Will Ripple Reach $10?

Last Updated January 10th 2022
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Will Ripple reach $10? This is the question that almost every Ripple investor and individuals looking to invest in Ripple have been asking themselves.

Experts agree that Ripple XRP reaching $10 looks pretty achievable. In the long term, experts estimate the Ripple XRP value to keep rising, with a potential high of $25. PrimeXBT predicts Ripple to hit the $10 level and reach a possible high of $50.

But seeing that Ripple’s future price action is influenced by external factors - other than the market forces of demand and supply - it is hard to tell if it will ever reach $10. The general feeling, however, is that XRP prices will eventually rise above $10, but only if it wins the SEC case. Analysts at Coinpedia are, for instance, XRP will reach $10 sometime between 2025 and 2030 if it wins the SEC case.  

When looking at Ripple’s future price action, you need to start by appreciating the fact that the cryptocurrency has had one of the most turbulent crypto industry experiences. In addition to the usual volatilities and market turns, it had also become the punching bag for the SEC, with the financial regulator accusing it of being a security. SEC then dragged its founders to court, alleging them of illegally selling unregistered securities offering in 2013. 

But something interesting happened mid-April 2021. XRP’s pushback saw it prevail in two discovery rulings. And while the SERC Vs. Ripple Labs suite is ongoing, these small wins excited the markets.

Today, Ripple is trying to recover from the drop that started in December 2021 and has returned 250% last year.

Seeing it bounce back to life, you probably can’t help but wonder if turbulence is over? Or if it will ever reach $10?

We answer these questions and tell you much more about Ripple’s possible future in this XRP price prediction guide.

Read on.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

What Is The Current Price Of Ripple?

According to CoinMarketCap, Ripple is currently trading at $0.74 with a 30 day high of $1.02 and a market capitalization of $35 Billion.

At the current price, Ripple needs to grow its current price tenfold if it hopes to reach $10.

The current price of this cryptocurrency is a depressing slip from its all-time high of $3.84 recorded in January 2018 - at the height of the last crypto market rally. But still understandable given the circumstances that the altcoin finds itself in currently.

Note that the transactional cryptocurrency was valued at $0.22. However, the small wins in April 2021 saw it set last year’s all-time high of close to $2.

This is enough evidence that the cryptocurrency has a huge potential for growth. It also shows that were it not for the raging markets, the crypto could probably have set a new all-time high.

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So, Will Ripple Reach $10?

Ripple has carved itself a niche in the crypto industry to become of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Based on this popularity, there is a real possibility that Ripple’s value today would be more than or close to $10, were it not for the recent lawsuit setback.

The conviction that Ripple would have reached $10 by now is backed by the fact that all its peers more than doubled their 2017/2018 highs in the 2021 crypto market run. For instance, Bitcoin tripled its 2017 high of $19,830 to set another ATH of $68,789.63. Ethereum, on the other hand, quadrupled its 2017 highs of $1,000 to set a new ATH of $4,891.70.

Ripple, which is already faster and more scalable than Bitcoin and Ethereum, reached $3.84 on 4th January 2018. But there is no telling how far up the just ended crypto market run would have taken Ripple if it was not fighting the SEC.

So, will Ripple XRP reach $10 by the end of the year?

Ripple has what it takes to reach $10 and amass a $1 Trillion dollar valuation before the end of the year. Most of the factors supporting this growth include the fact that it is more scalable, faster in transaction processing, and lower transaction processing fees.

However, the key determinants of whether Ripple XRP reaches $10 by the end of the year will be the outcome of the SEC case against Ripple Labs and the prevailing market conditions. Crypto market experts believe that if the courts rule in favour of Ripple and at the point of market recovery, it will be highly likely that XRP trades above $10 before the end of the year, and vice versa.

The fact that Ripple’s future price action will to a large extent, be influenced by the courts and not the markets have seen most analysts shy from commenting on XRP’s future price action.

Analysts at PrimeXBT, however, stand out with their overly bullish forecast of Ripple’s price action. They are of the opinion that by the end of 2021, XRP will have shot to $12 if the company wins against the SEC.

But Digital Coin Price isn’t as optimistic about Ripple’s future price action. The website uses technical analysis to forecast the price action of digital currencies, and their Ripple prediction is rather lustreless as it suggests that XRP will end 2022 trading at $1.57 and above $2 in 2023.

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Will Ripple Eventually Reach $100?

Ripple’s rush towards $100 is not impossible, but it will be a tall order. It would take the crypto coin to amass a market capitalization of over $10 Trillion - more than 5X the current value of the entire crypto industry.

Ripple investors and crypto market experts inclined to the idea that XRP will one day be worth $100 also agree that it will take time and a lot of effort. For starters, it has to beat the SEC and clear all uncertainties about its future.

It is true that Ripple had already been welcomed with warm hands into the crypto industry as multiple bank finance service providers are currently using and building programs on its blockchain. But it will take more than a few banks to help the blockchain thrust the value of its crypto-asset above $100.

What Will Ripple Be Worth In 2025?

The price volatility of cryptocurrencies like Ripple and the unpredictability of the crypto market makes it impossible to accurately predict the value of a coin a few months or years down the line. And XRP’s case is further complicated by the lawsuit filed against its founders in the United States.

The value of XRP four years from today will, therefore, be largely influenced by the outcome of this litigation.

In the event that the indecisiveness of the SEC/Ripple labs persists into 2025, analysts at the RippleCoinNews website are confident that XRP will ride the crypto industry growth and leverage its popularity to reaching $10.

Market analysts at Cryptonewsz, a crypto industry news and price forecasting website, are confident that Ripple will triumph against the SEC. They interpret the impact of this on the crypto industry by estimating that the altcoin will end the year 2025 trading at between $4 and $8.


Here is the takeaway from this ripple prediction guide.

Ripple’s most priced asset and the core driver of its prices is its sustainability. A conviction that drives the altcoin investor to purchase XRP coins and the crypto community to root for its success, trusting that it will always be around and that it will continue shaping the crypto industry positively. It is the belief in XRP’s sustainability that draws in more users and investors.

By initiating a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the cryptocurrency creators, SEC has managed to plant a seed of doubt about the XRP’s sustainability. This has effectively alienated investors and would-be blockchain users and now threatens to drive the crypto prices to the ground.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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