Ripple Price Prediction: How Much Will XRP Be Worth In The Next 5 Years?

What will the price of Ripple XRP be in 5 years?

Last Updated January 10th 2022
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Ripple (XRP) saw significant growth over the past year with increasing institutional adoptions and developments. Therefore, crypto experts predict that the Ripple price will likely explode beyond $5 this year. Here is a helpful guide for traders and investors to explore Ripple price predictions and forecasts for both short and long terms.  

The crypto market is soaring with opportunities today. It is an advanced technology uniquely designed to disrupt the future of several markets. One of these prominent cryptocurrencies that aim to penetrate the entire traditional financial system is Ripple XRP. The Ripple network created XRP to enhance the conventional financial system and make cross-border payment easier and cheaper. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market, Ripple XRP has a different goal to achieve. It was specifically created to process cheaper and faster transactions across borders. And this is one significant reason why Ripple is an attractive option for banks. It helps them move large amounts of money instantly at a lower cost compared to traditional financial systems. 

With its advanced technology, crypto enthusiasts believe that Ripple will be a viable alternative for SWIFT, the current standard for international payments. SWIFT, as compared to XRP, is very slow and has high fees.

Several banks have been deploying Ripple's xRapid for trial. xRapid moves funds faster between third parties by deploying XRP. Thanks to its increased institutional interest and technical developments, among several other crypto assets in the market, Ripple has the highest long-term potential.

Accurately predicting short and long-term prices could be difficult as the crypto market is highly volatile. However, several industry experts and adept analysts have put forth their views and predictions about Ripple's price with in-depth technical analysis.

This guide provides a well-researched analysis of Ripple price prediction and approaches frequently asked questions such as "how high will Ripple go?" and "how much will Ripple be worth in five years?" 

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Table Of Contents

  1. Ripple And The XRP Token
  2. The Historical Rally Of Ripple Over The Years
  3. Where Does XRP Stand In 2022
  4. Ripple Experts Stand on XRP Long Term Value
  5. Ripple Price Predictions That Got Right In The Past 
  6. Ripple Historical Price Data 
  7. Technical Analysis Of Ripple Price And XRP Price Potential 
  8. Ripple's Price In 2021
  9. XRP Price Prediction: Fibonacci Extensions
  10. Ripple Price Prediction: 2022 – 2023
  11. Ripple Price Forecast: 2024 – 2025
  12. What Is The Future Of Ripple? Is It A Good Investment?: The Bottomline 


Ripple And The XRP Token

Before moving to its price predictions, let's see the difference between Ripple and the XRP token. Ripple is both a blockchain network and a company that created the cryptocurrency XRP. XRP, the native token of the Ripple protocol, is used as a utility token for transactions in the network. 

XRP has multiple use cases. It is used for payment settlements, remittance systems, and asset exchanges. It is also uniquely designed to enhance speed over other cryptocurrencies and a potential alternative to SWIFT. XRP is an excellent payment currency that has very little transaction time. 

For instance, Bitcoin takes around 10 minutes to confirm a transaction that is just a matter of 5 seconds using Ripple XRP. Its high transaction speed is an important reason why Ripple is one of the bankable cryptocurrencies in the market today. 

Ryan Fugger brought in the idea behind Ripple initially. Later in 2012, Jed McCaleb and Chris Larson took over the project named OpenCoin (renamed XRP). Later after the renaming and formation of Ripple Labs, Brad Garlinghouse took over the leadership and is the CEO of Ripple today.   

The Historical Rally Of Ripple Over The Years 

Ripple XRP has seen significant growth since its inception in 2012. It has had a successful initial journey, from where the price of XRP surged up, hitting an all-time high of $3.84 in January 2018. 

Ripple had a strong breakout in 2020. But its price went all the way down because of the SEC lawsuit. The SEC claimed that the XRP token is unregistered securities and not a cryptocurrency. They alleged that XRP's parent company Ripple is offering unregistered securities to investors in the US, breaking the law. This lawsuit was a hard hit for XRP, bringing its price down to rock bottom and its loss of partnership with MoneyGram.

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Where Does Ripple XRP Stand In 2022

Even though the lawsuit indeed created a hostile market for XRP, their dedicated development team worked hard to pull them out of it. In 2021, XRP had a few wins during the process, leading to its considerable growth in the year.

XRP also had the complete support of Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn. She expressed her support by defending XRP from the allegation and gave Ripple access to the SEC communications for more clarity. The price of XRP immediately pumped to $1 after the wins. Thanks to those wins and other strong partnerships, Ripple should continue its upward growth.

Ripple price has surged almost $1.5 in the second week of April, which was the highest since its peak in January. The asset has successfully outperformed BTC and ETH last year year, and chances are, it will happen again. As per technical analysis, the XRP price could likely explode beyond $5 in the coming decades. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Ripple Experts Stand On XRP Long Term Value

Ripple has garnered the support and partnership of some of the biggest names in the corporate and investment sector. From its long-term healthy partnerships with several financial institutions such as JP Morgan (JPM), Banco Santander (SAN), Bank Of America, and many more, to its recent bond with Asia's largest cross-border payment specialist Trangle, Ripple is backed up by solid support in the industry. 

Let's see some notable Ripple forecasts from various influential individuals in the blockchain market.

Will Meade, Former Goldman Sachs Alum and Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager

Will Meade is the former PM at Goldman Sachs and notable alumni of Johns Hopkins University. He shared his honest opinion about Ripple price, stating that he expects XRP to soar higher in the coming years.

He has already made his crypto purchase of XRP, showing support and belief in the future of this crypto asset. Due to Bitcoin's new uptrend and a 'rising tide,' Meade estimates a 1500% increase in Ripple, which would take XRP to a value of $3 soon. 

In 2020 he took this to his Twitter handle, amplifying his support for this particular crypto asset. 

Sean Matthew, Financial Services Advisor

Yet another expert who believed that XRP might be going back to its glorious days in 2017 and 2018 is the Financial Advisor Seam Mathew. He calls for a price of $10 XRP in his detailed YouTube technical analysis documentation. The YouTube video creator expects a bullish breakout for XRP shortly. 

Michael Arrington, Founder of Michael Arrington XRP, TechCrunch

TechCrunch founder and former Editor-In-Chief Michael Arrington believes that XRP is all set for a bright future. He stated, "Ripple is a good way to move money," Arrington also expressed his plans of altering his "career path to focus entirely on cryptocurrencies and related technologies." 

Additionally, he also opened a $100 million hedge fund denominated in XRP, which was great support for Ripple as most successful and legendary tech investors value the potential of the Ripple project.

Ashton Kutcher, Actor, Sound Ventures

Famous actor and investor Ashton Kutcher invested in Ripple through his venture capital firm, Sound Ventures. Kutcher and Guy Oseary, in the Ellen Degeneres Show, talked about the long-term value of Ripple, along with investing $4 million to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund in the form of Ripple's XRP coin. 

Kutcher amplified the value of Ripple with his statement that gave XRP widespread exposure. He said, "Ripple is basically a platform to allow people to transfer money from bank account to bank account, person to person, really securely, really simply, really quickly." 

He had also tweeted about the partnership of Sound Ventures with Ripple, adding to the coin's popularity. 

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO Of Ripple XRP 

Along with all other investors, Brad, the CEO of Ripple, has faith in the future of Ripple XRP. He has big future predictions forecasting that XRP might become the Amazon of the crypto industry by 2025. In his interview back in 2018, Brad reminded investors that if they have plans to invest in XRP, they should probably consider a long-term investment plan for profit rather than a short one. 

In an interview, Brad also expressed his opinion about the XRP token burn plan and future developments in the platform. He stated that he is open to fresh ideas that can enhance the Ripple ecosystem.

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Ripple Price Predictions That Got Right In The Past 

Though the crypto market is highly volatile and unpredictable, some analysts and organizations eventually get it right. However, every correct prediction provides a ray of hope for investors who have been planning to invest in crypto assets like XRP. 

Profit Confidential Analysts, Financial Research Firm

In mid-2017, when Ripple was trading at less than a quarter on the dollar (almost $0.189), the Profit Confidential Analysts predicted that the value of this asset would surge high someday. Later, the same year the XRP value reached almost $2, and by 2018 it hit the high $3.84 mark.

Alex Saunders, CEO and Founder of NuggetNewsAU

In 2019, Alex Saunder, the CEO and founder of NuggetNewsAU called for XRP to reach 30 cents. After his prediction, the asset rebounded almost 50 cents before it fell back down to 10 cents. 

Ripple Historical Price Data 

To estimate the maximum price Ripple could hit and predict a long-term price forecast, investors can review its historical market price and token supplies. 

The XRP token has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 XRP coins, of which 47.5 billion coins are already in circulation. 

XRP had an all-time high of $3.84 in January 2018. It was one of the most profitable assets, giving investors over 1000% gains quickly. 

As of writing, Ripple XRP trades at $0.74. It is the eighth-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $49.9 billion. XRP is on top exchange platforms like Binance, Huobi Global, Upbit, and CoinTiger. 

Technical Analysis Of Ripple Price And XRP Price Potential 

A technical analysis by evaluating its statistical trends and price history will help investors estimate the investment opportunity in Ripple. Based on some of the brightest analysts of the cryptocurrency industry, here's what to expect from Ripple XRP. 

Ripple's Price In 2021

Just before the SEC lawsuit, XRP was all cleared for a tremendous takeoff after a solid breakout from a long-term resistance of three years. It already spiked to almost 90 cents per token. Then, following a few small wins in the process, the price of XRP skyrocketed in 2021. Apart from the favourable overall win, analysts expect collaborations with financial institutions as per XRP price patterns.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

XRP Price Predictions: Fibonacci Extensions 

The Fibonacci extensions set the next peak target of XRP from $5 to $26 in the coming future. Fibonacci numbers and ratios are helpful to plot potential areas of interest. A crypto analyst predicts that if XRP reaches a Fibonacci extension of 1.6818 XRP, it could attain a $26 per token value. But NewsBTC in-house analysts take a different take on the Fibonacci extension.

The graph below shows an extension cast from the top of the 2018 peak to the recent bear market bottom. The extensions taken from there are located at 1.618, 2.618, 3.618, and 4.326, representing $5.60, $9.10, and $14.60, respectively.

xrp/usd price prediction chart

Ripple Price Prediction: 2022 – 2023

If the SEC case settles down in the future or XRP continues its momentum, it could boost its value in the coming future. Each repeating pattern in the cryptocurrency cycle is known as a fractal. Ripple could rise to a range of $160 per token in the short term if this fractal pattern continues. But analysts also predict that 2022 and 2023 can be the peak of this bull market, after which a bear cycle could begin. 

PrimeXBT, a famous trading platform for cryptocurrency, predicts a powerful surge from $1, reaching a high of almost $12 in 2022. 

xrp/usd price prediction 2022

Ripple Price Forecast: 2024 – 2025

Five years from now would be a long way to determine the actual price of a cryptocurrency. But considering XRP's future and current partnerships with banks in Latin America and Europe, Ripple will open more doors for broader adoptions. Therefore in 2030, experts anticipate XRP to grow exponentially beyond a value of $17. 

The Coinswitch algorithm analysis predicts that Ripple can surge higher to a value of almost $4.52 by 2025. 

While some analysts also predict that after hitting a top, the next cycle could be a downtrend. In such a case, Ripple could probably fall to the bottom of its upcoming bear market, which would likely be $8. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Is The Future Of Ripple? Is It A Good Investment?: The Bottomline 

This detailed guide provides those interested in investing or trading in Ripple with a framework to understand its value forecasts in the near future. 

Though challenged by the Chief US regulators, Ripple is a cryptocurrency backed up with several big-budget institutions and a talented developing team. With its increasing adoptions and latest advancements, investors can rest assured that they have invested in a cryptocurrency with high future potential. 

According to short-term analysts and experts, Ripple could likely explode beyond $1.5 by the end of this year. At the same time, medium-term analysts predict a price range between $3 to $12. Considering the cyclic pattern of cryptocurrencies, long-term analysts put XRP at a range of $3-30 but expect a downtrend after hitting a peak. 

These types of predictions help traders and investors estimate ideas on when to open short-term positions and expect returns. Ripple has successfully positioned itself alongside other popular cryptocurrencies in the market like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

With its pragmatic approach to cross-border payments and transfers, Ripple can seamlessly disrupt several traditional financial institutions. It is positioned as one of the top cryptocurrencies in the market and a suitable alternative for SWIFT in the coming years. If things go as per predictions and trends, Ripple XRP will open new opportunities for investors, promising them wealthy returns in the future. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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