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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Last Updated July 18th 2024
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Ripple is often dubbed ‘the banker’s cryptocurrency’ and has been somewhat divisive amongst crypto-enthusiasts since its launch in 2012.

Whereas cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dogecoin were lauded as a way to democratize the financial world and disrupt the existing banking power structures, Ripple was very much intended to slot into the existing banking infrastructure, utilising blockchain technology to streamline common processes like international transfers and currency exchange. 


What really upsets crypto idealists about the Ripple network, is that it is owned and operated by a company - Ripple Labs - which has therefore raised questions as to whether it is in fact a decentralised currency. 

However, those looking to invest in Ripple are probably more concerned with its potential as a financial asset - which is not necessarily tied to any kind of ethos relating to decentralised finance. In fact, its intended purpose as an exchange medium for the world’s largest financial institutions means XRP has an awful lot of potential. But is this reflected in the current tranche of XRP price predictions?

As with all cryptocurrencies, there are a few factors affecting XRP’s price movement. In the following Ripple price prediction, we will take a closer look at these factors and try to build an idea of what XRP’s price trajectory may look like over the next five to ten years. 

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Ripple - A Quick Recap

Ripple is often used to refer both to the RippleNet payment platform and its native cryptocurrency, XRP. The network was set up with a very different objective than many of the cryptocurrencies that existed at the time. Instead of offering a peer-to-peer payment system for the everyday consumer, Ripple aimed to provide a platform for international transfers. It was hoped that the network’s capacity for faster, cheaper transactions would see it rival the existing standard: SWIFT.

XRP is the token that runs on the network and was intended to be the exchange medium for inter-currency transactions, much like the US dollar is on fiat exchanges systems. Several major financial institutions have already declared their support for Ripple, including Santander, Fidor Bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and several Japanese retail banks.

ripple price prediction

It is not necessary to understand all the technical ins-and-outs to invest in Ripple, but there are a few features that you should know about. Firstly,  the Ripple network uses a unique distributed consensus mechanism, which differs from the usual proof-of-work consensus used by cryptos like Bitcoin and allows for much faster, cheaper transactions. 

Secondly, whereas many cryptocurrencies use mining as a way of releasing new tokens, Ripple’s XRP is released via smart contracts. This is done periodically to support business transactions, with a maximum of 1 billion XRP released each month. Any surplus tokens are then placed back in escrow - effectively held by Ripple Labs. 

On paper, XRP looks like a solid investment. But as we shall see, things have been far from plain sailing. Ripple’s value took a tumble at the end of 2020 after the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against the firm - something we will discuss in more depth later on in our XRP price prediction. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Looking At Ripple’s Recent Price Performance

Ripple has had a fairly tumultuous time recently - even for the cryptocurrency market. XRP has always traded at a comparatively low price per token - it only reached parity with the US dollar at the end of 2017 and its all-time high of $3.08 was achieved in January 2018 - after which Ripple’s value dropped significantly across 2019 and it went into 2020 trading at just $0.17.

By the time the COVID-19 crisis hit, XRP had made some good gains and was trading at around $0.23 per token - not a huge sum but representing an increase of some 35% for the first three months of 2020.

When the pandemic hit the markets, XRP tanked as low as $0.12 before things began to improve. That being said, XRP was a lot more robust than many other tokens and seemed to hold onto investor interest, with prices reaching over $0.60 by November. However, whilst the wider crypto market enjoyed a winter resurgence, Ripple Labs was then hit with the aforementioned SEC lawsuit, sending prices crashing by 50% almost overnight.

However, whilst many industry experts started to write XRP off after the SEC ruled that it had to be listed as a security rather than a tradable asset, it seems at the time of writing that the bankers crypto may have weathered the storm. 

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Has Ripple Weathered The SEC Storm?

In the immediate aftermath of the SEC case that found XRP to be a security, the price of the token plunged and many industry voices speculated that it could be the end of the road for the banker’s crypto. These opinions continued when XRP appeared to be missing out on January’s bullish cryptocurrency market price hikes. Ripple’s price remained relatively unmoved as some other top cryptos soared.

Even when the SECs s Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement stepped down - a development many expected would give XRP a shot in the arm, Ripple still failed to make any major headway.

However, in February this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) amended its ongoing lawsuit against Ripple Labs, abandoning accusations that the cryptocurrency firm had engaged in market manipulation by hyping their token via social media platforms. This saw XRP’s price finally start to move up, increasing by 15% within 24 hours of the announcement.

Anyone looking to invest in Ripple will of course need to keep a close eye on the ongoing legal entanglement. Despite the SEC’s amendment of its case, it’s fair to say there is no settlement on the horizon at the time of writing. There’s also no telling what effects the change in leadership at the SEC will have on XRP’s future.

In the following XRP price predictions for 2025 and 2030, we’ll take a closer look at what big business thinks of the token’s future potential, as well as consider technical analysis from leading crypto platforms to produce our own XRP price prediction. 

What’s Next: Ripple Price Predictions For 2025

Any Ripple XRP price prediction looking several years ahead can only ever be suggestive. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving markets out there, so even making short term XRP price predictions can be problematic. Here we play a game of averages - looking at the figures being forecast by several leading analysts and building our own expectations based on the mean. 

Naturally, the ongoing legal trouble also makes XRP price predictions a little tricky. However, many platforms see it having little impact on overall growth. TradingBeasts sees the price of XRP slowly going up by the end of 2022, and continue creeping up throughout the next year, reaching an average of $1.183 in December 2023. 

However, TradingBeasts’ Ripple price prediction then has the XRP token going into declining through 2024 but rising slowly in 2025, to reach $1.619 in December 2025.

Prime XBT has expected that if Ripple is able to resolve its case with the Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC), the XRP price could rise to as high as $12 per token in the end of 2022 for the short term, followed by a bearish movement in 2023 that will result in price dropping to $1 by the mid-2023 when the price will start rising to reach $7 by the end of the year or at the beginning of 2023. In 2024-2025 the XRP asset will likely break out again and see new highs above $7.

According to Coinpedia technical analysis, XRP could be trading at a very believable $10 in 2025. Coinpedia notes that more European and Latin American banks are set to adopt Ripple technology,  which is almost definitely going to have a positive effect on price. 

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

How Much Will Ripple (XRP) Be Worth In Five Years?

With a five year investment, the return is expected to be higher than 400%. The price of XRP may increase to $3.20 in the next 5 years.

According to the Ripple price prediction offered by Wallet Investor, XRP is set to rise to $3.81 in 5 years.  

Looking Further Ahead: Ripple Price Predictions For 2030

According to forecasts, by 2030, the XRP rate will exceed $15. Crypto investors believe that the use of Ripple services will increase significantly by the end of the decate.

Some Ripple (XRP) price predictions look even further ahead - up to 2030 and beyond. Of course, these predictions are only to be used for indicators or what might be possible. Ultimately, they are always based on current price trajectories and use algorithms to map out what might happen to value curves according to their current patterns.

Coin Price Forecast has been uncharacteristically reserved with its XRP price prediction for 2030. They have XRP breaking the 2 dollar barrier only in 2027 but making slow progress thereafter.

In 2030, the platform predicts that Ripple could drop to $1.85. Judging by Coin Price Forecast, anyone looking to invest in Ripple should be thinking of the long term.

Smartereum predicts that Ripple (XRP) will skyrocket to $250 by 2030. 

CoinSwitch thinks the crypto token will reach $17 mark. The platform thinks XRP could become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. 

A cryptocurrency research firm reported by Crypto Rating Analysis is expecting Ripple (XRP) to reach $14 by 2025, and $25 by 2030.

Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions 2025-2030

The price of Ripple (XRP) is expected to rise from $1.56 at the beginning of 2025 to $1.85 at the end of 2030.

Year Mid-Year Year-End
2025 $1.56 $1.74
2026 $1.66 $1.81
2027 $1.96 $2.10
2028 $2.25 $1.96
2029 $2.06 $2.12
2030 $2.09 $1.85


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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Conclusion: Should You Invest In Ripple?

ripple price prediction

Ripple price predictions vary a great deal and for the most part, they centre as much around what analysts believe will be the outcome of the SEC lawsuit as they do around any existing algorithms or technical analysis. As such, anyone looking to invest in Ripple should be aware that - at this stage - they are every much betting on what the outcome of the legal battle will be.

Ultimately, Ripple has very little competition as a cryptocurrency designed to work with banks and major financial institutions. There is also a great deal of potential in this area, especially as the mainstream financial world is far less critical of cryptocurrency than it was five to ten years ago. It is perhaps for this reason that many XRP price predictions are still pointing to growth over the coming years. 

So is it a good idea to invest in Ripple? There’s certainly risk involved here. But XRP continues to be one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap and it appears to have weathered the SEC debarked rather well. As such, it might be worth adding XRP to your portfolio as part of a longer-term strategy. 

Where To Invest In Ripple

Regardless of its legal woes, XRP is still a worthy addition to any cryptocurrency investment portfolio. However, if you’re new to the market, you might not be aware of how to actually buy cryptocurrency.

The fastest and easiest way to acquire crypto is via an online broker. The nature of digital currency makes it the perfect asset to be bought and sold online, so it stands to reason there are plenty of platforms offering such services. For the average investor, we recommend eToro, as the platform offers plenty of professional-level tools whilst still having a simple and beginner-friendly interface.

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Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

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FAQs Ripple XRP Price Predictions 2025 And 2030

Should I invest in Ripple?

Cryptocurrency investments always carry inherent risks, but that’s true of any financial asset. Most of the major tokens have increased in value over the years and, whilst XRP was somewhat waylaid by its legal tangles in 2020, most XRP price predictions are pointing to future growth. As such, now could well be a good time to add Ripple to your portfolio.

What are Ripple price predictions like for 2025?

Ripple price predictions vary quite a bit between different analysts as the crypto world waits to hear the outcome of the SEC lawsuit. However, most platforms are predicting growth for XPR - with some estimates as high as $5 per token by 2025.

Where can I invest in Ripple?

There are numerous brokers and exchanges out there, but many have delisted XRP following the ruling that it must be classed as a security. However, many brokers, including eToro, continue to offer trading in Ripple and have no immediate plans to delist it.

What will Ripple be worth in 2030?

Ripple’s price trajectory over the long term depends largely on its uptake by major financial institutions. If it proves a success, some platforms have predicted that XRP could be worth as much as $20 by 2030.

Can you mine Ripple?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, it is not possible to mine Ripple XRP. This is due to the unique way that XRP is run by Ripple Labs - with all tokens being issued by the company or held in escrow when not in circulation.

How will the SEC case affect Ripple?

The SEC ruling at the end of 2020 appeared to hit XRP hard. However, it has since recovered and, as Ripple bosses were keen to point out, the token was still able to serve its primary function as an exchange medium for international currency transfers. As such, many experts are now suggesting that the SEC case might have less impact on Ripple than first thought.

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