Is Quant (QNT) Worth Buying In 2023?

Last Updated December 29th 2022
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Wondering if Quant (QNT) token is worth buying in 2023? Use this Quant price prediction guide and review to learn everything you need to know about investing in QNT tokens.

Quant had its best year in 2021 as it not only grew its value by 1600%, making it one of the fastest-growing altcoins of the year, but it also set the current all-time high price of $428. Yet with such commendable achievements, most experts and investors are convinced that Quant tokens were only setting base for an even brighter future, which effectively makes it worth buying in 2023.

At the time of writing, for instance, QNT token is trading more than 65% below its ATH. This technically is a dip, and expert analysis of its future performance indicates that it will rebound and break above this peak price soon, making now a good time to start stocking the crypto asset.

But is Quant really worth buying in 2023? What makes now the best time to buy the QNT token, and what are some of the risks to investing in the crypto coin?

We answer all these below and tell you everything else you need to know about buying Quant tokens in 2023. 

First, though, we need to ask what is Quant and what makes it popular.

What Is Quant (QNT)?

Quant network is, at its core, a next-generation operating system for the crypto industry. It is a crypto project that is hosted on the Ethereum network and specially designed to help the crypto-verse achieve interoperability.

However, unlike the majority of crypto projects chasing after interoperability by creating even more blockchains and complicated bridges, Quant doesn't have a blockchain and is instead designed to serve as an operating system that sits atop all blockchains. This design allows for the fast and seamless communication and sharing of data for all distributed ledgers of the world. And it hopes to achieve this by using its proprietary operating system, referred to as the Overledger. 

Quant network was created by the highly reputable crypto technologist Gilbert Verdian and is born out of appreciation that there will never converge around one blockchain. It was also informed by the realization that as crypto technology goes global, individuals and institutions will most likely want to interact with multiple blockchains, hence the need for an interoperable function to make all these possible.

QNT tokens, on the other hand, refer to the utility and governance token of the platform.

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Why Is Quant (QNT) So Popular Right Now?

There are a number of factors that we can fall back on when explaining Quant token’s growing popularity. We have, however, narrowed them to just 3, and they include:

Interoperability craze

Every now and then, the crypto community stumbles upon an exciting concept, and if fascinated by it, they place it at the center of every crypto discussion. Not so long ago, that concept was ICO but was soon replaced by Ethereum killers and meme currencies, and now interoperability.

At the heart of this new concept is Quant and its Overledger network that seek to operationalize interoperability in the most user-friendly manner. The token has, therefore, found itself at the center and as a topic of discussion at virtually all crypto debates, online and offline, about interoperability.

Impressive price action

By jumping an impressive 3800% in the first 9 months of 2021 and ending the year having grown its value 16X, Quant has attracted the attention of speculative investors who make up the biggest portion of the crypto trading community. The momentous price jump that earned it a spot among the best performing cryptos of 2021 has also attracted media attention, which has further fueled its popularity.

Rapidly growing community 

As QNT token’s price rose to unprecedented heights, its developer appeal soared, as Overledger captured media attention, and as everyone discussed Quant’s role in helping the crypto-verse achieve interoperability, it attracted new followers. 

It grew an impressive community of supporters composed of developers, traders, and investors on all social media platforms. They, too, have played an impressive role in broadcasting Quant network developments and achievements, which has played a key role in growing this community and attracting further partnerships. 

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Should I Buy Quant?

Yes, you should consider buying Quant because of the token's resilience and the fact that its value is expected to continue soaring in the foreseeable future. 

The fact that it is specially designed to solve one of the crypto industry's biggest challenges future proofs it and gives credence to the assumption that its value will perpetually rise. 

Virtually all the crypto forecasting metrics we have consulted when coming up with this Quant price prediction guide indicate the QNT token will continue recording impressive price jumps - making its early and current investors incredibly rich. From crypto experts to technical analysis websites and even trader sentiments, everyone is bullish on QNT tokens future price performance

Technical analysts at Gov Capital, for instance, expect Quant to have a swift rebound that helps it break above $1784.22 in the next 5 years. 

That said, however, we must emphasize that the decision to buy Quant should be influenced by a thorough analysis of the altcoin and your risk tolerance and not the fear of missing out. 

So, Is Quant Worth Buying In 2023?

Yes, because Quant is expected to rebound in 2023 and rise above its current all-time high. With a properly timed investment, this translates to massive growth in your portfolio. A number of fundamental and crypto analysts are especially bullish about Quant’s price action and expect it to rise above its current all-time high in the next few months. 

Technical analysts at CryptocurrencyPricePrediction, for instance, believe that QNT token prices will rebound and rise above its current all-time high before October. They then expect it to sustain this uptrend and grow its value by more than 275% to end the year, trading around $541.60. 

Crypto experts at CoinQuora are equally bullish about Quant token’s price action throughout 2023. They argue that if Quant rolls out more upgrades and adds more functionalities to its Overledger operating system and if the crypto market can overcome the bear sentiments and enter into recovery mode, QNT tokens will most likely rise above their current ATH and break above $500 before December. 

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Why Should I Buy Quant (QNT)?

There is an endless list of reasons why every future-focused crypto investor should be stacking Quant tokens today. Here are the 3 most rational: 

Potential for massive value gain

Odds are high that Quant token prices will continue rising over the next few years. Technical analysts at PricePrediction.Net, for instance, expect QNT token's value to appreciate by close to 1324%  to reach $2060 in the next 5 years and by more than 6675% before 2030 to reach $9800. 

Be part of the interoperable crypto-verse

In addition to earning massively as QNT token prices rise to new heights, investing in Quant gives you a first-class seat at an interoperable crypto-verse. You get to interact with some of the most advanced multi-chain decentralized apps (mDapps) that let you interact with virtually all blockchains. 

Double income

Within the DeFi niche is a growing number of investing programs that will let you stake Quant tokens while paying attractive interest rates. Staking platforms like CoinMetro will, for instance, let you earn as much as 5% per annum on staked QNT tokens with no fixed lock-up period. 

Risks Associated With Quant Investments

As is the case with all other cryptocurrencies, Quant is not immune to risks. Here are the two most common risks associated with investing in Quant tokens: 

Massive volatility

Quant token is highly volatile crypto, and you should brace for drastic and regular dips where the altcoin loses value by double-digit percentages in hours and takes months to recover. In such a case, only invest in the altcoin if you can stomach such volatilities.

Over-reliance on crypto market performance

Quant token prices almost always mirror the performance of the larger crypto market. It rises when the market rallies and dips when the market crashes. This overreliance on the overall market performance means that its price is often unable to capitalize on positive news like upgrades or strategic partnerships because any meaningful upward gain is neutralised by bearish crypto market sentiments. 

Conclusion: Should I Buy Quant (QNT) In 2023?

Well, yes. Quant token has proven to be a highly resilient crypto asset whose value is expected to continue posting impressive price performance over the next few years. Within the next 5 and 10 years, for instance, Quant’s value is expected to appreciate by as much as 1324% and 6675%, respectively, making QNT a must-have long term investment and today one of the best times to buy. You may also consider buying Quant tokens in 2023 because they are currently trading at relatively low prices, a supposed dip, and are expected to start correcting upwards any time soon.

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