The Graph Forecast: Will The Graph (GRT) Reach $100?

Last Updated February 3rd 2022
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Will The Graph price eventually reach the $100 mark price? If Yes, when?

Well, there is a lot of optimism about The Graph’s future price performance. A simple majority of crypto experts and GRT investors are especially convinced that The Graph prices will continue rising for the next few years and that they will eventually break above $100. But after looking at its token’s shaky price action and the slow-paced growth of the crypto industry, they do not feel like The Graph will reach $100 any time soon.

Much of this optimism about the altcoin’s future price performance is informed by the resilience The Graph showed throughout 2021. It started with a wild run that saw it set the current all-time high of $2.88 in February. But its price crashed in May and dipped below $0.05 in July before recovering and trading around $1 in for the better part of the last quarter of 2021.

Moving forward, there is hope that continued adoption of The Graph’s indexing protocol in the crypto world and a recovering crypto market will help push GRT to higher price levels. But it is quite clear that getting to $100 before the end of 2022 or even in the next 5 years will be a tall order for the altcoin.

So when exactly can you expect The Graph to reach $100?


When Will The Graph (GRT) Reach $100?

While the market is confident that The Graph has everything it needs to grow its price to and above $100, no one can tell with utmost accuracy when GRT will get to this price level. We must also add that from GRT investors to reputed crypto analysts, everyone agrees that The Graph’s journey to $100 will take longer than anticipated.

You should also note that earlier in 2021, when The Graph and the larger crypto market prices were rallying, the majority of crypto analysts expected The Graph token prices to rise to $5 by the end of the year, get to $10 in the next two or three years, and set sight on the $100 target in the next 10 years.

But crypto experts at Coinpedia reckon that the crypto market crash in May and the dilution of GRT price when more tokens were added to the market in June and July pulled it away from the $10 target price. We must add that the crash and the fact that 6 billion more GRT tokens will be introduced into the market in the next few years have pulled it even further from the $100 price target.

Before we look at what everyone else thinks about The Graph’s journey to $100, we need to ask ourselves; is a per-token valuation of $100 for GRT even feasible?

Look at it this way, while assuming the 3% inflation rate and only working with the maximum supply of 10 billion GRT tokens announced during its launch, we find that a per-token valuation of $100 would give The Graph a market capitalization of $1 Trillion. A $100 can thus be considered feasible.

We understand that this accounts for as much as 38% of the current total crypto industry cap - but it still is practical because it is a true testament to the value of The Graph’s revolutionary indexing protocol. How valuable is the technology? Well, some experts like ‘GUY’ from Coin Bureau have referred to it as one of the most important developments in the crypto-verse.

So when do the different crypto analysts believe GRT will reach $100?

Most of the expert and technical analyst views we interacted with when coming up with this guide have only provided the crypto community with The Graph forecasts for the next 10 years - and no one thinks GRT will have reached $100 by then.

At best, the technical analysis by indicates that The Graph will be trading between $3 and $31 in 2030.

At ICOCreed, analysts are confident that The Graph prices will rebound and resume an uptrend that pushes it as high as $30 by December 2030.

A similar analysis by CryptocurrencyPricePrediction has one of the most bullish views of GRT’s future price performance as it expects the ERC-20 token to reach $23 before December 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Will Happen If The Graph (GRT) Reaches $100

In The Graph’s price journey to $100, and even after it gets to this price level, a lot of things will happen. Here are a few:

Overblown market cap: The most noticeable change will have to be its market c given the fact that if GRT reached $100, The Graph would technically have a market cap exceeding $1 Trillion. This would give it a guaranteed pass to the coveted list of top 10 cryptocurrencies - possibly among the top 5, depending on the larger crypto market’s growth rate.

Dominance as the preferred indexing protocol: To get its price to $100, experts and investors alike believe that The Graph has to exert dominance not just on Ethereum but all other popular blockchains. This, they argue, will help catapult GRT token’s price to unimaginable heights in the next few years when demand for the indexing protocol soars in line with exploding dApps, DeFi, and NFT niches.

Speed up dApp and DeFi explosion: From a price standpoint, everyone sees the impact that a possible DeFi and dApp explosion would have on GRT token prices. But we have underappreciated the role that the adoption of The Graph indexing protocol across the blockchain world will have in speeding up this explosion. By the time GRT token prices get to $100, The Graph’s indexing protocol would have penetrated all major blockchains and fueled the building and deployment of DeFi and crypto dApps, and other decentralized projects.

Will The Graph (GRT) Reach $10 In 2022?

It is not impossible for The Graph token prices to reach $10, but it is highly unlikely that will get to this price level in 2022. Though the general feeling in the market is that The Graph will sustain an uptrend throughout 2022, the majority of investors and crypto experts feel that investor interest in the altcoin is waning. This implies that there isn’t enough buying force to help GRT prices rally by the more than 1000% required to see them rise above $10.

At best, optimistic crypto experts and technical analysts can only see GRT make a run for $2 - though a few are convinced it could get rise above the early 2021 peak price.

Crypto experts at Coinpedia, for instance, are confident that The Graph price could make a dash and reach $2.87 before December 2022. But there is a caveat to get here, the larger crypto market has to post healthy performance, and the indexing protocol has to launch on such popular blockchains as Bitcoin.

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction expects the value of The Graph to rise only to $1.87 by the end of the year.

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Is The Graph (GRT) A Good Investment?

The Graph is a good long-term investment because its value is expected to continue rising and eventually hit unprecedented price levels. Much of the optimism about the ERC-20 token’s future price performance has to do with The Graph indexing protocol’s massive potential for growth. Currently, based on Ethereum, its roadmap states that it plans to launch on more blockchains, a move that increases the demand for GRT tokens and catapults their price to new highs in the long run.

Conclusion: Will the Graph (GRT) Reach $100?

No one expects The Graph to grow by the 24900% needed to get its price to $100 in the next few years, but they all agree it has massive potential for future growth and are confident that it will eventually get here.

Its innovative decentralized indexing protocol is expected to spur the process of building dApps, DeFi apps, and more crypto projects on the different blockchain. These are then which is expected to spur demand for GRT tokens, which in turn ignites the altcoin’s price run.

Moving forward, the crypto community expects GRT to rise above its early 2021 highs by 2025 and grow by as much as 5650% to reach $23 in 2030.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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