Internet Computer Price Prediction 2025 And 2030

What will Internet Computer price be worth in the long term?

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated March 17th 2022
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New cryptocurrencies are launched almost every week. But whilst many seem to slip under the radar and disappear into the murky waters of the lesser-known altcoins, others make big waves from the outset.

One token that has already garnered a huge amount of attention is Internet Computer. Having launched on Monday 10th May, Internet Computer’s market cap was already at a staggering $45 billion after a single day of trading. 

The name itself may sound dull; on the surface, it hardly seems particularly evocative compared to the likes of Tron, Ethereum or Ripple, but Internet Computer is in fact one of the most exciting prospects to come to the crypto sphere in recent years - and not just because of its meteoric price rise. 

But what exactly makes Internet Computer so special? And why it soared straight into the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap just days after launching? In the following Internet Computer price prediction for 2025 and 2030, we’ll take a look at what’s under the hood of this intriguing new project and hear from top analysts on what they think ICP might be worth in the coming years. 


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Internet Computer - What Is It?

Despite its somewhat prosaic moniker, Internet Computer is a very ambitious project. Developed by Swiss non-profit organisation DFINITY, it is intended to be a decentralised network that completely revolutionises the internet as we know and use it today. 

The basic premise is that the Internet Computer protocol will make it much easier, cheaper and faster for developers to publish new apps and services on a cloud platform, without the need for big tech firms like Microsoft and Apple to host them. So in this sense, it’s yet another blockchain network setting out to remove the middle-man from another yet area of commerce. What makes ICP different is the sheer scope of its ambitions.

Internet Computer offers more than just smart contracts. It's a complete digital ecosystem that takes the decentralisation ethos of blockchain to the next level. Effectively, Internet Computer seeks to provide a new internet altogether. Developers can build DeFi apps, websites, e-commerce platforms, internet services, social media and even messenger applications using the network - and the Dfinity team claim that their blockchain runs much faster than most existing smart networks, such as Ethereum or Cardano

“The Internet Computer works in a very different way than any other blockchain,” said Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist at the Dfinity Foundation. “Today, a lot of blockchains run largely on the cloud. The Internet Computer runs entirely on dedicated hardware that is installed by independent parties around the world.”

The Internet Computer project represents five years of development, during which time it has seen some pretty substantial backing, having raised $121 from blockchain investment groups like Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. 

The ICP token

It's safe to say that since Monday 10th May, Google has probably been overloaded with inquiries like “how do I buy Internet Computer?” and “Can Internet Computer make me rich?” as the new altcoin features in more and more news stories, thanks to its staggering price performance so far.

But what is the ICP token exactly? Well, Internet Computer’s native cryptocurrency is used predominantly as a governance token. This means that holders of ICP have voting power on Internet Computer developments and can effectively have a say in how the project is run. It also powers the various functions of the blockchain. 

Alongside its technical functions, ICP is also dished out as a reward to users for helping to run the essential functions of the network, such as the aforementioned governance or operating node machines which work in a similar way to servers on the web.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Looking at ICP’s Remarkable Debut

If you’re an observer of the cryptocurrency market, then you can hardly have failed to have noticed that Internet Computer has been big news recently. On its first day of trading, ICP soared to an impressive all-time high of $700.65 per coin. This meant that Internet Computer more or less launched directly into the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap.

However, the headlines only tell half a story. Despite its very impressive numbers, ICP actually had a pretty tumultuous first week of trading. Prices had sunk back to around $333 before Monday was out, yet ICP saw another surge the following day, peaking at around the $478 mark. 

Things seem to have settled somewhat since the initial fanfare. Despite a rush to invest in Internet Computer on Tuesday, prices declined to a low of $257.15 on Wednesday 13th May. It went back to $338 on Thursday, before appearing to calm down at the end of the week and ICP was trading below $280 by the weekend. Since then ICP's prices have dropped under $50 and it's yet to re-test its highs again.

Suffice to say it's been an interesting week and Internet Computer has certainly made its mark. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that a new coin has exploded onto the scene with an almost miraculous price point, before sinking into relative obscurity. So is it a good idea to invest in Internet Computer?

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What’s Next: Internet Computer Price Predictions for 2025

Any Internet Computer price prediction is subject to numerous factors - some of which we have touched upon above. Inevitably, given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market,  any forecasting is little more than speculation and can only ever serve to give you an idea of what a digital asset’s potential for growth might be. 

DigitalCoinPrice has come out with an optimistic prediction for ICP's price in 2025. According to them, ICP will end 2025 with a price of $34.6.

Elsewhere, Wallet Investor has made a more conservative Internet Computer price forecast. It has ICP token dropping after the end of 2022. By 2025, the platform expects the Internet Computer coin to trade at $3.24.

The Economy Forecast is more optimistic than WI. They expect ICP to have a weaker year in 2025, compared to 2023 and 2024 but still end it trading at $14.03.

Looking Further Ahead: Internet Computer Price Predictions for 2030

Realistically, an Internet Computer price prediction for 2030 is somewhat unfeasible. In fact, after only a week’s trading, there is very little data for any predictions based on technical analysis. However, it is worth seeing what some platforms are predicting, simply to build a picture of the coin’s potential.

One platform that has already committed to a long-term Internet Computer price forecast is DigitalCoinPrice. According to its technical analysis, significant price growth will then occur in 2027 and by the end of December 2029, ICP will be worth approximately $81.94 per token, having touched the $85 mark earlier that year.

Coin Price Forecast is less optimistic. They have Internet Computer continuing to rise substantially each year between now and 2030, ending up at over $77.54 per token.

Anyone looking to invest in Internet Computer price should bear in mind that these forecasts are based on a very limited amount of historic data and should not form the basis of any investment.

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How Has the Crypto Industry Responded to Internet Computer?

Naturally, the dramatic entry of Internet Computer to the crypto market has made some pretty substantial waves and, whilst many industry insiders are excited about the project, others question whether the developers behind ICP have bitten off more than they can chew.

“The problem Dfinity is addressing extends beyond just blockchain technology,” Messari analysts Mira Christanto and Wilson Withiam, wrote in a recent research note. “It’s addressing the issues plaguing traditional internet, such as relatively low data security and an oligopoly consisting of big tech companies.”

“Like Ethereum, this platform would allow developers to run computing applications on decentralized infrastructure,” Christanto and Withiam wrote. “Unlike Ethereum, the IC intends to offer companies the efficiency to run these applications at scale and the flexibility to build them to fit a particular user base’s specific needs (e.g. privacy).”

They added that “Dfinity has launched in the heart of the bull run, perhaps putting wind in their sails. However, successfully creating the ultimate world computer is still at play.”

Olaf Carlson-Wee, the founder of Polychain Capital, is also optimistic about the future of Internet Computer. He claims to have first acquired ICP tokens in the form of IOUs about three years ago, after being impressed with the Dfinity team’s cryptography breakthroughs.

“Dfinity is the most important technology launched since Ethereum,” he said. “People like me in the crypto world recognize the magnitude of the technology breakthroughs Dfinity represents.”

He went on to say that even with Ethereum’s ongoing upgrades, it will not be able to match Internet Computer for speed and performance. “Dfinity will enable novel types of apps that aren’t possible to build on any other blockchain.” 

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Conclusion: Should You Invest in Internet Computer?

Most Internet Computer price predictions suggest that the altcoin can expect to see a significant growth over the coming years. Leading analysts vary wildly on their forecasts - but if even the most conservative predictions pan out, anyone who chooses to invest in Internet Computer could see decent returns. 

There’s no denying that Internet Computer has a very impressive objective. Whereas new cryptocurrency projects seem to gradually chip away at existing commercial structures, promising decentralised payments (Bitcoin), decentralised exchanges (Uniswap) and decentralised entertainment (Tron), Internet Computer seeks to revolutionise the entire online landscape in one fell swoop.

Of course, whether it can do this or not is another matter. There are already several, well established smart chains with some very talented developers. Ethereum and Cardano, for example, have untold capabilities and already have a huge amount of support from the world of business and traditional finance. 

So is Internet Computer a good investment? For a new coin, its token price is fairly high but in just one week we have seen that ICP has the potential to go significantly higher than its current price. Of course, there’s no telling whether or not the project will gain any significant traction over the next few years, but if it does, now would be a good time to acquire an ICP holding.

The Internet Compute altcoin has huge potential for growth due to its myriad of applications and, assuming appetite for digital ecosystem continues to grow, ICP may well prove to be an excellent investment over both the short term and long term. 

Anyone looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market should already be fully cognisant of the risk involved. Internet Computer has the potential to be the next big project and could be a sensible addition to any mid to long term strategy. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What is Internet Computer?

Internet Computer is an exciting new project in the cryptocurrency space that promises to effectively decentralise cloud-based services by providing a network on which developers can implement everything from decentralised exchanges to social media platforms.  

How much will Internet Computer be worth in 2025?

Internet Computer is a fairly new project and its native token, ICP, has only been trading since the 10th of May. Therefore, any Internet Computer price predictions should be thought of as speculation at best. Most platforms are predicting growth though, with some saying that Internet Computer ICP could be trading well above $150 by 2025.

How do I buy Internet Computer?

If you’re looking to buy Internet Computer, then you’ll need to find a broker or exchange that lists the token. Seeing as it is fairly new, it is likely that an increasing number of popular brokers will add it to their listings in the coming weeks - so the best thing to do is choose a broker that suits your trading goals first. 

Is Internet Computer going to explode in value?

Internet Computer has already seen some pretty impressive price growth and skyrocketed its way into the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap in just a few hours of trading. Such, there is definitely potential in the coin and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Internet Computer explode in 2022.

What are Internet Computer price predictions for 2030?

Internet Computer has not been trading long, so there is little by way of historic data to inform price predictions for the future. DigitalCoinPrice is so far one of the few platforms offering a long-term forecast, predicting that ICP will hit $81.94 by 2029.

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