINA for a specific period in order to earn a specific reward.

Staking will continue to improve with the possibility of staking MINA and other valuable tokens across different compatible protocols. Staking rewards are also expected to improve as the network evolves.

Distributing fees between network participants 

MINA serves as the major token for the distribution of fees to network participants. All users of the platform understand that it is the denominator when it comes to fees and transactions.

As the MINA ecosystem expands, the roles of MINA will continue to improve. It will be instrumental in rewarding network participants, even in the future.  

As An Investment Vehicle

Most people searching for Mina price prediction intend to use the token as an investment vehicle. This implies that they intend to buy the coin and sell it at the appropriate time for profit.

As new use cases for the token emerge, MINA's position and reputation as an investment vehicle will continue to rise. There are chances it can become one of the best coins to buy as an inflation hedge if growth is sustained.

How Could Mina Future Utility Affect Price?

Before concluding that a digital asset is one of the next crypto to explode, its future utility must be factored in. A token without potential new use cases may not perform like others with that quality. So, what are MINA’s potential new utilities?

As it stands, MINA’s use cases are concentrated within its ecosystem. The ecosystem will continue to expand, meaning new use cases will likely emerge. This is one of the reasons our Mina price prediction is bullish.

It’s also very likely that MINA use cases outside its ecosystem will improve in the future. Blockchain interoperability is no longer a major issue in the crypto space. Assets are now easily transferable, including Mina coins.

Another key area we need to consider in this section of Mina price forecast is the emergence and acceptance of Bitcoin ETFs. As one of the best altcoins, out there, MINA, can become part of exchange-traded funds.

Whenever MINA becomes part crypto ETFs, it will be able to attract all kinds of investors, including institutional investors. This is a strong reason to expect Mina long term price prediction to be bullish.

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What Drives the Price of Mina?

Its common knowledge that demand and supply are the biggest drivers of price in the money and asset market. This is also the case with MINA. This section of our Mina price prediction will discuss the various factors that could drive Mina future price prospects. They include:

Activities within the Mina Ecosystem

Activities like upgrades, new features and products, among others that happen within the Mina ecosystem will play a huge role in its long term price prospects.

The growth and development of the Mina ecosystem will have a significant effect on the pricing of the native token in the future. Partnerships and other beneficial arrangements will be helpful too. 

Social Media Activities

We all know the impact social media play on the life cycle of digital assets. It will continue to drive the price of coins, including MINA.

Another important fact to consider is the use of social media for crypto marketing. As this trend continues, prices of coins like MINA will continue to respond to social media activities.

Growth in Crypto Adoption

The general condition of the crypto market has a huge influence on the prices of all assets within the market.  Increased adoption of mainstream crypto assets and new altcoins like MINA will definitely result in improved pricing.

It’s generally believed that crypto adoption will continue to rise in the coming years. It is also expected that top altcoins like MINA will benefit from this. 

Crypto Market Regulation

It’s also common knowledge that world leaders and economic experts have been calling for crypto regulation. How far these impending regulations will affect prices of assets is not yet established. 

There are chances that crypto regulations will be beneficial to the market. In any case, the most valuable crypto assets right now, including MINA will likely gain even under strict regulations.

Institutional Investment

Institutional investments are also among the biggest factors that can drive prices of digital assets. MINA has already attracted a handful of institutional investors and we expect this to improve with time.

It’s important to state here that institutional investments come in different forms, including partnerships. Mina is likely to attract more strategic partners in the future, and that could play an important part in its Mina price prediction and actual prices in the years ahead. 

Latest Mina News

Before we round off this Mina price prediction guide, it is important to reiterate the benefits of staying updated about a coin you’re interested in. Here, we’ll summarize the relevant latest Mina news stories surrounding Mina and the Mina token (MINA):

  • Mina becomes one of the few privacy-focused Layer-1 protocols that can actually enable zKApps today
  • Some of the researcher teams at Equilibrium delve into the Mini Protocol because of its qualities and evolving features
  • Mina token gets listed on KuCoin – plans to expand to other top crypto exchanges and viable markets

Conclusion Mina Price Prediction 

In this guide, we’ve provided you with the most comprehensive Mina price prediction you can find anywhere on the web. We discussed most things you need to know, including short term and long term Mina price forecasts. 

From our research and analysis, we discovered that Mina is one of the most undervalued crypto assets right now. That means if you buy MINA now, the chances of making profits in the coming years are high.

At this juncture, it is crucial to remind you that Mina is a volatile asset. That implies that its price will continue to fluctuate from time to time. However, our Mina price forecast remains bullish. On a final note, it is best to buy crypto only from a reliable source. eToro happens to be one of the best online brokers for cryptocurrencies and other investment vehicles.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product

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FAQs Mina Price Prediction

What was the starting price of Mina?

The starting price of MINA, According to data from Coingecko, was 3.26 per token, and it was recorded on 1st June 2021

What was Mina's highest price?

As at the time of writing this Mina price prediction article, Mina’s all-time high price was $9.09, and it was recorded on 1st June 2021, the same day the coin was listed on major crypto exchanges

What will Mina be worth in 2023?

According to results from our research and analysis, Mina price prediction for 2023 is a maximum of $1.46 per token. This is way below its starting price but is an improvement of the current price.

What is the Mina price prediction for 2024?

Our MINA price prediction for 2024 estimates that the coin could reach a valuation of $3.08 before the end of the year.

How much will Mina be worth in 5 years?

In the next five years, MINA will most likely become a lot more popular and valuable than it is now. As its use cases expand within and beyond its ecosystem, the token price could hit $16 by 2028..

What is the Mina price prediction for 2030?

Our Mina price prediction estimates that the coin could hit $22 by 2030. This significant price gain will likely be driven by increased crypto adoption and a much-improved crypto market condition. It will also depend on whether MINA is included in crypto ETFs and other friendly products that could emerge.

Will Mina go up?

Yes, MINA will likely go up. We’ve established that it is one of the most undervalued crypto assets and that its value will likely rise in the foreseeable future. A major crypto bull run can see the coin surpass expectations.

Is Mina a good investment?

Yes, MINA can and should be categorized as a good investment. This is because the coin is currently undervalued, being one of the coins under $1 at the time of writing. It’s likely that its price will rise in the coming years and possibly surpass the all-time high value recorded previously..

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