The Best 15 Mid-Cap Stocks To Buy In 2021

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Top Mid-Cap Stocks to Invest in 2021

Are you looking for stocks that can offer the best of both worlds? That can give you the balance and security with the potential of financial growth? Then these top mid-cap stocks are for you to consider buying in 2021.

With 2020 drawing closer to an end, it's safe to say that for businesses across the globe, challenging is just one word in how to describe this year, due to the impact coronavirus has had, not just in people's personal lives but the impact the virus has had in business terms too. 

This year has shown more so than any other year, that no matter the size of a company, big, medium-sized or small, they all have just as positive and detrimental effects as each other. 

COVID- 19 has hit companies all over various industries, across the globe hard. Imposing travel bans on international and national travel, which has left a big hole within the aviation market due to flights being grounded for weeks to some even months, and now with the lack of demand from consumers due to the lasting spread of coronavirus leaving hesitation in consumers minds. 

To the closures and filing for bankruptcy of well-established firms, such as Friendly's the American food company, under FIC restaurants which was founded in 1935, filed for bankruptcy on Nov 1st, but fortunately for them, it was voluntarily bankruptcy and is set to stay open, unlike thousands of big and small organisations around the world. 

As the economy strives to get back firmly onto two feet in 2021 (hopefully), is seeing investors around the globe placing their investments in the middle, into mid-cap stocks which are setting the way going forward leading into 2021 after 2020’s downturn, with hope for potential growth and returns, which mid-cap stocks are perfect for gaining the growth and financial stability. 

“What are mid-cap stocks? How do I invest in mid-cap stocks for 2021? Are mid-cap stocks risky? Which companies are the best mid-caps stock to buy in 2021?” 

We have all your answers to your questions and more, as we take a look and dive into 15 of the best mid-cap stocks to invest in 2021. 

Top 15 Mid-Cap Stocks To Buy In 2021

  1. Skechers (SKX) 
  2. Deckers (DECK)
  3. Peloton Interactive (PTON) 
  4. Redfin (RDFN) 
  5. Aecom (ACM)    
  6. Games Workshop (GAW) 
  7. Helen of Troy (HELE)
  8. FreshPet (FRPT)
  9. Coty 
  10. Hill-Rom (HRC)
  11. LendingTree Inc. (TREE)
  12. Diamondback Energy (FANG)
  13. Nordstrom (JWN) 
  14. Plug Power (PLUG)
  15. Five Below (FIVE)

Unsure what Mid-Cap Stocks are? Let’s explain. 

What are Mid-Cap Stocks? 

Mid-Cap stocks, or otherwise known as mid-capitalization, is the definition of companies with a market value (market-cap) between $2 and $10 billion. 

Yes, as you may have thought, there are also large-cap and small-cap companies too, who depending on the current company's value will fall into their classified cap. However, the company's value like anything can change over a period of time, as most companies are on the horizon to grow. 

Mid-cap stocks are extremely attractive to investors, especially, even more so within this present moment with the economy under such uncertainty, even with confirmation of a vaccine to prevent the deadly coronavirus disease. Mid-cap stocks allow and give you, as an investor the best of both worlds, giving you the freedom of potential growth but with firm stability along the way. 

But having said that, please be aware that investing in mid-cap stocks do pose some risks, as the stocks can be volatile.  

In investor terms, it sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well, this is in-fact as to why mid-cap stocks are popular to buy into and even more attractive leading into 2021. Small-cap stocks may not give you the financial security as much as a mid-cap stock can provide and a large-cap stock will give you that little bit less of a growth in comparison to mid-cap stocks. 

The reasoning behind this, we will explore in further detail. 

The Differences Between Small-Cap, Mid-Cap and Large-Cap Stocks. 

If you are a beginner to investing and stocks in particular, you may not be fully aware of the differences between the three market capitalisations, so we have pulled it back to the beginning to explain. 

A company starts out having all its core priorities in place, and then comes the most crucial part, operating. Once a company starts the operating process it is all about growth. How popular and in-demand the company is becoming with consumers and investors, the coverage it receives through word of mouth, media presence, reviews and worldwide acknowledgement, will naturally then set the company within a certain category with room for further growth. 

But normally, the majority of companies start within the small-cap range and grow further up the ladder. 

Small-Cap - Market Capitalization of less than $2 Billion  

A small-cap is where all new companies primarily start from, and progressively and hopefully grow from here, but to start they have a market cap of less than $2 Billion which is why they start in small-cap. 

Fact: Amazon (AMZN) and Tesla (TSLA) both started out as small-cap stocks. 

But like any new business who is starting out, yes it’s a risk when it comes to investing as you don’t know how well the business is going to do, it's the unknown. However, this is why the small-cap can and is deemed to be volatile and doesn't offer you the financial security as much as a mid or large-cap does. 

Within 2020, the small-cap companies for the majority, have done well with the returns being strong due to coming off the bear market bottoms. Which has led to investors wanting to be a part of the smaller companies leading into 2021, however being mindful that the smaller companies have greater financial losses then mid-cap stocks, is the key to keep in mind. 

But for a long term investment with financial risks, small-cap stocks are your go-to. 

Definition Of Bear Market

A bear market is when a market experiences price declines over a prolonged amount of time and typically when investments fall by at least 20%. 

Mid-Cap Stocks - Market Capitalization starting at $2 Billion to $10 Billion 

As already stated above, Mid-cap stocks are mighty companies that are succeeding very well in business, with a market cap between $2 billion to $10 billion, however, they are not there just yet to be placed within the large-cap category. 

Companies that are mid-cap are doing extremely well, which offer you as an investor a lot of positives now and moving forward and also offer a great balance of risk and reward. They are established already but they are all likely to archive and aim for more greatness, and with this provides the added benefit of financial security as well as pushing for more growth, and if you are lucky not only will mid-cap stocks be and can be a long term investment but they also give you the best of it all. 

Fact: Domino's Pizza and the U.S company Bed, Bath and Beyond are prime examples of Mid-Cap companies. 

Large-cap - Market capitalisation of $10 Billion and over

Lastly, we move to the big players within the industries, the company's that most people will have heard of as these companies have proved themselves to be hugely successful within their industry or some companies even spreading across various industries. 

These companies have no limits when it comes to more greatness, they have grown, grown some more and are going even further evolving in their growth every which way they possibly can. Which as an investor if you were a lucky one who caught the eye of a company when it was a smaller company, you are doing extremely well to be at the top now.  

Companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon who were mentioned previously, started within the small-cap market and have pushed and exceeded it all and are still going for greatness. 

But with the large-cap companies, as they have already achieved great things, greater growth can actually be exceeded by the smaller or mid-caps as these big players are already at the top level. The financial gain of course is clear and the growth is also, however you can see smaller and mid-cap companies come up with further growth. 

To summarize large-cap stocks, they are deemed to be the safest bet, naturally as they are all well- established companies with less risk of failing as opposed to the mid-cap or small-cap companies. But more than likely you will not gain the high financial returns in comparison to other companies within the smaller caps. 

With a clear breakdown of what a mid-cap stock is, now it's time to look at which are the best mid-cap stocks to buy for 2021. With each of these well-established companies, we have given an insight into what sets these companies apart from the rest moving forward into 2021, along with some facts and the benefits each company has to offer that makes them the ones to buy in 2021. 

The List of The Top 15 Mid-Cap Stocks To Buy In 2021

1. Skechers (SKX) 

Coming in first on the list is Skechers. The world-recognised footwear brand which was founded in 1992 by Michael Greenberg, is now a well-established company who trades from all across the globe and is very successful with both the younger and older generation with its fancy, comfortable and affordable footwear. 

Whether or not you are a personal fan of the brand, there is no denying that the company has had a roller coaster ride this year, just like any other company, but with the international expansion being the main source for its income this year, it has been reported that the company were only 16% down on sales within the first 9 months with the main source of income coming from international sales. 

Considering the impact coronavirus has had on the globe, that doesn’t seem that bad of a downslide. In-fact the e-commerce side of the business was reportedly up by 172% year-over-year figures in growth from online revenue.    

Two main factors that stand out for this company to buy in 2021 are: 

The Skechers brand is an international market as well as being a respected company within the U.S, but with the international market being a strong one for the brand, as if it wasn't for the international expansion the company would not be where they are sitting now within 2020, which is a good spot going into 2021 to archiving further growth. 

Secondly, it has been confirmed by the company's CFO John Vandemore that Skechers will be investing further. Over the coming year and leading further to a potential couple of years, the company is setting on connecting their customers even further with a relaunch of its online website, a new fresh mobile app and reportedly introducing a loyalty program for its loyal customer base. 

With the two key factors in mind shows that the well-known brand is setting up its plans to create a good growth in 2021 and beyond, as the world slowly starts to open which will enable stores to have more footage through the doors as well as carrying on with their dominating online sales and presence, there is no wonder Vandemore is looking optimistic for the future as he was quoted saying. 

With shares for the brand currently being below 20% as from the start of the year, this company is one to look to buy

Don’t miss out on this one, Skechers is a mid-cap set to grow in 2021. 


2. Deckers Outdoor Corp (DECK)

Sticking along the fashion/shoe- retail industry, one company that has to be named and included on the list of 15 mid-cap stocks to buy in 2021, is Deckers Outdoor footwear. 

Deckers footwear provides stylish, comfortable and is globally recognised with its footwear brands including uggs boots, Teva and Hoka One One. The brands are all under one roof and at relatively good and affordable prices, which has been proven by the global sales growth this year and throughout previous years. 

For a relatively good sized business which isn't the largest fashion - retailer by any means, but what it does benefit from is its huge rise in share price above 20% over the last couple of months on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and has made an impressive percentage of 315% over the past five years, which provides evidence that this brand is ready for the new year and is also in it for the long haul.  

This company, if you are a beginner in mid-cap stocks or stocks in general, is a great asset to your portfolio. It is expected and anticipated that Deckers Outdoor footwear is reportedly going to grow by 38% or more over the coming years and with a higher cash flow reported, it brings the two big elements financial growth and stability to the table, along with some other big key factors including long term investment. 

Now is a great time to get on board and buy into Decker for 2021, as Decker has proved that given the hardship that 2020 has sprung among us, the brand is clearly setting the way as a great example of a mid-cap stock that is going to impress. 

But be mindful, always carry out final further research studies before jumping in to invest just so you are clear on what you are investing and buying into. 

3. Peloton Interactive (PTON) 

A fantastic, fast-growing company that comes next on the list is Peloton Interactive. 

For those who may not have heard of this growing fitness platform, you will soon hear about it, as the company is set for wonderful growth in the coming years. The fitness platform has a community of over 2.6 million members to date and is on the rise as it connects members to conduct their online fitness classes, streaming of the top-quality boutique and instructor-led classes, anytime and anywhere in the world through their online platform. Not to mention that Peloton also created internet-connected exercise bikes and treadmills, which is what many people connect the company with. 

As December is now among us, it is predicted that Peloton is going to see an even greater increase and surge in sales as consumers proceed to purchase online as well as the new avenue of online interactive fitness sessions heightening before the festive days this month. 

When Peloton came to the Nasdaq exchange, the brand has done significantly well especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis which has seen gyms across the world close which has left individuals working out a home through online platforms, such as Peloton. 

As the September quarterly report came through, it showed a whopping 172% growth for the company passing all expectations from analysts on the company's potential growth. And an impressive 66% rise to $524.6 million year-over-year from the previous year which was at $316.7 million. 

As we look at the bigger picture for the final 2020 report, it is reported that Peloton is looking to aim to achieve around $1.74 billion which is a huge 89% year increase and also overrides analyst predictions by $19 million as they predicted $1.55 billion. 

To summarize, the leading fitness platform is only proving to be a great success both financially and has the growth potential but it is also “Leading the fitness pathway through the next generation”. 

This is a good mid-cap stock to watch in 2021.

4. Redfin (RDFN) 

In the light that 2020 has seen companies rise to the top due to the events of the year, Redfin has boasted in the Real Estate world.

The U.S real estate company, just like UK real estate companies have seen a high demand this year, which has been fantastic and somewhat surprising given the events that have taken over the globe this year. 

But as mortgage rates have been competitive and with good value buys on house prices, including the factor that people have been spending more time within their homes, has brought the decision to their mind in debating a potential move which is a big reason as to why the sudden surge has erupted within the real estate industry. 

For Redfin, the shares for this company are currently down by around 20% since the reports on the last quarter were given. In light of the recent happenings the company have almost doubled in 2020 as the pandemic took over the world, it brought the company to push forward with technology and combining the two, technology and real estate for a smoother, quicker transaction, which makes it a cut above the rest.

As it stands Reffin has a market cap of $4.7 billion, which shows they have a lot more room and scope to grow further and in light of taking real estate virtual, this is showing that they are leading that way of greater growth going into 2021, as it has shown a 31% increase in revenue from its new virtual take. 

As the cash flow increased for the company at the end of the quarter to reportedly made $575 million but of course had balancing debt to be paid, but this shows from May when the figure was $453 million that the company is moving in one direction, they are moving forward. 

If you are within the US or if you like to buy within US companies, this is a small up and coming mid-cap stock to add to your portfolio within the real estate industry. 


5. Aecom (ACM)    

Now we look to step into the engineering world, with the ‘one to watch’, Aecom. 

Aecom is an American multinational firm whose name was originally AECOM Technology Corporation, but today is now simply known as AECOM. Listed at #157 on America’s Fortune list out of a list of 500, shows the scale as to which way the company is at and plans on going further. 

The figures that are visible to date for the company show a revenue of $13.2 billion with net service revenue of $6.2 billion which year-over-year stats show a decline by 2%. 

However, the company has shown and reported within recent reports that they are up by 25% with operating income and additional benefits that led to the cash flow was up by 28% and the net income also went up just below 30%. 

AECOM’s chief executive, Troy Rudd spoke out in a statement on the challenges that the team has faced and how well they have handled the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

“I am incredibly proud of how our teams responded to the unprecedented challenges of the past year to deliver for our clients and communities and to position the business for continued success in 2021 and beyond. I am grateful to our professionals for their focus on the health safety of their families and clients, and on the health of our business. We are committed to setting a new standard of excellence in the Professional Services industry.”

With the commitment adding to the statistics, AECOM is a bright, organised and a company setting their sights on a great year to come, which makes this mid-cap company one to buy in 2021. 

6. Games Workshop (GAW) 

For a Nottingham-based business, Games Workshop is proving that it's not slowing down anytime soon and has proven to be a little show stopper within the FTSE 350. 

Games Workshop has arguably been the best performing within the FTSE 350 for the past five years, which it was reported that with the return and also includes reinvested dividends of 1.600%. Which when you think, is a huge growth to deliver such a return. 

The unique business which makes a lot of its profits from the “Warhammer” franchise, has proven that anything is achievable as it still aims to create further growth and great financial returns. In financial terms, Games Workshop has collectively made an income of £70 million which is a big jump from £12.3 million in 2015. 

As Warhammer fanatics, not just within the UK but internationally can collectively come together on the online community, which in 2016 drew in a reported 5 million users and 70 million page views in the first two years. The figures from February 2020 show that over 500 videos have been uploaded each year, which when the new report comes through next year with this year's figures, will more than likely have increased.  

So for a UK company, this mid-cap company is one to keep an eye on and potentially place some investment into leading into 2021. 

Note: Please note the figures with this company are in GBP. 

7. Helen of Troy (HELE)

Helen of Troy Limited is an American consumer business headquartered in both El Paso, Texas and Hamilton, Bermuda. 

If you haven’t heard of the company, HELE is home to some of the most recognised brands within beauty, health and housewares industries including well-known brands such as REVLON (beauty brand), VICKS and Honeywell, just to name a few under the business. 

This mid-cap stock saw a rise at the beginning of the year of over 20% in their share price and despite the recent events is still fairing well to set the way into 2021. It's been expected by analysts that the company is set to grow by around 28% over the next few years ahead, with higher cash flow deemed to be on the horizon too which will inevitably change the share prices

The big-name brands under the companies belt arguably are forces not to reckoned with, which is a big factor along with digging further to find the reality of how well Helen of Troy is actually set to fair and grow in the long term. 

For a growth investment, Helen of Troy is a great opportunity leading the way for 2021 and is also ranked on Zack’s #1 list as one of the top mid-cap companies for investors to buy in, and not only for the growth in earnings but for the long term moving forward into the new years to come. 


8. FreshPet (FRPT)

This year has been a wonderful year for pets around the globe, seeing thousands of dogs and cats around the world entering new households due to the effects of the pandemic leading households to spend more time at home, with plenty more time on their hands, has seen a huge surge in pets being homed and re-homed. 

So naturally, a knock-on effect is pet food that consumers need to buy, this is where Freshpet has come in and stolen the limelight above its competitors creating this one of a kind brand. 

What is Freshpet? 

Humans want to eat healthy, why should your pet be any different?

Plain and simply, Freshpet is an American manufacturer that creates healthy, fresh, nutritious pet foods rich with vitamins for both dogs and cats by using only natural ingredients. What sets this unique pet business from the rest, is simply its human approach all the way through from the manufacturing process, which is carried out and prepped in the kitchen as we prep food to the goodness of what each delicious meal boosts of, it is truly a one of a kind brand which it has shown with its growth over the years. 

Along with delivering pets nutritious goodness foods, Freshpet also distributes fridges to retailers department stores to offer their products which have generated a fabulous income for the brand. 

Freshpet was founded back in 2006, and since then has grown steadily. The reports in quarter 3 were steady, the results showed that the company is up in consumption growth by 31% and in addition 251 net new stores have been added in 2020. 

The figures are showing well, however slightly behind where analysts expected them to be and may potentially fall shy of the $322 million in revenue this year, but the company is showing good potential moving forward into 2021 with shares going up 2.36% as of Monday 30th November places Freshpet’s market capitalisation to $5.56 billion. 

With the company driven and exceeding sales, and with the increasing market cap this company is one mid-cap stock to get into for 2021. 

Note: If the share price is not quite right, you may want to consider the buy still as this company has been set to have a great growth success. 

9. Coty 

The beauty company that has gone through it all in its time, Coty graces its presence in the top 15 list as being one mid-stock company to be a part of in 2021. 

Housing some of the world's most luxurious beauty brands, Coty is no newbie to the market. Having said that, the firm pre-coronavirus has seen many ups and downs which has in effect seen shares drop over the years by 80%, but the factors contributing to this amount were heavy factors, which have now evened out allowing the company to press forward. 

Awaiting official confirmation, Coty is set to announce their sales figures shortly which according to Zacks reports are going to be coming out at $1.40 billion for the third quarter. Now when you compare this figure to year-over-year of $2.35 billion, it shows just what impact the coronavirus pandemic has had along with the changes within the company. 

However, having mentioned the above when it comes to the full-year sales report, this year it has been expected by analysts a range between $4.38 billion to $5.17 but for the following year has been predicted with estimates ranging from $4.44 billion to $5.59 billion, which is indicating steady growth. 

If the beauty brand is to hit the predicted full-year sales, it is looking unlikely with its figures and will more than likely fall shy, as from the November reports the company was down in all areas as the year-over-year report showed its revenue being down by 13%. 

Nevertheless, this brand although it has not had the best year this year is pushing its way ahead going into 2021. In November the stock rose by 12% in a single session with a $10 price target and on Tuesday 24th November, Director Robert S. Singer purchased 5,000 shares of Coty stock with other big names following suit. 

As the cosmetic company moves forward, has seen Coty reduce their costs and their portfolio size as they look to renovate the company and with the added addition of Kylie cosmetics under the brand too, is set to hopefully spiral sales going into 2021 and years to come. 

The beauty company, Coty is a mid-cap stock to buy in 2021. 

10. Hill-Rom Holdings (HRC)

If you are not within the health profession field, the odds are you may not have heard of this health company before. Hill-Rom Holdings is a medical technology provider who is leading its way with their creations. From beds and surfaces to care communications, healthcare furniture and much more, the company is leaving no stone unturned. 

For a company which was founded in 1915, has done extraordinarily well to come this far and still aiming to evolve. The company has shown a low payout ratio this year, which leads to believe that the company is doing some good reinvesting into the business, which is a good footing moving forward for growth. 

Across the globe this year, the healthcare profession has been stretched to their limits beyond belief and with the announcement of a vaccine that is coming sooner than we may have thought, this news which not only enables individuals to return to a new normal but for Hill-Rom it is opening up new avenues for further sales with its technology and bed units. With one area that has been brought to light already in demand, is operating lighting. 

Hill-Rom has high predictions for its current quarter, with the predictions ranging from $650.00 million to $657.40 million by analysts. The company which reported sales of $685.00 million last year is set to be down due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic which has had a challenging impact on the healthcare industry. 

Overall, the full-year report is set to be within the estimates around $2.77 billion and with a forecast for the company in the next financial year analysts had predicted sales of between $2.94 billion to $2.89 billion. 

Round up - Although HRC has been up and down throughout 2020 and has reportedly dropped by 20% year-over-year, the signs and happenings are still there for the health company and if the company hit the right note on the stock, this company is a good mid-cap stock to buy and keep a hold of in your portfolio through 2021 and further. 

11. LendingTree Inc. (TREE)

LendingTree (TREE) is an online lending marketplace which enables potential investors to interact and connect with one or multiple loan operators who are in search of the best loans, credit cards, deposits and much more. 

The American company which is head-quartered in Charlotte, North Carolina has seen mixed results throughout the quarter reports this year, nevertheless, the company is certainly one to keep an eye on. 

The platform allows you with ease and the ability to shop and explore whichever outcome you wish whether it be for a mortgage, student loan or credit card deals and the best part, you can compare prices and explore any latest deals. 

It almost sounds too straight forward to be true. 

More so this year, than any year before, has sadly left thousands if not millions worrying about their financial situation. And with the high rate of unemployment at an all-time high all over the world, it has made it difficult and challenging for lenders to lend in such uncertain times, which has had an impact naturally on LendingTree stock. 

Statistics for company growth have impressed over the past 5 years showing annual earnings of around 129.7%, but with 2020 making a setback of -65.3%.

But besides the obvious, as the economy picks up so too will the ability to lend which is why within the next year fiscal year revenues are predicted to rise by 20% according to wall street experts. 

As after all, money does make the world go around. 

LendingTree is a good mid-cap stock for 2021.

12. Diamondback Energy (FANG)

Diamondback Energy company (FANG) has been named as one of the top-rated mid-cap stocks to be involved with right now and leading into 2021.  

As this year has seen dramatically less carbon fuel submissions implode the environment, due to lockdown measures with the ‘stay at home, work from home’ guidelines implicated, has made Diamondback energy ever so popular. Not to mention, when oil is below $40 a barrel, diamondback energy can actually make a profit. 

Diamondback Energy is reportedly up by a staggering 148% in the past 10 years, and with the recent activities happening concerning the company, has left wall street experts favouriting the brand hugely as the energy company is getting set to get stronger. In addition, consumers are also seeing and realising the company’s movements including cutting costs and paying down debt payments, which are added factors for consumers to stand firmly with the brand alongside the experts. 

Just like the majority of companies, diamondback is also no exception and although the company has seen a dip across the board this year of more than 25%, is still doing very well leading to the future and as with all companies, they will still have their challenges to overcome.

With over $1.7 billion in cash flow up as of September and still yet to add the remaining 3 months, shows a similar picture to 2019 when the figure was $1.8 billion, making the energy company's profitability stable and including that shares were at a percentage of 80% up in November, it’s looking good for this energy company. 

 To conclude: 

All investments come with risks, even mid-cap stocks as nothing is guaranteed, but when it comes to the energy division, Diamondback the company is on track to becoming the best energy mid-cap company to be a part of in 2021. 

13. Nordstrom (JWN) 

Nordstrom, Inc is an American department store that has over 100 stores across the U.S and within three provinces in Canada. 

Firstly, this company has shown a whopping comeback this year after plummeting at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in march, to more recently it has been reported that the company have an estimated $150 million operating cash flow, as of November and is seeing a fantastic surge in sales figures with their e-commerce side of the business, especially as we move forward to one of the business holiday seasons of the year.

 This company is undoubtedly going to make great further sales within the next 4 weeks. 

Even though Nordstrom stock is down more than half in 2020 to date, like with the majority of retailers with the new ways leading forward in the e-commerce industry and with the confirmation of a vaccine, it has given the company ample amounts of room for growth going forward. 

As of the overall picture, analysts have predicted a potential 15% decrease to around $3.12 billion this year and to see a loss per share of between $0.09 - $0.10 in the quarter, but given this year's catastrophic events, the brand is coming back strongly. 

To summarize, although the retail industry has been hit extremely hard this year, Nordstrom is coming back well and is a good buy going into 2021 as the world starts slowly adapting to the new normal and retail brands pushing to get stronger. 

14. Plug Power (PLUG)

Well, well, well Plug Power is already making its voice heard within the market, right?

Plug Power Inc. is an American electrical equipment manufacturing company who focus solidly on hydrogen fuel cell systems that replace batteries within equipment and also vehicles that are powered by electricity. Although the company is headquartered in New York City, it also has offices based in Washington and an additional office in NYC. 

According to reports, the electrical manufacturing company is up by 106% year-over-year growth, which is causing wall street to have a natural buzz surrounding this energetic company and with the company some-what boasting ‘celebrity status’ within the wall street market at present. 

But although the good news that surrounds the company, it is still yet to be profitable and has shown a loss per share of $0.11 as opposed to its predicted figure of $0.07. But within the bigger picture, for the company this is of course not great news but it is not worrying, as the plans set in place for this powerhouse electrical manufacturing company are already underway.  

For a stock that sure can swing from one way to another, has seen a 52-week high mark of $19.02 and a climb of over 700% in 2020. Included within that climb was the company's five-year plan which was announced last year. The company is set to potentially create $1 billion in gross billings and $170 million in operating profit by the end of 2024.  

With this plan in motion and with the recent figures and forecasts being predicted, it is catching the eyes of many investors, some of which may not have had the company within their sights previously, that are going to get on board with this buy. 

With the company's market cap of $5.6 billion and the company's goal of aiming for $1 billion revenue, along with the new future of electric cars leading the way, this is one ‘cutting edge hydro cell solution’ not to be missed in 2021. 


15. Five Below (FIVE)

As the last entry on the list, Five Below takes the spot. 

The American discount stores are popular with the younger generation especially, where they can purchase in-demand items but at discounted prices. With over 900 stores placed around the US and with the stores offering it all from sweets to clothing and much more, it is one retail brand that is doing well, considering going into the last month of the year. 

However, having outlined the positives Five Below is not up to speed when it comes to the e-commerce side of the business which is proven to be almost non-existent for the brand, as notably, they have hardly made any profit from online sales. But with respect to this, they are new to the online shopping market and it might take time for this avenue to start bringing in good revenue. 

As the holiday season is among us, Five Below has witnessed a recent decline in sales due to re-imposed lockdown measures within the US which has shortened the shopping season for the company. But on the flip side to this, analysts have predicted that Five Below is going to see its strongest growth within the quarter which wall street has predicted a potential 18% increase in net sales.  

The store has one good advantage in comparison to other retailers, as the company runs in line given the impact the economy is in currently. Allowing consumers to buy products that financially fit within their current spending range, which will boost the businesses net sales well for sure. 

As the world is slowly creeping forward, Five Below is working with the consumers to fit and suit their needs. And for a company that has $8.83 billion market cap, it is proven what it does best as it sets to grow leading into 2021.

Fact: The clue is within the name, everything in the retail shop is $5 or below. However, the company has just imposed a new range of $10 dollar buyers to create a new avenue within the brand. 

Final words on the best mid-cap stocks to invest in 2021

And there you have it, the 15 top and not to be missed mid-cap stocks to buy leading into 2021. 

To bear in mind, along with the 15 mid-cap stocks mentioned above there are also many more stocks up and coming set for great growth in 2021, which is always wise to conduct as much research as you possibly can before choosing which stocks to buy. 

Are Mid-Cap Stocks Right For You? 

From all of the above, it's granted that mid-cap stocks may not be for everyone. However, if you are an investor that likes to keep hold of long term investments (five years or more), is looking for the balance of higher growth mixed with lower volatility but with the occasional up and down here and there (as nothing in investing or in life is guaranteed), then mid-caps stocks are designed perfectly for you and for building your portfolio.  

Last note, always conduct the necessary research you feel you need to undertake, until you feel comfortable and have a good understanding of what you are going into, that goes for all investments you place. 

Want To Start Investing In The 15 Mid-Cap Stocks For 2021?

Having all the information you need ready and fresh in your mind and on hand, are you ready to buy in the best mid-cap stocks going into 2021? Now you need to find the most suitable broker to start your journey into mid-cap stocks for 2021. 

There are numerous leading trading platforms that can offer you everything on hand 24/7 when you need it, but one platform which is fastly becoming a world-recognized trading platform is eToro.

The multi-asset platform enables you to have access to all, if not the vast majority of the mid-cap stocks and other category stocks at your leisure. You can buy in as many stocks you wish, with a small deposit as little as $200 and what makes it even sweeter is, its 0% commission. 

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Whether you're a beginner to stocks or a beginner to investing, you can learn all the tricks of the trade through this easy, straight-forward, modern platform. 

Or you if feel that you are not quite ready just yet, there is no pressure you can simply just take a step back, learn and carry out as much research as you possibly can and even keep an eye out on the stocks you think you maybe interested in, so you can see before investing how the share prices hold up and that way you are giving yourself a better advantage before you start investing your capital as you will have a deeper understanding of how investing in stock market operates. 

For further great reads on the best stocks to invest in 2021, check out these two articles below that will add to your knowledge and add more insight into further companies worth  keeping an eye out on going into 2021:

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Key Points: 

  • A mid-cap stock is a term given for companies with a market capitalization (market- cap) value between $2 billion and $10 billion. 
  • The stand out key features that mid-cap stocks appeal to investors are the growth as an investment and increase financial profits, market share and lastly in it for the long haul. 
  • Mid-cap stocks are not as risky as small-cap stocks, they are deemed to be more stabilized. 
  • Financial advisors have advised that the key to minimizing risk is to have a diverse portfolio under your belt. 
  • Mid-cap stocks do carry risks just like all investments but on a smaller scale in comparison to small-cap stocks. 
  • Lastly, please make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your chosen investment, conduct as much time and research as you need to start or carry on through your investing journey.  

All trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate.