The Smartest Cryptocurrencies Under $10 To Buy Now

Last Updated March 25th 2022
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Some of the most attractive and smartest crypto investment opportunities currently spot a single-digit coin price. Cryptocurrencies of the following five coin assets can all be purchased under $10, and they're arguably some of the smartest investments in the crypto market.

The worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies has made investors look for new and advanced tokens to expand their portfolios. Although Bitcoin initiated the legion of cryptocurrencies, there are several cheap altcoins in the market with great potential. 

China and Tesla CEO Elon Musk played a starring role in the latest crypto correction resulting in a drop-down on significant cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Though they are slowly bouncing back, this is the best time for investors to look for new and more exciting investment options. Here are the 5 smartest cryptocurrencies under $10 that you should buy now. 

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy Under $10:

1. Ripple (XRP)

Ripple identifies itself as a bridge currency deployed by financial institutions to settle cross-border payments faster and cheaper than existing traditional banking sectors. It provides an alternative platform for cross-border payments which are 100% secure, instant, and relatively inexpensive. Currently trading above $1.18 with a market cap of $53.2B, Ripple is one of the smartest cryptocurrencies under $10 to buy right now. 

Additionally, Ripple has built an established consumer niche in the market, partnering with banks and financial organizations. One significant partnership worth mentioning is with the National Bank of Egypt, the country's largest bank. 

Hesham Elsafty, the Group Head for Financial Institutions and International Financial Services at NBE, stated in a press release -

"NBE's partnership with Ripple will help to improve overall efficiency by enabling NBE to establish new alliances across wider markets with reduced cost and quicker integration time."

Ripple's plans to expand its presence in conventional capital markets have encouraged experts to predict a $2 valuation of the coin by the end of this year. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

2. Cardano (ADA)

Thanks to its flexible network and fast transactions, Cardano has become one of the best cryptocurrencies under $10 to buy now. At the time of writing, Cardano sits at the fifth position in the CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of $91.5B, and its native token ADA is worth about $2.87. 

ADA is considered a "green coin" as it is environmentally friendly. Cardano uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model to mine new blocks and verify transactions. Only a limited number of people who own Cardano can mine ADA, which will eventually reduce its energy consumption. 

This makes ADA one of the smartest crypto investments to buy now since Tesla rejected Bitcoin because of its high energy consumption and environmental impact. 

Other than its scalability, interoperability, and sustainability, Cardano's recent price increase can also be credited to its latest Goguen upgrade and Alonzo hard fork. These will further unlock smart contacts and bring in enterprise-level, critical, decentralized applications. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

3. Tron (TRX)

TRX is a unique decentralized blockchain platform that specializes in entertainment and content sharing. Tron is a Singapore-based company that uses peer-to-peer technology boasting over 1.3 billion transactions and 16 million accounts. 

Tron's decentralized distributed storage technology offers users the freedom of creating and uploading content directly into the network, eliminating a middleman. It facilitates content sharing without being censored by large tech companies like Google, Spotify, or Youtube.

The TRX cryptocurrency stands out from the competition as it offers its own world-class wallet and is listed on more than 130 exchanges. Additionally, the platform also has a high transaction speed, processing 2000 transactions per second. But the best of all is the zero transaction fee. Users can send over a million dollars in TRX worldwide in seconds with no transaction fees. 

Therefore, TRON cryptocurrency under $10 is one of the smartest investment to buy now and add to your portfolio. TRX is more promising when it comes to its future price predictions. Experts predict that Tron's price might hit a value of almost $0.35 by the end of 2021, making it a good long-term investment option. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

4. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Since the recent market crash, Dogecoin has successfully rebounded over 67%, sitting at $0.343535 as of writing. The meme token has seen a colossal increase in its price since the beginning of 2021. It started the year with a value of $0.0099 and kept rising till it hit an all-time high of $0.42 in May 2021. 

Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin is also an open-sourced peer-to-peer network that deploys a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. But, BTC consumes very high energy while DOGE, with its Scrypt mining algorithm, has lower rates and consumes less power. 

Thanks to Elon Musk and his vocal support, hailing himself as the Dogefather in his Twitter handles, Dogecoin has gained tremendous interest from investors and celebrities across the globe. 

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency has a market cap of $44,578,006,036 and sits at the seventh position in the CoinMarketCap ranking as of writing. 

Dogecoin has a strong community that backs up its popularity and value in the crypto space. One significant use-case of the digital asset is that it is used to tip several content creators on social media platforms. The tip depends on the kind of content they generate on numerous subjects. 

The meme cryptocurrency ceases to be a mere joke anymore. With several companies accepting DOGE as a mode of payment, it is slowly moving to mass adoption. Though the price has had a significant pullback, it still shows promising signs of growth, making it a viable investment option. 

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

5. EOS (EOS)

EOS is a unique blockchain-based decentralized operation system that offers blockchain developers a chance to build scalable decentralized applications (dApps). With its unique inflationary system, the EOSIO protocol rewards the network operators with new EOS tokens, entirely replacing traditional fee-based mechanisms. 

The developers can easily access all the powerful tools the protocol offers just by holding EOS tokens. The unique feature of the EOSIO protocol is that it is highly configurable, compliance-focused, and developer-friendly. 

It stands out from its competitors like Ethereum, NEO, etc., because of its ability to handle many transactions per second. Along with that, there is an absence of direct fees and enhanced usability for all users. 

EOS is one of the smartest cryptocurrencies to buy under $10 right now. Thanks to its advanced technology that strives to offer multiple benefits for various business needs, EOS emerged as a true winner of blockchain technology.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

The Bottomline 

There are almost hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market with tremendous growth potential to become the best long-term investment option. This is the best time for novice investors to experiment with their investment journey with some of the cheapest and best altcoins available.

After considering the market price, future plans, developments, and use cases, the coins mentioned above are the smartest cryptocurrencies under $10 that you can buy now to secure a wealthy future.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.