Will Quant (QNT) Reach $1000?

Last Updated February 8th 2022
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Will Quant eventually reach the $1000 mark? If yes, when? Can Quant reach $10,000, and what will it be worth in 2025?

Well, when there is an overwhelming conviction among crypto analysts and investors that Quant will reach $1,000 soon. In fact, when the Ethereum token started rallying in September and shot to its current all-time high, the majority of crypto experts and Quant analysts expected it to breach the $1,000 target before or in the first few months of 2022.

But as the year came to a close and both Bitcoin and Ethereum gave up their key positions, sentiments changed, and the market broke into a sell-off. Like most other cryptocurrencies, Quant shed a considerable value off its peak price, and its fear and greed index fell from greed to extreme fear.

Alex Kuptiskevich, the senior market analyst at FxPro, feels “the whole crypto sphere is in a bear market”, adding that current market trends signal the potential for a further decline. These sentiments are echoed by many in the crypto sphere who believe that we could be staring at a crypto winter in 2022.

But what do all these mean for Quant and its future price performance? Will the first blockchain operating system reach $1,000, possibly $10,000?

We answer all these in this Quant investment guide by referencing price predictions by some of the most reputable forecasters.

First, though, we look at Quant’s historical price performance.

Quant (QNT) Price History 2018 To 2022

Though the Quant project has been in development since 2017, the QNT token only hit the crypto markets on 11th August 2018. According to data from CoinMarketCap, it had an introductory price of $0.27, and its first reaction was dipping and finding base as its current all-time low of $0.16 within its first 10 days of active trading. A month after launch, however, it bounced back to life and reached parity with the dollar.

Its launch coincided with one of the crypto market’s harshest correction periods, and this, to a certain extent, explains why Quant posted rather depressing price action in its first year. It only broke above $5 in June 2019 and peaked at $15 in the first week of August in the same year before quickly slipping below $10 and was stuck at this price level for the next 12 months.

In what confirms Quant’s correlation to the crypto market performance, the token prices sprung to life in the last quarter of 2020 when the crypto sphere started rallying. It stormed into 2021, selling for $11 and embarked on a slow uptrend that took it to $50 by the first week of June and $100 in the last week of July.

Its biggest break came about in the first 10 days of September when its value shot up by more than 230%, helping it set its current ATH of $438. Much of this had to do not just with the Bitcoin mini-rally but also the launch of Quant’s Overledger 2.0.5, the quant developer program, and its listing with key exchanges (especially Binance and Coinbase) a few months prior.

As we mentioned above, the bearish sentiments have seen Quant lose great value, and it entered 2022 selling at $180, about 60% below its peak price. Currently, QNT's value is around the $145 mark.

Overall, Quant has sustained an uptrend and, at the time of writing, the QNT token’s ROI exceeds 9625%.

So, Will Quant (QNT) Reach $1,000?

Yes, it is highly likely that Quant prices will rebound and regain aim for the $1,000 target price. In fact, a significant number of analysts and Quant token enthusiast are still confident that Quant can still rise and break above $1000 in 2022 if the crypto market shed the bearish sentiments and embarks on recovery. The majority, however, feel that Quant can only reach $1000 within the next 5 years.

For instance, technical analysts at the Wallet Investor - one of the most reliable but largely conservative forecasting platforms, are confident that Quant will reach and break above $1,000 in the next 5 years. Their analysis indicates that by this time in 2027, the QNT token will be trading well above $1348.47.

Yet another technical analysis platform, the ICO Creed, is equally optimistic about Quant’s future price action. Here, they argue that as the QNT token gains the attention of the global crypto community, it will break into a price run that sees it reach $500 in May 2025 before rising above $1,000 by June 2027.

These sentiments are also shared by yet another technical analysis platform, PricePrediction.Net. They too expect QNT token to have a speedy rebound that helps its rise above its current all-time high by March 2024, break above $500 three months later and continue with this uptrend that takes it to $1,000 by June 2026.

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Will Quant (QNT) Eventually Reach $10,000?

It is not impossible for Quant token prices to rally up and eventually reach $10,000. But it is highly likely that the Overledger token will not get to this price level anytime soon. To be even more specific, none of the crypto experts and technical analysis platforms we have interacted with gives any indication that Quant has the potential to reach $10k by the turn of the decade.

The highest Quant prices can reach in this decade, according to the historically bullish forecaster, CryptocurrencyPricePrediction is $6,727.97 in December 2030. The technical analyst suggests that Quant will have a swift rebound that helps it rise above $500 before the end of the year and reach $1,000 in the next 24 months. It then indicates that Quant will sustain this fast growth throughout the decade, probably setting the base for a QNT token price above $10k after 2030.

What Will Quant (QNT) Be Worth In 2025?

The crypto market is in disarray at the moment. After a slow recovery that peaked early in the last quarter of 2021, December has been riddled with sell-offs, and frankly, no one is sure of the market’s next move. The optimists argue that the crypto-verse is readying for a bull market while the pessimists are foretelling of a 2018-like crypto winter.

When investors and crypto experts can confidently speak of the direction, the market is about to take, predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies like Quant becomes increasingly difficult. Nevertheless, the majority are bullish about Quant’s and the larger crypto market’s future performance, and estimates place QNT tokens value in 2025 between $750 and $2,800.

Crypto gurus at Economy Watch, for instance, argue that while Quant will sustain its current uptrend, its rebound will not be swift. They intimate that even as it enters into new partnerships and its popularity blows with the growing popularity of the interoperability discussion, a sluggish crypto market will hold its price back. The highest they expect Quant token price to reach by December 2025 is $750.

Experts at CoinQura are a tad more optimistic and express confidence in Quant prices reaching $1,250 by December 2025. Much of this growth, they mention, will be influenced by a moderate crypto market recovery, upgrades to the Overledger Network, and strategic partnerships with other crypto projects.

Technical analysis platform Gov. Capital is equally bullish about QNT token’s future price action and expects it to grow by around 790% to reach $1287.62 by December 2025. The most optimistic Quant price forecast is, however, provided by technical analysts at CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, who expect QNT to trade for as much as $2,388.43 by the end of 2025.

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Conclusion: Will Quant (QNT) Reach $1,000?

Yes, it is clear that everyone expects Quant to reach and eventually rise above $1,000. The most optimistic believe the token can get here before 2025, but everyone generally agrees that it will have broken above this price level by the turn of the decade.

Some of the factors that these analysts and investors believe will influence the QNT token’s future price performance include strategic partnerships, upgrades to Quant’s Overledger network, a recovering crypto market, and further adoption of the blockchain technology that will eventually necessitate the need for technologies that facilitate interoperability. 

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