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Last Updated March 24th 2023
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Blockchain technology is changing the way we live and play. It is redefining the gaming industry in a dramatic manner. This is good for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors as it opens doors to investment opportunities. One of the new platforms making waves is My Neighbor Alice.

Are you planning to invest in My Neighbor Alice? Do you intend to buy the token anytime soon? Then it is important that you take this price prediction article seriously. Here, we are going to discuss My Neighbor Alice price predictions and forecasts for 2023 through 2030.

ALICE Overview

Cryptocurrency MyNeighborAlice
Ticker Symbol ALICE
Rank 327
Price $1.53
Price Change 24h -1.93%
Price Change 7d -4.40%
Market cap $73,552,974.36
Circulating Supply 48,068,157.27
Trading Volume $20,053,850.69

To ensure that this article is as useful as possible, we will not rush you through ALICE price forecasts. Rather, we will discuss the most important things you need to know about the asset before investing. We will then discuss ALICE price predictions in a detailed manner. It is important that you read between the lines to understand properly and make the right investment decision when the time comes.


my neighbor alice Price Predictions 2023, 2025, and 2030

Do you want a quick ALICE price prognosis? Here, we’ll summarize our ALICE price predictions and forecasts for the coming years:

  • End of 2023: ALICE is already recovering at an impressive pace, after a long bearish market. We believe the token may do well to finish the year at about $3.96 per token.
  • End of 2024: My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) token will recover even more in 2024. As the gaming platform continues to attract new users, the price of its digital currency can be up to $5.79 by year-end.
  • End of 2025: The cryptocurrency market is expected to record some sort of explosion between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. By the end of 2025, ALICE may reach a maximum price of $10.98.
  • End of 2030: 2030 is about eight years away, and we believe that’s enough time for cryptocurrency to finally go mainstream. This will mean a lot for all digital currencies and ALICE may be worth up to $61.86 by the end of the year.

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What You Need To Know About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a farm-themed multiplayer builder game built on Chromia. It is a play-to-earn game that allows users to buy and own virtual islands, make new friends within the virtual environment and also gather to build interesting things within the neighbourhood. Each player owns his/her own avatar and can modify it as much as they want.

My Neighbor Alice is an interesting game that gives us a hint on what the metaverse will look like. Gamers get the opportunity to buy virtual real estate from Alice, the central figure in the game. Players can also choose to buy from the internal marketplace. All landed assets within the gaming environment are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Since it is a simple game that doesn't require any knowledge of blockchain, My Neighbor Alice has the potential to attract a whole new audience from the gaming world to advance crypto adoption. It may not teach users about cryptocurrencies, but it will allow them to enjoy gaming and invest in the crypto market with several earning opportunities.

My Neighbor Alice is a decentralized gaming platform, which implies that it gives users a good level of control over the affairs of the platform. They can discuss gaming and developmental events, make new friends, and exercise their voting rights to determine how the decentralized organization will be run. My Neighbor Alice was built by a Swedish interactive mobile game studio named Antler Interactive.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Token

Like every other viable crypto project, My Neighbor Alice has a native currency that powers the network. Simply called ALICE, the native token of the network is an ERC20 token. It has several functions on the platform and serves as the primary currency for all transactions.

For the average gamer, ALICE is the virtual currency that can be used to make purchases and participate in any gaming activity within the platform. It can be used to acquire landed properties and other gaming assets. Players are also rewarded with ALICE when they contribute to various in-game events. For instance, a player can charge other players for visiting his/her Island, and payment is remitted with ALICE. The token can also be staked for special quests and players also earn ALICE for completing quests.

ALICE is also the governance token of the My Neighbor Alice network. As the governance token, it empowers every holder with governance/voting rights. What this implies is that every ALICE holder can vote before any proposal is accepted and implemented. This is important because it puts the future of the token in the hands of holders.

ALICE is also the primary investment vehicle in My Neighbor Alice network. It is the digital asset you will need to buy for investment purposes within the network. It is the focus of this article because we are going to predict its price for the years 2023 through 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

My Neighbor Alice Price History

The price history of a digital asset is one of the most important things to consider when predicting its future prices. Here, we will discuss My Neighbor Alice price history using historical price data from Coingecko.

ALICE was launched through a successful ICO that raised $2,200,000 (100% of the ICO target) in February 2021. Token sale ended on 4th February, and ICO token price was $0.125 for each ALICE. Coingecko started tracking the price the following month when it became readily available on most exchanges.

My Neighbor Alice token (ALICE) rose quickly once it became available on the market. By 15th March 2021, the token reached an all-time high price of $40.93 per token. By 25th March, it had dropped to $11.86 only to rise to $16.01 on 31st March. April was tough as the coin dropped continuously and reached $7.28 on the 25th of April 2021. It recovered in the last week of April and reached $17.65 on 3rd May 2021.

ALICE dropped considerably in May 2021 and traded for $6.13 on the 23rd. It eventually finished May at $7.01 per token. June was even tougher as the token recorded its all-time low price of $1.85 on 15th June 2021. On 30th June, ALICE traded for $3.98 per token. It rose continuously and reached $6.97 on 16th July and rose even faster to reach $14.86 on 31st July 2021.

On 21st August 2021, ALICE traded for $13.00 per token. By 31st August, it was up to $19.44 per token. The token dropped significantly again to trade for $10.20 per token on 21st September. By 2nd October, it was priced at $14.52 per token. ALICE traded for $10.98 on 29th October and rose to $14.38 by 6th November. It rose to $26.97 on 25th November 2021 but dropped to about $14.28 per token. By 31st December 2021, ALICE traded for $12.49 per token.

2022 has been tumultuous for ALICE price. The token traded for $12.52 on 1st January 2022 but by 1st February, it had dropped to $6.94. By 15th March 2022, it traded for $5.64 per token. ALICE rose slightly to reach $8.24 on 4th April 2022. On 4th May, it traded for $4.92 per token and dropped further to trade for $2.20 on 13th May. On 31st May, the token traded for $3.23 per token and on 13th June, it was priced at $2.20 per token. On 31st December, the token traded for $1.0487 per token.

From the price history section, you can tell that ALICE has dropped significantly in 2022. But in recent times, the coin has started to improve.

ALICE price chart

My Neighbor Alice ALICE/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

My Neighbor Alice Technical Analysis

ALICE was introduced into the crypto market at a time when the market was doing great. It quickly picked up momentum and rose dramatically, reaching its all-time high value in a matter of weeks. A price correction happened soon afterwards, and the coin has struggled to replicate the success it enjoyed in the early days.

Notwithstanding, My Neighbor Alice is a superb gaming platform and ALICE has the potentials to gain value in the coming years. Based on fundamental analysis, the current bear market is understandable. Like other altcoins, ALICE responds to Bitcoin’s price. It may take a little while for the price of the asset to get back to the level it used to be.

Technical analysis for My Neighbor Alice shows that it can enter a bullish run in a matter of weeks. The current price, for instance, is a 16.47% increase within a 24-hour period. Considering all technical indicators, ALICE is in a slightly bullish market trend, and this is expected to continue.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) Expert Forecasts

It is always helpful to consider the opinion of other analysts when trying to predict the future prices of cryptocurrencies. Of course, there are experts publishing ALICE price predictions on other websites. Here, we will sample the opinion of top analysts who publish on other authority websites:

According to their latest forecasts, the experts at Tech News Leader believe that ALICE could be worth up to $5.52 in 2023, $11.66 in 2025, and $76.98 in 2030. They also predict that the coin could reach $117.41 in 2031.


The analysts on this website are also optimistic about the future of My Neighbor Alice. They predict that ALICE will reach $4.79 in 2023, $10.26 in 2025, and $63.98 per token.

Surprisingly, experts at Wallet Investor have the worst ALICE price forecast out there. Their ALICE price 1-year forecast is $0.262, meaning that the coin will drop by more than 89.976% within the next 12 months.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

My Neighbor Alice Price Predictions

Now that we’ve covered the important things you need to know about My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) before considering its future price and potential return, it is time for ALICE price forecast proper. Before delving in, it is important to reiterate that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and predicting future coin prices can be super tricky.

You should know by now that coin price predictions are never infallible. While our analytical methods can help us estimate the potential future prices of assets, they do not guarantee certainty. These price forecasts, therefore, should only be regarded as expert opinions of what ALICE price could be in the future.  

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2023

We've already stressed that ALICE is a volatile asset, which is normal in the crypto market. It will continue to fluctuate in 2023, but our analysis indicates it may recover significantly. Judging by the recent trend, there are good reasons to believe that the coin will reach the $5 mark once again in 2023.

As per our actual ALICE price prediction for the current year, the coin is not expected to drop below $1.89. From all indications, it will continue to rise and potentially reach $3.96 before the end of 2022. As for the average price, it should be in the region of $2.85 per token.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2024

Play-to-earn games are taking over the gaming industry quickly. My Neighbor Alice is one of the interesting games in this category. As the niche becomes more popular, games like My Neighbor Alice will attract a much bigger audience. Of course, this will be a big boost for the token, ALICE.

There are a few factors that could militate against ALICE once play-2-earn becomes as popular as we expect it to become. Regardless of what happens, the minimum price of the token in 2024 is not expected to be below $5.25. The coin also has the potential to reach a maximum price of $7.48 per token. The average price should be about $6.56 per token.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2025

Just as play-to-earn is expected to become a lot more popular around 2024, the rest of the crypto world is expected to record a noticeable explosion in 2025. Most coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are expected to gain significantly. Their rise will have a noticeable positive impact on the price of most altcoins, including ALICE.

Based on our analyses, 2025 may be the year ALICE will reach the $10 mark for the second time. The minimum price of the coin is forecasted to be $6.68 while the maximum price is expected to be up to $10.98. The average price should be $8.72 or thereabout.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2026

Though no one can claim to know what will happen in the next four years, we have good reasons to believe that My Neighbor Alice and similar games will attract a lot of players. The network is well-design and its gameplay is attractive. Tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people may get on board, and that will be a big boost for the native currency.

We are also expecting ALICE to rise considerably in 2026. At some point, the price may drop to a minimum of $8.57. During favourable market conditions, there is a good chance that the price of the coin can rise to about $14.50 per token. The average price should be about $11.22.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2027

Are you a long-term crypto investor who loves to hodle promising coins? Then you should be interested in what the price of ALICE token could be in 2027. We expect that the coin will gain significant value within five years. At that point, the coin/token must have established support above $10.

As per our actual ALICE price forecast for 2027, we are looking at a minimum price of about $12.75. The token could rise significantly to reach a maximum price of $20.44. The average price is expected to be in the region of $16.70 per token.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2028

My Neighbor Alice is a relatively new gaming platform. It will continue to attract the right audience as the years roll by. We believe that by 2028, My Neighbor Alice will likely have a strong community. Strong community support will directly have a positive impact on the value of its token, ALICE.

If things should go as we expect, then the minimum price of ALICE will be $18.50. It is also likely that the price of the coin will rise to a maximum value of $28.62 in 2028. The average price should be within the range of $23.51 per token.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2029

Antler Interactive, the studio behind My Neighbor Alice, is a notable player in the gaming industry. From all indications, the team behind the network is strong and knowledgeable. We also expect that the team will work out strong partnerships that can take the network and its digital assets to a higher level.

As per our actual ALICE price predictions for 2029, we are looking at a low price target of $25.72 and a high price target of $42.79. The average price of the token is projected to be in the region of $37.62 per token.

My Neighbor Alice Price Prediction For 2030

Though the cryptocurrency market is currently in a complicated state, there are indications that things will improve radically in the years to come. There is also a general belief within the blockchain industry that crypto may go mainstream before 2030 or thereabout. If this is the case, then we can expect the value of coins like ALICE to gain significantly by 2030.

Depending on how events unfold, there is a likelihood that My Neighbor Alice token price prediction will not trade for less than $40.02 in 2030. A good market condition can also see the token reach a high price of $61.86. The average price of the coin could be around $56.43 per token.

Potential Highs And Lows Of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

As we’ve stressed already, My Neighbor Alice token is a volatile asset, meaning its price will continue to rise and fall in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. While our forecasts are great by all standards, there are chances that the minimum and maximum prices of ALICE in the years to come will differ from the figures above.

For investors who prefer to work with a wider margin of Price difference, it is best to consider the potential highs and lows of a given asset in a particular year. At this point, we will summarize the potential highs and lows of ALICE for critical years ahead:

Year High Low
2023 $6.25 $2.99
2024 $7.48 $5.25
2025 $12.00 $5.80
2027 $22.50 $10.50
2030 $65.00 $36.80


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Should You Invest In My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)?

If you believe in the power of blockchain technology, then you should be thinking positively about My Neighbor Alice. Though it is not the first or the best metaverse altcoin, it is one of the impressive gaming platforms that could take over the market in the near future. Considering how well ALICE performed within its first few months of trading, we can conclude that it has huge potential.

Judging by our ALICE price prognosis for the coming years, there are also good reasons to believe that it is a decent investment. The token may not replicate the kind of success it enjoyed in the earliest days, but it will certainly gain massively in the future, especially when blockchain games explode further.

It is also important to state here that the cryptocurrency market is volatile and intricately risky. It is best to understand a token properly before buying it. Again, you must be ready at all times to find strategic means of investing and earning from your investments.

Where To Buy My Neighbor Alice

There are numerous places you can buy cryptocurrencies, including My Neighbor Alice. However, it is important that you buy from the right source. Most crypto enthusiasts depend on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, but experienced investors can buy from exchanges, brokerages and related crypto platforms.

Choosing the best platform to buy a digital asset could be challenging, but when you use different platforms, you will understand what is best for you. If you are eager to buy ALICE, then you should be ready to research possible platforms and choose what is best for you. Top brokerages are preferable for many reasons.

eToro – The Best Place to Buy My Neighbor Alice with Low Fees

Are you ready to buy My Neighbor Alice right away? Then we recommend eToro, among other top crypt brokerages. eToro is one of the first full-service brokerage firms to offer its users opportunities to buy and sell crypto assets with ease.

One of the many reasons to trust eToro ahead of others is its social trading features. eToro is often regarded as the number one social trading platform. You will also like the fact that you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to the listed cryptos on eToro. You will also have access to several other investment vehicles, including stocks and futures.

eToro is also loved by many cryptocurrency users because it is user-friendly. The platform is easy to use and can be mastered by newcomers. It also has several perks for all users, irrespective of experience level.

Open an account with eToro, deposit some funds with USD, and finally – buy ALICE from just $10.

trading ALICE on etoro

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

My Neighbor Alice Price Predictions – Conclusion

My Neighbor Alice is not a bad investment option at all. With all we’ve covered so far, you can decide to invest in the token or ignore it. There are several other cryptocurrencies you can buy and HODLe, but we believe My Neighbor Alice can be a good fit for long-term investors.

We've covered almost everything you need to know about the coin to decide whether to buy it or not. Remember, price forecasts are not infallible, so you need to treat them only as experts' opinions of what ALICE price could be in the future. It is advisable to even research more before investing in the asset.

In conclusion, investing in ALICE could yield significant profit in the coming years. However, the crypto market is highly volatile and mostly unpredictable. Therefore, you should always trade and invest cautiously.


Is My Neighbor Alice a profitable investment?

Yes, ALICE can be regarded as a profitable investment when you consider its ICO price and the current price. Like other cryptocurrencies, its price fluctuates, and that is what results in profits and losses.

is Alice My Neighbor (ALICE) a good long-term investment?

From all indications, ALICE is a good long-term investment. My Neighbor Alice is a very good crypto-based gaming platform and will likely grow bigger in the future. Its token will also perform better.

Will ALICE rise?

Yes, ALICE will rise, according to our forecast. The token can reach $5.79 in 2023, $10.98 in 2025, and $61.86 in 2030.

Where will ALICE be in the next five years?

In the next five years, it is projected that ALICE will be worth up to $20.44 or thereabout.

Where will ALICE be in the next ten years?

Within the next ten years, we expect ALICE to be worth anything between $75 and $100 per token.

Will My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) reach $10?

Yes, ALICE can reach $10. In fact, it had reached $40 in the past. According to our forecasts, ALICE may reach $10 again in 2025. This can also happen much earlier.

Will ALICE reach $100?

It is possible that My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) can reach $100. However, we expect that it will take several years before this happens. It may even take a decade or more.

Is My Neighbor Alice a risky investment?

Since it is a highly volatile asset, we can call ALICE a risky investment. However, it should be noted that ALICE can also be highly rewarding. That is the nature of the crypto universe.

Will ALICE crash?

No, not according to our forecast. ALICE price may drop in the future, but the token is unlikely to crash totally.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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