Why Is Quant (QNT) So Cheap?

Last Updated February 8th 2022
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Why is Quant token so cheap today? Will Quant token prices rise again, and is QNT even worth buying?

Well, among the many contributing factors that have kept QNT tokens trading at relatively low prices, the most impactful must be the bearish sentiments dominating the market today and the relatively low demand for the altcoin. After rallying to its all-time high of $428 in September, the massive sell-off that rocked the crypto market in the last 2 months of 2021 saw it shed much of these gains before finding support 70% below this peak price.

But when we say Quant is cheap, we don’t necessarily mean that it is of low value. After all, it has a $1.7 Billion market cap, ranks as the 61st most valuable cryptocurrency, and its per token price is more than 130X above Cardano’s - the 6th most valuable crypto asset. We and most crypto experts agree, are simply arguing that given the innovative and disruptive potential of its Overlegder network, the Quant Token is massively undervalued.

So, why is Quant token undervalued, and can it rebound and find its true price? Even more importantly, is this an indication for you to buy Quant tokens today?

Let us answer all these and tell you if Quant token is worth buying. But first, we take a keen look at its price history which will help form a base on why Quant has been selling for cheap.

Quant (QNT) Price History

The development works for the Quant network, and its Overledger operating system started in 2017, but the QNT token only premiered in the crypto markets in August 2018. According to data from CoinMarketCap, it ended its first day of trading selling for $0.27. It started by slumping, dipping to $0.16 a few days after launch before eventually embarking on a slow uptrend.

It only reached parity with the dollar more than a month later and traded around this level throughout 2018. Its price action throughout 2019 and 2020 was characterized by marginal upticks that took it as high as $15.

At the time, this cheap QNT price could be characterized by the fact that it was a relatively new crypto asset. It was practically unknown, which meant there was little investor interest in the token, as evidenced by its daily trading maximums that rarely exceeded $3 Million. It could also have been cheap because it was centered around interoperability, a foreign concept to most speculative investors who have the greatest role in influencing token prices.

In 2021, Quant embarked on its most ambitious price jumps yet. This saw it move from $11 at the beginning of the year to setting an all-time high in September and ending the year 16X up this price - at $180. Today, the Gilbert Verdian-led crypto asset is still trading around the $145 price level. But even after these massive value gains in the last 12 months majority of analysts and investors believe the Quant token is selling for cheap.

So shy is the Quant token this cheap today?

Why Is Quant (QNT) Token So Cheap?

Well, Quant token’s low prices cannot be traced to just one factor. Instead, a variety of both connected and wholly independent factors have worked together towards keeping Quant tokens trading below their potential, and in this section, we discuss the three with the most influence over the altcoin prices.

Still in price discovery: While the Quant token has been around for more than 3 years, it only embarked on price discovery recently. As more crypto traders familiarize themselves with and interact with the altcoin, you can expect it to reach new price records. 

Low demand due to underutilization: While the interoperability debate may be live, the demand for such related altcoins as QNT is still low. Much of this is due to the fact that an interoperable blockchain is yet to be fully operationalized, which means that other than speculate on the price of altcoin's related to interoperability, there is little else you can do with them.

Downtrending crypto market: When you compare the Quant token price chart with that of the overall market, you will realize just how overly reliant QNT token prices are on the crypto market’s performance. It will rise when the market is bullish and dip when the market crashes. Right now, Quant tokens are cheap because of the bearish sentiments dominating the market at the moment. 

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Should I Buy Quant (QNT) Token While It Is Still Cheap?

Yes, and there are two primary reasons why you should consider buying Quant tokens while it is still cheap today and hold for the next few years. 

First is the fact that it is still in price discovery, and chances are high that it will continue price-correcting upwards for the next few years. As Quant developers launch more multi-chain dApps and their relevance with the most popular blockchains soar, we can expect the demand for QNT tokens, effectively pushing up their prices.  

Secondly, we have already stated above that QNT token prices are overly reliant on the overall market’s performance. Moving forward, crypto market prices are expected to resume recovery and, as is its tradition, break into a full-blown price rally at some time in 2025 after the Bitcoin halving event in 2024. Both the recovery and price rally are expected to have an incredibly positive impact on Quant token prices and will most possibly help it rise above the current all-time high. 

In either case, current Quant token hodlers are expected to earn massively when the altcoin’s prices start rallying again. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Is Quant (QNT) Token Worth Buying?

Yes, because it has proven to be a highly valuable long-term investment. This is evidenced by the fact that the majority of crypto experts, investors, and virtually all the forecasting metrics we have consulted believe that Quant token prices will continue rising for the next few years.

Technical analysts at CoinQuora, for instance, are confident that Quant token prices will sustain their current uptrend and rise to $1,250 before the end of 2025.

At the Wallet Investor, they are confident technical analysts are confident the Quant token can sustain its uptrend and grow its current value by more than 155% in the 12 months to hit $369.42 before the end of 2022 and by close to 830% in the next 5 years to reach $1,348.47. 

This optimism is shared by the historically bullish technical analysts at PricePrediction.Net. These expect Quant token prices to grow by more than 590% that helps it reach $1,000 before 2026, and by more than 6670% to break above $9,800 by the end of 2030. 

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Will Quant (QNT) Token Bounce Back?

Yes, the majority of crypto price indicators point to the fact that the Quant token will have a swift rebound that takes it above its current all-time high by 2025. The more optimistic are, however, convinced that QNT has everything it needs to rally and break this ATH within the second half of 2022. 

Technical analysts at CrytocurrencyPricePrediction, for example, are massively bullish on Quant Token’s future price action. Their analysis indicates that QNT will have a speedy recovery that sees it rise above $395 before the end of May and above the altcoin’s all-time high by October. 

Conclusion: Why Is Quant (QNT) Token Cheap?

The Quant token is cheap because of a myriad of issues, key among them being the fact that its demand is relatively low, the overall market is on a downtrend, and because it is a relatively new token that is still in price discovery. However, it is expected to continue price-correcting upwards, starting with a rebound that takes it above its current high within the next months or years. A recovering, possibly rallying, the crypto market will then help push its value further in the last half of the decade to as high as $9800, as predicted by some highly optimistic crypto analysts.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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