Top FTSE 100 Stocks To Buy In 2021

Last Updated July 23rd 2021
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Best FTSE 100 Stocks For 2021

Are you looking to invest in the top-performing FTSE 100 stocks within 2021? Are you looking for some guidance as to which FTSE 100 stocks are looking to be the best buys for 2021?

We have it all covered and more, as we have broken down a list of some of the top-performing FTSE 100 stocks over the past year and leading into the start of 2021.

The Top FTSE 100 Stocks To Buy In 2021:

  1. GlaxoSmithKline
  2. HSBC Holdings
  3. JD Sports Fashion
  4. WM Morrison Supermarket
  5. RSA Insurance Group
  6. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust
  7. Aveva Group
  8. BP
  9. Next
  10. Admiral Group
  11. Ocado Group
  12. Persimmon
  13. Tesco
  14. Ashtead Group


FTSE 100 Stocks In 2021 

In 2020, the FTSE 100 index had and shown a poor performance due to the impact and the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic had on just not the FTSE 100, but realistically on the whole of the UK stock market. Whilst other international indexes like NASDAQ, Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 within the American market flourished.

For a stock market that is deemed to be one of the most popular stock trading markets in the world, the UK trading market was deemed to be the most unpopular within the world within 2020, as the economy along with businesses suffered hugely with the impact from the pandemic leaving a devastating effect.

Looking forward into the new year, as the UK and the world is currently undergoing the biggest mass vaccination roll-out, arguably that the world has seen or within recent years at least, brings us ever closer for the economy to start growing along with the rise and interest within various markets.

And it was not just the Covid-19 devastation that has hit various industries and the FTSE 100 index, the Brexit deal also would have taken its fair share too.

Today the FTSE 100 index has risen by almost a third since its low point between March-April 2020. The ‘blue-chip’ index is gaining momentum back within 2021 to date, although having a slight dip on Wednesday as Joe Biden was sworn in as the new President of the United States.


What Is The FTSE 100 Index?

If you are a beginner into UK stock trading, the FTSE 100 index is an index which is made up of 100 of the largest companies based on their market capitalisations on the London Stock Exchange.

The FTSE 100 index holds a good indication, as these stocks thrive for investors as to which are the leading companies that they wish to become a part of.

Now we have established what is entailed within the FTSE 100 index, let's take a look at some of the top companies listed within the FTSE 100 that you should consider or look to buy as we carry on leading the way further into 2021. Additionally, also looking at keeping some of these top stocks within your collection for the long-term.

From showing a rise throughout 2020, to showing their rise within the start of the year so far, along with additional huge benefits of sporting healthy balance sheets, good share prices, some may classify some of these stocks being undervalued for the stocks potential, good dividend stocks and the majority having a solid history behind them.

Let's take a small glimpse into how the chosen FTSE 100 stocks have fared up in 2020 and are looking as we head into 2021 and for the future ahead, along with what these stocks can offer.

Here are 14 of the Best FTSE 100 stocks to buy in 2021: 

1. GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L) 

GlaxoSmithKline Plc, if you know a little already into this British stock, has been in the headlines recently for both positive and negative reasons.

The British ‘science-led’ global healthcare company held a title back in 2019 as being one of the 6th largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And is still one of the largest to date.

As of 2020, in the company's third-quarter report the company showcased its future plans, which has been forecast to potentially make billions in the coming years from the company’s consumer health side of the business, as they seek to create new drugs along with its vaccine division creating new sought after vaccines.

The company showed a resilient performance overall from the third quarter with some slight minus results. But seen strong demand across its sales of New and Specialty pharmaceutical products up to £2.5 billion and Respiratory sales also up to £978 million.

The company is dominated by its pharmaceutical sector and in the companies Q3 results, saw its revenue set at £4.2b -3% down, followed by its Consumer sector pulling in a positive +2% revenue of £2.4billion and lastly its vaccine division bringing in £2.0billion -9% down.

Given the recent global events and how the world is demanding vaccines for Covid-19 more than anything, this is still a good position for GSK to be in.

In recent news, GSK’s HIV specialist company ViiV Healthcare had its drug ‘Cabenuva’ approved by the FDA, which is the first and only complete long-performing drug for treating HIV-1 infection in adults.

This news may be an added advantage for the company's share price to increase, as it currently stands at 1,374,00p with a 52-week range of between 1,291,8p- at its lowest and 1,822,80p at its highest.

Analysts also rate this British stock well, as the company has been given a Zacks Rank consensus ‘Hold’ rating for the stock, along with 3 out of 7 analysts giving the stock a ‘Buy’ rating.

This British healthcare tycoon is a stock that is predicted and showing that it is capable of great achievements. In light of all the recent world happenings, this stock is one that is undoubtedly going to be in demand more so over the coming years.

2. HSBC Holdings PLC (HSBA.L)

The British Investment banking company comes as one FTSE 100 stock that could see great growth looking into 2021 and the coming years.

Despite recent news that the brand is looking set to close 82 stores across the UK, which some may see this as a negative factor, it is in fact coming from results of a positive outcome.

HSBC Holdings have decided to make this move due to reports that the company is meeting consumer needs by becoming the market-leading digital banking group, as the brand seeks to improve its services under one of many of the company's new strategic plans.

HSBC has a strong presence not just within the UK, but across various international countries including UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Asia is one continent that could help tremendously with the growth of HSBC Holdings within 2021 as their economy starts to build.

From HSBC Holdings Q3 report, the evidence was there to see just how well the Asian economy was coming back strongly, which led to more activity and more trade for the HSBA brand.

From this, HSBC has confirmed that they are increasing their investment plans within Asia to match up to their ambitions moving into the bigger picture.

Looking back to the company's financials, the company confirmed a reported profit after tax of $2.0 billion against the previous Q2 of $1.4 billion, along with an adjusted revenue of $652 million movement in volatile items which had a positive impact and the customer lending stable vs Q2 was up to $164 billion, also above the company's 2019 figures.

Within the UK, the company's adjusted revenue was up by 6% in comparison to Q2, along with HSBC holdings on the mortgage front had 13% market share of new business lending in July and August along with strong government lending.

In recent days, HSBC Holdings share price has been one of the top best-performing as the company released its further strategic plans concerning the Asian market.

HSBC’s CEO Mark Tucker, released these new plans in a recent statement which could carry on pushing Europe's biggest bank by assets HSBC, to the top of the FTSE 100’s list of best-performing share prices within 2021. Tucker confirmed that the company was accelerating its plans to be a bigger bank within the Chinese market in a recent update as they are eager to move.

The company has a share price today of 406.05p with a 52-week range between 283.35p being its lowest and 595.40p being its highest. The company's earnings forecast is also set to increase by 48.61% per year following their expansion within Asia.

The bank is in a good financial position moving forward, along with pushing their strategic plans forward to adapt to consumer needs across all international markets, which makes this banking British stock one to buy into as a great long-term investment.

3. JD Sports Fashion PLC (JD.L) 

JD Sports fashion, the British sports fashion retail company has grown from strength to strength over the years but more so within 2020. As many other retailers and other companies within various industries were hit very hard, this stock flourished.

As the UK and the rest of the globe have and are currently restricted to both lockdown and curfews measurements, along with promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercising regularly, this has seen a huge surge in sales for the JD brand which is set to continue to grow.

The brand is also looking to blow out the company's expected profit financial results, along with potentially other financial areas beating their forecasted predictions.

The company also witnessed a cheery festive period over November and December as online sales surged, as their stores remain closed at present and look set to until at least March 2021, but as of the first weeks in January the company was already above 5% on a year-over-year basis.

On this note, JD. has confirmed this news as they advised the company's Group pre-tax profit was approximately around £295 million, which is way above the market expectations that were forecast for the sports brand. Looking at the yearly figure, it has been anticipated that the full-year pre-tax profit could exceed over £400 million.

There does not seem to be any stopping this British sports retailer.

Heading into the future, the company is looking to potentially achieve a pre-tax profit for the full year ending in January 29th 2022 up by almost 10% from 2021.

Alongside the company’s positive financial forecast predictions, this leading brand also likes to have their hands in other areas too as they look to purchase new adventures. In late 2020 the company's latest venture was the purchase of Shoe Palace for $325 million, increasing the company's shares by 5%. Be sure that this brand will not stop there as they aim to gain more growth over time.

Today the company's share price is at 829.60p with a 52-week range between 293.20p being its lowest and 883.20p at its highest. The company also carries a P/E ratio of 24.29.

In the long-term, JD. stock is looking like a healthy long-term pick which could see significant growth as we lead into further new years.

4. WM Morrison Supermarket PLC (MRW.L)

WM Morrison Supermarket Plc we have spoken about on several occasions now, as this supermarket stock has not only delivered brilliant results but it seeks to continue exciting avenue adventures, along with the consumer brand being strong, both pre and post-coronavirus pandemic.

In light of MRW’s successful year and the Christmas festive period, the brand is now the first supermarket leading the way to start paying its employees a wage of £10 per hour due to all of their hard efforts throughout this challenging year, along with the company's impressive earnings.

On top of the company’s successful financial reports, including its 64% increase in Champagne sales and 40% Salmon sales over the festive period, the company's avenue in offering food hampers available through Amazon Prime Subscription could potentially look to blossom nicely as families and individuals are confined to stay at home measurements in the UK’s third national lockdown, and as it stands with no clear indication of when it is looking to end or easing up of restrictions.

Offering designed hampers to cater for all individual needs, all at ease and at a click of a couple of buttons, it doesn't become any easier than that. The company's online sales in both segments are deemed to be ‘Very Strong’ as expressed in the company's latest trading update.

The leading supermarket is set to pay a special dividend payment on January 25th due to the company's strong cash flow and healthily balance sheet, a previously deferred special dividend for H2 2019/20 of 4.00p per share. This confirmation is a strong indication of how well the brand is performing financially.

The company has also seen a surge in its ex-fuel segment and has expressed that the company's profit before tax and expectations to be in line with the forecast predictions within the range of £420-£440 million.

Looking at how well the company is performing today, MRW’s share price is still continuing to increase as it stands at 187.13p and currently sporting a 52-week range between 157.77p being its lowest and 203.60p being its highest.

There is no doubt that this FTSE 100 supermarket stock will carry on delivering the goods as we continue for many years to come, which also offers good value, making this supermarket British stock a good stock to buy for 2021.

WM Morrison supermarket is set to release its full-year results on 31st January 2021.

5. RSA Insurance Group PLC (RSA.L)

RSA Insurance Group plc provides personal and commercial general insurance services across various counties which include the UK, Canada and Scandinavia.

Offering all kinds of insurance products from home insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and more, along with its commercial side offering insurance products for properties, vehicles and professional liability to name just three on a list of many.

The insurance group, who is headquartered in London, changed its name to RSA Insurance Group in May 2008 where it was formerly known as Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc.

The insurance group has shown good results within 2020 given the big challenge from the Covid-19 pandemic. In the company's November trading update, the company reported slight declines amongst all premiums confirming Group net written premiums were down 3% to £4,663 million. But in the bigger picture is not a bad result at all for the insurance group.

RSA also confirmed that the Groups business operating profits were up for the first time within the first nine months ending at the end of October 2020.

But the recent news on this stock which is causing more speculation and creating a hype is because the insurance brand has recently been bought out in a $7.2 billion takeover by the Danish insurer Tryg and Canada’s Intact Financial Corporation.

This buyout has prompted speculation of huge growth potential for the insurance brand moving forward.

Analysts are looking at this British stock intently in light of the recent news, and have given this stock a consensus ‘Buy’ rating given by nine firms who are currently covering the stock’s progress.

On the same topic of predictions, the company has been given an earnings forecast to grow by 16.08% as earnings have grown 21.6% over the past 2020.

The FTSE 100 companies share price today is 676.80p slightly down from its prior days the previous close, nevertheless is still sitting nicely as for the company's future prospects which is why this stock is also deemed to be undervalued.

The company has a 52-week range of between 321,20p at its lowest and 618.60p being its highest. The company also has a P/E ratio of 17.80.

6. Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust (SMT.L) 

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust has had one heck of a year within 2020 and is still continuing to show just how impressive it can be when you invest in the right companies.

The Sottish mortgage investment trust’s share price has seen a huge uplift, which climbed up above 105% over the past year, and is stabilising or potentially looking to increase as the future comes.

The company who knows a good stock at the right price when it sees it, has a list of many under its belt including two big mega stocks Tesla and Amazon, this is just to name two of many good stocks that SMT have within its holdings.

However, the investment trust also looks for small-cap stocks to add to its holdings too, some of which are not even on the open market. Along with the company's dynamic duo also owning both private and public companies within its portfolio certainly holds clever play.

In the long-term outlook, this stock looks set to be a good investment. With the company's due James Anderson and Tom Slater having ample of trading and investing knowledge as it has shown over the recent years to now and potentially set ahead for the future.

Looking to the future, this stock has the potential of either maintaining or excelling even further as 2020 has witnessed, this stock is more than capable of hitting the high as it invests in all the right places.

The company's share price today is at 1,279,00p with a 52-week average rating of 468.40p at its lowest and 1,278.00p at its highest.

7. Aveva Group PLC (AVV.L)

The British multicultural information technology company is a top-performer within the FTSE 100 at the moment. 

The tech stock confirmed in the companies trading report in October, that the leading tech company was set to be on track within the first half of FY21 with a revenue expectation of around £333 million. 

When the company's Interim 2020 report came out in November, this confirmed although still positive the company was slightly before the H1 FY20, however, is still showing positive results despite the challenge that Covid-19 has on the industry. 

The company's recurring revenue was up slightly to 64.2% from 61.9% in the H1 FY20 along with the company's net cash and deposits was also up slightly to £59.9 million up from £58.6 million within H1 FY20. Although the company did report a decrease in revenue by 15.1% to £332.6 million. 

Moving forward the company stated that they expect the company's revenue to increase as we move forward into 2021, as the strong demand is set moving forward and following the strong quarter of renewals. 

AVEVE’s revenue is already on the rise as it was reported in December 2020, with an increase of 1.5% within the first nine months of the year. 

This news was confirmed along with the board being ‘excited’ about the ‘significant’ growth opportunities that the company can achieve ahead, along with confirming that AVEVE had $2.7 billion of cash and no debt following its issue for the acquisition of OSI soft. 

For the British tech stock moving ahead, the company's share price sits at 3,836.00p with a 52-week range between 2,636.00p at its lowest and 5,360.00p at its highest. With the company's P/E ration at 44.65. 

As the company's share price carries on increasing as it has in recent days, this tech stock is certainly one to jump onto as the growth potential is a huge opportunity not to be missed. 

8. BP PLC (BP.L)

Okay, BP. The oil and gas company comes as a FTSE 100 stock that has visible potential growth within its new avenue into its long-term renewable energy pathway. 

As the oil industry took a huge hit in 2020, as the world saw the aviation industry virtually ground to a halt to which BP. supply, then along with the high demand in electric vehicles which are vastly looking to take over the globe, the plans to move into the future for BP. perhaps came at the right time for the popular British company

But having said that, most cars on the planet today are run by fossil fuels, so the company can and will still benefit from that side of things whilst its new avenue grows. Along with the mass vaccination rollout, soon the aviation industry and cars will be dominating the skies and roads once again generating a generous income revenue for the brand. 

So moving into the company's new adventure of becoming more eco-friendly moving into renewable energy, the company has also partnered with some big names including Microsoft to look at excelling. 

Based on the company's solid history and as the company is set for firm expansion into its new renewable energy avenue, the company's share price today at 289.45p, standing relatively good considering what could potentially be forthcoming. 

BP’s current 52-week average stands at 188.54p at its lowest with 489.95p at its highest along with having a current P/E ratio of 20.30. 

Although the plans of this British oil and gas company to move into renewable energy are uncertain, yes this, of course, is a chance that you would be taking on this solid brand, but nevertheless, we believe is a good chance and opportunity to take for the long-term outlook.

9. Next Plc (NXT.L)

The British fashion retailer is a well- known FTSE 100 stock, along with being a stock that investors like to have within their collection of stocks. The reasoning for this is that this company more than often fares well in all areas and is also a nation's favourite retail brand.  

Along with Next being a favourite within the UK, it also offers its presence across Europe, Asia and Internationally. 

In the company's recent trading update report which was released on January 5th, the company showed how the brand performed over the Christmas period, whilst giving investors a rough idea of where the company is looking to end in its full-year report which is to be announced on 1st April 2021. 

Given the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused destruction within this industry, Next has witnessed a reasonably well outcome. Overall within the fourth quarter, the company's Total full-price sales including interest income was down by -1.1%. Within the bigger picture, this is a positive outcome. 

As Next currently has all of its stores closed as we sit within the UK’s third national lockdown period, the brand is relying solely on their online store whose customer base was up 24% over the festive period. However, the impact on the brand’s loss of footfall through Next’s doors is a key part of its sales revenue.

Moving Into the future, as stores are set to open within the near future across the globe, Next will no doubt clawback sales which may add to the analyst forecast for the company as earnings are forecast to grow by 23.56% per year. 

Another positive to take from the update report is that the company's year-end debt is also looking to be reduced as the forecast set is to look at a reduction from £625million to £487million. 

From the company's share price today at 7,898.00p, this British FTSE 100 stock could be a good stock to sit nicely within your collection as a perfect long-term investment. 

The company currently holds a 52-week range of 3,311.00p at its lowest and 8,180.00p at its highest and currently holding a P/E ratio of 17.27.

10. Admiral Group PLC (ADM.L)

The British financial service company is one of the best-performing stocks within the FTSE 100 which has performed well for many years. 

The financial company markets brands such as Admiral and Bell to name two, along with ADM also operating the popular price comparison websites, and 

In more recent news, Admiral Group has reportedly agreed a £508 million deal in order to sell some of the group’s businesses which include and Admiral Technologies. 

Within the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, online comparison websites have surged in demand as individuals look to get the best deals and look to save money as much as they possibly can. 

According to the company's CEO, David Stevens, he spoke on the transaction back in December confirming that this outcome offers a brilliant positive outlook for the brand. 

In his statement, Stevens spoke of the positive outlook for the company and their plans moving forward along with what the company's plans are with the return profits.  

“The purchase of the UK and European comparison businesses by RVU offers a positive outcome for our customers and our employees, and also provides good value for our shareholders.”

“Admiral will continue to focus on what Admiral has consistently down well, namely designing and underwriting good value mass market fictional service products.”

To conclude, Stevens addressed that the company expects to return the majority of the funds to shareholders, with some cash to be kept to support investment into new businesses adventures in the future. 

With the confirmation of the sale, this will leave excitement and potential growth and certain value for Admiral Group. 

The company's share price saw a deep fall at the start of January 2020, but from then on it has risen ever since. Today the company's share price sits at 2,955.00p with a 52-week range of between 1,887.00p at its lowest and 3,029.00p at its highest. 

This British insurance stock is an investment to buy and look to hold for the long-term, as it seeks to grow down new avenues, along with having a solid business model behind it. 

11. Ocado Group PLC (OCDO.L)

The publicly-trading company Ocado Group PLC is a FTSE 100 stock that if you have not looked into buying into, then you may wish to reconsider. As this stock is looking like a fantastic growth stock going into 2021. 

The stock has been getting rave reviews just recently and also holds a consensus ‘Buy’ rating given by analysts who are covering the British stock. 

The company's performance last year was tremendous, as the company's share price was arguably one of the best within the FTSE 100 index, and as of today, the stock is currently up by 120% over the past 12 months. 

This comes as no real surprise as the Covid-19 pandemic forced many individuals to become familiar with online retail, as a whole. 

Naturally, this left OCDO to be not only one step ahead, but to have a solid and strong rise to which it does not look like slowing down any time soon, but it wasn't all plain sailing. 

At the start of 2020, as March came, the companies share price dropped significantly whilst the world was coming to terms of what was happening, until people became more familiar with the world events and in turn became familiar with Ocado Group. 

Within the company's recent financial report, which Ocado Retail Ltd is a joint adventure with Ocado Group and the retailer Marks and Spencer Group. 

Within the report the company's 13-week results dating to November 29th were positive, as retail revenue grew by 35% to £579.6 million confirming the strong demand with an average order size of £133 per customer. 

In terms of the company's share price, it has risen nicely over the past year and sits today at 2,690.00p with a 52-week range of between 1,064.00p at its lowest and 2,895.00p at its highest. 

The online retailer is set nicely to strive for more success going into 2021, as fears of Covid-19 still continue at a high level making it simpler and safer for individuals to stick with online shopping as their go-to, this futuristic stock is looking to continue to sky-rocket for potentially years to come. 

12. Persimmon PLC (PSN.L)

The York-based housebuilding company is looking like a FTSE 100 stock to buy for looking ahead. 

Considering the impact Covid-19 has had on the property industry and having the property market come to a temporary halt during the initial two national lockdown periods, from then on the property market has remained resilient despite the global pandemic. 

Following on from the government allowing the property industry to operate with safety measures in place, the property market and housebuilding companies were able to operate under safety measures. 

And that is just what PSN did, as the company has reported that they are just under 10% down on their group revenue to £3.33 billion, slightly down from £3.65 billion in 2019, along with having a forward sales book 25% up from the year prior in 2019 to £1.7 billion. 

Having said that, there is uncertainty surrounding the property industry as we move forward into the year, as the government is set to end the Stamp Duty Holiday scheme along with amended the Help To Buy scheme. Along with the huge uncertainty that still surrounds the Covid-19 pandemic with individuals financial situations potentially becoming limited.  

But despite all the uncertainty around the property industry, this industry is always one that is popular. With the hopeful news of getting closer to normality this may see more people looking to jump onto the property market as the economy starts to recover.

As it stands the company's share price is standing relatively up at 2,716.00p with a 52-week range between 1,064.00p at its lowest and 2,895.00p at its highest.

The company holds a P/E ratio of 10.23. 

13. Tesco PLC (TSCO.L) 

Since 2020 has been the year for most essential retailers across the globe, this comes as no surprise to see the leading supermarket brand Tesco PLC hitting the list as a top FTSE 100 stock. 

From the start of the new year, the FTSE 100 was up already just under 5%, likewise so was the shares of the supermarket brand. 

Coming from the company’s latest trading update which included the Christmas sales, TSCO showed an impressive result across the Christmas break as sales jumped up by 80%. 

The Q3 report confirmed that TSCO stocks revenue grew by 7.0% year-over-year to £19.9 billion, with the UK sales growing 7.6% year-over-year to £14.7 billion. 

The company's dividend per share also rose to 58.6% to 9.19p up from 5.77p per share in 2019. 

The group also announced the proposed sale of their business within Malaysia and Thailand which will have material value and to be able to solely focus on the Tesco brand. 

The company's strong foundations will allow them to maintain their head above the Covid-19 pandemic, mixed with the customer demand which will drive in the sales and revenue. This supermarket brand looks like a good stock to have and to hold as a long-term investment. 

The company currently has a share price of 241.90p with a 52-week range of between 203.00p at its lowest and 257.40p at its highest. 

14. Ashtead Group PLC (AHT.L)

The British Industrial equipment rental company is a FTSE 100 stock that has continuously delivered with a good performance. 

In recent news, the firm has shown confidence within its new strategic plans moving forward, to which has earned the stock to be given an upgraded consensus rating of a ‘Buy’ from a previous rating of a ‘Hold’ by Deutsche Bank. 

Within the company's full annual 2020 trading report, the company confirmed that the revenue was up to £5,054 million from £4,500 in 2019. 

As for the company's other financial figures, most of the figures were still positive, however, showed a slight decrease from 2019 which include the companies profit before tax which was £983 million in comparison to brands 2019 result. 

As for the company's strategic plans looking ahead, the company is looking to build a platform for growth, operate excellence along with maintaining financial and operational flexibility. 

The company is already underway with the delivery of its new set plan, and will shortly allow investors to have a further insight into the company's strategic plans within 2021 and beyond, included within its progress update, but the hype is already surrounding this stock. 

This stock has a solid performance background, if you're new to investing this stock is a good large-cap stock to look to add to your portfolio that can offer you new growth along with stability.

The company's share price today is 3,832.00p with a 52-week range of between 1,300.00p at its lowest and 3,832.00p at its highest. With a current P/E ratio of 21.49. 

Top FTSE 100 Stocks - Summary

To summarize, these top FTSE 100 stocks are all large-cap stocks that not only have a solid background behind them, but they have also recently delivered some impressive results, considering we are in arguably the midst of the world's deadliest diseases the world has witnessed, these stocks have continued to shine. 

Looking ahead, these stocks are good stocks to buy and to look to keep hold of these bright investments leading into the future, as they offer growth, value and stability, especially in normal times. On that note, a good take away point is if these stocks can perform this well in such hard and challenging times, then this is one solid additional positive that you can take when looking to invest in such stocks. 

Lastly, whilst these stocks do hold many advantages it is worth advising that they still hold their own risk elements, which is why it is advised to always be aware of all aspects before you look to invest and is wise to conduct additional research into your chosen top FTSE 100 stocks.  

How To Invest In The Top FTSE 100 Stocks?

Having looked at some of the promising and glowing large-cap FTSE 100 stocks, now it's time to look into becoming a part of one of the most desired indexes in the world. 

If you are new to investing, you may have wondered which is the best way to go to start your trading journey, and in all honesty, this part can be as straight-forward, quick and simple. 

But if you are looking to establish a long-term pathway or even a career within this field, you have to be dedicated, be willing to put the time and energy into knowing the in’s and out’s of the stock trading market and each company, along with keeping a positive outlook on all adventures. 

As trading stocks as exciting of a journey it is, it does come with surprise challenges at times. 

Firstly, the first step in order to begin your journey is to look at obtaining a broker. 

Choosing a broker to establish your trading journey is not only a key element within the process, but it is also the most vital part in terms of choosing the right broker suited for your investing needs. 

On the same note, there are many online trading platforms available on the market today that come with brokers that you can set up from your own comfort in your living room. 

But a strong recommendation when looking at online trading platforms is to make sure that the platform has the correct license or licenses in order to operate, same for the broker. 

If this is not the case, please be careful as this could potentially be costly and may be subject to wrongful doings. 

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A significant benefit of this leading online trading platform holds is that the company offers zero commission fees. This means that you are able to invest in your chosen stocks without having to pay any additional costs in order to do so. 

If it is more knowledge and understanding that you are needing, now that you have successfully opened a trading account, you now have exclusive access to an online virtual trading platform where you can invest, create a diverse portfolio and learn all the tricks of the trade all with $100,000 worth of virtual funds at your disposal. 

With that, you are all ready to go. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Top FTSE 100 stocks to buy in 2021 have been the best performing British stocks within the FTSE index over the past year, and who look set to carry on their journey in success within 2021 as the economy looks to grow. 
  • The FTSE 100 is an index which is made up of 100 of the largest companies based on market capitalisation within the London Stock Exchange. 
  • FTSE 100 stands for it's given name The Financial Times Stock Exchange. 
  • FTSE 100 stocks may also be given the name and are more commonly referred to as  ‘Blue-Chip’ stocks. 
  • The FTSE 100 index is known and viewed as a good indicator of the best-performing companies on the market today, which is why many investors look to be a part of stocks within this index. 
  • For beginner and experienced investors, the FTSE 100 index is strong and holds must-have stocks to be added to your growing portfolio. 
  • Even though the top-performing companies have and hold a strong performing background, these companies still pose their own risk elements. 
  • Before investing within these top FTSE 100 stocks, it is worth conducting additional research into your chosen stocks before investing your own funds. 
  • Choosing a broker is a vital part of the trading journey, take as much time and research that you need before choosing a trusted broker to work with. 
  • Lastly, always invest with your means.