Quant Price Prediction 2025 And 2030

Last Updated March 21st 2022
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Quant is an advanced platform that seeks to link together with other blockchains and facilitate interoperability across the sector. Whilst it may not boast the glamour and worldwide fame of Ethereum or Bitcoin, its native token, QNT, was one of the standout investments of 2021. 

As DeFi continues to surge in value and popularity, so too does the complexity of networks and platforms required to deliver the ever-more innovative services. And that is where projects like Quant come in. 


The Quant network makes an Overledger blockchain along with its native token, QNT, to facilitate interoperability between multiple other blockchains, effectively allowing various international networks to link and communicate with each other, whilst remaining decentralised. 

Given that the leading DeFi projects are increasingly dovetailing with other protocols, the advantages of projects such as Quant should be obvious. And if it isn’t, the fact that QNTs price is boasting an overall ROI of over 9625% should serve as a testament to its current demand. 

So is Quant an essential addition to your investment portfolio? In the following Quant price prediction for 2025 and 2030, we’ll be looking at the project in more detail and finding out why it has so much potential. We’ll also check out forecasts from leading analysts, to find out how they expect QNT to perform over the coming years. 

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Introducing Quant

The Team Behind The Project

Quant was launched in 2018. Co-founder Gilbert Verdian initially worked in the healthcare sector, where he realised the importance of interoperability by observing how patients needed to be registered across different platforms. Before setting up, he spent 20 years as a Chief Information Security Office, upgrading the security and technology of international businesses meaning he brought a great deal of expertise to the platform, right from the outset. 

Dr Paolo Tasca, the other co-founder of the project was already an established businessman and digital economist, with distributed systems being his field of expertise. Amongst his substantial credentials is a stint as blockchain technologies advisor for the EU Parliament, the United Nations and several major banks. Put simply, the man knows his stuff. 

What Does Quant Do?

The Quant Network uses Overledger technology to automate the trust functions between multiple blockchains. It has been touted as the first operating system built for blockchains, offering a platform that can connect networks from around the world, offering seamless interoperability. 

The overledger functionality is the key part of the Quant protocol and has allowed it to add the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple ledgers. As things stand, Quant is one of the top projects bringing true interoperability to the blockchain industry. As such, it has the potential to help the industry as a whole take things like DeFi to the next level.

So What Is Overledger?

As we’ve noted above, Overledger has been described as a blockchain OS, providing a platform where multi-chain applications can be built without developers being bogged down by the complexities involved with integrating with all the different blockchains.

In some sense, it can be seen as an overarching blockchain in which other platforms must use its native token, QUANT, to ensure the integrity of the system and to pay for fees etc. 

The inner workings of Overledger are too complex to be fully broken down here, but effectively the architecture is broken down into multiple layers:

Transaction Layer

Deals with storking transactions using ledger technology. It is home to all operations which are required to reach the consensus in several blockchain domains. 

Messaging Layer

Handles any additional information that comes from other ledgers, such as smart contract data, transaction data and metadata. 

Filtering and Ordering Layer

Also deals with messages, specifically those containing transaction information. The FO layer also establishes connections between messages originating in the Messaging Layer.

Application Layer

Handles information that can update any relevant applications relevant to them. The layer allows multiple applications to share messages or cite messages related to other applications when necessary.

The QUANT Token

The Quant cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token which ultimately powers the whole project. Developers need QNT if they want to build on the Overledger. Initially, they pay for licenses to use the Quant Network with fiat currency, which is then effectively ‘converted’ into QNT tokens and locked into the platform for the developers to use. QNT is also used in the same way by clients looking to access services on the platform.

The QNT token has a circulating supply of 12,072,738 out of a maximum of 14.6 million tokens.

As usage of the platform increases, so too will the demand for QNT. This means that the total number of the tokens required for access to the platform may change depending on how much the tokens are worth and how many remain in circulation - which could prove key metrics for potential investors.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Looking at Quant’s Price History

If we look at QUANT’s price history since it was first listed back in 2018, we actually see a fairly steady upwards trajectory, with much less volatility than we might expect. The token initial traded at around $0.50 in July, but by October it had reached parity with the dollar. By the time January 2019 arrived, QNT had hit $2.06. Just a month later, the token had gone past $4.03.

Quant saw a slight downturn leading up to summer 2019, with prices dipping back below the $2-mark, but by July it had reached a token price of $12.44. This proved to be something of a high point however, and QNT finished the year at an average trading price of $3.67.

The token was soon bullish again and by September 2020 it had once again reached $10. It then continued to rise, peaking at $14.01 in December. Of course, 2021 was when things really took off for QUANT. By February, the token had surged to $44.92 - a price which it more or less held on to until May, when another upswing took it to $57.07.

This was just a drop in the ocean compared to what was to come. Having gone past $80 in July 2021, QNT started a remarkable price run that peaked on September 11, with the token reaching its all-time high of $427.42. A period of volatility then followed and eventually Quant went into decline, ultimately finishing the year at $178.33. Nonetheless, this still marked an increase of over 1000% year-on-year.

At the time of writing, QNT was trading at $145.69.

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What’s Next: Quant (QNT) Price Predictions For 2025

It’s probably fairly obvious by this stage that Quant has the potential to be extremely valuable to the cryptocurrency market, as it continues to evolve. However, technical credentials aside, ultimately what investors are looking for is a good return. So with this in mind, let’s consider some of the top QUANT price predictions for 2025.

According to Quant price prediction, we can expect Quant QNT to trade above $200 for much of the second half of 2022, before continuing to rise more steadily in 2023, potentially increasing by as much as 70% on today’s price and reaching $273.58. By the start of 2025, QNT price prediction will be worth up to $306.08.

WalletInvestor has also ventured a Quant price prediction for 2025. It has the token experiencing some volatility, but generally increasing across 2022, potentially reaching as high as $369.42 by the end of the year - although we should stress that this is very much a best-case scenario. By the end of 2023, Quant QNT price prediction is expected to have gone past $585 as an average trading price and by the time 2025 comes around, we could see the Quant token go past $830 per token. 

Finally, TradingBeasts has QNT on a little bit unsteady upwards trajectory over the next few years. Its own Quant price predictions has the token reaching $186 before 2022 is out. However, this upwards movement is expected to seize and by December 2023, Quant will is predicted to have lost 8% from the previous year to $170.87 per token. By 2025, QNT price prediction will be worth a potential high of $252.26. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Looking Further Ahead: Quant (QNT) Price Predictions For 2030

Quant price prediction 2030 can be a good way to gauge current market sentiment and get an idea of how leading platforms believe future events will affect the QNT coin's price. 

So we have seen some pretty positive forecasts so far and it would definitely appear that Quant could be a good investment over the next three years or so. But what about looking further ahead? We looked at a few Quant price predictions for 2030 to get an idea of what analysts believe the token’s long-term prospects might be. 

Before we look at the forecasts, however, we should make it clear that these are for illustrative purposes only; the cryptocurrency market changes extremely quickly and is likely to be all but unrecognisable come 2030, so do not base any investment decisions based on long-term predictions alone. 

DigitalCoinPrice has continued its forecast up until 2029. Its figures suggest that QUANT will actually dip slightly across 2023, before going into a protracted upturn and continuing to rise year on year, reaching a trading price of $521.88 by 2028. This will then continue on an upwards trajectory and QNT is expected to be worth $620.44 across 2029. 

Finally, PricePrediction.net has made a highly ambitious forecast in its Quant price prediction for 2030. It has the token reaching an average trading price of an unprecedented $1,591 by 2027. The QNT token is then expected to grow substantially in the years that follow, climbing to a potential high of $6,042.83 across 2030.

Of course, this is a highly optimistic and, in all likelihood unrealistic prediction, but it is certainly a vote of confidence in the Quant project. 

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Conclusion: Should You Invest In Quant?

Quant is a highly ambitious blockchain project that meets a very real need in the industry. By offering different networks a platform on which they can communicate and transact whilst remaining secure and decentralised, Quant has the potential to open up a world of possibilities. 

Few people would argue against its use case and so far, the platform seems to have demonstrated that it can deliver on its promises. Its multi-layer approach and singular focus have already seen it employed by some of the top networks on the market and uptake is only likely to increase in line with the growing demand for DeFi.

We’ve also seen that many top Quant price prediction in 2025 and 2030 predicting substantial growth for the QUANT token, after what has already been a hugely successful six months or so. On paper at least, it would seem that Quant could be a very smart investment.

If you do decide to invest in Quant, make sure you familiarise yourself with the project and the developers behind it. You’ll also need to keep a close eye on how many platforms are making use of the protocol, as well as any potential competitors. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Where To Invest In Quant

If you want to invest in Quant, then you’ll need to buy its native token, which has the ticker QNT. The token’s growing popularity means it is widely listed, but we recommend going with a trusted broker. eToro has one of the best reputations in the business and is particularly highly regarded for its trading platform, which has a steady learning curve and is suitable for both novice and more advanced users.

Opening an account is also very straightforward - you just need to confirm a few details, verify your identity and you can be up and running in just a few minutes.

eToro – The Best Platform To Buy Quant

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


What is Quant?

Quant has been dubbed ‘the first operating system for blockchains’ and is essentially a platform that facilitates interoperability between different blockchains, allowing them to exchange information and transact without compromising security or decentralisation.    

How much will Quant be worth in 2025?

Quant price prediction 2025 is overwhelmingly positive, with the top analysts predicting that the token could be worth anywhere between $186 and $830 per coin in 2025.    

Where can I buy Quant?

Quant is a popular token to trade and you’ll find it listed on may exchanges worldwide. However, we recommend most users head over to eToro, as not only does it list the QNT token, it also happens to be one of the most trusted names in retail trading.    

What is the Quant token for?

The Quant token is the backbone of the entire project and, combined with the Overledger platform, it is what enables developers and users to interact with the various networks using the Quant protocol. Of course, it can also be bought and sold on the open market, as with most cryptocurrencies.    

How much will the price of Quant be in 2030?

As per the Quant price predictions 2030, Quant (QNT) will reach an average price of $620.44 before the end of 2030. 

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