The 5 Best Ways To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In 2023

What Are The Safest Ways To Buy Chainlink?

Last Updated December 28th 2022
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Chainlink brought unique innovative blockchain technology to the crypto finance space in 2017. In this article, Trading Education shares the top 5 best ways to buy Chainlink in 2023, pros and cons of exchanges and the important factors to look out for in knowing the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy Chainlink (LINK) in 2023. 

Chainlink is the most popular and largest decentralized oracle network in the crypto market today. 

In November 2021, Chainlink crossed $75 billion in Total Value Secured (TVS). 

You should know that the thousands of blockchain projects being added to the saturated market of crypto are built in ways that make it difficult for them to communicate with one another or other technological systems. 

Chainlink brings blockchain solutions and smart contracts to life by making external data available on-chain. 

This is the primary reason why several decentralized protocols and applications (DAPPS) on Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain among others rely on the possibilities of Chainlink’s Oracle Network to trigger smart contracts. 

This has made Chainlink Price Feed the most popular oracle network in decentralized finance. The demand for such technology has brought the novel token of the project to the attention of millions of traders and investors. 

LINK oversees all activities in the Chainlink ecosystem.

The huge demand for the token as compensation to Chainlink Node operators for the retrieval of data from external data sources has transcended to traders and investors who want to make huge gains from it.  

This is the primary reason why LINK is supported by more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The potential of the cryptocurrency in a market of more than 17,000 coins has led novice traders to ask questions. 

Some of the questions include but are not limited to which exchanges support LINK crypto and what are the best ways to buy Chainlink (LINK)?

The relevance of these questions means that you are just a small part of the millions of people wanting information about the best exchanges to buy LINK instantly. 

To tell you the truth, finding answers to questions such as how to buy Chainlink (LINK) and where can I buy it will put you on a path towards finding the best crypto exchange for the token. 


Best Exchanges To Buy Chainlink

All the experts and analysts at Trading Education have had some time experimenting on at least ten (10) different exchanges in trying to buy Chainlink (LINK). 

As a result of this, the collective experience of our analysts and experts has led them to prioritize certain factors you should always take into consideration. 

These factors include but are not limited to the speed of processing transactions, adherence to regulations, reputation, customer service response times, the level of security employed by the exchange, deposit and transaction fees, payment methods, daily volume statistics, limits, and the countries they support among others

The sum of their cumulative knowledge has led them to 5 exchanges that give credence to the aforementioned factors. 

The best places to buy Chainlink are Binance, eToro, Coinbase Pro, Changelly PRO, and other Honorable Mentions.

1. eToro 

As a multi-asset exchange, eToro is among the most popular exchanges on the globe. 

Having started in 2007 with a primary focus on the stock, commodity, and indices market, eToro branched into cryptocurrencies in 2014

Since then, it has become one of the best exchanges to support the trading of crypto tokens. 

eToro has more than 23 million users, as of June 2021. 

On 19th April 2021, eToro added support for LINK, so this answers the questions; does eToro support LINK, and can I buy LINK on eToro

You can buy (Chainlink) LINK on eToro by following the process below. 

Firstly, sign up for an account via this link

Secondly, go through an extensive verification process. Depending on how cooperative you are as a client, you can be verified within seconds, hours, or at worse one full day. 

Thirdly, deposit funds

Without fiat currency, you cannot buy LINK on eToro. 

Taking advantage of the diverse payment methods, you can upload funds in the form of USD, EUR, or GBP. 

Finally, you have to navigate to the Chainlink Page on eToro

Order any amount of LINK that meets your investment budget and it would be added to your portfolio of investments. 

But before you invest in LINK, let us analyze the pros and cons of buying Chainlink through eToro. 

Pros of eToro: 

✅ Supports many payment methods (online financial services wallet PayPal and co; bank cards; bank transfers). 

✅ Free deposits and low trading fees. 

✅ Can be accessed on all app stores (Apple and Google). 

✅ Virtual Funds ($10,000 through a demo account that helps beginners learn how to play around with digital currencies). 

✅ Records impressive daily trading volumes. 

✅ Smooth verification system. 

✅ Well-established multi-exchange. 

✅ Well-regulated exchange with the necessary licenses of operation. 

✅ Highly secured exchange (has operated for more than 10 years without hacking incidents). 

✅ Can copy LINK traders and improve your crypto portfolio. 

Cons of eToro: 

Customer service could do with some improvements (this is the only area that seems to get complaints). 

It’s a multi-asset exchange and NOT solely a cryptocurrency exchange

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

2. Binance 

As one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the space, Binance was founded in 2017

Statistically, most decentralized finance fans, blockchain technology enthusiasts, and trading experts believe Binance is the best exchange in the world. 

Statistically, Binance continues to see billions of dollars in daily volume. 

As always questions such as is Chainlink available on Binance, what exchanges support Chainlink, and when did Binance add support for LINK

Binance listed LINK for trading on 28th September 2017. LINKs demand on Binance is highest to other exchanges.

Before you invest in Chainlink go through the pros and cons of Binance. 

Pros of Binance: 

✅ Supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies (this means you would have more tokens to pair LINK with). 

✅ Supports more than 1,000 markets. 

✅ Can be accessed by residents in more than 180 countries and regions. 

✅ Records billions of dollars in trading volume daily. 

✅ Security is very high (offers several ways of protecting your account). 

✅ Prioritizes Knowing Your Customer (KYC). 

✅ Can be accessed on the World Wide Web as well as tablets, pads, and smartphone mobile applications. 

✅ Binance Research helps you keep tabs on the state of the crypto finance space. 

✅ Provides anonymity for basic accounts. 

✅ Active social media channels. 

✅ Many payment methods (direct crypto wallet deposits as well as credit/debit card deposits).

✅ Low trading fees are great for beginners. 

✅ Passive income through staking BNB tokens.   

Cons of Binance: 

Binance’s Version for residents of the United States is limited. 

Beginners may find the platform confusing due to its complexity. 

Binance continues to run into regulatory problems in many countries. 

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

3. Coinbase Pro 

Among the best cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase Pro was launched in 2015

Security and insurance are at the hallmark of this exchange as it provides traders with a variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from daily. 

Coinbase Pro is part of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trading volume. 

As part of Statista’s periodic report on the biggest crypto exchanges by volume on a 24-hour basis on Monday, 14th February 2023, Coinbase finished in eighth (8th) place with $2.38 billion. With approximately 73 million people contributing liquidity to the exchange, Coinbase Pro looks forward to adding more users to its existing customers. 

On 26th June 2019, Coinbase PRO through a blog announced that they have listed Chainlink for trading. 

You may be in a rush to buy LINK on Coinbase PRO but firstly, let us analyze the pros and cons of the exchange. 

Pros of Coinbase PRO: 

✅ Commission feature for customers that successfully makes referrals. 

✅ Highly accessible exchange. 

✅ Friendly user interface. 

✅ High volume exchange that records billions in daily volume. 

✅ Supports more than 120 cryptocurrencies. 

✅ Highly secure exchange. 

✅ Low trading fees. 

✅ Many payment methods. 

✅ Prioritizes knowing your customer (KYC) and other regulations. 

Cons of Coinbase PRO: 

In comparison to Binance,, and others, Coinbase PRO does not support many digital tokens. 

Customer Service delays (Due to the more than 73 million users, it is not easy getting your ticket answered). 

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

4. Changelly PRO 

Launched on 6th July 2020, Changelly PRO continues to make strides for customers in the cryptocurrency exchange space. 

This is why it is talked about in the same length and breadth as Binance, Coinbase, eToro, and others. 

Changelly PRO is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by daily volume.  Changelly PRO supports LINK and the trading volume of LINK on the exchange as of writing was $37 million

What are the pros and cons of Changelly PRO? 

Pros of Changelly PRO:

✅ Supports 51 cryptocurrencies. 

✅ Has more than 100 markets. 

✅ Highly Liquid Exchange. 

✅ Allows users to stay anonymous (they do not adhere to Knowing Your Customer). 

✅ Can be integrated with several crypto wallets. 

✅ Exchange is beginner-friendly. 

✅ Fees (has low crypto-to-crypto exchange rates).

✅ High fiat-to-crypto rates for investors who like USD/LINK and others. 

Cons of Changelly PRO: 

Has a relatively small number of coins for a cryptocurrency exchange.

No regulation makes it susceptible to hacking. 

Has limited payment methods. 

The minimum trade amount is relatively high. 

5. Honourable Mentions

Aside from the best exchanges to buy Chainlink pointed out above, there are other exchange to buy LINK. 

Some of the places include but are not limited to DigiFinex, OKX, Upbit, FTX, KuCoin,, Huobi Global, BitMart, Kraken, Bitstamp,, Bybit, Bithumb, AAX, Uniswap V3, Bitfinex, Bancor, WazirX, Poloniex, SushiSwap, and Coinone.

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Chainlink: Introduction To The Crypto World Of The Leading Decentralized Oracle Network 

As difficult as it was for many blockchain technologies and the smart contracts built on them to connect with real-world data and systems, Chainlink’s innovative solution has proven useful for chains and DAPPS. 

Specifically, Chainlink through the use of oracle networks pulls and aggregates data from the real world which helps trigger smart contracts built on blockchains. 

Chainlink happens to play a big role in the decentralized digital finance space. 

As a result, there are several areas that Chainlink has relationships with since it plays an extensive role in helping hundreds of applications.

Among the areas Chainlink is associated with are blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, decentralized protocols and applications (DAPPS), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), stablecoins, centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets, and decentralized oracle networks.

As you move along in your search for the best ways to buy Chainlink in 2023 and beyond, you will come across different terminology brought forth by crypto. 

They are many but Trading Education will like to draw your attention to the terminologies below.

  • As of Monday, 14th February 2023, there are approximately 17,560 crypto projects in the crypto finance space. While some such as Dogecoin and Litecoin are purely layer 1 blockchain technologies that are purely used to settle transactions online through their respective native assets, others such as Ethereum, Cardano, Tron, Eosio, Internet Computer, and Solana are smart contracts-backed blockchain technologies. Chainlink is on a different side of the space called decentralized oracle networks. 
  • Decentralized oracle networks are groups of independent blockchain oracles that provide data to a blockchain. There are several decentralized oracle networks. Aside from Chainlink, there are others such as Witnet, Provable, The Band Protocol, Decentralized Information Asset (DIA), and API3.
  • LINK, as a cryptocurrency, is divisible. Therefore, you do not have to buy a whole LINK if you do not have the means. All digital tokens can be divided into 8 decimal points (1.00000000). Therefore, if LINK is trading for $16.74 and you have $10, you can buy approximately 0.59737156 LINK. 
  • Chainlink thrives on the possibilities of blockchain technology. This technology facilitates the creation, storage, trading, and distribution of LINK. If Chainlink was a train, imagine blockchain technology like the railway that allows LINK to move from one person to another. 
  • Exchanges that support LINK such as eToro, Coinbase PRO, Changelly PRO, and Binance are independent platforms built solely for the exchange of fiat money (USD) for crypto tokens as well as crypto for crypto. 
  • Crypto Wallets that support LINK such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, imToken, Coinomi Wallet, Trezor Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet, and Ledger Nano S/X are software that facilitates access to Chainlink. They help in transferring and storing LINK safely and securely. 

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Comparison Of Payment Methods For Buying Chainlink (LINK) 

PayPal ― Many companies support PayPal as a payment method because their customers can deposit huge sums of money without incurring any depositing fees. 

This has certified PayPal as one of the easiest ways to buy LINK.

Cash ― Due to bank cards and wire transfers being directly associated with you in person, cash has become the sole way through which you can buy Chainlink anonymously. 

Bank Transfers ― This payment method takes a lot of time for deposits to be completed. 

With that said, it is one of the safest ways of buying Chainlink and comes with relatively low fees. 

Credit/Debit Cards ― Investing in Chainlink using bank cards is known to be easy and fast due to the use of SWIFT technology to settle cross-border payments. 

There are limits as to what you can deposit using bank cards, take note.

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Cheapest Place To Buy Chainlink 

From our list, eToro is the cheapest place to buy Chainlink. They have a range of payment methods that charge $0 in depositing fees. So after uploading funds, you will ONLY be subjected to a small transaction fee, and this will help you buy the worth of ChainLINK (LINK) tokens that fits your investment goals.

The Safest Way To Buy Chainlink 

For you to assess the safest way to buy Chainlink, you should find an exchange that adheres to regulations such as KYC and AML. Aside from that, the exchange should have multi-factor authentication so that in case a third party tries to access your account, the person would have to prove more than one knowledge of the details of the account.

 eToro fits this description and therefore we would want to recommend the platform as the safest way to buy Chainlink.

The Easiest Way To Buy Chainlink 

If you are someone who wants to adhere to regulations and become a verified account holder, Trading Education would like to recommend eToro as the easiest way to buy Chainlink. Once you have an active account, you can take advantage of positive crypto market sentiment, and buy LINK within seconds. 

The Fastest Way To Buy Chainlink 

The fastest way to buy Chainlink is to find exchanges that are easily accessible. 

Fortunately, all the best ways to buy Chainlink pointed out earlier on can be accessed via the World Wide Web, and app stores.  Once the payment method on the exchange fits your needs, it will be the fastest way to buy Chainlink. 

In such a case, eToro, Binance, Coinbase PRO, and Changelly PRO are the fastest ways to buy Chainlink.

How Do I Buy Chainlink Near Me? 

The only way you can buy Chainlink that is near you is through the mobile application of your favourite exchange. 

This is because there are no Chainlink ATMs as of 2023. With an active balance on PayPal or a bank card, you can buy LINK within seconds.

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Best Ways To Buy Chainlink Anonymously 

The best ways to buy Chainlink anonymously are dwindling due to efforts by governments to ameliorate the use of cryptocurrencies. From our list, Changelly PRO does not prioritize KYC. 

Therefore, the best way to buy Chainlink anonymously is through Changelly PRO.

Best Ways To Buy Chainlink With PayPal 

The best way to buy Chainlink with PayPal is to find an exchange that supports PayPal as a payment method. 

From our list, Coinbase Pro and eToro are the exchanges that have added support for PayPal. 

Therefore, we can say that eToro and Coinbase Pro are the best ways to buy Chainlink with PayPal.

Best Places To Buy Chainlink With A Credit/Debit Card 

Finding a platform that has some of the lowest fees in the space, adheres to regulation, and prioritizes security is vital in finding the best place to buy Chainlink with a credit/debit card. Exchanges Coinbase PRO, Binance, and eToro meet the requirements. 

Aside from these exchanges, PaySafe Groups subsidiary Skrill Money Transfer has enabled the trading of cryptocurrencies on their platform. 

Verified Skrill Wallet holders can use their balance to buy Chainlink within seconds. 

Buying LINK through Skrill comes with bank card charges as well as transaction fees for your crypto purchases.

buy chainlink

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Best Places To Buy Chainlink With Your Bank Account 

Fully verified members of Binance, eToro, Coinbase Pro, and Skrill will realize that they are the best places to buy Chainlink with your bank account. 

They all adhere to regulations and have the necessary security encryptions to protect your funds. 

See You On The Other Side!

You are now well informed about the numerous ways to buy Chainlink. You will learn more about Chainlink if you have a stake in its native asset, LINK. Take some risk and you could be part of investors that made it through crypto. 

eToro – Best Exchange To Buy Chainlink

eToro have proven themselves trustworthy within the Crypto industry over many years – we recommend you try them out.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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