What Will SafeMoon Be Worth In 2025?

Last Updated November 8th 2021
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Should you buy SafeMoon and hold it for the next few years? And what will SafeMoon be worth in 2025?

In truth, no one can tell how high up Safemoon token prices will reach or if its prices will continue rising as we head into 2025, especially because it is a meme currency whose price action is driven purely by speculation and hype.

But having looked at its past price action and after careful analysis of the crypto market performance, the majority of crypto experts are confident that SafeMoon token prices will continue rising. They are especially convinced that the DeFi token will sell for way more in 2025 than its current price, and most forecasts place its value in the year 2025 between $0.00000748 and $0.0002.

However, we acknowledge that there is a lot of criticism of meme currencies like SafeMoon and growing pessimism about their future performance, especially from crypto experts. David Zeiler, the editor for Money Morning, for instance, says that:

“My Safemoon price prediction is that it will blow up and go to zero - and within a couple of years, will end up on the ever-growing heap of ‘dead coins.’”

When you contrast this with the greater pool of analysts and investors who believe that SafeMoon is a viable investment that will stand strong 10 years down the line, it is easy to get lost in the confusion of whether to buy the meme coin or not.

In this post, we will be looking beyond basic criticism and tell you everything you need to about investing in SafeMoon. We will be referencing different experts in telling you what SafeMoon will most likely be worth in 2025, if it is worth buying, and if you should consider HODLing some SafeMoon tokens until 2025.

SafeMoon Price Predictions For 2025

There is growing optimism about SafeMoon’s future price performance from the crypto community, especially after its peers - Dogecoin and Shiba Inu - made it to the top 10 list of most valuable cryptocurrencies. SafeMoon proponents argue that just like meme coin investors went searching for SHIB, helping Doge become a top 10 crypto, they will be out searching for the next meme coin to hype since SHIB has also made it to the coveted list.

They are also confident that because of its fast-growing community, chances are high that these investors will turn their attention to SafeMoon. They believe this will happen before 2025 and that it will help catapult the altcoin prices to unimaginable price levels.

The majority of crypto analysts and investors share this optimism and feel confident that be worth way more in 2025 than it is today.

For instance, crypto experts at Economy watch are confident that SafeMoon token prices will most likely continue climbing and reach $0.000025 before the end of 2025. Some of the factors that they believe will help inspire a sustained price uptrend for the next four years include the ongoing developments around the altcoin, the fast-growing SafeMoon community, and the meme currency frenzy that has currently engulfed the crypto industry.

Analysts at Capital.com are equally optimistic about SafeMoon’s price action in the immediate future. They argue that the ongoing developments around the DeFi token and the prospect of cutting down its maximum supply or even launching its own blockchain have brought a lot of attention to the coin. This, they believe, will help the meme currency sustain its current uptrend and push its value to $0.00000748 before December 2025.

The technical analysis by PricePredictoon.Net is also quite bullish on SafeMoon’s price performance as we head into 2025. It indicates that SafeMoon token prices will most likely grow by close to 500% in the next four years to reach $0.00002147 before 2025.

The most optimistic view of SafeMoon’s price action for the next few years is, however, provided by a technical analysis from the ever-bullish CryptocurrencyPricePrediction. It indicates that SafeMoon’s token price will most likely grow by more than 5000% and reach $0.000227 in December 2025.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Will SafeMoon Hit $1 In 2022?

No, SafeMoon will not reach $1 in 2022, and chances are high that it won’t get to this price level in our lifetime. In explaining why one SafeMoon token can’t reach $1 in 2022 or any time soon, our crypto experts here at Trading Education say that you need to consider these two factors - its maximum token supply and the amount of value appreciation needed to get it here.

At the moment, SafeMoon has a circulating supply of more than 585.536 trillion tokens. This implies that if it is to achieve a per-token valuation of $1, it would need to raise its market capitalization to around $585 Trillion - more than 7X the global GDP for 2020 and 200X the current market cap of the entire crypto industry - which is simply impossible.

We are well into the last quarter of 2021, and SafeMoon’s price averages $0.000004. To reach $1 before the end of 2022, its value would need to appreciate by more than 25 million percent in the next 12 months - which translates to consistent growth of 2.1 million percent per month. Even with the ongoing developments around the altcoin, the meme currency frenzy, and the growing SafeMoon community, there simply isn’t enough buying power or incentive to drive SafeMoon token prices this high up.

Crypto analysts at Captain Altcoin agree with our analysis when they say that “SafeMoon will certainly NOT reach $1 in this universe”, let alone in 2022. They also don’t believe that SafeMoon’s token price can reach a penny - even in the long term.

At best, SafeMoon prices will get to $0.0000023 by the end of 2022 according to a technical analysis by Gov. Capital or probably hit $0.000005 if the more optimistic analysis provided by Wallet Investor is anything to buy.

Should I Hold SafeMoon Until 2025?

SafeMoon - like all other meme currencies - should be treated as short-term investments and not long-term investments. We must, however, add that unlike most other meme currencies, SafeMoon is enriching its ecosystem and launching different products that its developers believe will help ditch the meme coin tag and receive embrace as a proper altcoin. They have already launched the SafeMoon wallet and have promised to come up with an NFT exchange, an innovative DEX, and an altcoin Launchpad.

Though its founders haven’t mentioned it yet, these developments make us believe that a massive trim of SafeMoon’s maximum token supply or the launch of a SafeMoon blockchain could be in the offing.

These developments, the assumptions of possible future progress, and the expected uptrend of the altcoin prices convince us that SafeMoon is indeed worth holding until 2025.

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Conclusion: What Will SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Be Worth In 2025?

The highly volatile nature of meme currency prices and the unpredictable nature of the larger crypto market make it impossible for anyone to accurately tell how high up SafeMoon token prices can reach in 2025. But having looked at its altcoin’s past price action and analyzing the direction of the larger crypto market, analysts and investors are confident that SafeMoon token prices will continue rising in the foreseeable future. 

Optimistic forecasts believe that SafeMoon prices could top $0.0002 before the end of 2025. But everyone also seems to agree that SafeMoon will in no way reach $1 or get to close to 1 penny in our lifetime.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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