What Might Happen If You Invest $100 In Curve (CRV) Today?

Should You Invest $100 in Curve (CRV)?

Last Updated February 4th 2022
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Curve (CRV) has played a great role in the buzz that has taken over the financial world in the form of decentralized finance in 2021. 

As part of one of the categories of DeFi called decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Curve and others compete strongly with centralized exchanges. 

Curve continues to record impressive trading volume. This has seen millions of traders and investors add its novel token, CRV, onto their investment portfolios due to the success of several DeFi tokens. 

As a coin with great potential, "Curve price" shows 493,000,000 (493 million) results in 0.58 seconds on Google. 

This has led to several questions such as, is Curve a good investment, is CRV a good investment in 2022, and what does Curve coin do

Since millions of people have lost huge sums of money to crypto scams, many potential investors will like to start with a small trading budget. 

This is why the question, what might happen if you invest $100 in Curve (CRV) today continues to gain traction across all the search engines globally.

If you invest $100 in Curve (CRV) today and the value of the cryptocurrency increases due to favourable crypto market sentiment, and your investment quadruples to $400, you stand a chance to make a profit of $300. 

The $300 is capital gains and this can make up for losses from less performing digital assets in your portfolio. 

Since investments have two (2) outcomes, in the event the value of Curve (CRV) drops due to unfavourable crypto market sentiment, to let’s say $15, you stand a chance of making a loss of $85. 

However, in the world of Curve investing and crypto investing for that matter, you will only see profits or losses if you decide to sell your CRV holdings. 

To learn more about the Curve project, Trading Education has highly researched articles on the DEX written by experts with years of experience in the crypto sphere. 

These articles would help you learn how you can invest in Curve (CRV). Read the article in its entirety to get to know how much your $100 investment in CRV could be worth someday.


If You Invest $100 in Curve (CRV) Today, What Happens?

Can I Invest $100 In Curve (CRV)?

What Is Curve?

What Makes Curve (CRV) So Valuable?

How To Invest $100 In Curve (CRV)

Will Investing $100 In Curve (CRV) Make You A Millionaire?

What To Consider When Investing $100 In Curve (CRV)?

Should You Invest In Curve (CRV)? 


If You Invest $100 in Curve (CRV) Today, What Happens? 

The price of Curve (CRV) has been soaring since opening at $0.6275 on 1st January 2021. 

With many analysts predicting a rallying of cryptocurrencies towards the end of December 2021, there is a huge chance that enormous earnings could befall you in the near term if you were to invest $100 in Curve (CRV). 

As of October 2021, Curve (CRV)’s value has increased substantially, having returned 641.036% for investors who believed in the possibilities of the decentralized exchange-backed token right from the 1st day of the year.

This has taken the market capitalization of Curve (CRV) to more than $1 billion. This value of Curve is going to soar even higher. In the future, this will translate into huge gains for investors. 

Although CRV does not have a long trading history as competing coins, the token continues to enjoy the support of some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. 

Some of these include but are limited to Mandala Exchange, Huobi Global, OKEx, FTX, and Binance

Additionally, Skrill Money Transfer (a subsidiary of PaySafe Financial Service Limited) added Curve (CRV) to cryptocurrencies it supports for trading. You can buy, sell, and hold CRV if you are a fully verified Skrill Wallet user.

Aside from this, the valuation of the cryptocurrency continues to benefit from the amounts of money investors locked into the project. At the time of writing, the total value locked in the Curve (CRV) project stood at around $11 billion. Such belief in the project communicates a great future ahead to lots of investors. 

Analysts at Digital Coin Price, Wallet Investor, and Price Prediction, thriving on the aforementioned drivers, believe CRV is one of the DeFi tokens with a great future. 

According to the analysts, other price drivers such as demand for decentralized exchange-backed tokens and a bullish market could see CRV increase to an average price of $8.06 by the end of 2022. What’s more, the analysts further forecast CRV to retest new highs of $20.20 and $35.33 by the year’s end of 2024 and 2026 respectively. 

This means that investing $100 in CRV could see you with more than 151% returns in the short term, more than 531% returns in the medium term, and more than 1004% returns in the long term. 

But you might wonder, can you really invest $100 in Curve (CRV)? Let’s find out!

buy curve finance

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Can I Invest $100 In Curve (CRV)? 

You can invest as little as $100 in Curve (CRV). 

Thriving on the divisibility feature pointed out in Bitcoin’s whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, fractions of Curve can be bought. Curve (CRV) can be divided into eight (8) decimal points (1.00000000). 

In fact, you can buy 30.95975232 CRV coins worth a $100 investment.

Everyone who has held onto their tokens for more than six (6) months has experienced awesome gains. 

Therefore, if you can discipline yourself, control emotional trading, and hold onto your holdings for the testing of new all-time highs, you could make awesome returns. 

But before you invest in a CRV with $100 or more, it would be wise to get to know what Curve is. 

Knowing this vital information will help you know if it’s worth investing in CRV in the short or long term.

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What Is Curve? 

Curve is one of the most popular decentralized exchange projects in a space where more innovations come up daily. Its native asset, CRV, is one of the most popular and as well one of the most traded DeFi coins. 

DEX is housed on Ethereum as a decentralized finance application. In the new world of DEXs, Curve competes with Uniswap and Sushiswap (also on Ethereum), JustSwap of Tron, Stellar DEX (from the Stellar Lumens project), and PancakeSwap from Binance for users and volume.

Launched in January 2020 by Russian Scientist, Michael Egorov, Curve comprises three (3) separate entities that ensure its survival and efficiency in a saturated crypto market. 

They are the Curve Protocol, its native asset CRV, and the Curve Team (part of the decentralized autonomous organization).

After appearing on cryptocurrency exchanges on 14th August 2020 at $12.91 with a recorded volume of $17 million, CRV hit an all-time high of $60.50 on the day. 

The token’s performance in 2021 has been impressive after it reached $4.65 on 16th April 2021. 

Per regulations, centralized exchanges and financial services companies such as Skrill are required to let you be an account holder before you can become a Curve (CRV) holder. 

This means that passwords can be generated by the platforms and as well be created by you. 

Despite the efforts and the success of these companies, several developers think storing your CRV and other cryptos on such platforms could pose some security challenges, in case something bad happens. Therefore, wallets for storing CRV are Ledger, TrustWallet, Free Wallet, and Lumi Wallet

Editor’s Note: Take the paragraphs below seriously. 

On exchanges such as eToro, Binance, and Mandala Exchange as well as Skrill, there are options to reset your password in case they are forgotten. 

By following the procedure for account recovery, your account can be restored through pin codes sent to your phone or emails sent to your registered address. 

This way you hold onto your private keys knowing they could be regained at any time should something bad happen. 

Unfortunately, Lumi Wallet, TrustWallet, Free Wallet, and Ledger do not give you such chances to forget about your passcodes. 

Please, do all you can to hold onto these codes for the foreseeable future. This is because in the event you lose them, you have less than a 5% chance of regaining access to your account. 

Since cryptos came to decentralize the centralized world, there are no physical organizations to hold accountable should something go wrong, no matter the size of your Curve (CRV) holdings.

You should know blockchain makes it possible for the creation, distribution, trading, and storage of digital currencies including CRV. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) plays an invaluable role in the sending and receiving of money. 

Curve relies on upgrades to the Curve Protocol to be able to meet the standards of being a decentralized finance application. What’s more, Curve caters to the needs of people in yield farming and liquidity mining

To illustrate how Curve (CRV) works as an investment instrument, let us consider the amount of money your $100 investment in CRV could have been worth today. 

For instance, if you invested $100 when Curve (CRV) traded for a coin at $0.6275, you purchased 159.36254980 CRV. 

If you held onto your CRV holdings without following other investors into locking gains when CRV reached its year high of $4.65 in April 2021, the value of your $100 CRV holdings would have been worth $741 (this is a 641% increase on your $100 investment capital).

What Makes Curve (CRV) So Valuable? 

Curve (CRV), like all cryptocurrencies, holds no intrinsic value

To break it down for you, Curve as a DeFi token is not backed by any physical assets such as gold.

Curve relies merely on speculation (that’s demand and supply). Therefore, the market value of Curve is based on the demand for the coins by investors. 

In case of a bullish season such as February, March, April, and the first two weeks of May 2021, CRV increased in value due to millions of people buying the tokens off the market. 

In the case of a bearish season such as the last two weeks of May, June, July, and August 2021 when prices of digital assets plunged to new high lows because of large selling, the market value of CRV decreased.

Because of its status as a cryptocurrency, no government or central bank has shown interest in supporting its use as a legal tender. 

As of October 2021, you cannot find any physical representations of CRV. 

Yet, Curve (CRV) is among the noteworthy cryptocurrencies on the market. Ranked as a top 100 digital asset, CRV is more valuable than some mainstream companies such as Standex, Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Weight Watchers, Faro Technologies, S&T Bancorp, GOL Airlines, Safety Insurance, Astec Industries, Blue Star, and Community Healthcare Trust whose market value falls below $1.4 billion.

Many proponents of digital currencies believe Curve will continue to be one of the best-automated market makers in the space as more innovative DEXs hit the space. 

Many experts think that Curve provides the best liquidity mining solution across the whole decentralized finance sector. 

Although competitors Uniswap, SushiSwap, JustSwap, and PancakeSwap continue to make headlines due to the insane trading volume they record daily, Curve is up there with them in terms of quality. 

This is why it's novel token, CRV, has risen significantly due to increased demand by investors. Although there are several decentralized exchange-backed tokens, CRV is one of the tokens that could explode in the coming years.

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How To Invest $100 In Curve (CRV) 

There are more than 20 ways through which you can invest $100 in Curve. We would like you to take anonymity, fees, ease of use, payment methods, regulatory compliance, security, limits, liquidity, speed, insurance, reputation, customer, and countries supported into account before selecting an exchange. 

As an e-learning organization, we would like to recommend eToro exchange since it meets the aforementioned features. 

Although this article is centered on what might happen if you invest $100 in Curve today, no one can put a limit on the amount of money you can invest in Curve. 

eToro caters to the needs of low as well as high-income earners; therefore, it is possible to start investing with $100. 

Follow the steps below and you will soon become a Curve (CRV) holder. 

Step one is to register for an account with eToro (Provide your full legal name, phone number, as well as your email, and residential address).

Step two is to verify your eToro account (provide government-issued cards as well as one of credit card statements/bank statements/utility bills).

Step three is to deposit funds (choose from a range of bank cards, bank wire transfers, and online wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and co.). 

Step four is to navigate to the Curve (CRV) page (once you are here, you can buy $100 worth of CRVs, and your order will be processed).

buy curve finance

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will Investing $100 In Curve (CRV) Make You A Millionaire? 

Investing $100 in Curve could make you a millionaire if personal and trading milestones are reached. 

You must be able to cross extensive emotional trading so that you can hold onto the coins for at least two years to see where it can take you. 

Additionally, you must hope that CRV reaches new all-time highs in the future. 

For understanding, let us employ simple mathematics in our analysis of a $100 Curve (CRV) investment turning into a millionaire maker. 

At $100, you can purchase 30.95975232 CRVs. 

You could become a millionaire if CRV trades for $32,300 in the future. As of October, the best possible price Curve is forecasted to reach is under $100. Considering no analyst predicted BTC to cross $60,000 after 12 years of existence, no price milestone is impossible for CRV to climb.

At $32,300 and 30.95975232 coins in holdings, simple mathematics in the form of multiplication will provide the millionaire maker statistics. 

$32,300 multiplied by (×) 30.95975232 totals $1,000,000 (millionaire maker).

In the world of decentralized exchanges and decentralized finance as a whole, Curve continues to play a major role due to the faith investors have in the project. 

Despite this, several blockchain experts and decentralized finance experts believe CRV is still a high-risk investment because it continues to trade seventeen (17) times below its all-time high. 

With that said, Curve continues to gain new users every day. 

Also, exchange-backed cryptos are picking up and demand for them could lead to a spike in the price of CRV in the long term.

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What To Consider When Investing $100 In Curve (CRV)? 

When investing $100 in Curve (CRV), it would be in your interest to consider the following. 

Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Technology Is a New Concept 

People are warming up to the idea of using cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services. Because of the security the modern centralized financial system presents, it is difficult for billions of people to jump into an unknown territory where daily reports point out vulnerability to theft and scams. 

This is why you shouldn’t invest $100 or any amount of money you have in Curve just because everyone is taking that step. 

Cryptos continue to face regulatory concerns despite progress made by Bitcoin in terms of being a legal tender in El Salvador and its ETFs gaining ground in the trading and investing world. 

It is impossible to know the pattern cryptocurrencies are heading, therefore invest with caution. Whatever the sum of money you decide to invest, your capital is at risk and could be lost within days, if not hours. 

Know the Actual Costs Involved 

Having $100 doesn’t mean you are going to buy $100 worth of CRV tokens. There are hidden fees most people fail to take into account. Depending on the exchange you select, you may pay depositing and processing fees for transactions. 

This may take a small part of your capital, thereby making it difficult for you to fully invest $100 in Curve. Get to know more about the pros and cons of your preferred exchange. Once you are satisfied with their fee structure, you can go on and invest whatever amount of money you want into Curve (CRV).

Know Your Risk Tolerance 

Most investments come down to two factors which are risks and rewards. In advanced financial studies, most investments fail. Therefore, can you lose $100? In the event another bearish season should engulf the cryptocurrency market, will you be affected by the loss of your capital? If the Curve Protocol experiences some technical challenges or scammers use the exchange to steal millions of dollars which leads to a drop in the price of its novel token, CRV, will you be able to survive without $100

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are set for trading. Once your level of risk is lower than your rewards, you can invest $100 in Curve or any other cryptocurrency.

Should You Invest In Curve (CRV)? 

Curve is a digital asset that has hidden potentials and it's worth your money in terms of investments, according to analysts at Wallet Investor, Digital Coin Price, and Price Prediction. 

Before you invest $100 in Curve, ask the question, do the potential rewards of investing in $100 outweigh the possible consequences of the risks of such an investment? 

CRV is in a competitive market with more than 17,300 coins. 

Aside from this, its primary competitors Uniswap, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap have a firm grip on the decentralized exchange market. As a result, Curve’s trading volume cannot be compared to these decentralized exchanges. 

On the other hand, Curve continues to serve liquidity mining and yield farming users well. 

Its novel token CRV continues to trade on the downside, which serves as a low barrier of entry for investors with less money to spare. 

So, is Curve a good investment? Yes, Curve has increased more than 600% year-to-date and transformed $1000 investments into $7000, $10,000 to $70,000, and $100,000 into $700,000

Investing in CRV could be one of the best investment decisions you ever made. 

eToro – The Best Platform To Buy Curve

eToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the Crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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